There's always a Good Guy inside!

April 26, 1989

Moving Day

Andy Barclay watched a truck pull into the street from the window of his own room. The truck turned, moved with a snail's pace, revealing a poster of the shipment inside, which scared- no, horrified the eight year old boy.

It was him. The doll. Chucky.

The so called "Good Guy Doll" was a hit among the other children, the three foot ginger doll proving to be everybody's "Friends 'Till The End!"

Chucky wasn't Andy's friend. A friend wasn't a doll who became alive with the soul of a serial killer inside it, a friend doesn't kill everyone around you, and most certainly, a friend doesn't try to swap souls with you.

Andy had many endless nightmares of Chucky trying to kill him, over and over and over, to the point of him begging his foster parents to move away from him, and they cracked. And now Andy's room has been emptied into several moving boxes.

Andy watched as the toy truck slowly moved out, as it reminded him of the Good Guy Factory. He had led him there, he remembered laying on the cold floor as Chucky played "Hide The Soul" with him, and everything blacked out after that, and he woke to Chucky, and a bunch of other Good Guy dolls scattered around. He ran out, screaming and crying, as several cop cars waited outside. Several officers ran into the factory, with some of them comforting the boy. In there, they've found the body of a female, Kyle, lying down in the pool of her own blood dead. It had appeared that she had been stabbed to death, but the murder weapon was no where to be seen.

Andy watched another truck moved into the street, but it wasn't another toy truck. The moving van had arrived.

"Andy!" One of Andy's new foster parent called from downstairs. "The truck's here! Make sure you packed everything."

"Okay!" Andy called back, and got out of the chair excitedly. He had checked in every box to make sure he had packed everything, the last one being his toys. He counted 20, his last and favorite toy being at the very bottom. He had moved every toy away...

And saw it: a small, blood covered knife. He could feel his face curl up with a gleeful, yet sadistic smile, but it conceded once he heard footsteps coming upstairs. He hid his toy among the others, and closed the box, just as his foster parent opened the door.

"You ready, Andy?"

"Yep!" Charles Lee Ray answered, wearing the mask of Andy Barclay.

The two picked up and carried the boxes downstairs, and into the van. As they finally finished putting away every single box, they entered their own car, and drove to their new home, with the moving truck following.

Charles Lee Ray peered outside the car window, and smiled at the view. He always wanted to live in Los Angeles.

A/N: This was a one shot about the question: "What if Chucky did took over Andy's body in Child's Play 2?"

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