Welcome, one and all! Just a slight recap: Our heroes had a small vacation competing in the Fighting Festival.

Before the fight between the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knights, the Sins wanted to learn more about Artemis's world and what it's like.

I swear writer's block is a pain in the ass. I swear I didn't mean to wait two years to update this story finally. I bet if I were shot and in a hospital, I would have a better time writing than stuck in my room staring at a screen, hoping the words would write themselves. But nope! Life isn't fair and doesn't work like that. Please enjoy the fluffy, not really, chapter. I promise the next chapter will be a long one and will not take two years to do. Also, the song Carry You by Ruelle is mentioned as well.

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Last night was quite the party. Everyone was having a blast with booze and food being served, enjoying a friendly arm wrestling competition, and just overall good feelings. But all good things must come to an end. Elizabeth spotted her sister Veronica, who was looking for Elizabeth to bring her home. Elizabeth couldn't go home just yet because she has yet to find all the Seven Deadly Sins; she is still missing three members. Last night, the Sins just did their jobs at the tavern and didn't tell anyone who they were. The only people who knew were the fighters during the finals. Cain knew Meliodas from their past, and Meliodas told him. Howzer knew about Diana and somewhat of Artemis. So the others weren't hard to finger out. Taizou figures it out after his fight with Howzer and watches the rest of the fights with Cain. He may be a meathead, but he wasn't dumb. Griamore and Veronica mostly want to find Elizabeth and don't realize that the Sins are right in front of them. The Sins did their best to avoid Griamore and Veronica, but luckily, they left early because the tavern got crowded, and they couldn't find Elizabeth, who was still tiny. After the celebration and the party at the tavern, a lot of people passed out drunk.

Once the sun rose, a few customers were still around in the tavern, some sleeping off their hangovers and others eating breakfast. Meliodas didn't mind the customers staying as long as they paid, but they left the tavern once they got up and paid. The only ones left were the Sins, Holy Knights, and the Fighters. Artemis was up and about wiping down the bar and handing out coffee, tea, or any drinks lying around. The one thing Artemis loved about this world was coffee. She was happy the dark, bitter liquid was here, or she would have done a mass murder during her first month. Coffee is sweet, dark, bitter, caffeine, and delicious nectar from the Gods.

Her mother didn't like coffee all that much and stuck with tea. Her mom, Paula Crock nee Nguyen, a former criminal called Huntress, is a mother with two daughters and a wife to an estranged husband. Paula is the only family member Artemis truly cares about in the other world. Her dad and sister can go to hell. Paula wasn't the best mother, but she knew Artemis deserved more than being a soldier or an assassin. Paula tried to teach Artemis how to hide in plain sight, which sometimes worked around the apartment. Paula also taught her how to keep secrets without revealing too much, like half-truths, and how to make a mask. Meaning showing people what Artemis wanted them to see. She wasn't as good as Paula, but just enough for people to stop asking questions. So far, only a few people have seen right through her mask, obviously her mom, Jade, Batman, and sometimes her father. The Seven Deadly Sins have seen her without the mask, so putting it back on around them feels unnatural.

Artemis was lost in thought, cleaning the mugs and glasses. If she were back in her world, it would be sometime in December, but who knows—maybe it's been ten minutes or even ten years—lots of possibilities.

"Goddess, are you alright?" A little voice next to her ear said. It was Elizabeth, who was still tiny.

"I'm fine, mini Princess. I'm just thinking about my mom and the other world." Artemis tries not to shrug too much before she accidentally knocks Elizabeth down to the ground.

"I hope the fights weren't too bad to bring up bad memories." Elizabeth comforts Artemis by hugging her neck.

Artemis raises one hand to cover Elizabeth in a hand hug and snorts, "Pff! No. They were a lot of fun. I was just thinking how she would have liked to watch it and how my team would have reacted."

"Would they have not liked it?" Elizabeth asked.

Artemis thought about it. For the short amount of time she spent with them, she mostly hung out with Superboy and M'gann. Wally didn't like her all that much. Kaldur's cool but keeps to his leadership role, and Robin is a toss-up with a lot of secrets and blackmail. The League is the League, so there is not much to say there.

"I don't know. I was with them for a few months but wasn't close to any of them."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Elizabeth apologies.

Artemis patted her head softly with a finger and got back to wiping down the mugs. "Don't be. I'm having fun now. Now, let's get you something to eat before the rest of them get up." Artemis placed Elizabeth on the counter and got to cooking. The aroma of the food attracted everyone to eat, and at that point, while everyone was comfortable, the Sins wanted to hear more about Artemis's world.

"Hey, Airy, tell us more stories about your world," Meliodas asked while eating his food.

"Yeah!" Ban drunkenly agreed. Everyone ignored the alcohol in his hand because, sadly, it was a usual sight.

King poked his head up from Chastiefol and nodded, "I would love to hear more."

"Pretty please!" Diana begged and gave Artemis her best puppy eyes.

Artemis rolled her eyes and laughed, "Okay, okay. What do you guys want to know?" She also quickly looked at Howzer, Taizou, and Cain, who were all still knocked out. Diana saw this look and sat by Howzer's sleeping form to make sure he wasn't pretending. Meliodas winked at Artemis, letting her know he was good. King raises Taizou's arm to see if it will stay up. It's a way to see if people are really sleeping. King also sat on his chest and could knock him out if he needed to.

"Tell us more about your team!" Diana yelped happily but was mindful of their sleeping guests.

Artemis sighed but smiled at their good nature, "Jeez! Fine, not much to tell." She sat down at the table so everyone could see her. Then she got lost in her memory. "I was with them for like a month or two. I wasn't that close to them. Sometimes I felt like… I wasn't entirely accepted by them or the league. Plus, it felt like they were always comparing me to another. The Team consists of Aqualad, the Quiet Leader, who sometimes has doubts in his place but is respectful and listens to others. His name is Kaldur. Kid Flash runs faster than lighting. I also call him Baywatch." Artemis saw their confused stares and chuckled. "I'll explain that another time. Wally, his real name, has an annoying habit of flirting with everyone. Granted, he's not as bad as Pipsqeack here." Artemis ducks down to avoid the flying mug coming at her head and playfully sticks her tongue out to her brother. "Robin is the sneaky little shit, too smart for his good, and has blackmail material to end countries if he so wished. Honestly, I would not be surprised if he knew about my family situation. Miss Martian. M'gann. She is an alien. Someone who lives on a different planet. She's a preppy cheerleader and very sweet. Plus green." Artemis got a few eyebrows raised but didn't cut her off because, in all their years, they have seen some weird shit. "Super Boy is just That Pretty Boy. He doesn't have a name yet because he's a clone of one of our most powerful heroes, but he wants to find his own way and not live in his shadows. But if I had to say who I'm closest to, it would probably be M'gann or Super Boy." Artemis smiles as she remembers the last time they hung out in a small cafe. "In my world, we have secret identities to hide who we are from the world. So the villains and the public won't get to their families and use them against them."

"Huh, interesting. Here, we don't have that problem because of our different species and the powers we have. It's hard to hide those, but their is a system." King said, thinking it through but shrugging it off and going back to his comfy position on Chastiefol.

"Yeah, I still have lots to learn about this place. Oh, and the archer they compare me to his name is Roy, and his hero's name is Speedy. Well, he changed it to Red Arrow." Artemis rolled her eyes.

"They sound boring." Ban yawned, not interested in the people who compared the beautiful woman to another who left the team by choice. He doesn't like the self-doubt she has because ever since he met Artemis, she was always confident and true to herself.

"Don't be mean! Maybe one day we'll meet them." Diana yelled at Ban and tried to be positive, but she had the same line of thoughts: true friends don't put each other down and make you question yourself or your place in life.

"Maybe…" Artemis shrugged and wanted to change the subject.

Meliodas saw this and asked another question, "What was the language you said during Diana's fight?"

Artemis nodded at Meliodas for changing the topic, and a huge grin spread on her face, "It's called Vietnamese. My mom taught it to me so she could be closer to her roots and help us—me—understand where she came from. I would practice with her and used to speak with Jade before… everything." Artemis sighed when she learned how to speak Vietnamese. Her bastard of a father realized that she picked it up fast and had her learn another language to test his theory, and he was right: She could pick up any language he threw at her.

"Artemis?" Elizabeth touched her hand.

"I am okay. Just memories. Thank you." Artemis smiled sadly at the mini Princess and lightly petted her head, "I also know a few more languages. I pick them up pretty quickly. What else?"

Ban, ever so bloodthirsty, asked the next question, "If we fought your team, who would win?"

"Ha! I would love to see a competition with you guys and the team. Aqualad is a good fighter and strong, too. He can use water to turn into different weapons and has eel-shaped skin icons that can generate electricity. Fid Flash runs fast. Robin is a ninja with brains. Superboy is strong and durable. M'gann can fly, read minds, shape-shift, and use telekinesis." Artemis's fighting skills and styles are due to the nature of her upbringing. She had to learn everything under the sun to be an efficient assassin. Although she is comfortable using weapons, such as archery, knives, and smaller weapons are the next best. She is learning how to use a sword and spear from Meliodas and King.

"We would win." Ban was confident in the Sins winning.

Meeliodas considered the power list and sipped his drink. "Wait for a fight to decide that."

"Do they have magic or mana?" King asked.

Artemis tilted her head, "Yes and no. Magic is in my world, but it's rare. Only a handful of people genuinely learn it, plus the powers of chaos and order. Aqualad said in his home, they can learn sorcery, which is how he learned about generating electricity. We also have people called metas who have powers. There is a way in my world to tell who is a meta or not, and I would be classified as one if I told anyone. My powers are connected to nature. I can use the wind to push and pull, manipulate trees and roots, have a higher sense, and tell when someone is about to hit me or one of you. I can also tell when someone will lie to me. It's weird but helpful. I think I can levitate, but for some reason… the more I get hurt, the stronger I get."

"Isn't that the usual?" Diana asked.

"Usually, yes, but before I know it, I can do more."

"Something to test later now," Meliodas said with a smile.

"Yeah." Artemis nodded at them. "Thanks."

Elizabeth gave an adorable squeak, got everyone's attention, and asked, "How are the clothes in your world different from ours?"

"Fashion? Hmm, good question. I guess we cover up more and wear less when it's hot out or we go to the beach. It's a little different from Britainna, but mostly, the fibers are odd, but some styles are familiar." Artemis got up to get some materials to draw. Drawing helps the Sins understand. Plus, she explains some of the hairstyles her world has and uses Elizabeth, Diana, and her own hair to show off.

"Cool!" Diana loved the new look of her hair. Artemis was able to section her hair into four pieces, braid the pieces separately, and pull it all into a bun. Diana and Elizabeth were also gushing at the drawing Artemis made for the clothing they wear in her world. "Awww! I want to see those for real!"

"Maybe we can find someone to make us some," King said. Although he didn't mention to anyone that he knew how to make clothes, Diana's and Artemis's smiles almost broke him into telling.

"Yes, please!"

Artemis giggled, "I feel like you would like the music we have."

"Music? Like guitar and flutes?" Elizabeth asked.

Artemis nodded, "Yes, but there is more to that. Music: That's a little harder to explain because my family isn't into the arts all that much, but some songs are easier than others to sing or tap to the beat."

"You should sing us a song. As an example." Ban said.

"Hmm. Let's see, oh, I know this one song. Make fun, and I will hurt you." She waited for everyone to agree, took a deep breath, and let it out. After all, it's been a long time since she sang. "I know it hurts. It's hard to breathe sometimes. These nights are long. You've lost the will to fight. Is anybody out there? Can you lead me to the light? Is anybody out there? Tell me it'll all be alright. You are not alone. I've been here the whole time singing you a song. I will carry you…" Artemis stopped herself and saw the Sins with tears in their eyes. "I didn't think I was that bad…"

"No, you have a beautiful voice." Elizabeth complimented her.

Artemis blushed and looked away from them, "Yeah, right. It's something I haven't done in a long time."

"Hm, that's something to think about. Maybe we should do it more…" Meliodas said as possibilities filled his head.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm not that good at singing."

"You did just fine. You should keep singing," Ban said with wonder in his eyes. Ever since Elaine, a melody has been stuck in his head. While in prison, he would hum the song to pass the time, and it was Artemis's song that he was humming.

"Is there anyone you miss besides your mom and team?" King asked.

"Hmm… Yes, a man named Leo E. Iubar. He's like a father to me. I met him three years ago. I was in bad shape when he found me near his shop. He's a kind man who makes his own ale from a different source. I like hanging out in his bar, which was also a reading hole to cool down. He feels protective of me, too."

After that, the Sins stopped asking questions and were satisfied for the time being. Hawk came inside after being with his mom all morning. Howzer finally woke up but almost knocked himself out by hitting the table because Diana looked beautiful in front of him. She saved him from getting a concussion by placing her hand on the table where he would have hit it. Cain just asked for a drink, paid, and said his goodbyes. Taizou follows Cain out, mumbling about his wife and kids. All in all, it was a good morning.

Spoke too soon. The Sins, Artemis, and Howzer felt a disturbance in the air. Meliodas, Artemis, and Ban went to the village to stock up on supplies. Diana, King, and Elizabeth stayed back because they didn't know when they would turn back and didn't want to scare anyone. Howzer left the tavern after breakfast because he knew he had to leave soon.

"What the hell?"

"I don't know what happened, but it wasn't my fault."


"We need to leave. There are too many people."

"Follow my lead."

"We are not giving these people a scare!"

"Well, what's your bright idea?!"

"Can you estimate how far they are?"

"It's only a few miles, but it won't be long before they catch up. They're going at a fast speed."

"How fast can Hawk Mama run?"

"Why?... Ohhhh! I got it!"

They ran to the tavern, and in record time, they left the village.

"Hawk Mama, it's time to go!"

The Sins and everyone else grabbed onto something to hold onto as Hawk Mama ran from Vaizel Village to another area. Luckily, all the customers left last night, and Hawk's Mama's fast, and they were a reasonable distance from the village.

"Great, another fight, awesome!"