If you haven't seen Seven Deadly Sins, the anime, watch it or don't, doesn't matter. Well watching it does help but it's up to you.

Anyways, in this chapter Arty lost 6 months of memory due to the Bialya mission and somehow got transported to Liones. Don't worry in later chapters will explain what happen.

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Artemis woke up in a forest, not like the one in her dream but it's still a forest, green and fresh.

"Uhh, my head..." she moaned in pain, as the pain decrease she saw she was in a forest. "Where am I?" Artemis felt something on her leg and look down. "Who put me in these!? What happen to my hair!?" She yelled as she turn to get a better look at the outfit but all she can see is a white and green dress thing.

The dress only has one sleeve that went down to her left elbow and her right arm is completely bare as is her left leg. The dress only cover her right leg and she's wearing white spandex with a green line going down the side and a green corset holding the outfit together. Artemis's hair is in a loose french braid and her side bangs are framing her face.

'Never mind that-' Artemis's though was cut off by her a man running past her to get somewhere that's safe, thinking this is another one of her dad's test she follows the man.

The man ran into a tavern called the Boar Hat, she never heard of a place but decided to go in. Inside had a warm homely feeling, a place where you can eat and drink with your friends and neighbors that were sitting next to you. The tavern had a bar, a few tables with stumps as chairs and only one boy working and a pig as well. She got in without trouble. She sat close to the window and began to listen, to see if they will say anything that will tell Artemis where she's at.

"- , not a single one." One man said

"Some of the rumors I've heard say they're all dead." another man said.

"They're dead they have to be."

"The new Holy Knights wouldn't let them live-", the men kept talking but Artemis was thinking.

'Holy Knights? Kingdoms? King? OMG I'm in the past! HOW? God this is a mess up test, how will I-' Her thoughts are cut off by a rusty sound and grown men screaming. Artemis turn her head and saw a suit of armor that was shacking and saying something about seven sins. Artemis and the blonde kid jump up and face the knight.

"What the? Who are you?" Artemis asked.

"Who are you?" the blonde kid questioned the rusted Knight.

The rusted knight shooked and fell back, the helm fell off and revealed a beautiful sliver hair girl who fell unconscious. Then the weirdest thing that happened...

The pig talk.

"This kid is one of the seven deadly sins?" Said the pig.

Artemis was surprise but the only thing she can say is… "The pig is talking."

The blonde kid look at her then the other girl, and finally a creepy smile show on his face. Artemis was about to say something but a wave of dizziness hits her and fell unconscious.

'Two pretty girls in my shop, oh this is a good day, oh!' The blond boy though and remember they are asleep, "We should take them to a room." said the blonde.

"Good idea..." the pig said.

"They're girls," said the pig. The knight was place on the bed and the other blond was place on a lounge chair. "Let's check." Bluntly the boy said, which freak out the pig. "This sleeping face..." He was right next to the blond girl's face. "These curves..." Checking out the knight's. "These fragrances." And smelling both of them. "This springiness" and finally groping the knight. "They're girls, all right." He said.

The pig was out right mad, "That much is obvious!"

Then both girls started to wake up, sort of, the blond was having a little trouble waking up fully. But the other one...

"Um... Excuse me?" Said the girl with silver hair.

The boy is still groping her breast then let go and said, "Your heartbeat seems fine!"

"Th-thank you!" the girl said she look around for a second," Where am I... Um why am I?"

"You striped into my shop and then passed out cold. Just like the other one."

"Your shop? The other one?"

"The Boar Hat. My bar."

"You're... the owner?"

"Is that so strange?"

He got the answers of...


"N-no! I saw the sword on your back so I just assumed..."

"Oh, you're awake and this?" He put out the sword which fright the girl and made Artemis tense up but what they saw was...

"Did I scare you?" It was a broken sword, he explain that it's just there to make sure people pay their meals, but then the pig spoke.

"It's the customers who get charged mint after eating your cooking that I feel sorry for."

Once again both girls were surprise but the silver hair one look happy. "It's a talking piggy!" She jump up and started to hug and pet the pig.

"The name's Hawk. Nice to meet you both."

The boy is cooking food behind the bar while the girls are taking a look around, the silver hair girl is looking at the wanted posters, while Artemis is still trying to figure out where she is. All she knows is she's in a place that has kingdom, knights, and talking animals... she must be in Narnia.

"It's ready!" said the boy, he made a good looking meal, and Artemis knew it could be poison but she didn't care as this point. She's hungry.

"First you nurse us back to health and now you're feeding us... How can I ever thank you?" Said the silver hair girl.

"You should taste that before you thank him." said Hawk.

"Why? Is it poison? Ah whatever, I'm hungry." said Artemis.

"Okay. Here goes..."

Both girls took a piece, ate it and made a sound of disgust, because the food was that bad. "What do you think? Pretty awful, right." the boy said.

"Yes..." The silver hair girl said.

"One might think you were trying to kill them." Artemis replied.

'Knew it...' the boys thought.

But the silver hair girl started crying and Artemis kept eating and both girls said, "Still...it's delicious." Which surprise the boy.

"Say, what were you doing walking around in armor, and how are you eating that?" The blond boy asked.

"I'm searching for the Seven Deadly Sins." the silver girl replied back.

Artemis had no idea who they were but that caught her attention, but she realizes everyone was looking at her. Especially the boy and pig.

"What? I'm hungry, lost and I have no idea what's going on or where I am."

The boy wanted at ask a question but was cut off by the annoying pig who wanted answers from the silver hair girl. "But why, nobody knows if they're even alive or dead. These guys are serious villains... OUCH".

The boy hit the pig and told Artemis, "You can stay here with us till you find your way."

"Thanks... Pipsqueak."

"Pipsqueak?" The boy got a grin of his face knowing he made a new friend from the feisty blond girl. "I'll think of one for you."

Everyone started to feel better but that change when a knock was at the door, which frighten the silver hair girl when she heard who was at the door.

To be continued

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