Before we get this party started, here is a little love story about a man and a woman who love each other more than they will ever know.

Once upon a time, in a city that always had a party every night and played jazz music forevermore, called New Orleans. There lived a beautiful young lady who was born and raised there. She had a beautiful but small home in the countryside with a swampy forest, wild wolves, and free spirited horses.

She met a man on a walk under the Willow trees, who was handsome, charming, smart and a bit of a player. The lovely lady didn't care for him all that much, after all she did punch in the face, but the man fell in love with her at first sight.

Months had passed and the man continued to persuade her, and little by little her walls broke and they became friends. And little by little with time they trusted each other with their secrets.

After some time the lady figured out she was starting to like him more than a friend... Maybe even love. Once they, sort of, spill their hearts out to one another.

Later on, a different friend of the young lady asked her if she was interested to see the world and run away with the circus as a horse rider and tightrope dancer. The lady was conflicted on what to do. She always wanted to see the world and perform but she also found someone who could love her.

But the man asked her what she desired most, she said both. And with a heavy heart the man said, "Go and live your dream because the world needs to know there is a beautiful soul and it awaits to see you."

And she left, they were separated for 5 months. And the lady had seen so much and made so many friends like a handsome couple who came from England. A wild, animal-like family in California, and so many others.

During those months once the brightest star was in the night sky she thought of the man who little by little was holding her heart. Little did she know he was doing the same.

After a long wait the two reunited because letters and phone calls weren't the same as talk and walking under the willow trees. Not very long the lady kissed her handsome man and confessed how she felt about him. The man was shocked but very excited and they danced the night away under the trees with soft jazz and bright stars.

Soon they started dating and had talks about the future and what their kids would look like and the man tried his best to convince the woman, if it was a girl, Arimathea, and a boy, Gabriel. He said his family was big on old fashion biblical names.

A few weeks later of dating and... more...

He was going to propose but his job needed him and so his family grabbed him and sent him back to work. Luckily the man and the lady were honest and truthful to one another so that they made sure if one day he was taken he would send a message.

The next morning there was one message the beautiful lady hoped she would never get... She got…

'I love you, Always and Forever'

She was devastated but happy to have the memories and a piece of him growing in her womb.

Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Arimathea Amelia Summer. As the years went on the child became very smart, very curious and she was so innocent and believed in God. Once in a while she would ask who her father is and all the lady would say is Always and Forever.