So, this might be my favorite chapter. One of the characters will get a fun development change, and it's someone's birthday! I hope you all enjoy reading this chapter, as I had fun writing it! Thank you for your time.

Birthday by Anne Marie!

"It's my Birthday!" Sin sang and jumped all over her room, preparing for her sweet 16. "Goddamn, it's my birthday. Everybody love me…" Sin danced around her room to find the perfect outfit for today. But first…

After everything that has happened in the last week or two… I need a day off. And what's better than a birthday! Especially my birthday, January 30th, baby! OK, my birthday is tomorrow, but in my family, we celebrate for a whole week. Funny thing, I was almost a New Year's baby… Isn't that interesting! First off, ever since the Girls' Night, I had with Caroline, and then we crashed the double date from hell from our friends, everything has been downhill since then. I was promised a SPA day, damn it! You know, staying at home during a storm and feeling good just because we can, but that turned into a rescue mission. After that, Matt called up Caroline to be careful while driving to her dad's boyfriend's kid's b-day, which is dumb to go to during a storm, and somehow found Vicki's body. They had the funeral and all. My mom and I made Matt stay with us when his mom was out and about getting drunk and bringing guys home. Yeah, no, he was not staying there. Stefan is acting stranger than usual… at first, it was a look in his eyes like he was going to attack someone and then snap out of it by, for lack of a better word, running away. And Mia… weird always seems to follow her around no matter what; her eyes changed into a strange color again; it was almost purple this time and did something to the man that had Stefan and Young, but oh well. Also, my buddy from Georgia is coming here! How exciting! He'll undoubtedly turn some heads, and more questions will be asked! And on an annoying note, John bloody Gilbert decided to crawl his ass back here. Great… Just what we needed… More pompous, egotistical jackasses! As if we didn't have those already! Cough The Lockwoods' & Creep cough. But while they measure the size of their junk. I'm going to enjoy my day. Because… It's the day before my birthday! And I'm going to have a tremendous fuckin day, and no one is getting in the way of that! You best believe it!

Sin is putting the finishing touches on her makeup; she's wearing a black and red corset top attached to a choker, black skinny jeans with a lace-up design, black heels, and her signature jacket. Her hair was in a half up and down style with tiny braids throughout and her hairpiece. The perfect outfit for the birthday girl!

One final look in the mirror as her mother and Matt slammed into her room with a plate of delicious food and lousy singing.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Sin! Happy birthday to you!"

Sin laughed, "Aw! Thanks, you guys! My birthday is tomorrow, but I will take it! The food looks delicious, Mom! You outdid yourself! And thanks, Matty, for being here."

"Anytime." Matt grinned and quickly patted her head before hiding behind Sofia.

Sin gave him an evil look that said run and hide bitch. "I will hurt you."

"You know you love me. I'm heading out to school." Matt kisses both women on the cheek and runs out the door. "Love you both! Happy Early Birthday! Bye!"

"Just adopt him already." Sin takes a bite of the food and moans, "Delicious… so good." And destroys the whole plate.

"Soon." Sofia chuckles and hands her daughter a napkin. "And only the best for my girl. So what do you want to do today?"

Sin put the plate to the side on her desk, "Don't I have school and have to take care of some brats?"

"Please, I called ahead and told them you are helping me with something. Also, you're younger than some of them."

"Mm-hm. And what exactly am I helping you with?"

"Having fun!"

"I love you."


"Hm…" Sin thought about it; her eyes lighted up as she snapped her fingers, walked to her desk, and pulled out a design she and someone else had been working on for a tattoo. "I know. This!"

"Really? A tattoo is what you want?"

"That and the mystery car in the garage."

"That is for tomorrow. Think you can wait?"

"Hell, yes!" Sin scratched her head at the 'mom look' she was given, "My bad…."

"Alright, finish eating, and let's gee oh! We have things to do!"

"Sweet! Also, no one says that anymore; say go!"

Sin and her mom left to enjoy the beginning of her early birthday.

While everyone else is dealing with their problems that somehow turned into everyone's issues, my ringer will be off! I'll answer texts, but I don't care. Does that sound selfish? Maybe. Is it self-centered? No. Why? Because I have to celebrate on a different day cause tomorrow is the Founder's Fuckin Kickoff! I need to get away before I kill everyone, but it's my birthday!

The first stop was the tattoo parlor. Luckily, the artist didn't have any early appointments and was able to give her some ink. Sin showed the artist her messy drawing, and he was down for the challenge. The background is a silver crescent moon with gold gears flying towards it, turning into a full moon with a wolf howling. The wolf looked realistic with colorful fur, red, gold, and blue with black details. The tattoo is placed on the left side of her back. The process took a few hours, but they were out of there in good time. The artist gave Sin instructions to take care of it, cream to help with the healing process, and his number in case something happens or needs a touch-up. The artist asked to take a picture because it's an awesome tattoo and two for his portfolio, which Sin agreed to. The tattoo took the whole morning, so they were off to get a late lunch at Sin's favorite cafe, Mudita.

After lunch, they went shopping for the parties, the Founders and Birthday. Sin found a black Latin dance dress to show off her new tattoo. She plans to wear it at the Founder's Party because Mia told her she had a surprise and wanted her to dance. Sin's birthday party will be held at the waterfall. Yes, the water will be cold, but it's a fun area to hang out and spend your sweet sixteen. Her mom found a cute top-and-bottom swimsuit and a gorgeous outfit that Sin could wear the day of.

At a local coffee shop, Jenna and Liz are talking about the supernatural again, this time about witches. They sat in a quiet corner where no one could eavesdrop and eat their snacks peacefully.

"So, tell me, what is the connection between witches and vampires?" Liz asked while sipping her coffee.

Jenna had a fruit bowl before her and swallowed a grape, "Witches are servants of nature; everything must need a balance. They have been around longer than vampires. Each culture has its take on the origins, which is true because everyone learns differently. A powerful witch created a potion for immortality two thousand years ago, but the witch lost the potion because nature needed balance. Fast forward to 1000 years later, another powerful witch created a similar potion, which created the beginning of vampires."

"So witches created vampires…" Liz slowly nodded as she took in the information.

"Yes. From old texts and symbols that we found and collected, both came from the same reason." Jenna sipped her chia latte.

"Power?" The Sheriff asked.

Jenna shook her head, "No. Love." She snorted as a thought crossed her mind, "Anyways, don't confuse the real deal with Harry Potter or the witch trials…"

Liz straightened up her spine, "The witch trials? Were any of them-"

"No. The real ones know how to blend in and stay out of the spotlight." Jenna shrugged. "With invitations, its nature."

"To keep the balance."

"Yes, but explaining that can be for another time…" Jenna gave her a small smile because she knew it was a lot to take in.

Liz rubbed her forehead, knowing she would have a headache later that day and the next. "...Yes, I feel like that would be a lot of information."

"Ha! You have no idea…" Jenna saw an eyebrow raised and cleared her throat, "Ah, sorry. So, there are different types of witches: Bloodline, Expression, Herbal, Ancestral, and many covens."

Liz had to blink a few times, "...That's a lot."

"Yeah, just a bit." Jenna decided to refrain from mentioning there are more types but kept the conversation to the basics. "Let's start with an easy one… Herbal. They are the ones that don't practice spells or talk to the dead. They mostly use herbs, stones, tarot cards, and palm reading. Think of it like the beginners' class, and they're somewhat the peaceful ones… Eh, bad choice of words, more like…"

"Useless?" Liz tried to help.

"...No. I guess, for lack of a better word, placatory. Yeah, sure, let's go with that." Jenna was trying to rack her brain, but nothing was coming up. "They are the ones you will find in colleges and will say they're witches. Continuing, Bloodlines, just like how it sounds, is magic that gets passed down from parent to child. The older the bloodline, the more powerful they are. For example, a family that has been witches since the 1800s and the family still practices till now…"

"They would be powerful."

"Yes. Blood plays a big part, but it's the history. The knowledge is what makes them powerful."

"Interesting…" Liz tucked that piece of information in her mind to come back to at a later date.

"Ancestral are not the most popular because one has to live where past witches lived, died, and been buried. In other words, a graveyard. I know it's weird, but it works for those who don't have a strong bloodline. They're the ones who mostly live in covens, but each one is different. I'm getting off-topic. Young witches can connect to the dead and use their powers because it is a power source. But one has to impress the dead to use one's power fully."

"Because they're not a blood family."

"That's right; maybe you should join me as a collector." They shared a smile and drank their respective drinks. "If they leave the ancestral site, they will be weaker because that was their main power source. Yes, they can use the elements, but not in the full range."

"So bloodline is blood-related family and ancestry is non-family but past witches who are a power source."

Jenna nodded, "Yep, that's the baseline. Expression is a little hard to explain… It's the closest to 'dark magic,' but not because it's powerful; it comes at a price. They can lose their magic, their connection to their ancestors, go insane, or die an excruciating death. It's rare, but it can show up on their radar once in a while. Different story altogether."

"This is different than learning about vampires, shapeshifters, or djinns."

Jenna laughed because her upbringing caused so many headaches for her and her sister, "Oh, just wait, it gets worse the longer you play the game. Back to the magic, they can use it in many ways: controlling the elements, tracking someone, killing, changing clothes, etc… Pretty much it's about creativity. As I discovered, the younger generation found a way to mix science with their magic; what they come up with is mind-blowing. Plus, the technology as well, the compass, for example, was integrated with magic, not just science. I bet there is someone who found a way with modern technology as well.

"Wow… That's just wow… So, are they like the peaceful ones in the supernatural world?"

"No, not exactly. Yes, they are neutral, but come after them, their families, or their coven… they are not so peaceful. Just like nature, there is beauty and chaos. Plants that heal, plants that kill…"

"A balance…"

"Yeah." Jenna looked at her watch, and her eyes widened, "Oof! Look at the time I have to go. Got to make sure my kids are ready for the Kick-Off."

"Yeah, same. Thank you, Jenna, for the lesson."

"Of course. Just don't tell The Counselor or the Jackass."

"You got it. One day, you will tell me about that situation." Liz got up and quickly finished off her coffee and left a tip.

Jenna shrugged and wiped off the sugar on her hands from the fruit, "Maybe, see you later."


At the same time Jenna and Liz were meeting, Mia decided to visit someone special. She's been curious about them since Sin found them on her road trip to hell. Jeremy was mopping in the background, wondering how he got stuck with Mia and Kol. Kol, on the other hand, looked like he would rather be anywhere but here.

Kol sighed, rubbing his forehead with his thumb, "Tell me how I agree to drive you to the hospital." In all his years, Kol has never met anyone like the little Summer girl who can make the most dangerous predators act on her every whim.

"You lost a bet," Jeremy mumbled, tucking his hands in his jacket and blowing the hair in his eyes away, returning to his emo phase for a second.

"Oh yeah…" It's coming back to him now. The bet was on a baseball game. Kol thought it was an easy win, but no. "Now it's coming back to me. How did Nipper get you?"

"Anna is helping her mom with their new business deal, and Mia thinks I'm mopping."

"Are you?"

"Don't know. I feel… Numb. Losing a friend. Didn't think it could feel official."

"I understand that all too well." After flipping the switch for the first time, he was lost. Luckily, his twin was by his side and helped in any way she could, but meeting the witches and learning there was another way. He got humanity back and wasn't daggered for so long unless he wanted to. Learning baseball did help pass the time and turned out to be a great stress relief. "I just bat to release the feeling."

"Bat?" Jeremy asked, slowly coming out of his shell. Talking to Kol was a better option than Uncle John, who somehow signed the paper he was refusing to sign in the first place and is now a pain in the ass.

"I play baseball, and I'm pretty good at it, too. Better than Lacross, anyway. So what do you say?"

"Excuse me?"

"Coming to the field with me to let out stress." Kol offered with a smile.

Jeremy blinked a few times and huffed, "... You know what? Fuck it. Let's do it."

"Alright, after this, we can do some planning," Kol smirked at the younger boy and tilted his head, watching the girl in the tree playing with a device. "And you! Nipper, who are we visiting?"

"A look-alike." She answered nonchalantly.

He raised an eyebrow, "...Come again?"

"A doppelganger." Once again, Mia is as cryptic as ever.

Kol nodded slowly, thinking the last one he saw was five months ago in Miami, "Ah, and whose are we looking for?"

"It's-Oh! There he is!" Mia pointed them out as they walked into an ambulance.

Jeremy's eyes widened because he knew that should not be possible. "What the fuc-fugde…"

"Nice save," Kol said, surprised at the new doppelganger before them. This wasn't what he expected, and he needed to speak to some people about this. "This just got interesting…"

The Founder's Day 150-Year Anniversary Kickoff was in full swing as Chieri and Kuraim Young approached the mansion. They hate parties like these.

"Oh god, I don't want to be here."

"Too bad, so sad. Let's go."

"Fuck…" Kuraim complained like any other teenager but secretly wanted to find an essential object in the mansion.

Tonight, his task is to find something meaningful to werewolves, and according to the records, it tells them that the Lockwoods were the last ones to hold onto it—a stone, more importantly, a moonstone.

Jenna and her family finally escaped the Lockwoods and went their separate ways. Jenna and Mia found a cozy spot and leaned against the wall.

Jenna swirled her drink, looking up, "So Tiger, wanna tell me where you were and why Kol had to drive you? And why is Jer not saying anything?"

Mia hid a smirk behind her glass, "Well… It's a funny story."

"Uh-hn, can't wait to hear all about it."

"Trust and believe. I saw Sleepy's twin!"

Jenna blinked a few times, "…Who is Sleepy?"

"Stefan, of course, because he always looks like a sleepy-head!"

"…Not your best kid, but ok."

"Hey…" Mia was slightly offended, but her first love caught her eye, "Oh, piano."

Jenna rolled her eyes, "No."

"Aw! Come on, one song," Mia begged. "Pretty please?"


"It would be your favorite."


"It would be fantastic." Mia used her puppy eyes at her mother, who made the mistake of looking at her.

Jenna sighed in defect, "…Don't get caught."

"Yes!" the tiny girl punched the air and kissed Jenna's cheek, "Love you! Bye!"

"Be good!" Jenna yelled out and shook her head. She got lost in her thoughts that Mia was turning out more and more like her birth father. She fears for the future.

A voice beside her gets her out of her head, "Impressive, you held out longer than I thought."

"Shut up, Nik." Jenna turned towards a handsome man, "Finally decided to join the living."

He rolled his eyes and smirked, "Please, as if I would miss my sweet girl's birthday. After all, I love birthdays."

"Yes, I know." They shared a laugh. "Have you seen her yet?" Jenna asked.

"No, my siblings and I just got here. Elijah wants us to play nice and act on our roots."

"Roots? Oh no. Don't tell me-"

"Not what you're thinking, at least not yet," Nik smirked, but it turned into a genuine smile once he spotted the birthday girl. "I have to go now. Lovely seeing you, Jenna. Ta-ta."

Jenna rubbed her head, feeling a headache forming, "Oh boy, this can go in one or two ways, and I'm not looking forward to it." Also, wishing her drink was alcohol because she needs something to keep her sane to deal with that peculiar family. Friends or not, they're crazy.

Mia was sneaking to the piano and catching many exciting sights and conversations. Starting with the Salitvore Brothers, she heard Stalker say they can't change who they are, which is dumb. She also saw Sleepy walk away, grab a glass of whiskey, and down it in one gulp before moving on while looking for Peaches. The way to the piano is past Mayor Dum Dum's office and saw him talking to Duke and his mom. Pretty much informing them to reach out and that the town is one big family and will come together when they lose a member. Mia glares at Kelly, who offends Duke and walks away to get a drink, leaving Duke alone, but Puppy returns, and she watches them drink alcohol for a second before going back to her mission. Just before she reached the piano, she saw her new favorite person, Kuraim Young, or as she likes to call him, Samurai. Mia wasn't about to call out just yet because he, like her, was being sneaky. She tilted her head, watching him tapping the floorboards as if he were trying to find a loose board. After a few minutes, he gave up and silently walked by her. Although he froze in step, he shook himself and continued to Mayor Dum Dum's office. Once the coast was clear, she glided to the piano. She lightly ran her fingertips on the white and black keys, gently sat on the bench, and played.

Even with the loud music in the main room, everyone can hear the beautiful melody. The 'Smith' Family smirked as they listened to the familiar tune. Jenna leaned against the wall close to the piano room and ensured no one came close to her daughter. Elena and Stefan danced together, swaying to the unusual music as Damon watched them. Sin found Matt and got him to dance with her with many twists and turns. The Young Family kept looking for the stone but reluctantly enjoyed the piano melody, even though Kuraim would never admit that he liked the music that a specific annoying girl could make.

But all good things must come to an end…

"Well, well, well. I hear a happy birthday is in order."

Sin had to hold back a growl when she heard the dark-haired man and tried not to kill him on this special day. "Go away, Creep."

"Aw, I walked all this way just to sing to you." He pouted.

"If you want to bring me joy, leave the room." She said into her glass, not looking at him.

"Oh, come on, don't be like that." He tries to get in her face, but she just closes her eyes and breathes deeply, "No need to be a smartass."

She pushes his face away so she can drink, "The smart-ass in me; doesn't like the dumbass in you."

"Tell me, what do you want? An apology?"

The second she heard, she whipped her head to him, which startled him with how fast she was. Sin walks toward him stalkingly, like a wolf about to kill her prey. Her voice is low and unwavering, "No. I don't want your sorry excuse of an apology because I know you don't mean shit." He walks backward to create space between them, but she keeps stepping forward. "Using my friends, abusing them, trying to kill them, and belittling them all because of a girl and or your brother." His back hits the wall behind him. He can't escape, his heart beating fast, he can't breathe, Damon can't look away from the beautiful blonde with blue eyes, and for the first time in a long time, he feels fear, shame, and guilt. "So you can take your words, your actions, and physical form out of my face 'cause I'm done dealing with you and your shit, and the next time you fuck up. Pray I don't see you or find you." He gulps because he knows the look in her eyes. She means every word that if he fucks up, she will end him.

In the shadows, a dark blond-haired man watches the interactions between the young vampire and his special girl. He's proud she can intimidate a cold-blooded killer with only her voice and presence. A wolf hides behind her excellent looks, waiting for the hunt to begin. Patience is vital, and time will not be a friend to anyone who opposes her. The girl walks away before the man can utter a word. She reaches the shadows and relaxes when another speaks to her.

"Hello, sweetheart."

Sin excitedly smiles when she sees the man after the confrontation with the other, "Nik!" She jumped to hug him. He catches her with one hand on the back of her head, and the other wraps around her like a bear hug. They hold each other for a few minutes, soaking in each other, for it has been a few years since they saw one another.

Nik releases her to get a good look and smiles, "You look beautiful."

"Thank you…" Her smile dims a little, but she hopes he doesn't notice.

He catches on pretty quick, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing I can't handle," she smirked, remembering how speechless Damon was as she left.

He chuckles, "That's my girl."

"How long are you here for?" Sin asked, hoping it was an extended visit.

"For a few weeks, but I will have longer visits, I promise."

"Great!" Sin loses her smile, "Mom and I are leaving soon for a few months."

"I heard." He nods, but he knows all will be well. "I know you will be fantastic in California."

"She told you."

"Of course she did."

Sin hugs him again and whispers in his chest, "I love you."

"I love you too." He tightens the hug and kisses her head. "Now go. I want to see you shine."

Sin smiled at the man, who was a second father to the girl, and nodded as she walked to the dance floor to do what she loved.

Sin was on the dance floor talking to a few girls in the circus club and ensuring they were ready. These girls are sophomores who want to have fun and have no obligations to the Founders, the same as Sin. Carol Lockwood agreed to let Sin dance and pick the music because she knew today was her birthday and she was a talented dancer.

"Alright, give it up for the birthday girl! Have fun, She-Wolf!"

"Mm-hm, hit it!" Sin looked into the crowd and found her mom, Mia, and her family.

~I'm another year older

I won't cry about you anymore

Told my friends to come over

To dye my hair, mmm~

Sin could feel her skin vibrating excitedly, her muscles relaxing as the music flowed through her. Her breath matched the tempo and beat. She's ready to perform. She touches her bangs while winking at her family before getting in step with three other girls dancing with Sin.

~It's not even the weekend

And I'm wearin' that dress I can't afford

Givin' life a new meanin'

Without you there~

Sin dances to the energetic beat; her dress moves gracefully with the beat and shows off her new tattoo nicely. The other girls wear red, white, and gold dresses, while she wears her Latin dress. Sin danced in a way that showed her true beauty, her love of dancing, following the music like it's her master controlling her like no other… Sin and the girls were having the time of their lives; it showed on their faces and movements, and everyone could see the joy in celebrating a birthday and the passion for dancing.

~Do some stupid shit, maybe get a tattoo (Oh)

Whatever I can do to get my mind off you (Oh)~

Sofia and Jenna were cheering like crazy and clapping along with the music, and Mia was with the DJ and recording everything. Jeremy was in the background watching and talking on the phone with Anna, telling her everything since she likes Sin, dancing, and music. Stefan was drinking and barely paying attention. Next to him is Elena, who is worried about him and not watching the performance. Sin watches the shadows and smiles whenever blue eyes appear.

~It's my birthday

I'ma do what I like

I'ma eat what I like

I'ma kiss who I like~

Sin and the dancers flowed rivers around each other, and at the same time, they moved like a pack of wolves getting ready for the winter to hunt their next prey. The dancers moved like a murmuration of starlings, perfectly synchronized yet individually expressive. Their smiles were bright like the sun and stars. The dance was a storm, fierce and unrelenting, sweeping the audience into a whirlwind of emotion.

~It's my birthday

I'ma do what I like

I'ma wear what I like

I'ma party tonight~

They could feel the end of their performance. Their connection on stage was like a magnetic force, drawing them together with every graceful movement. The beats in their hearts matched the tempo, but they knew to cue each other with a simple smile. It was time.

~Goddamn, it's my birthday

Everybody love me

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Look at me, give me money

Damn, it's my birthday

Everybody love me

And I ain't thinkin' 'bout you

It's my birthday~

Sin did a few poses, flowing into one after another, and invited everyone to dance with her. She danced with her mother and did a few spins with Jenna; Stefan dipped her and spun her into Elena, who did an arm dance with Sin, cha-cha with Matt, and ended with a fancy flip with Mia.

Sin went outside to get some air after the exciting dance-off. After her performance, she and the other dancers entered a dance competition. She lost sight of Elena, Matt, and Alaric. She knew they could take care of themselves, but she heard a commotion outside and saw Matt and Tyler fighting. Sin runs out as Tyler sits on Matt, about to hurt him brutally. She sees red and pulls Tyler off of Matt; she punches him a few times before he can catch his breath and pins him to the wall. One hand on his neck, the other holding his arm in place on his back with a tight grip.

"You will never touch him like that again. Got it? Because if you do, I will kill you. Understand?" She tightens the hand on his neck, telling him to submit.

"Fuck yes!" The anger disappears, but the fear is growing as her hand tightens around his neck, "Can't breathe…" Black spots cover his vision, but luckily, someone stops her.

Alaric runs over, helps Matt off the floor, and speaks softly to Sin, shaking with anger, "Sin. Sin. It's okay. Look at Matt; he's alright. Let the pup go."

The red fog is lifted from her sight. She can see Tyler's face turning pale and slightly blue and his arm about to break in her grip.


She lets go and watches Tyler fall, coughing and gasping for his breath. Mayor Lockwood came out, also wondering what all the commotion was about, and saw Sin's blank face and Tyler on the ground, trying to catch his breath. Sin steps back, bumping into Alaric, who holds her shoulders lightly, letting her know he can help or hold her back if needed. "It's ok; we got you, it's ok."

Mayor Lockwood stares at Sin before kneeling to Tyler, "Are you hurt?" Tyler shakes his head. "Go get cleaned up. It's okay." He turns to Sin and Alaric. Alaric looks at him dead in the eye as if daring him to make a scene.

The Mayor glares but softens when he sees Sin shaking in Alaric's hold, "Thank you for your help." He turns to the crowd, "Everything's fine, everybody. Come on. Everybody, back to the party. Let's go. Come on. Have a good time."

Sin is still shaking, looking around for someone, "I-I, Matt…" Sin is scared of what she has done but doesn't feel regret. She has to know Matt is ok. She looks around, not knowing he is next to her. He moves in front of her, blocking her view of the crowd, and places a hand on her cheek, assuring her he is safe.

"I'm good, I'm ok. All thanks to you." He hugs her, rubs her back, and moves them away from the crowd. "Come on." Matt and Alaric take her to a quiet place to relax and settle down. No one but one has noticed that her eyes glowed and shifted into another color.

"Huh, interesting…"

Just outside, in a blind spot in the garden, two brothers talked and drank. The fight caught their attention, a pup fighting his instinct but letting his anger take over in doing so, trying to kill his best friend. A true wolf came over to protect her pact mate and put down an outclassed pup, causing trouble when they knew they shouldn't. However, something else, or someone else who had an interesting way with words, caught the eye of a particular man.

"What is?" A dark-haired man in an impeccable suit asked.

"She's turning without a kill…" A dark blond-haired man answers with a gleaming look in his blue eyes.

"Have you ever heard such a thing?"

"Once, from a pack that's now extinct…" He smirks, "I guess they're not. It seems we'll be here longer than we thought."

"It appears that way… Something else interests you, Niklaus."

"That man… It should have taken Asena longer than that to calm down."

"…Is he?"

"Maybe it's possible. Perhaps his wife knows…"

"I'll find out."

"Thank you, brother."

The brothers clicked their glasses and looked at the full moon rising high in the sky.

Near the bar, the twins shared a plate of food, waiting for their older brothers to finish speaking to the Council and staring down the Lockwoods and John Gilbert, daring them to say something inappropriate.

"What are you smirking about, Kol?" Rebekah asked, licking off the sugar from her fingers.

Kol smirked, looking extra mischievous. "I'll tell you later… Let's just say I borrowed a few things." His smirk gets even more prominent when he sees Damon Salvatore entering the room and stops in his spot when he sees John Gilbert in the room.

Mayor Lockwood gathers everyone to talk to the crowd, "Thank you all. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you all for joining us tonight. In just a few moments, we will officially begin the countdown to our upcoming Founder's Day celebration, and it's a very special one this year. The 150th birthday of our town." Everyone clapped in celebration. "And… and I would like to welcome back 'one of our town's favorite sons' to do the honors of ringing our official charter bell. John Gilbert, would you please join up here?"

As John approached the mayor, everyone clapped again, "One hundred and fifty years of community, prosperity, family. 'We take care of each other' look after each other…protect each other. It's good to be home." More cheering happened as he took hold of the rope and pulled. The bell tolls for all to hear, and the countdown officially begins.

After the party, everyone went home, trying to figure out what had changed in the last hour.

At the Gilbert House, it was a little tense. Jeremy came early to look for Elena's diary. He found it and started reading it. Jeremy already knows what happened to Vicki but needs to know if Elena was lying to him all this time and tried to have Damon wipe his memory. John was planning, but first, he had to find his ring and wallet. Somehow someone had taken it during the party. Elena is worried about everyone feeling the pressure of holding onto a secret and keeping it away from her family, which is eating at her. Plus, Stefan has been acting strange, almost like a different person. Elena just wants him to know she'll help him no matter what. Jenna needed to make some calls, a month of Founder events, and having the Mikealsons here will be a game-changer, and no one would know what hit them. Mia is excited; change is happening, and she has front-row seats.

Matt got home before his mom. He paced around the living room; in the corner of his eye, two photos appeared. One picture was of him and Vicki, but his mom wasn't there, and another was of him, Sin, and Sofia during a Sunday family lunch at their place. Mia took the photo and gave all of them a copy. He stares at the pictures and makes his decision.

Sin and Sofia arrived home and discussed what happened between her and Tyler. Sofia was understanding and knew Sin would always protect her people. Nik warned her that could happen, and now that Sin is sixteen, her whole life will change, but her family will be there to support her. But first, they have to answer the knock at their door.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon does not like his odds. First, a new family comes into town and buddy-buddy with everyone. Sin is still a wild card, and he wants to know her deal. John Gilbert is another loose end that can make Damon's life a living hell, and his brother is a mess. Stefan is dealing with the fact his head is splitting into two. His darker side is coming out, and Stefan knows he doesn't have the strength to beat it this time. The need for blood is too strong, and Damon doesn't know about him… The last time it was this bad was in the twenties. He doesn't remember a lot, but it was terrible. Soon, he will take over Stefan's body, and no one will be safe.

The Smith Family are back in their mansion, but they are not the Smiths… No, they are The Mikealsons, the first family to turn into vampires. The oldest in the world with wealth, power, influence, and reputation. Royals in their own right within humans' and monsters' world respectably. They are partially untouchable, for they created the rules of the supernatural secret, keeping the peace. It's almost time to create chaos within Mystic Falls. They are just missing one sibling. It has been a long time since the Mikealson were in the same place, let alone the same country, in over a decade or two as they rebuilt their empires.

They were in their sitting room, Niklaus pacing in front of the fire, checking the clock every minute. Elijah is reading a book. Rebekah is stretching a design for a dress. Kol is on his phone waiting for a call from a certain little witch while playing with a stone.

Klaus stopped pacing as he caught the stone in the corner of his eye and asked, "Is that my moonstone?"

"Yep!" Kol chirped, throwing it at Klaus, who quickly caught it.

Elijah closed his book and stared at his younger siblings. He sighed, getting ready for a headache, but something also caught his eye as well. "Whose ring does that belong to?"


"Is that a wallet, too?" Rebekah asked with a raised eyebrow at her twin.

Kol winked at them and explained what he was up to during the party, which they were not surprised about.

At the highest peak of the moon point—the sound of bones breaking, snapping, and reshaping with the screams of pain that follow. After a few minutes of anguish, it finally stopped. Hard breathing and footsteps could be heard, and there, in the middle of the field, a beautiful white wolf with glowing blue eyes walked out from the shadows. An enormous black wolf with gold-red eyes moves to greet the young wolf. They circle one another, wary, but accept each other as a pack. They run into the woods and hunt, free to do as they please.

Morning hits the woods, and a father and daughter enjoy the world's waking with eyes. The man hugs his daughter and whispers, "Start over, sweetheart. Be brave enough to find the life you want and be courageous enough to chase it. Start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to love. Free and wild. Never forget you have a pack behind and beside. Always and Forever."