Hello everyone!

Thank you for sticking with me for so long, and I am so sorry for leaving on a cliffhanger; if you have read books or seen the movies, I think you'll be okay.

But the reason for leaving it as it is because I will be writing a new story based on Captain Jack Sparrow's point of view. The first chapter has been posted. It will be a while before I write more chapters. It will depend on my mood and my schedule—not that I keep one.

But as an apology, here is a sneak peek of Captain Sparrow's adventure.

Please enjoy!

Elizabeth finally touched the water that connects to the sea, and words flowed out. It's time for everyone to know... The Pirate King has returned, and she is in need of her people.

Captain Sparrow looks out for her in his scope. He heard the song and will reply. He and the Pearl are ready.

Legolas touches where his heart is beating with a rhythm he should know but does not. The sea is calling to him.

Calypso smiles as her favorite pirates finally come home, and with that, she makes it very difficult to set sail if one does not know her.

The uneasiness in the air for those who don't know the song try their best to avoid the sea.

The sea dances with anticipation, ready for the true ruler to take her claim.

A whirlpool forms in the middle of the sea below are ships ready to join the world.

Best be ready, Middle-Earth. Once a green light hits the horizon… Dead man, don't tell no tale…