Donna was coming out of her songwriting class when she bumps into a redhaired jewelry making teacher, "Sorry" said the woman, "I wasn't paying attention."

The woman looked at the amulet that Donna was wearing. "You know" Donna smiled, "That amulet reminds me of The Heart of Candracar,"

"The Heart of Kandrakar" Donna replied, "As in The Heart of CandraCar, used for the leader of The Guardians of Veil, who use nature for superhero powers."

"That's right" the woman explained, "I'm Professor Will Vandom, previous and last wielder of The Heart."

"What happened to it?" Donna asked.

"Unfortunately" Will said, "It broke into five pieces. I couldn't just let it fall into the wrong hand. Luckily, I learned jewelry making while I was in college. So I made them into 5 rings. So now their called, The Hearts of Kandrakar. I've recruited a group of girls at Hartfeld High to become heroes and protect your world from Kandrakar. Meet me at Hartfeld High School at 5pm tonight and bring your Groot brother with you."

Hearing this, Donna knew that she was an alien.

At Hartfeld High, she came across five girls practicing their ballets. One girl was an Irish-Girl with shoulder length blonde hair, one was a Jamaican-American girl with dreadlocks, one was a Guatemalan girl with armpit length hair, one was an Indian girl with pixie hair, and one was an Vietnamese with torso length hair. "Girls" shouted Will, "We have a visitor, this is-"

"Donna Solo!" shouted the girls as they screamed with excitement, except for the Indian girl

"I can't believe it" the Indian girl replied, "A famous LADUWS star and backup dancer for CLST just pops into our school to give us a dance lessons."

"No Mahi," Will said, "She's here to learn about P. R. I. M. A"

"You mean our superhero codename" shouted Isadora, "I mean someone had to figure about us sooner or later and I mean it almost had been a year since the whole thing is happened."

"Easy lass" the blonde girl said in an Irish accent, "You talk way to much."

"Wait" Donna said, "PRIMA, As in, Prima Ballerina."

"That's right" Will replied, "We always use the first initial on our names."

"Names, Peggy O'Donovan" The blonde Irish girl replied, "I have Quintessence or Lightning powers."

"Rayne Covington" said the Jamaican girl, "I wield water powers."

"Isidora Atenas" the Latino girl, "I love air, wind and all source of breezy things, I mean they always call me an airhead or whatnot."

"Mahi Chakarvarti" The Indian girl replied, "I wield fire and all hot stuff, so stay out of my way."

"Addison Bạch" The Vietnamese girl explained, "I wield plants and all nature."

"Okay girls" Will said, "It's time to tell the tale of PRIMA.