In a dark room, PRIMA was in a dark room and were trapped.

This was terrible, The Zeiva Moon waas approaching and tomorrow is Will and Matt's wedding day. Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, and Addison were trapped and imprisoned in the dungeon. They remembered Zemunth trapping them in the rooms that they can get out easily. This one, on the other hand was more difficult.

The words were all in Jeivan and didn't know what message to put in. On the walls, Peggy could notice pictures of Lamia's late parents getting married. After five minutes of studying the pictures, she realized that the codes were Jeivan wedding vows. Mahi and Peggy decided to do it, since Ex-King Jeiva probably won't allow gay and lesbian marriage.

After Peggy and Mahi took off their PRIMA rings, Mahi started saying her pretend vows.

My Fearles Peggy, I take you as my love

In a world filled with despair

You'll be the one that i'll accept

Then it was Peggy's turn for the vows.

My Fearless Mahi

I take you as my love

Worry will be all gone

and the willies will turn it to hope when i'm with you.

Mahi placed her Prima ring on Peggy's left finger and said, "I give this ring as my gift to you. Wear it and think of me and know that I love you."

Peggy placed her Prima ring on Mahi's left finger and said, "I give this ring as my gift to you. Wear it and think of me and know that I love you."

After they kissed, the dungeon door opened and they were free, "You did it girls" commented Rayne, "And All it took was a little love."

Deep down, Peggy and Mahi felt something. On the wall, the eyes started to glow and form a heart. They didn't know what it was, but they think Liam does.

Meanwhile, Ex-king Jeiva was ready to turn the palace into his own way again. Before he could make modifications, a loud voice was heard, "I won't let you destroy my parents' castle."

Lamia was angry, because her horrible uncle is at it again, "You mean my castle" shouted Ex-Emperor Jeiva, "Your grandparents were suppose to give the castle to me, but NO, they gave it to my dear baby brother brat."

Feeling insulted, Lamia started attacking her uncle. They fought like Simba and Scar from the lion king.

Not wanting their mother to get hurt, Oana, Liam, and Amalia all turned into pegasuses and carried their evil grand-uncle, "It's a good thing Oana sensed danger while we were picking berries" Liam said.

"Go find PRIMA" suggested Oana, "We'll handle Uncle Jeiva."

Meanwhile, Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, and Addison were escaping the dungeon and to the front of the castle. As Liam was flying around, he found them and changed back to a Jeivan, "Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, Addison" exclaimed Liam, "You made it."

When Peggy and Mahi told them about the pink glowing balls, Liam knew what they meant, "The glowing balls meant that you guys are officially married."

"What?" Peggy and Mahi gasped.

"Does this mean that Lucky Lass is my wife now?" asked Mahi.

"It does" Liam answered.

"This is embarrassing" Peggy nervously replied, "I don't want to divorce Tiger Kitten, but I don't want to tell my parents. Underage marriage is illegal."

"Not on our world it isn't" explained Liam, "Pink glowing balls meant that the marriage is official. Just as long as you keep your marriage a secret from the humans, your safe."

Peggy and Mahi agreed, never to tell their families about their underaged marriage. Suddenly, Peggy started to have visions of cretures that were fusions of floral and fauna, "Birch Deer, Rowan Cat, Ash Snake, Alder Fox, Willow Bull, Hawthorn Seahorse, Oak Wren, Holly Horse, Hazel Salmon, Vine Swan, Ivy Butterfly, Reed Wolf, and Elder Hawk," asked Peggy, "These are all Celtic Zodiacs."

Peggy wasn't the only one having the visions, Mahi was getting them too. In her heart, Addison knew what it meant, "When the two hearts of flora and fauna connect" recalled Addison "It will give the Jeivans protect."

"What does it mean?" asked Rayne.

"It means" Addison answered, "That only Peggy and Mahi can stop King Jeiva from controlling the dimension and absorbing The Zeiva Moon."

"It's up to you now, Peg and Mahi" shouted Rayne, "You got this."

Peggy was nervous, because she and Mahi had to stop the evil king without the other PRIMA members.

As Mahi's bracelet leaned against hers and their new wedding rings started to glow, Peggy started to feel more confident. Around them, pink and red auras surrounded them and made a large blast towards King Jeiva, within a blast, King Jeiva turned into dust. The only thing left of him, was his crest. "This will make a perfect gift for Will and Matt." said Peggy

At one part of the castle, The Ferociars tried to escaped, but Mahi gave them a hot foot, "Not funny Sis" shouted Vinod.

"Don't call me, "Sis", anymore" replied Mahi, "Because we're not a family anymore!"

Guards came up to the five criminals and locked them in the dungeon, "It's payback time" smiled Mahi.

Peggy took her new wife's hand and smiled, "Good job, Tiger Kitten" she commented.

The next day was Will and Matt's wedding. Will was all decked out in the dress that PRIMA picked out for her. She was looking at her watch and was wondering where were they, "Relax Will," Irma replied, "New generations can loose track sometimes."

From the door, Peggy Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, Addison, Oana, and Amalia came in, "Where were you girls?" asked Will.

"We were trapped in the Jeivan Empire and the Zeiva Moon nearly killed the patrons" explained Peggy

"Plus we got the perfect vows for you and Matt" explained Isadora, "Liam is going to Matt, because it's bad luck to see the bride and groom or grooms or brides to see each other before the wedding starts."

Later on, Matt and Will's wedding was taking place. Within the hour, our five heroes, their families, friends, and former WITCH friends watched Will and Matt get married.

Stairing at Will, Matt said his vows,

My Fearles Will, I take you as my love

In a world filled with despair

You'll be the one that i'll accept

After he placed the wedding ring on her, Will looked at Matt and said her vows.

My Fearless Matt

I take you as my love

Worry will be all gone

and the willies will turn it to hope when i'm with you.

Will placed the wedding ring on him, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" said the minister as Will and Matt kissed.

During the reception, Rockin Bonanza came up on stage, "Okay now" shouted Merula, "How's everyone doing?

Everyone shouted, "Great!"

"Before we could toss any more flowers" shouted Merula, "Alexa has a little song she wrote for her mom and her new dad."

Onstage, Alexa performed her song

A slice in the fabric of life

feeling like it's so strife

Things are in for a shocking ignite

But the strings of the tunes unite

A hopping amphibian with major passion

Keeping me from having a haraassion

Open up to the lightning hastle

I'm at The Heart of The Castle

You won't know the thing that come about

Every day is a twist in and out

The days we have become true

To me, your like super glue

I am here in one two three

to let your worries go away free

I'm at The Heart of The Castle

Then it was time to toss the bouquet. When Will tossed the flowers, Peggy and Mahi caught the bouquet, looked at each other and kissed.

The End.