"You worthless child, you can't do anything right!" A tall and muscular man with blond hair and blue eyes looking disappointed at a small child.

"Please! Can I stop?" A little girl, at the age of 7 almost 8, shooting a bow and arrow.

"Baby girl, you still need to learn so I'll say it again! This time, get it right! On the body, get the three spots."

A blonde little girl named Artemis was dragged by her hair by her father because she missed a target and talked back.

"Now, I'm going to take you outside and you are going to stay out here till I find you, got it baby girl!" her father yelled.

"Please no! I'll be good! Don't. Please!" Artemis pleaded.

Lawrence, her dad threw her at a car and said "You will be after this." and he hit her.

Little did he know someone was watching.

Finally he stopped and threw her at a car one last time and said something and walked right back to the apartment (he was going on a mission in 30 mins).

Artemis was left there, traumatized, beaten, and bleeding in different places.

The man who saw everything decided to wait, when he saw the man leave, he ran to the little girl to pick her up and ran to the hospital.

The doctor told him, "She'll be fine but I'm a little worried that she might have head trauma and amnesia," he worried, "but you can go in and see her."

The man walked into the room and saw the little girl was sleeping and covered in bandages. He didn't know why but he felt he had to protect her and keep her safe. He sat next to her and only had to wait a minute before she woke up.

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