You useless child! Do it again!...

I'm always with you mały wilk…

I'm so proud of the woman you are becoming…

Day one you will lead this school you and your siblings…

Hey Nina do you sometimes feel out of place? Like where you're meant to be isn't the same as where you are?

You are my daughter, my youngest, my savior. No matter what path you take, just know your family is in your corner.

Bialya; September 4th; 18:20 NST

"Hey. Blue Eyes. Wake up."

Artemis opens her eyes, groaning, but seeing through a hole in the roof, and on the edge of her vision, Kid Flash. Decked out in Stealth colors. Closing her eyes as she brings her hand to her head as she sits up. She's taken by surprise when KF is right in front of her. He smiles brightly, but she still scurries away. Grabbing her bow and moving until her back is to the wall.

"Hey, it's okay. It's okay. I won't hurt you. I'm one of the good guys." he says, finally standing up. "You know, Kid Flash."

"Widziałem Kid Flash w wiadomościach. Nie ubiera się na czarno." Artemis scrutinizes.

KF looks down confused, "Um… Come again?"

Artemis blinks and repeats in english with a slight polish accent, "Seen Kid Flash on the news. He doesn't wear black."

"Thank you…" KF looks down, just as confused as she is. "Uh, little unclear on that myself. What about you? Green Arrow fixation?" he chuckles at his own joke.

Artemis looks down, shock covering her eyes and showing in her posture. "Who put me in this!?"

KF's eyes go wide. "Wow. I am not touching that with a ten foot- uh, so you know how to use that bow?" he changes the subject.

"Yeah, my dad taught me…" she admits, the fear falls from her posture, only to be replaced by annoyance. "Dad! He must've done this. Kolejny z jego głupich testów." She started paces while thinking and subconsciously reached out to some animals, 'This better not be another test! I thought we were done with those!' She heard the call of a hawk outside and it seemed to be warning her of something. She tried to listen but the boy was asking questions.

"Your dad? Why would he do something like this?" Kid Flash asks, curious.

"To either track down mutants, make friends or he probably wants me to kill you." she admits, completely nonchalant about the ideas, and slightly messing with him.

Kid Flash's eyes go wide, but both look up as an all-too-recognizable sound starts getting louder from right over their heads. He grabs Artemis' hand, pulling her out of the shack, both of them getting knocked down by the force of the explosion at their backs.

In the sand, three tanks are approaching. Led by a jeep armed with a machine-gun. "Mat khalee-homshee yih-raboo!" One shouts. The soldier fires the machine gun at their retreating forms.

'Don't let us escape? Well screw you!' Artemis looks over her shoulder before dropping into a roll on a diagonal, coming to a kneeling position with her bow aimed at the leading car. She releases the arrow, which impacts the ground below the front of the car, flipping it over both her and Kid Flash's heads before it lands and bounces two more times.

The speedster looks back to Artemis, seeing her hidden behind a small rock formation and firing at more of the Bialyan troops. He slides his goggles over his eyes before taking off.

At a distance, the tanks fire two more missiles.

Artemis manages to hide her gasps as Kid picks her up and runs off. The missiles landed on his heels.

"Sorry." He apologizes, as Artemis looks behind him at the army at his back. "They've got bigger arrows."

Once again, the tanks take aim.

Kid looks over his shoulder before running faster to dodge the impacts, causing Artemis to turn more into his hold to avoid the dust and dirt and to minimize the fact that she's clenching her eyes shut with each impact.

"Thanks." She says quietly as they finally start to run in a straighter line again. Her mask was slipping, she fixed it so the sand won't get in her mouth. Been there done that it sucks.

Kid Flash laughs lightly. "Told ya, good guy. Now- uh- not to pry, but- uh- what's your name?" He says with a small smile, though it drops ever so slightly. "Oh, and what's this about you killing me?"

"I was joking. If I killed you or any of your sidekick friends that would mean big trouble for my family."

"So, who are you?"

KF comes to a stop on the far side of a small ravine, using the shade to block them from the afternoon sun. Setting Artemis on both her feet before bending over, panting. She looks at him in an odd combination of irked, disappointed, and confused. "Sorry. Running on empty." He wipes at his brow as he stands straight again, but still breathing heavily. "Don't think I've eaten in a while." Opening a small compartment on the inside of his wrist. "Been out here over 24 hours, or my cupboards wouldn't be bare."

Artemis looks like she wants to say something, but before she can Superboy drops in between the two. The jump causes a kick up of dust and sand before it fully clears Superboy turns and yells at Kid Flash. Startling the speedster before hitting with a backhand that knocks him into the ravine. Looking over his shoulder he sees Artemis. Realizing she's his next target she jumps into a back-handspring giving herself enough space to draw her bow and aim an arrow at Superboy's chest. Though it has no effect, she keeps moving back and firing more arrows. She dives into a roll to avoid Superboy's attempt to get her around her waist.

He looks to the sky and yells into the void. Just a telltale whistle can be heard. Zooming right past Artemis and landing right between Superboy's feet.

Two Bialyan tanks approach the crater and a fallen Artemis.

Hearing them approach both her and Superboy rise, though the clone is faster than the archer. Gripping her head before looking at the tanks, Artemis is shocked to see Superboy land in front of her, almost protectively. Before he jumps to land on top of the left Bialyan tank, grabbing ahold of the main gun and bending it. As he rips it off the machine gun on top of the tank shoots Superboy in the back. Turning towards the source Superboy grabs the gun, removing the barrel from the gun the soldier is holding. Before grabbing the soldier and throwing him up and away. Finally, with a scream, Superboy grabs onto the top of the tank before ripping it clean off and throwing it away too. The second tank shoots at him in the back, the force throwing him into the rock face away from the tanks. Unhurt the boy of steel stands up in the small crater before jumping back at the tank with a scream.

"Whose side is he on?" Artemis asks herself out loud.

"You wanna stick around and find out?" KF asks back, both of them watching as Superboy beats up on the tank.

The two run off, away from the chaos.

KF runs quickly over the sandy dunes, unfortunately tripping on a rock on the way down, only giving him and Artemis enough time to gasp before they roll the rest of the way down the hill.

They're unhurt but are stunned when two fighter jets fly over them. They stand up to watch, thinking they're not the targets. However, the fighters circle back around, firing at the two.

"Get down!" Kid Flash yells over the gunfire, bringing both of them to the ground as the fighter blows past them.

The two circle back around, Artemis nocking an arrow and taking aim.

"Don't worry, I'm almost there." M'gann's voice rings out in their heads just as Artemis takes her shot, though stunned she doesn't miss completely.

"Did you just hear a girl talking in your head?" Artemis asks, trying not to freak out. After all her own sister does that to get her off guard but this voice was different.

"Girls are always on my mind," He says with a smirk, though his eyes change slightly as he looks more directly at Artemis out of the corner of his eye, "but they're not usually talking."

M'gann flies behind the two planes, hiding in their blind spot, before she moves both her hands out in front of her, then clapping them together. In a mirror move the two planes crash into each other. Creating an explosion behind M'gann's back as she lowers herself to the ground by Artemis and Kid Flash.

"Well, J'onn, the costume looks familiar, but I'm not sure the new bod screams 'Manhunter'." KF says to the Martian with enough sarcasm and impressively creeped out in his tone to get his point across.

"You know my uncle J'onn?" she asks excitedly. "Hello, Megan, of course, you do! You're Kid Flash. Wally! And you're Artemis."

"Wait, wait, wait. Martian Manhunter is your uncle?" Wally asks, taking in the new information happily considering he's not riddled with bullet holes thanks to her. "Is that how you know my name?"

"Your name is really Wally?" Artemis asks, unimpressed.

Wally hangs his head and groans. "Ohh…"

"It's okay." M'gann assures. "We're teammates, friends, I made you cookies."

That last one catches Wally's attention, but also Artemis' in a very interesting way. "So, is that how you know her?" Her playful personality is showing as she turns her head towards him and puts one hand on her hip.

"No, I swear, Blue Eyes. Never seen her before in my life." Wally tries to explain. "At least not that I…"

M'gann sighs. "You've both lost your memories too." She hears more Jeeps come in, turning she sees them heading towards a black pillar of smoke. "C'mon, I'll fill you in as we go. Robin and Superboy need our help."

"Of course," Wally drawls before following M'gann and Artemis. "Robin and Super-what now?" he asks, only now realizing what she said as he was about to say it.

Night falls across the Bialyan desert. The only sound is light footsteps Wally and Artemis make.

"Where are we headed?" Wally asked.

M'gann pointed to a small hill, "I can feel Robin up ahead! We're getting close."

"Great…" Artemis sighed but held out her arm so the hawk could land. "Hello there."

KF had to blink a few times to make sure to make sure he wasn't imaging the hawk that came out off nowhere, "Um…Where did that come from?"

"The sky." Artemis sass to him because the day has been very long and she is tired.

"That's not what I- '' Wally was cut off by someone speaking in Arabic.

"Kifaya! Idrab nar!" The leader commands, all taking up arms.

"They're going to open fire at him! Get rid of the weapons." Artemis said and started running towards the fight with KF and M'gann right behind her. At this point they figure she knows a lot of languages.

Robin back-handsprings to avoid the bullets, stopping once he's out of their immediate range.

A black blur zips past, robbing them of their weapons. "I'll take that." Wally's voice identifies him as the source. Running past two more. "Thanks!" He calls, taking their guns as well, before stopping behind the soldiers. Dropping all the guns before heading back into the fray.

Robin already sizing up one of the soldiers, but as he dodges the hook punch, and retaliates with a kick to the ribs. Kid Flash takes out the other three. Two more advanced, armed with their guns. The first manages to fire off two shots before they're both lifted into the air, just as Robin turns towards the source, armed with a disk.

Robin turns back, M'gann flies behind him, but in camouflage mode, so he can't see her. That is until she turns visible again.

Kid Flash runs at another soldier, who raises his foot to try and kick the teen Hero, Wally slows down and grabs the soldier's foot mid kick. Spinning him around at high speeds before throwing him at two more advancing soldiers. Looking to his left he sees the last soldier running away, but he also sees a green arrow following the attempted escapee. The arrow cracks behind his turned back, releasing a bola that wraps around his legs, crashing the soldier to the ground.

All three look to Artemis on the dune, a stoic look on her eyes with her long coat swaying in the wind and a hawk flying above her head, before she smiles softly behind her mask and makes her way down the dune.

"KF!" Robin says as he and the redhead head towards each other, grasping the speedster's hand in his own. "Man, it is good to see a familiar face."

"Hey Rob." the Boy Wonder seems to have been expecting that Kid Flash would continue with a question. "Memory loss?"

"Six months!" Robin cries, outraged, or just offended. "Let's hogtie these creeps and compare notes." The six soldiers are hogtied and groaning before long.

"So we're a Team?" Robin asks, kinda-sorta believing what M'gann is telling him.

"The four of us and Superboy." M'gann says, saving the hardest to believe piece for last.

Though not hard to believe as Robin grabs something from his belt and responds with ease and speed. "Then this must be his." In his hand is black polyester with a red S decal on the front.

"Yes." M'gann gasps, taking it from the Boy Wonder. "Did you see him?"

"I think we did!" Artemis realizes while Kid Flash mulls it over.

"Feral-boy? Some teammate, he attacked us." He says annoyed.

"He didn't know who we are." Artemis defends. "I don't know who we are!"

"I remember Batman ordering Radio silence." Robin inputs. "Our Team must work for him."

In an instant, Wally has a smirk on his face. "How do you know we don't work for my mentor?" he asks, hitting the Flash logo on his chest for emphasis. Though when his suit suddenly goes back to bright yellow, he stops short. "Whoa." He hits it a couple more times, watching as his color scheme changes. "This is so cool."

Artemis, Robin try it too, with no results. "We look ridiculous." she snaps, catching everyone's attention but Wally- who is still acting like a five-year-old with a new toy. "Quit touching yourself!" Wally does it one more time, causing Artemis to make a sound of annoyance. "This is getting ridiculous... How in the hell do I lose six months of memories?!" Artemis pulls off her hood, revealing her long blonde hair and starts messing with the braid. "We need our memories back."

M'gann nervously rubs her hands together nervously. 'To help Superboy.' She thinks to herself, hardening her resolve before bringing her hands to her head and her eyes glowing white.

Robin, Artemis, and Kid Flash look around stunned as they see small chunks of memories playing around them.

"I brought you into my mind to share what I remember so far." A white form appears before the three, holding M'gann's voice. "But I need your help," finally M'gann's hooded form appears. "Together our broken memories can form a whole if you open your minds to mine."

Artemis looks angered and betrayed. "You wanna paw through our private thoughts?"

M'gann raises her hands in defense before she even responds. "I don't wish to intrude but-"

"You need to hack our minds to figure out what happened to us. Got it, go." Robin finishes, snapping his fingers as he gives her his okay.

"My brain's all yours. Try not to let its brilliance overwhelm you." Wally flirts.

"Or underwhelm you." Robin pipes up. "Hey, why isn't anyone just whelmed?" he asks.

Artemis ignores the fact that he's spouting nonsense and turns to M'gann. She thinks back to her last memory where she is in Poland with her papa. She knows there is a huge blank spot because her Polish accent isn't as thick as it used to be and remembers her family… Wanting to know when she last saw them. "Last six months only. And only what you need." she tells M'gann.

M'gann nods, reaching her hands out as astral projections of hands branch off her hands and her head to meet with Artemis, Kid Flash, and Robin's heads. The memory clips become more uniform before finally becoming a full image.

"The Watchtower detected an immense power surge in the Bialyan desert." Batman's voice speaks. Forming an image of the Dark Knight in Mount Justice, displaying a map to the Team. "Spectral Analysis revealed elements non-terrestrial in origin." Artemis, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Superboy stand before him. "Find out what happened at that site. What landed there?" Batman hits his remote again, changing the screen to show Queen Bee. "Bialya is a rogue state ruled by Queen Bee and not a member of the League's UN charter. All communications are subject to interception." the image changes back to the map. "Maintain radio silence at all times."

Looking out through binoculars at the Bialyan desert, Batman's voice continues. "You will land in Quarac, on Bialya's border," the binoculars fall, and the attention is turned again to Miss M, Superboy, and Artemis, who are backed by the bioship, and Superboy is moving the same thing that Robin had a GPS marker on. "two clicks from the hot zone."

"All clear." the Boy Wonder tells them.

"The Bialyans control the site." Artemis' voice speaks up, as she and Robin crawl through the desert to look over a small Bialyan camp.

"Set up here." Kaldur's voice tells Superboy, who drops the device he was carrying on his back. The straps disappearing and only needing one button to fully activate the machine.

"We'll be up and running in no time." Robin says as he types away at the keyboard on the machine.

"Jackpot!" Wally says from behind the Boy Wonder, standing up from his slight crouch. "This site's lousy with Zeta Beam radiation." Robin looking to the speedster.

"Detecting non-terrestrial trace elements from the tent." he informs the Team.

"I'll check it out in camouflage mode." M'gann offers.

"Good idea, go." Kaldur tells her.

"Careful." Superboy says immediately.

"And maintain telepathic contact." Kaldur reminds her.

"I will Aqualad." she promises.

They fell out of the trance and back into the desert as they remember, "Aqualad!" all four shout.

"Where is he? What happened next?" Robin asks.

"I don't know. That's the last thing I- we remember." she admits, worry coating her voice.

"Ugh-" Wally grumbles, moving his hand to rub the back of his neck, looking up and away as he talks. "We landed 24 hours ago. If Kaldur's been wandering the desert that long, well, that's not good for a guy with gills."

"Now that I know to look for him…" Robin grumbles, instantly pulling up his HoloGlove. "He's close, but he's not moving." he informs.

Outside the Bialyan tent are twice as many soldiers as before. Inside are scientists, soldiers, Superboy and a sphere getting tortured with electricity.

"Tula, vis ol may," Aqualad murmurs, his face scrunching up in pain as Robin, KF, Artemis, and Miss M nervously look him over for any physical damage. "Aga pa, olsey."

"I can't restore his memories in this state." M'gann tells the others.

"He needs immediate rehydration." Robin says sternly. "Call the BioShip."

"It's out of range." Miss M says instantly, then looks to KF. "You can get him there quickly."

"He's too heavy, and I'm too low on fuel." Kid says almost breathlessly. "Right now, I couldn't even carry her." He gestures to Artemis with his thumb.

Artemis pushes it away with a scoff, looking at Miss M. "Why not just levitate him back?" Because the team doesn't know who she is, she still has a blank spot about her family. Also she fixed her voice to where she doesn't have a Polish accent at all.

Miss M sets the once-again-unconscious Aqualad back down. "I can't, I have to find Superboy." She says, standing up, facing down Artemis. "Six months ago he didn't exist, just animal impulse, I'm the only one who can help him."

"Superboy's indestructible, just ask those tanks." Kid points out. "It's Aqualad who needs your help- like- now."

M'gann clutches her head as an image of Superboy being electrocuted surfaces. "No!" she shouts. "Superboy's in pain." She takes off with nothing else on her mind.

"M'gann wait!" Artemis yells after the Martian.

"We still don't know what erased our memories!" Robin calls after her. "It could happen again!" Miss Martian flies off, not even listening.

Kid and Artemis drag Aqualad on a stretcher, with Robin leading the way. A map and GPS tracking system showing on his HoloGlove. The three of them hear the Bialyan Jeeps before they see them.

Robin instinctually turns his head towards the source, slowing down and pointing to a rock formation before them. "Quick, over there." the Boy Wonder gestured.

Kid and Artemis take off after the Boy Wonder. All four of them making it to the hiding place just as the Bialyan troops drive past.

Aqualad groans but remains unconscious. "Tula, dena me ta etah en Atlantis ih ba ohse."

Kid turns his attention away from Aqualad, as Robin moves closer to the edge of their hiding place.

Artemis presses her hand against his forehead. She shushes him quietly. "Kaldur, quiet now." She tells him.

Robin sees a group of five Bialyan soldiers, all of them armed, walking past where they're hiding. Dropping back down to Kid, Artemis, and Aqualad; the Boy Wonder huffs. "We can't risk a firefight with Aqualad KO'd like this."

Wally groans, agreeing. "It's not just him. I'm way out of juice." He rubs the back of his neck looking to Artemis, hopefully.

"And I'm almost out of arrows." She pulls on her mostly empty quiver to prove her point. She closes her eyes to feel what animals are around, so far none that can cause damage.

Only then do the two of them notice that Robin is missing. "Ugh, I forgot how much I hate it when he does the ninja-thing." Wally groans then looks to Artemis knowing the Boy Wonder can handle it. "Hey, you never said why your dad to…" he runs his thumb across his neck, making a bad sound effect. ""

"I told you I was kidding…" Artemis turns her back towards the speedster.

"Ok… What about the whole, making friends with mutants thing?" Kid asked.

"None of your business," Artemis' eyes go wide before she composes herself and turns back to him. "Amnesia, remember?" She glares at him harshly as she nearly snaps at him. "I completely forgot how truly annoying you are."

"Oh, like you're the Goddess of Congeniality!" Kid gripes.

"Yeesh! Get a room!" Robin suddenly speaks, catching both of them off-guard.

"Dude, where were you?" Kid questions.

The Boy Wonder smirks. "Breaking radio silence."

Robin's laugh comes from in front of the Bialyan soldiers and they take off after the sound.

As the Bialyans come to the source of the sound they hear devices begin to beep. Before them, slightly hidden by a small rock, are three of Robin's disks. The blinking and laughing speed up just before…

Robin stays kneeling beside Aqualad, while Artemis and Kid are in front. As the disks creating smoke bombs Robin turns to the other two. "That's our cue. Move!" They waste no time doing exactly that. Finally they made it to the BioShip where Aqualad can get treatment.

Quarac; September 5th; 2:32 EEST

Aqualad has an IV in as he lays down in the BioShip. Artemis comes over to bring a wet cloth to his head.

"Hey everybody, I've got Superboy." M'gann's voice calls out of the link.

Artemis stops what she's doing and looks around while Wally looks up utterly stunned.

She flies low to the desert, holding Superboy beside her. "He's back to normal, we're on our way."

Aqualad jolts up, panting, looking at Artemis with wide eyes. "Who are you?" he questions, though not putting up much of a fight as Artemis pushes his shoulders back down. "And how did you get inside my head?"

"Hello, Megan." the Martian continues, bumping her head. "Aqualad's memories. I knew I forgot something."

"Aw man, me too," Wally grumbles. "I didn't get a souvenir for the mission." Completely ignoring how Artemis and Kaldur turn to look at him in varying levels of annoyance.

"Don't worry, got the souvenir thing covered." Miss Martian assures. Looking down as the Sphere follows the two of them back.

Gotham; September 5th; 14:32 EDT

Erik rubbed his face, cracked his knuckles and went back to reading his book, "So, let me get this straight… You were stuck in a desert, lost six memories, your teammate brought back a metal sphere as a pet and you mention you work with mutants. Does that cover it?"

Nina nodded as she was eating her lunch and flipping off her siblings who were sitting next to her, "Yeah… That covers it. I'm grounded… Aren't I?"

He nodded, "Yep. And you're coming to Taipan with your uncle and me."

"During the peace thing? That's going to be so boring!" She groaned in her arms not wanting to go.

"Exactly." Behind his book he was smirking.

"You're evil."

"You wouldn't be the first or the last, mały wilk."

"Man, sucks to be you sis!" Pietro laughed so hard he fell out of his chair and Wanda was rolling her eyes at her twin's antics.

Their dad looked at them with a raised eyebrow, "Don't think you two are getting out of it as well… Charles told me everything."

"...Everything? Everything?" They said at the same time.

"Start packing." Erik smiles at his children's pain but hopefully this will be uneventful. Knowing their luck… not likely.