Marcapoo Week 2019

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Chapter: 02 Offspring

Rafael and Angie watched as a small girl no more than four ran around the backyard playing with two dragoncycles.

She was a small girl with small yellow horns popping out curly reddish hair. She wore a t-shirt with scissors design and a pair of black shorts that let her run around. That was little Seraph Diaz, the daughter of Marco and Hekapoo.

Nachos swung her tale in front of Seraph as she tried to catch it and every time just missing it.

"I've almost got it!" Seraph declared as she jumped on the tail.

The tail moved out of her grasp just as she tumbled to the ground.

Cinnabar, her mother's dragoncycle, gave her a playful lick and helped pick herself up. The dragons belonged to her parents and were very protective over her.

Seraph was happy to play with the dragoncycles.

Today was a special day, her mom and dad went away for a bit and left with her grandparents. She loved her grandparents so she was having fun.

"Seraph," Angie called to the little girl. "your parents are here."

Seraph cheerfully skipped towards the house.

"You're parents are in the living room," Angie took her hand and walked her towards the room.

There was a sense of something important, ever someone as young as Seraph sensed it.

She quickly found her parents sitting on the living room couch. Her mama was holding something in a bundle.

"Hey sweetie," Marco waved her over.

Seraph carefully made her way over to them unsure of what to do.

"Come here and meet you new little brother." Hekapoo spoke softly.

Seraph crept over and moved onto her father's lap to get a good view. In Hekapoo's arms blinking barely awake was this tiny squish face wrapped in blankets. He had messy reddish hair, maybe a little redder than hers and his eyes were a shimmering red and yellow.

Seraph was still mesmerized by the idea that in her mother's belly waited a small baby but it was true. Seraph remembered placing her on her mother belly and feeling a small kick. It seemed like magic, it just didn't seem possible that a small sibling would show up. Her parents got a room ready and packed a bag ready to go to the hospital. Her father even did his best to wake up early and make her mother in breakfast in bed.

Now after months the baby was here and it seemed like something out of dream. She reached out to touch him but paused, he looked so soft that she was afraid that if she touched him her might break.

"Just be careful," Marco told her,

Seraph leaned closer to look at the baby, "So, he's my brother? He doesn't have any horns."

Hekapoo snorted, "You didn't have any horns when you were born either, thank goodness. He grow some when he's a little older."

Seraph reached over to pat his head, she half expected to find some tiny little horns ready to sprout out.

Seraph found a small little hand grab her fingers, they were so small and wrapped so tightly around her finger.

"Strong little grip, huh?" Hekapoo asked her.

"Yeah," Seraph smiled as she tugged her finger free. Seraph just giggled, "Don't worry Alex I promise I'll take care of you and I'll be the bestest big sister ever."

Author's notes: So a little out of canon story. Special thanks to broccoliude for letting me borrow his oc for Seraphs little brother here. My canon seraph doesn't have a brother but I think she'd do her best to be a good big sister. So let me know what you guys think and leave a review.