Marcapoo Week 2019

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Chapter: 06 Outfit Swap

"Yuck!" Hekapoo let out as she stopped into Marco's room. Hekapoo was covered in mud; she just slipped off Nachos at the wrong moment when she came to drop off the dragon.

Marco was following close by cleaning whatever he could.

Hekapoo had a bit of trouble when she arrived and tripped into a mud puddle, Marco might have laughed if Hekapoo hadn't been so furious.

"If you want, you can use the shower, and I'll try and clean everything up. I can even try to clean your dress. Just leave it by the door, and I'll go get you some fresh towels."

Hekapoo huffed, annoyed by the situation, "Yeah, thanks."

Hekapoo made her way to the bathroom, and Marco quickly got some fresh towels and placed them in front of the bathroom door.

Marco took her dress and took it to the washing machine and started it up. Then he got some cleaning supplies and started to clean the rest of the mud that Hekapoo had tracked in.

A few minutes later, Marco cleaned up the mud and was happy with his work. Soon Marco heard the water of the shower stop.

"Hekapoo must be finishing with the shower." Marco went to check up on her dress.

It would still be a few minutes before it was done the washing and then he'd have to dry it.

Marco went back to his room, and he heard Hekapoo humming from inside his room. As he went to open up the door, a thought struck him, since he was washing his clothes, what was Hekapoo going to wear? He started opening the door, and he feared he was about to live out a terrible anime cliche.

Though that was averted, he found Hekapoo wearing his leather jacket, old ripped hoodie, and his jeans. It was the usual outfit he wore in her dimension thought she added his old I kissed a Ninja shirt.

Marco blinked.

Hekapoo straightened the jacket and turned to Marco, "What? were you expecting me to go out in the buff?"

"…Uh, no."

Hekapoo smirked, "Right, Muscles. I'm guessing my dress is still washing so I figured you wouldn't mind me borrowing some of your clothes." Hekapoo noticed how Marco was staring at her, "Something wrong?"

"Uh, no, I'm just that you look good in that."

Hekapoo smiled, "Of course, I look good in everything." Hekapoo took a step closer and patted his cheek, "But thanks for saying so, now if we have time you wanna go and take a ride?"

Marco smiled, "Sure let's go."

"And Maybe when we get back you can dress up in my dress." Hekapoo smirked, "I'm sure you'd look good in that too."

Hekapoo walked off smirking.

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