Characters: Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Darry Curtis, Soda Curtis, Steve Randle, Two-Bit Matthews, Cherry Valance, Randy Anderson, Bob Sheldon

Time-line: After the movie and the fight

Synopsis: After the fight between Ponyboy and Darry, Darry, Soda, Steve and Two-bit go looking for Johnny and Ponyboy and arrive in time to prevent Bob's death. As the situation that night reveals added consequences, for the gang.

Disclaimers: The Outsiders do not belong to me, the story belongs to me, the characters and everything else belongs to the author and the movie company.

Warnings: This story is going to follow the movie version to the situation, but changes directions at the attack at the park, but it's going to follow things from the first five chapters and changes after the attack. So this is going to be a what if every adult in town decided enough was enough of the wars between both sides and decide to put an end to it now, but the story begins after the concession stand.

The story is being placed after at the drive in and follows both the movie and book version till after he heads for Johnny, but instead of the things that happen the story is having the entire gang at the church. The following Friday after school as he was recovering from the attack. And the near drowning now as they saved the kids and Bob survives the fight.

It's also going to be a what if, if Cherry parents made the decision to sponsor the Curtis brothers by being their adopted parents for several years. Before Pony got out of school and got into College, as she becomes their sister. And she breaks it off with Bob and starts dating Dally now after that.

And this story is going to be in Darry's point of view from the second Ponyboy leaves the house, for this chapter, it's going to be a change up as Ponyboy's teacher and the cops all decide enough is enough as they set up a sting operation and prepare for what could happen that night. While the follow up chapter covers the fight between Darry and Ponyboy and the assault.

Prologue: Decisions and Sting Operations

After seeing my student walk into class that afternoon, I saw a bruise on his cheek and what looked like a scab across the neck and nodded as I said it to him. "Ponyboy, come here." I told him and he walked over to me. "Alright son, what caused this exactly?" I asked and he sighed. "Walking home from the theater yesterday, I had a run in with a group of Socs driving a red Corvair." he told me and I nodded sternly at the news.

"You never did anything did you, they attacked you unprovoked, again?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes Sir, but everything at home is going fine right now, but they just ticked the guys off completely right now. But we never starts fights with these guys, they attack us unprovoked, which explains why Dally is so irritated, and Two-bit is close to calling bodyguard status." he told me and I nodded to the news sternly at that.

"Great this keeps up, it's going to result in an injury that can not be taken back at the moment." I said and he nodded to me. "I'm not looking for police trouble, but this continues and you know what's going to happen." he said and I nodded gently. "Yes I do, and we all had it with this, I'm going to talk to the police chief, before this has you removed from Darry's custody right now." I told him and he nodded to me gently then.

"Darry's working late tonight, and the guys and I are going to the movies, Soda and Steve are going to the playoffs, after work tonight, but we're going to the drive in, and possibly we got several also going there." he told me and I nodded as that helped in knowing where to send the officers that deal with it most then. "What's the writing project we got coming up, Sir?" he asked and I smiled as I answered him.

"If you want to turn this into a creative writing that's fine, but past experiences." I told him and he nodded to the remark. "Before I turn it in, I know this seems like what one action triggers a chain reaction, but it wasn't him Sir, it was never him. It's he's had the scare of a lifetime in my case, but running into the guys that did Johnny, he's going to have a panic attack if I get hit twice in two days right now."

"Though that happens and it could be taken the wrong way in your case as adults." he said and I nodded to the remark gently as class started then and I watched him working, I knew he was a good kid, quiet, but kind, but the boy had been through a lot the last 8 months. As his only relatives were his brothers in his immediate family, I was concerned and still waiting for something that would results in even more trouble.

As the bell rang and he got up. "My line's open if you need to call me tonight, son." I said and he nodded smiling as he said it then. "See you Monday Sir." he said and I nodded as he left and I smiled, he was a good kid, and I knew loss of his parents was still hard on him, as I made decision. Just as I was preparing to take to it to the principal and the chief I heard a fight break out, just outside in the parking lot and called it out.

"Hey alright boys break it up and take it off grounds or I've got the cops coming here, right now!" I shouted out the window and that ended it at that as I saw Keith Matthews who I knew was a member of my student's gang. "Two-bit, Steven get over here." I called out and they ran to the window at that. "What the hell was that about, son?" I asked and he sighed as he answered me at the question then.

"The idiots that attacked him yesterday just tried to jump me and Steve, before he left for work at the moment, but we're not putting up with this anymore. But whatever he told you this afternoon he's saying it for all of us, but Dally and I are close to going on bodyguard protection. He's barely out of his early teens and these guys attack a child, do they expect you or the cops to take this much longer right now."

"I mean come on, enough already right now?" he asked and I nodded gently at the news. "We're still looking for the guys that attacked Johnny right now, though I hope to god, they don't find us instead of the other way around." Steven told me and I nodded to him. "Well these guys are clearly vicious, you guys get in trouble every now again, but you're not dangerous, I see passed the facade." I said to him and they nodded to me gently at that.

"Dal's the exception to that, I don't know why he keeps getting in trouble, but we're still working on that, but I'm with him and the duo tonight. And Darry's working late while Steve and Soda are at the game tonight." Two-bit told me and I nodded. "Alright wise guy, you better stop fooling around, you're still in high school for what reason exactly?" I asked and he chuckled as he answered me then as he looked at Steven.

"I know what's coming if I do graduate, it's not happening, and I'm not leaving my brothers unprotected right now." he said and I nodded gently, knowing with that one sentence, he loved Ponyboy like a baby brother, he wasn't leaving the Curtis brothers without a fight. "I understand, but we may have one chance, but whoever crosses the line tonight is the one getting put in military school for it." I said and he nodded as he answered me.

"Two-bit you better lay off the drinking tonight, because I'm about to suggest to the cops we go to a sting operation right now. Just to arrest the guys that attacked your brothers, you and the trio are at the movie, and if I know Tim, he hears he's got a chance to change things. And they're getting involved in this, but time is up, so they got two chances and it's done." I said and Two-bit nodded gently to me as Steven said it for him.

"Intervention to prevent them from splitting up their family?" Steven asked and I nodded. "Yep, but this keeps up between you guys and the next could result in a murder on both sides, and we're preventing it at all costs." I heard and turned to see the teacher next door to me standing there and they nodded. "Alright got it, we're going to a sting operation, so whoever chooses to be the bait is who I meet tonight." Two-bit said to her and I nodded to him.

"These Socials don't realize you're not drunk, you're thinking straight and turn it into a bait and switch, so they attack now and we take them down." I said and he nodded to me then. "Issues with being a teacher, these idiots don't realize you had enough of their side of the story at the current moment now. And hearing it straight from the horse's mouth right now, said is us now." he said and I nodded in agreement to that remark then.

"And that's just the point right now, we know all of you by name to know where this going to lead right now and with it, these guys. They're too loaded to realize we're listening to the entire conversation right now, that make one move and we take them down right now. Though cub keeps doing that, and they're being arrested for attacking a child." she said and he nodded in agreement to that remark gently as he smiled.

"Your brother is a good kid, that he doesn't need his life destroyed, because these guys don't know when to quit right now." I said and he nodded. "Darry's getting worried that this next one could have him lose control." he said and I nodded. "I'm going to let that go, but just this once right now." I said to that and they both nodded as Two-bit said it to me at that remark gently at the remark.

"Got it, but I hope this never switched courses, but he's about to throw these guys right to the wolves finally in our case right now. And with you, the cops and the social services being the said wolves when his book comes out to you guys." he said and we nodded smiling sternly. "Yes and the first 5 chapters gives us the entire story of what happened both yesterday and tonight." I said and they nodded smiling gently as we ended it then.

"Alright, we'll call you tonight if there's any trouble tonight, we swear." Steven told me and I nodded as they also left as I headed for the office and got on the phone then as I called the police department. "Parker." I heard and nodded. "Jared, could you come to the high school and bring the teams that deal with these kids the most." I said and knew he nodded. "On our way." he said and I nodded and hung it up at that as I sighed.

"What's wrong Eric?" the principal asked and I crossed my arms as I answered him. "Ponyboy Curtis told me that some of the members of their rival gang, not Sheppard, but the Social Elite, attacked him completely unprovoked and all he was doing was heading home. And from the movie theater, they barely missed slitting his throat, as his gang headed it off, but he's got a bruise to the cheek and there's a cut the size of a dime."

"That's on his neck, barely missing the jugular." I said and they nodded in shock to the news. "Yeah alright I had it with this, these kids are not doing anything to starts fights with them, all they're doing is trying to deal. But what's next exactly, is someone on both sides going to end up dead if this keeps up right now, enough already." he said and the coaches that were also on campus nodded in agreement.

"These idiots don't really the Curtis gang is still in mourning at losing the trio's parents." I said and he nodded in agreement. "Yeah I know, but everything they used to do was stopped after Darrel and Jane were killed in the traffic accident with the damn train. But these brats don't realize they were mid middle class, before their parents were killed but their idol is Presley, he's from the South side." Eric Davis said and I nodded as he said it then.

"And what if this results in putting him in the hospital, he's not a young adult, he's no older then 13, damn it, they're close to adulthood, in fact these brats that just targeted him are on the edge of graduating, Ponyboy's just hit his 14th birth a month ago." his coach said sternly and I nodded in agreement to that. "He's not looking for police trouble, but we may have to take charge, right now." I said and he nodded in agreement to that sternly.

"Where he say that he, Dallas, Johnny and Keith were going to be tonight?" I heard and turned to see the chief arrive and with him the three teams dealing with the gang wars between them. "At the drive-in, Darrel is working late tonight, and Soda and Steven are going to the game." I said and he nodded. "Sting operation, I'm going to talk to the drive-in manager and have several members there at the movie theater."

"But tonight could be the big one right now." he said and they nodded. "I suggested to him he turns what happened right now, between now and whatever needs to be said over his parents into a writing assignment." I told him and he nodded. "Well that throws these brats right to the wolves, us, the judge and the social services department being the said wolves now." he said and I nodded in agreement to that remark as Hancock smiled.

"Bait and switch?" he asked and I nodded, just as I was saying it the radio went off. "Jared, another fight broke out, it's at the Dingo, Sheppard's gang and a Mexican hitchhiker." we heard and he nodded, sighing. "Son, boys, if you didn't start it, get out of range, if you don't want to end up in the middle, when we get there guys." he said and I nodded, knowing he meant Ponyboy and the duo then.

"Winston is at the Dingo with Cade and Curtis." I heard the officer at the station say as it came in and I nodded. "They must have been talking to Ian Jenkins and Joey Wilcox when the fight between Eric and this hitchhiker started." I said and they nodded in agreement to that. "Great as if we don't need repeaters, Curtis never carries a blade, and after John got hit, he's been carrying one ever since."

"But if this means anything everything from that portion to now is about to put these brats in serious trouble right now with us." Jim said to that and I nodded in agreement. "Well this took story-telling to a whole new level at the moment, but the second it gets out that the entire story is true. It's going to throw these brats right to the wolves, everyone in town is going to eviscerate these brats for attacking 14 year old."

"We know these kids all look alike, but the Curtis gang is the one less likely to cross the line, but Winston, come on kid, that's enough already right now." Officer David Hancock said and I nodded as Jared answered that as he crossed his arms then as he said it then. "Winston's record is close to being sealed, so this could be the Tulsa version to it, but why he looks like this could be connected to what happened in New York."

"Though it is, it explains why he looked sick to his stomach after we found Cade take that type of beating right now in this case." he said and I nodded in agreement to that. "Whoever did it better not target Ponyboy or so help me god, they are all getting thrown in jail for it." I said and he nodded in agreement to that remark. "Whoever did it, is in serious trouble though now." he said in response and I nodded in agreement.

"Damn it kid, this is not the time for this right now." Officer Jason Ryan said with annoyed tone to that. "It's Eric Parker again." his partner said and Jared nodded in agreement to that. "Yeah alright, time to go." he said and they nodded as they left at that remark...

The Chief's POV:

Knowing all these kids by name after 7 years of this and next to Dallas Winston, my biggest problem was the Sheppard gang. Said who were as bad as Dallas was, I knew whoever started it this time, that it was probably not the one that started the fight. Or we had a Social brat start the fight or worse the hitchhiker chose the wrong moment to retaliate right now, as a result, but to us we all reached our limits in this.

To me and the officers under my command, I didn't care whether it was based on groupings, nothing changed the fact they were breaking the law. And every time we turned around at the time, and knowing when the Curtis gang did get in trouble, it was just for the small misdemeanors. But a felony of manslaughter, that was something that was not going away and neither was armed robbery in our eyes.

Arriving in time for the fight, I saw the hitch-hiker with the knife and Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis spot my cruiser and knowing the Sheppard gaze realizing it, if he got in trouble what the consequences would be. "Dal, guys, get out of here!" I heard Eric Parker shout and they all nodded and quickly left as I got out and got between them as I looked at them, knowing the hitchhiker was new to town.

"Alright guys, break it up, Eric what the hell caused this?" I asked and he sighed. "Just looking at the bike, before the fight started, wasn't stealing it, I swear, I was just seeing the model. I'd been planning on buying one myself, that I wanted to see what model it was, the trio were talking to Ian when the fight started. And he pulled the switch on us right now, thinking the trio were involved." he said and I nodded to him as I saw Tim then.

"Same for you guys, you were just checking the model in case you decided to buy one yourselves?" I asked and they all nodded to me. "Yes Sir, that's it exactly, but he took it the wrong way, thinking we were stealing, which we weren't and I was trying to keep it from getting too close to Curtis." Tony Philips told me and I nodded to the news. "Or the trio ending up in the middle." Eric said firmly and I nodded to the news firmly.

"Whatever Syme told you was right, right now, if the sextet hadn't done it, well then we would have. As we heard the shouts and came running, but the quartet chased off and we did the rest. He's barely a month into his 14th birthday, you attack a brother this young, you better start running in our eyes." Tim told me and I nodded sternly, knowing they all saw this the same way over Curtis the day before then.

"Alright I can let this go on a warning, but if there's trouble tonight, whoever started it this time is in big trouble, clear?" I asked and they all nodded as Eric sighed in relief then. "What's the intention?" Curly asked me and I smiled sternly. "Before I answer that, you stay out of trouble son, and I mean that." I said and he nodded as relaxed at that as the rest of their gang went to attention at that.

"We can act as undercover junior cops, Chief." Tim told me and I nodded. "Alright, the guys and I are setting up a sting operation at the drive in tonight, are you guys going to be there?" I asked and they nodded to me. "We're looking for the group that attacked him and the previous that attacked John Cade." I told them and they nodded. "Got it, but one of them starts a fight with me, I'm making it clear." Curly said and I nodded to him gently at that.

"Hey chief, if we got into the academy would that help, you need someone that knows our neighborhood, and knows the dangers?" Curly asked and I nodded. "We're giving you one last chance, but tonight maybe the big one, if these idiots are drinking and lose it over the fact that their girlfriends left them to hang around with the trio tonight." I said and they all nodded as Tim said it firmly as they exchanged looks at that.

"Alright you're on, we can stage act this, though he destroys my tires, he owes me a new set at the moment, in whoever it was. But junior cops starting now, we can change, just give us a chance to." he said and I nodded to him. "I get the feeling the acts just shifted directions, but you as adults, two sting operations, and whoever shouts narc, it's a wonder Parker never shows up to check." Curly said and I hid a chuckle and nodded to that.

"They keep yelling narc and it's wonder the narcotics division never shows up to check on this, but come on, you guys know not to cross that line, though Jennings doesn't and where's Douglas?" I asked and he crossed his arms then. "Jennings got arrested for a third time, but no matter how many times he does, he doesn't see it the way we do, but does he understand what being a pusher could do to him with his record."

"I mean you get enough from us, but if Douglas's girlfriend's baby brother ends up being the target for that acid trip where is he going to get it from, but that was then and this is now." Tim said to that and I nodded in agreement. "Yes and you got a single chance tonight boys we're giving you a chance to change, but the Douglas family they start something next year and it got worse." I said and they all nodded sternly at the remark then.

"Do these guys never pay attention, though we're bound for trouble, we don't drink, before a rumble, or worse right now, we need to stay focused." Tim said with a sigh and I nodded. "And I don't plan to tonight, if I see the girlfriend of the one that did Cade right now, Curtis is a friend, we're the same age." Curly said to him and he nodded as we ended it at that remark gently at that remark...

At The Drive-In-Officer Hancock's POV:

Hearing a few startled shouts out front then, before I heard it then. "Yeah, where is old Dally?" the voice said and I heard a hesitant tone in Ponyboy's voice. "He left Tim." he said and I knew Tim Sheppard came to him and the quartet then. "Hey I know he slashed my tires." he said and Ponyboy said it gently. "He's left Tim, he's not here, really, anyone seen Dally?" he asked I heard three gentle negatives and I heard an annoyed tone.

"Well I'll be looking for him." he said and ended it at that as I heard the next conversation break out. "Dally got a blade?" Two-bit asked him with a bemused tone and I heard Cade answer that question. "I don't think so." he said and I knew he nodded as he answered him. "Good deal, Tim'll fight fair as long as he don't right now." he said and I nodded. "Don't try it guys, not tonight." the clerk said with a bemused tone and I nodded in agreement.

"You look like me Carl, but I'll take it, if these guys start a fight in here right now, but we made specific rules and no matter how many times we say it. It's the elite still do it right now, so if they're all drunk, we're making it highly clear, but the assault and battery charges. These elite brats have more then both gangs combined right now." I said and he nodded to the remark as the guy across the aisle in the other line said it firmly to that.

"Whoa, hey watch it wise guy, before you give us all heart attack tonight." I heard and heard someone start laughing at the remark and I shook my head, as I checked out the door that the trio were seated at and saw them playfully fooling around and nodded with a bemused smile. "Alright you keep that up and you're going to get it" "And you keep it up and you're both going to get it, so cool it Jake." we heard and I tried to keep from laughing at that.

"Hey, alright guys, that's enough of that already." I heard Johnny say and I heard it started getting out of hand from there as the playful remarks started getting worse. "Who left the door open exactly?" Ponyboy asked and I heard a chuckle from Eric. "They're on standby, waiting for trouble, but acting normal for once, we can get along, but just watch it with that." he said as I heard a thunk, followed by two more and then a third.

"Someone's brought a few pillows, but this keeps up and the next thing we hear is going to be a..." the clerk said as the blows started going back and forth, before the next one resulted in a startled bark and I started laughing at that. "Someone brought the dog along and it got smacked in the blowout." the clerk said as he also started laughing at that response. "I never seen the kids like this." the woman next to me said and I nodded to that.

"A night to be normal and the kids are playing around in hearing range of us, knowing we're waiting for trouble." Ryan said and I nodded in agreement. "Hey cool it" Hey, he started it." we heard and I called out the door, knowing Tim's gang knew we could hear this. "I don't care who started it, I'm ending it, so break it up already out there, that's enough of that already." I said and it went quiet at that and the girls started laughing at that.

"Are they on stand by, this is the first time we saw them acting like normal teenagers?" she asked and we nodded. "Yeah we gave them one last warning, but hearing we're looking for the Social Elite brats that attacked Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade. They wanted to get involved right now, as they decided instead of possibly getting shipped out east, they chose to join the academy." I said as I heard something made of carbonation explode at that.

As I heard an annoyed shout at that. "Hey watch where you aim that, that's my favorite shirt, and I didn't bring a spare shirt tonight, wise guy." I heard Jimmy Owens say to the guy that did it. "The bottle got knocked over, not alcohol, it was a bottle of Pepsi." Tim shouted out to me and I nodded. "Looks like the knock over caused it to explode and the blast barely missed Jim." Ryan said and I nodded in agreement to his thoughts.

"And the blast probably broke the cap off of it, and it went flying across their aisle, if Eric said that to him." I said and they nodded in agreement, before we heard another scream and then laughter as I heard a joking warning tone in Tim's voice as he said it to his brothers at that. "Alright that's enough of the jump scares guys, we got work to do, so that's enough of that already." he said and I nodded as the clerk next to me said it with a chuckle.

"Jeesh, these guys are doing jump scares on each other with it pretty close to Halloween, well quiet night, no trouble." the man next to me said and I nodded, just as I was saying it, Curly came in then. "All set son?" I asked and he nodded to me then. "Yeah we're ready, but Derek and I are coming in, so whoever of the ten's gang is it, that spots the duo is telling whoever attacked Cade." he told me and I nodded firmly as they looked at me.

"So you said this was a trap, that if these guys are loaded are going to think you're kidding and it's not them that get it, but your counterparts, Curly?" the girl asked and we nodded. "Exactly, this was a bait and switch, that if whoever sees the girls with the trio, if Dallas left already, these brats don't realize we were waiting for this as despite Curly's warning, they still do it and they're screwed." I said and she nodded as she looked at Curly.

"Some of us are pretty decent guys, but still problems with seeing passed the facade." Curly said to her and she nodded. "And it doesn't help your brothers are acting like a wise guy after these sneak attacks." she said in response to that with a slight smile. "If you mean Matthews, that's not our catch, but with it this close to Halloween, he's trying to make light of the situation." he said and she nodded smiling gently to that remark.

"He pretty much said what we all think, we had it with this right now." the girl Soc in the line on the right said and we nodded. "Too late, Kris, get ready, my more dangerous brothers, that's not my gang, but the Brumly brothers now are the danger here. We leave your guy counterparts alone, but they won't us." Derek Richards said to her and she nodded to him. "Watch out for those guys?" she said and he nodded as we exchanged looks.

"Especially if they're drunk, but we, though we get in trouble alot, we know not to be drinking when out in public. But your guy counterparts get more DUI's and assault and battery charges then both our gangs combined." he said and she nodded sternly. "And tonight is the end of the line if they target the Curtis gang for a third time, is that what this is?" she asked and he nodded as he explained that to to her.

"Yeah that's exactly my point though we're tough, we don't pick fights with your brother counterparts." he said and she nodded. "Want for a better word, what is this if Cherry and Marcia are hanging around with the trio?" she asked and he explained that to her. "We're looking for your guy counterparts that assaulted Cade a few months ago and did Curtis yesterday." he said and she nodded in shocked disgust at that news.

"How old did he say he was again?" she asked and he said it with a firm tone. "Aside from still in mourning, his parents were killed in a traffic accident with a train six months ago. And the other is he's the youngest of their gang, Derek and I are his and Cade's age, but he got put up a year in junior high. But he's a month into his 14th birthday." he told her and she and her best friend nodded in shock to the news as she answered that.

"He's barely out of 13, and they attack a child, we're seniors in high school here!" her friend said in shock and we nodded to that. "And that's why these guys are about to be arrested, but all of you, act casual, my partner and I are pretending we're one of the stand chefs, guys." I said as I looked between both sides and they all nodded as we ended the conversation as I heard chuckle from outside of the stand and knew he got a smile out of her.

Taking the place of two employees in the concession stand then, I was watching things as I saw Ponyboy come in and next to him was a beautiful young redhead. As I got the reason for the nickname, as her hair was a cherry red in tinge then as I heard their conversation. "Your friend, the one with the side-burns, he okay?" she asked and he nodded as he answered her gently at the question as there was mix of both sides.

In their line as the boys were acting decent with the girls and they were all going single file as well. 'Yeah every teenager in here knows if it's not the clerks ready to call it, then we are if we have a fight start in here right now.' I thought as Ponyboy said it to her. "Yeah he ain't dangerous like Dal, if that's what you mean." he said and I tried to keep from giving myself away then as she said it to him.

"He sure scared Johnny." she said and he nodded to her. "Johnny's a nervous wreck anyway, he got beat up a few months ago by some Soc." he told her and she nodded. "Is that how he got his scar?" she asked and he nodded. "Yeah the guy was wearing a couple of rings." he said and she nodded. "Not all of us are like that." she said and he sighed. "Sure." he said and I knew he resented their side as a result of family issues.

"What the heck was that about, Curtis?" Curly asked and she sighed as he answered him. "She's not bound for our type of trouble, and Johnny deflected it, and he got angry and took it out on your truck, man." he said and he and the boy behind him nodded in annoyance. "And you want to get into a fight, do it when we're not around you man, but seriously we were just talking to Ian and Joe, so what happened after we left."

"Curly, were all of you guys here tonight?" he said and the other boy nodded to him as he walked in at that. "Yeah, Eric's out on a warning, but you saw the results." he said and Ponyboy nodded. "Eric Parker got into a fight, but it was look, no touch with the biker's motorcycle." he explained to her and she nodded. "And this biker started a fight with him and you barely ended up in the middle?!" she said in shock and we nodded to that.

"Yeah we go through this all the time on our side of town, and that was a member of Tim's, my, gang that got into that fight with him. But Eric's out on a warning, but he never started it, the biker lost his temper and in thinking he was stealing it and came to the wrong conclusion. But look, no touch and not when every adult is ready to call in any trouble where we're concerned." Curly said to her and she nodded gently to him.

"Well I see you and your friend, like his teacher, see passed our image." he said and she nodded to him. "Is your brother anything like Dallas?" she asked and he sighed as he said it then. "Not going for trouble every time we turn around, but we only get like that, after your male counterparts assault someone several years their junior." he said to her and she nodded sternly and I nodded sternly to that remark.

"Well that explains it, his temper, they attacked who, in his eyes, was his baby brother, and he sees whoever did it, if they also were part of the group. Of the ones that did Johnny, I'm just waiting for the next one to happen as he sees me and realizes I've had it right now. But too many things could happen when he and his friends are loaded so to me, it's me, or the booze." she said and they both nodded gently to her at that.

"Well get ready, they see you ditched them to hang around with us and his trio, and that threat turns into a promise later, I heard your name, Cherry, right?" he asked and she nodded. "Seem like a nice guy, you're his age, or a few months older, right?" she asked and he nodded. "I am, but my brother is the leader of my gang, Tim's the guy that asked you that question." he told her and she nodded to him gently at that.

"So why is he looking for him, or was that..." she started to say and he nodded. "Hold that thought a second." he said as several of her male counterparts walked in and she nodded, as they bought what they were going to get and left and he relaxed. "To answer your question, bait and switch, and you just nominated yourselves as the bait, your boyfriends." Derek said to her and she nodded to him gently at the news.

"They attacked him too?" she said with a low growl and he nodded. "Yeah, and, we would have come to his rescue, if their gang hadn't done it first, but he's a month into his 14th birthday." the boy next to him said and she nodded in shocked disgust. "To us we fight fair, but when you attack someone this young, you better start running in our eyes, as we're not letting it go right now." Curly told her and she nodded in stern disgust at that.

As I looked at the other aisle as Tim's brother Curly came through the line with a red headed boy dressed in a leather jacket. 'Now.' I said, mouthing it to them and they both nodded gently as Derek shoved one of the boys in line as it started getting worse as the kid got shoved by a boy and of one the girl's group and nodded. 'Guys, don't start right now, I'm trying to focus on their conversation.' I thought with a sigh as I nudged the cook next to me,

As I heard it then. "Leave him alone, will you?" Curly snapped as he shoved the guy away from Derek as he said it then. "Alright knock it off, and leave him alone, will you." Curly said again as he got between them. "Hey I said cool it, in case you're not paying attention we got the girls in here, they don't need it too close to them though we got the counter between us and the adults." he said sternly and the girls in Ponyboy's aisle nodded.

"Uh oh, here we go again, do it and get it out of the room, before we end up in the middle, Curly." Kristen said to him and he nodded as he gave a warning tone to the Social he was dealing with. "Shoot come on man, not tonight, not tonight, we need a break to be normal for once, so both of you cool it already right now." Curly told them and the jersey Soc said it to him as he shoved him away from Derek as he grabbed his jacket.

"What are you going to do it about it?" the Social asked and Curly grabbed his jacket at that remark, with a warning tone as he looked at him sternly as he looked at him then. "Let's take it outside huh, that's what I'll do, we got the adults watching, just try it right now, you think his gang wouldn't retaliate. right now. Or that we wouldn't for you attacking him, he's barely out of his early teens, and you idiots are drunk are right now."

"You're drunk." he said and I nodded sternly to the news as the cashier tapped Ponyboy on the arm and he nodded sternly at that. "Yeah, I can smell it all the way over here, but that's them." Ponyboy said and he nodded with a furious look at the news then. "It was these idiots, which ones?" he asked and Ponyboy pointed at the two in jerseys and we nodded sternly to the news as the girl behind him said it then.

"It was these guys Pony?" she asked and he nodded to her and we nodded sternly. "Walking home from the theater, it was like every time I turned around I had these guys coming, I was just outside my house. And they attacked me, but the shouts alerted my gang to the attack, but they pissed my brother Darry off and with him, Dally and Two-bit." he said and she nodded sternly as Curly said it for her at the news then.

"Were they also drinking?" I asked and he nodded and we both nodded as my eyes narrowed sternly. "Yeah that's the only time they try it, if we're alone, but some of us know the rules and deal in being sober. But the fact they attacked me, my entire side is close to calling a grudge match next, but do that, and you, if you're not who I think, is arresting all of them and shipping overseas." he said and I nodded sternly as Curly said it firmly to him at that.

"Attempted murder on two occasions, are you guys out of your minds or are you just plain stupid right now, but did it ever occur to you. That the third time's the charm is going to have them not point the finger at them, but at you, if someone on either side ends up dead right now. How about the fact that if the cops hear the entire conversation before this gets back to Syme and your days are numbered." Kristy said to that remark sternly and I nodded.

"The four of us are in the same class right now, but you idiots are close to being arrested right now." Curly said in response and I nodded. "How much longer can this go on, before we start seeing passed appearances and we get tried in whether or not we're from either side?" Ponyboy asked and I nodded in agreement to that as Cherry looked at their side of the aisle with a stern look on her face at that remark.

"And we know only five units that deal in the conflict between our sides, and it's serious enough already, that they're ready to call it. And before it kills someone, but are you idiots trying to get arrested by the cops, us girls know better, but they got an easier time with us. And without the male dominance that comes with it, but did you ever consider that drinking and crazy jealousy is the one way ticket right to the cooler?"

"And us girl Socs all had it with you guys, but are you trying to lose us as we're ready to hook up with your Greaser counterparts. At least they can protect us without being drunk when doing it right now." Cherry said with a stern tone then and Curly nodded. "And given the chance, we can be everything they want us to be right now, as we would give that up for them in a heartbeat right now." Ponyboy said and she nodded smiling sternly.

"Give us a chance we can be decent, and we can shed that tough boy complex, but so long as you single us out, we stay like this. But we know better to start a fight in public, and none of us are drunk and I know Matthews wasn't right now, the five of us know better. Tim's not drunk nor is Two-bit, but we're wanting a chance to enjoy ourselves and you start a fight, enough already." Derek snapped at him sternly at the remark as Curly said it to him.

As I saw Two-bit looking at us from outside with a smile on his face as her friend was leaning against him with a gentle smile on her face. "He's right, we can be decent, and we have more finesse then starting a fight in public and when they don't drink. And we all know the rules, but 1) we could have the cops here, 2) is that you guys are the ones that started this, and 3) is none of us are loaded, and we know the rules on drinking and driving."

"That's illegal, we're all under 21, you idiot, are you guys trying to get arrested, as we all wanted a night off to be normal teenagers, for once. And you guys are drinking?" Curly snapped at him and we all nodded in agreement. 'Well all that says is he wants to be looked at as normal, they can wear decent clothes, though they keep the haircuts, their idol is Presley.' I thought as as the Clerk said it sternly to the Soc boys with a warning look.

"And Bob and Randy did bring it with them, I took one whiff of what was in their canteens and bailed, Marcia right behind me, and met up with Ponyboy and his trio." Cherry told me and we nodded sternly. "Surnames?" I asked and she explained that to me. "Robert 'Bob' Sheldon and Randall 'Randy' Anderson, Sir, my father works for the firm in town." she said and we nodded sternly as the clerk beside me said it sternly to the quartet in Curly's line.

"What's your dad?" Ponyboy asked and she said it. "He's a lawyer, you never did anything wrong, you're just keeping us company, and you're too young for me, friends is all there is between us, even brother and sister." she said and he smiled gently at that and Curly smiled in relief. "None of us are drunk and we know better right now, though these idiots keep breaking that law." Curly said and we nodded in agreement sternly to his remark.