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Warnings: The story is being placed after the fight and after he heads for Johnny, but instead of the things that happen the story is having the entire gang at the church. The following Friday after school as he was recovering from the attack. And the near drowning now as they saved the kids and Bob survives the fight.

And this story is going to be in Darry's point of view from the second Ponyboy leaves the house.

Chapter 5: The Truth Comes Out And Windrixville

"That I decided to make sure you could never destroy his family or his gang, pre-emptive strike." Syme said and they swallowed hard at the news then. "Did I, or did I not say you guys try it, and you're all being charged with DWI, Assault and battery and attempted murder?" Hancock said sternly and they swallowed. "Or were you too loaded to get the memo right now?" Ryan asked sternly and the duo behind them paled at that.

"How did you know that's what happened last night?" the guy asked and he crossed his arms. "Does the clerk behind the stand counter ring a bell, buster, because my tone was beyond stern with you right now." he said and Curly repeated the warning to him then with a smirk. "You recall the fight, and Ponyboy said you were so drunk you stank of ethanol fumes right now." Hancock said to them at the remark and the duo paled.

"Guys replay that conversation between us, as we were making it clear right now." Hancock said and both sides nodded as the sextet paled as they got it then quickly. "Kris and Curly were in my graduating class, but we set aside the sides last night to talk, but her sister is part of Cherry's age group." Pony told me and I nodded to the news as Two-bit, Dally, Marcia and Cherry crossed their arms as they looked at the 8 sternly.

"We were talking when a fight broke out between Derek and this Soc that attacked him." Curly said to us and we nodded as he looked at him. "Or does this ring a bell, as you guys are drunk last night." he said as one of his girl classmates also arrived with her own parents as they did it again for us this time. "Leave him alone, will you?" Curly snapped as he shoved the guy away from Derek as he said it then.

"Alright knock it off, and leave him alone, will you." Curly said again as he got between them. "Hey I said cool it, in case you're not paying attention we got the girls in here, they don't need it too close to them though we got the counter between us and the adults." he said sternly and the girls in Ponyboy's aisle nodded as Kristen looked at him quickly as Jake Albertson, David Stone and Peter Randolph moved closer to my brother and Cherry.

"Uh oh, here we go again, do it and get it out of the room, before we end up in the middle, Curly." Kristy said to him and he nodded as he gave a warning tone to the Social he was dealing with. "Shoot come on man, not tonight, not tonight, we need a break to be normal for once, so both of you cool it already right now." Curly told them and the jersey Soc said it to him as he shoved him away from Derek as he grabbed his jacket.

"What are you going to do it about it?" the Soc asked and Curly grabbed his jacket at that remark, with a warning tone as he looked at him sternly as he looked at him then. "Let's take it outside huh, that's what I'll do, we got the adults watching, just try it right now, you think his gang wouldn't retaliate. right now. Or that we wouldn't for you attacking him, he's barely out of his early teens, and you idiots are drunk are right now."

"You're drunk." he said and I nodded sternly to the news as Steve pretended to be the cashier as he tapped Ponyboy on the arm and he nodded sternly at that. "Yeah, I can smell it all the way over here, but that's them." Ponyboy said and he nodded with a furious look at the news then. "It was these idiots, which ones?" he asked and Ponyboy pointed at the two in jerseys and we nodded sternly to the news as the girl behind him said it then.

"It was these guys, Pony?" she asked and he nodded to her and we nodded sternly. "Walking home from the theater, it was like every time I turned around I had these guys coming, I was just outside my house. And they attacked me, but the shouts alerted my gang to the attack, but they pissed my brother Darry off and with him, Dally and Two-bit." he said and she nodded sternly as Curly said it for her at the news then.

"Were they also drinking?" Hancock asked and he nodded and we all nodded as my eyes narrowed sternly. "Yeah that's the only time they try it, if we're alone, but some of us know the rules and deal in being sober. But the fact they attacked me, my entire side is close to calling a grudge match next, but do that, and you, if you're not who I think, is arresting all of them and shipping overseas." he said and Hancock nodded sternly as Curly said it firmly to him at that.

"Attempted murder on two occasions, are you guys out of your minds or are you just plain stupid right now, but did it ever occur to you. That the third time's the charm is going to have them not point the finger at them, but at you, if someone on either side ends up dead right now. How about the fact that if the cops hear the entire conversation before this gets back to Syme and your days are numbered." Kristen said to that remark sternly and I nodded.

"And we know only five units that deal in the conflict between our sides, and it's serious enough already, that they're ready to call it. And before it kills someone, but are you idiots trying to get arrested by the cops, us girls know better, but they got an easier time with us. And without the male dominance that comes with it, but did you ever consider that drinking and crazy jealousy is the one way ticket right to the cooler?"

"And us girl Socs all had it with you guys, but are you trying to lose us as we're ready to hook up with your Greaser counterparts. At least they can protect us without being drunk when doing it right now." Cherry said with a stern tone then and Curly nodded. "And given the chance, we can be everything they want us to be right now, as we would give that up for them in a heartbeat right now." Ponyboy said and she nodded smiling sternly.

"Give us a chance we can be decent, and we can shed that tough boy complex, but so long as you single us out, we stay like this. But we know better to start a fight in public, and none of us are drunk and I know Matthews wasn't right now, the five of us know better. Tim's not drunk nor is Two-bit, but we're wanting a chance to enjoy ourselves and you start a fight, enough already." Derek snapped at him sternly at the remark as Curly said it to him.

As Two-Bit wrapped his arm around Marcia's shoulders and she leaned against him with a smile on her face then gently. "He's right, we can be decent, and we have more finesse then starting a fight in public and when they don't drink. And we all know the rules, but 1) we could have the cops here, 2) is that you guys are the ones that started this, and 3) is none of us are loaded, and we know the rules on drinking and driving."

"That's illegal, we're all under 21, you idiot, are you guys trying to get arrested, as we all wanted a night off to be normal teenagers, for once. And you guys are drinking?" Curly snapped at him and we all nodded in agreement. "Well all that says is he wants to be looked at as normal, they can wear decent clothes, though they keep the haircuts, their idol is Presley." Hancock said to that as Syme took acting like the clerk to the Soc boys with a warning look.

"And Bob and Randy did bring it with them, I took one whiff of what was in their canteens and bailed, Marcia right behind me, and met up with Ponyboy and his trio." Cherry told us and we nodded sternly. "Surnames?" Hancock asked and she explained that to us. "Robert 'Bob' Sheldon and Randall 'Randy' Anderson, Sir, my father works for the firm in town." she said and we nodded sternly as the clerk beside me said it sternly to the quartet in Curly's line.

"What's your dad?" Ponyboy asked and she said it. "He's a lawyer, you never did anything wrong, you're just keeping us company, and you're too young for me, friends is all there is between us, even brother and sister." she said and he smiled gently at that and Curly smiled in relief. "None of us are drunk and we know better right now, though these idiots keep breaking that law." Curly said and we nodded in agreement sternly to his remark.

"Alright who brought it with them this time, you guys know the rules?" Syme said sternly to them and Hancock nodded in agreement. "They're wasted." Kristy said to that and he nodded to the remark. "More then wasted and drinking and driving is illegal, so is assault and battery in a public place, but the charges are piling up tonight, if the next one is another attack in a non prov." Hancock said sternly and Curly said it with a stern growl at him.

"And for just telling the truth, these losers are no better then we are." Curly said for both himself, Derek and Ponyboy and I nodded. "And it doesn't matter what you look like, there will be consequences, and we all reached our limits of the gang wars between you." Hancock said, pretending to be Carl Edwards as he came in, in time to hear that remark. "No kidding, but we had it with this right now." Ponyboy said to that and I nodded in agreement to that.

"You know the rules, bring it and you're being arrested for it when in a public place you idiot, but unless your mind is not firing on all cylinders. But Curtis, Derek, Cade and I are all under age right now, we're 14 to 16 here, you idiots, but you're not thinking straight. But we had it with you guys so again, touch him again and your asses are our's and we mean every word of that, so stay away from him and Cade, I mean it."

"And I'm warning you, come into our territory to do that attack and you're screwed right now, as I don't have to hear the words. But Syme and the cops know and you attack them again, or jump him for a second time and it's all over the cops and town. Next, that you attacked a boy no older then 14, you idiots are seniors in high school." he said sternly and Hancock nodded in agreement, knowing he realized they taken charge to prevent a fight that night.

"You idiots and my gang are seniors in high school, you're adults and Curtis and I are 14, Cade is no older then 16, get the memo. And stay the hell out of our territory, or you idiots are through right now, it doesn't matter what we look like. But we're no older then 14, you idiots are all adults, so chalk this up to child abuse, and get the memo, stay out of our territory, Soc." he said sternly to him and Pony nodded sternly.

"Our outfits are friends, but our one role besides stick together is don't get caught, so you want to get arrested for starting a brawl in public. And I know the chief's got several officers on stand by, but if you're loaded, you're the ones being arrested for it. How long do you think they'll take this much longer, before they arrest the real criminals, we can be decent, and we have more finesse then starting a fight in public."

"But attack a kid barely out of his preteens and your asses are ending up court for attempted murder, you idiots." Curly said and Derek nodded in agreement to that remark as he read it out to him and Ryan crossed his arms then. "Assault and battery, drinking and DWI, you're winding up with some hefty charges if you don't dial it down now, we got witnesses here." Derek said to him at that Curly nodded in agreement to his thoughts.

"And did it ever occur to you idiots that we might have the cops undercover tonight, in case of another attack that crosses the line?" he asked and I hid a smile. "Yeah, all but tell him that the chief and we commandeered the concession stand, and they're too loaded to realize it. And till they're fully sober tomorrow, if the next one, nearly kills someone right now, nice scare tactic son." Ryan said to that and I hid a nod to his thoughts.

"We're all sober right now, and we outnumber you guys 20 to 5, so watch it right now, so let's take it outside." he said to him sternly at that remark and I nodded sternly in agreement. "Yeah no joke, young man try it now, and you're being arrested or did you not get the memo right now, with you drunk." Ryan said sternly as he crossed his arms as Ponyboy nodded as he got it as he and Cherry watched me then.

As Hancock moved to that side of the line as he looked at them, before the fight got worse as it was a struggle between Derek, Curly and three Socs: two dressed in the school jersey jacket and a third dressed in winter clothing of a yellow sweater and khaki pants. "Uh oh, now you done it right now, Ricky." the girl right behind Ponyboy and Cherry said to him and I nodded as Hancock said it firmly as he ended the fight between them at that.

"Alright you two, why don't you both take it outside, come on, outside." he said and he shoved him away from him as he grabbed what he came to get and tossed him a wadded up five dollar bill and I nodded, knowing he was paying for their snacks as that ended it then between them. "Whoever calls the cops next, take it outside, before she and the girls end up in the middle, guys, come on." Ponyboy called out and his side nodded gently.

"Curtis, Tim's waiting on stand by man." Derek said and he nodded to the news. "Tell Two-bit, we'll join him in a sec, I've got to pay for this first, but whoever starts it a second time do it out of earshot of the adults, before they get the cops coming here, would you please." he said and both sides nodded in agreement to his request. "Or before you have us ending it ourselves now, son." Hancock said in response and they all nodded as the duo left at that.

"And I don't care who started that fight, I'm ending it, but you got the adults watching and listening to the entire conversation young man. So someone on your side crosses the line and you not thinking at all clearly, you're getting it in the morning if you drop by their houses. Tomorrow now, but that's the end of the line, but you got more Assault and battery charges then their side combined." he added sternly and they swallowed hard at that.

As the trio all paled at that as they looked at him. "I know that tone, I hear that in Hancock's voice when he's arrested us a few times." The jersey Soc said and Hancock nodded sternly. "Like he said it, you want to cross that line and you're being arrested for it young man, but I meant it, do it in here, and you're being arrested for assault and battery so take it outside, now." he said with a warning tone to the duo and he quickly left at that remark.

"Nice touch Officer, that scares 'em off right now." Kristy said to him and Hancock nodded to that. "Yes and I meant it, they want to cross that line, lets see them deal with it when the shoe is on the other foot right now. But you're under age and they're adults, you never did anything wrong, just acting as a gentlemen to protect her in case the Brumlys come through here." he said and he nodded gently as he looked at them at the remark then.

"Well I know that tone, I heard that tone in Syme's voice all the time on campus, but he said he was getting the cops involved before this resulted in something else. I also saw a couple cruisers on campus, when heading home from school." Ponyboy told him and he nodded. "You know some of us do issues in cases of the Narcotics department, sting operation son." Officer Ryan said to that and he looked between them at that remark.

"Officer Hancock, Officer Ryan?" Ponyboy said and he nodded. "Curly wasn't kidding, we're looking for the ones that attacked both you and Cade, so set the trap..." Hancock said and they both smiled. "And they fall right into it and Marcia and I are the bait, okay we got it, but if Johnny asks me if Bob catches sight of us. And you found your Soc that attacked him and his companion red car." she said and they both nodded to her as they exchanged looks.

"Johnny said that the car was a blue mustang, this year." Ponyboy said and she froze at that remark. "Did he say who was driving that car?" she asked and he nodded. "A brunette dressed in the school jacket, with a red long sleeve t-shirt, and his friend, blonde with a shirt version to whatever he could be wearing right now, if your boyfriends and these Socs are the very same guy." he said and she nodded to the news sternly at that remark.

"And if they are, they just pissed me off right now, you guys are decent, though Dal wants me to like, he better clean up his act." she said and I hid chuckle at that remark. "Nice touch right now, but we know better then to do it too close to you, you hate fights, we get that, but there is no need to start one. We're not hurting you, you came of your own accord, and we're being decent to you." Ponyboy said to her, and the girls behind him gently.

As the girl that was talking to the duo brushed a hand on his back and he smiled at her gently at the response then. "Not us, your counterparts were trying to start a fight, but Curly just ended it, before we had the call go out right now." he said and she nodded gently. "I hope your wiseacre brother stops pulling pranks on us tonight, as not only did he scare Johnny, he also startled us." she said and he nodded to her smiling then gently.

"If you mean Two-bit, he's always like that, but with it close to Halloween, the jumps scares are about to start getting out of hand, so watch it, if he puts a phantom's mask in someone's locker later, Kris." he said and she and her friends started laughing at that and nodded to him. "So that's what happened in the concession stand, before our daughters spotted Randy tailing them as they were heading home?" Marcia's father asked and they nodded.

"Enjoying a night off to be normal teenagers, we had the cops listening to us and the entire conversation, but he swapped places with Carl Edwards. As they look alike, and Ryan was in the kitchen right then with Peter Randolph as that door out of it was directly out the back way. And pointed at the front gate, Parker was watching at the fence, and Peterson was the clerk at the front gate." Derek said and the 7 paled at the news then.

"I meant it young man, take it outside." Hancock said sternly and they all swallowed hard at his remark. "You understand this, that I look like Carl, but I could be his twin for all you know, but no, I told Carl to handle things in the back. And I was standing there listening to the entire conversation, what was named off was a set of rings, and a blue mustang, a guy dressed in a summer version to your clothes last night."

"And let me tell you I heard enough to know that the make and model was enough to nail your coffin shut in this open and shut case." he said and they both paled at the news and he nodded. "Before he pointed out the guys that attacked him to us and that did it finally, we had your friends, and now we got you, but enough was enough in our eyes." Ryan said sternly and they swallowed hard at his remark as Hancock said it then.

"Despite the fact we gave you guys a warning last night, you still did it." Hancock said sternly and they paled at the remark. "And for the record, we decided to save ourselves a trip trip to Vietnam, we're joining the academy here, and becoming junior cops. As the junior Narcotics team, ergo, we can get around our area safely because we know the dangers." Tim said to them sternly and they all paled at the remark then.

"Then that means do it again and you're going to...?" Anderson said in shock and they nodded. "That's right, we can be decent, if you would set aside the bad boy complex, but 9 years troublemaker and we become law upholders. You guys get in trouble too much as it is, but we're getting jobs at the precinct so attack us again and you're being arrested by us this time, we're cops now." Curly said to him sternly and she nodded in agreement.

"He named my car and us?" Randy asked shaking and she nodded sternly. "How long before I realized you were the ones that beat the crap out of a just turned 16 year old, huh?" she asked and they both swallowed hard at the remark then. "They were too innocent to hurt anyone, they're not the type, we know this and you guys are attacking under age teenagers, you're turning 19 in six months, you idiots."

"So stay away from them, Bob, I mean it and to answer your other question, does the fight between you and Two-bit ring a bell?" she asked and he paled at the remark. "The cops were undercover at the drive in, you idiots." Marcia added and they paled at the news and the chief nodded. "You were at the drive in, just waiting for us to target them, because we heard they were hitting on the girls?" Bob asked, shaking and the cops all nodded sternly.

"Not hitting, she's too old for me and Johnny, besides she and I got more in common then you think, she said she hates fights, she likes me, but as a kid brother." Pony said and they swallowed hard at that remark. "Then who did they choose, if not you?!" Randy said in shock and Dally said it sternly. "She chose me and Two-bit, Anderson, we're their age and they like us." he said and she finished that remark sternly as she looked at him.

"But does the warning from Derek Hanscomb ring a bell, he said if you ever touched Ponyboy again and you have his gang and the Curtis gang on your heads. And my own threat just turned into a promise as well, you think I wouldn't realize it was you that attacked Johnny a few months ago. Ponyboy told me everything, but his friends were protecting me and Marcia as they walked us home, as I met their counterpart gang right now."

"But this now, I reached my limit, I had it Bob, this is illegal, you're 18, Ponyboy is a just turned 14 year old, you idiots." she snapped and he paled at the remark as they realized they were going to jail for child abuse and attempted murder. "We..., we attacked a 14 year old and his best friend, we're 18 and this means...?" Randy said shaking and they all nodded sternly as the chief said it sternly as he looked at his gang then.

"That's right, and young man, freeze right there, they got me the information, before you could turn it around right now." The chief snapped sternly at him then and he paled at that as Valance said it sternly as he looked between them. "You guys were all drunk and they did nothing for you to attack them for, aside from being gentlemen. And walking our daughters home, so tell me, how do you expect to turn that around right now."

"You guys are a few months passed 18, the oldest is going on 19, he's an adult, you're all adults now." Valance said to him sternly and Syme crossed his arms at that. "If your mind is not firing on all cylinders this boy is only a month passed 13, damn it, his best friend is a just turned 16 year old. And the oldest is going on 19, you attacked a freshmen and junior, and when they never did anything for that assault, but being gentlemen."

"In protecting your girlfriend from other boys more dangerous then Dallas Winston, you tried to kill him, simply because they were protecting the girls and being gentlemen?" he asked and Sheldon and Anderson paled, seeing nothing they said was going to make any difference. "Yes that's right nothing you say is going to get you out of this, that injury was due to self defense." Marcia's father said to him and he swallowed hard at that remark.

"He contacted us last night and told us immediately in what the hell happened this time, but one fast alteration, in this as this story he's working on. Said is focused on his point of view from beginning to end now changes what would have destroyed three lives right now." Syme said and I finished it. "But that's what his writing assignment is going to be about right now, top of his class, star player on track and everything that came with it now."

"But the truth is going to come out in writing and he's selling the story right to an author no older then Dallas." I said and they swallowed hard. "And with the caption of this on it. This caption is like every other book out there right now, is based on the same thing, story in the first person, meaning, it's in his wording and his thoughts now." Soda said and I finished that remark as Pony leaned against my shoulder as I read it out

'Ponyboy can count on his brothers, and his friends, but not on much else, except trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids, who's idea of good time is beating up greasers like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect..., until the night someone takes things too far.'. So take a guess of who the said someone is now." I said and they all paled as every adult listening to this all nodded sternly then.

As my speech started changing and I sounded like an adult then. "Listen to me all of you, and that remark is right, he could count on us, but I'm his big brother, you think I wouldn't kill you myself. And for putting him in the hospital, but I know if I do that, I could get arrested, but do you have a kid brother that idolizes you, or a big brother who wishes you would straighten up?" I asked and they swallowed hard at that remark then.

"You guys are my brother and his best friend in Soc form, but I don't have to hear the words, if Steve was killed last night, Soda might stop fighting. But if Soda died, Steve would never stop until he puts you guys behind bars, but you touch our baby brother, you hit his final breaking point." I said and they both paled at the remark as I went further as I looked between them sternly as I went on.

"If anything you guys are too hotheaded to understand, this, but I'm one side of it, Pony the other, and Soda is in between us. But we're not the type to just give up, we want more, and we're willing to work for it, but look at you, mommy and daddy gave you everything." I said and they swallowed. "Free ride, look at you guys, your parents gave you everything, our parents said no, gave us something solid to stand on."

"Why do you think we get in trouble so much, we just want someone to give us something solid to stand on, we can change, and become everything they want us to be now." Steve said with a stern growl and I nodded. "I had it with this, so you bring Paul Holden back, don't bother messing with me, we're about to turn over a new leaf now, but we all had it with this, if Johnny was injured so severely, he was out of the final fight between us."

"Before you put my baby brother in the hospital for a concussion, you think I won't sue you for real this time, as you put a 14 year old in the emergency room. two words, police sting operation as once again your actions put my brother in the hospital, and he collapses on us." I said and they swallowed hard. "That's not going to happen, but that's one last warning, start jumping us again and we're going to war." Dally said as the chief nodded sternly to that.

"In one week, things change and I'm representing us of who are about to change and become junior cops and several other careers meant to get ahead. And by working for it right now, and I can work my way through college as I do this now, though I go to school here in Oklahoma now. I'm not leaving my brothers without a fight, my brothers or my friends, ever." I said and they swallowed hard as Two-bit finished that sternly at that.

"We had it with you guys, and we want to be accepted by society, we're not looking for a fight, but a place to belong, and sure till now, we didn't have much, but we had each other." Two-bit said sternly to him and they swallowed hard at the remark. "And gentlemen if you never considered, I was a family friend, and enough is enough." I heard and he smiled. "Hey Mrs. Matthews." Pony said and she smiled at the remark gently.

"You okay baby?" she asked and he nodded as she gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around her then. "My parents are dead, only been a few months, but we been in mourning ever since and this doesn't help anything, would you manage if you lost both parents?" Pony said and they paled at his remark. "We had enough of this, so one last time and it's over with between us, as we move on." Dally said sternly and they all paled at that.

"No more brawls, no more fights and we're more respectable of the law, so guess who is going to get in trouble as every time we're busy at home. Or at work and the call comes in, as they hear the words social elite and crime scene every time they turn around now here. As they know it was never us, as we stopped and we changed, and we're no longer the JD's we once were, and we're working for the town police department."

"The contractors union, and becoming an author in our family, and the others are now working acting on being everything the adults want us to be now. So guess who is going to get the finger pointed at them after the rumble now?" Soda asked and they all paled as the adults all had their arms crossed as they got it then. "That's right, it's going to be you now, after your last fight now." the judge said sternly as Hancock said it then.

"But do you recall a remark, of saying you and Curly Sheppard should take it outside?" Hancock asked the third guy sternly. "How his saying that, sounded suspiciously like I do when I had to arrest you guys once too often for the DWI, or a brawl on campus?" he asked them sternly as he read it out. "Trade the clothes and my business tone in the stand, young man." he said and they both paled as the chief crossed his arms then.

"But you guys were all too loaded to think straight, and Curly was right, he had more finesse then to start a fight in public with the girls that close. But did it ever occur to you idiots that we might have commandeered the concession stand, just waiting for a blow up last night?" Ryan asked and they nodded. "Well that was no bluff, he was telling you the truth, because we were right there." Hancock said sternly to the two jersey jackets at that.

And they paled and he nodded. "Yeah that's right, it was me, as you know I wear glasses, but trade clothes, you hear that tone in my voice when I mean business, but the ten of us. We were undercover at the drive in, waiting for this and we were right behind you when you made that threat to them." he said sternly and they swallowed hard at that news as Marcia sighed in relief at the news then as Cherry said it sternly.

"Pony and I figured that out, as we had both sides piled into the room, Curly was trying to prevent a fight, but your Soc was part of the Corvair, Darry." she said and I nodded. "Those two?" I asked and she nodded. "Yeah, all but the yellow sweater, it was these idiots, and we had the cops listening to the entire conversation, between Pony and me." she said and I nodded smiling in relief at the news as her parents nodded.

"Want for a better word, and he wasn't bluffing did it ever occur to your male counterparts that we all had enough of the wars and the sides divided. That we, your parents and the cops, the faculty, decided on a sting operation, before someone on both sides ends up dead last night?" her father asked and I nodded. "You set us up, you're the bait, Cherry?!" Sheldon said in shock and she crossed her arms as she leaned against Dally.

"We didn't set you up, you set me up." she said sternly and he swallowed. "You set me up as the bait when you brought that crap with you, you set me up when I encountered the guys. We never did a thing, you did this all on your own, with you both too loaded to think straight now last night. But you did this to yourselves all we had to do was just show up for it, and you did the rest." Marcia said sternly and she finished that remark then

"And you're too late you two, it's over, I belong to Dally now, and she belong to Two-bit." Cherry said as she crossed her arms then sternly at this. "You attack them for no reason, but just a single change prevented you from ending up dead, why you attack him exactly?!" she said sternly as she said it with a warning growl. "I told you before, I am never going out with you when you're drinking and I meant it right now."

"My dad gave me strict rules and you guys are spoiled rotten, how long can you push the limit before the end of the line, were it not for Two-bit, Darry and Soda, you would be dead and his life is destroyed, I'm not having it now, it's done with, it's over." she snapped and he looked down at that remark. "You made the choice and destroy your own lives, he never did a thing, but walk me home." she said and I saw his eyes tear up at that remark then.

Knowing he was completely sober then and knowing nothing he said could change what happened the night before, they were through, and nothing he said could change it back. "Why is this woman here?" he asked, shaking and Jane answered that sternly. "I'm his social worker, but their family is my client right now, and their entire gang is under chart right now, young man, but this boy lost his parents six months ago."

"You understand what your actions could have lead to right now, if that was no injury, but you were dead this morning?" she asked and he swallowed hard and the chief read it out then. "What this would have lead to is his best friend gets tried for manslaughter, and he gets taken away from his brothers, you did more then attack him, you could have had him taken from his family!" he snapped sternly and they swallowed hard at that.

"Want for a better word who do you think if we had another teacher hearing this as it gets into the paper and the story gets out exactly. That you could have destroyed an innocent 14 year old's life right now, your ex decided to act as his family sponsor right now." he said and they swallowed hard at that. "I'm from the state, and hearing the entire story is enough to kill your cases." a man said and they paled at the news then as he said it.

"The drinking is the one thing getting you two in trouble, but I heard the entire story last night right after the attack. But he told me everything, as did Two-bit, and long before you could turn this around as I turned this over to Jared, so nothing you say is going to change this." Syme told them and they swallowed hard at that. "You guys are going on 18, he's one month into 14." Tim said with a low growl as Tim stood there with his arms crossed.

"You better get yourselves a very good lawyer you're going to need them for this right now, these boys maybe a bit wild at times but we see it now. But they look dangerous and they're not, you don't look dangerous and you are, he read it out to me clearly at the moment now. But things change and soon enough, it's the ones that get it trouble once too often that are the immediate suspects, so what's going to happen now."

"If your side nearly destroys a plane and his side is the one that saves a few hundred people by alerting us in the cops and authorities. That your contraband is what nearly destroys said plane right now?" they heard and he turned shaking as I saw a man dressed in the uniform of our state's FBI and nodded. "Hey son." he added and Pony smiled gently at the title, before I remembered it and smiled in delight then.

"Almost forgot here, but my paternal uncle is part of the Bureau here in Oklahoma." Pony said and the duo paled at the remark and I nodded to that. "So Tom, I got my nephew's gang, but it bounced from you, to us, and right to the state social services department. But try to set the church on fire, and there a few dozen kids hanging around and once again you're trying to frame them for arson and murder, don't think so."

"Because I know my cubs too well to know this, at least they act in self defense, they don't go around picking a fight when you did nothing to deserve it." my uncle, Agent Jeremy Curtis, said and they swallowed hard. "And don't even think about it, as it's the individual, as they show they can be assets to society as well by acting on being protectors." he said sternly as he crossed his arms as he looked between them.

"You honestly expected us to never take it seriously, let me ask you something, you think we won't consider, if a building gets blown up. Or a house gets set on fire, or a plane is close to being destroyed in later years, that we find a few dozen bottles of alcohol at the crime scene. That you're not the culprit, when you guys left this at the crime scene?" Uncle Jeremy asked as he held up the canteen and they all paled at that.

"Or if you keep doing it, but the remarks of you being a disgrace to society is the punchline, you just proved it now in our eyes. You attacked two kids younger then you, and nearly killed one of them, you're drinking while you're doing it, and he never did anything for you to do it. But just being honest, and he was very correct, you maybe rich, but you're nothing, nothing, but white trash wearing fancy clothes and driving fancy cars."

"He's my youngest cub, but I could have taken them in, but they asked not to leave their friends, and we capitulated to the request now. But your idiocy could have destroyed his life, you got yourself killed by trying to kill him now, but time is up, you been pushing us and pushing us. Well now you pushed too hard and we're ending this entire thing right now, with the war in Vietnam." he said sternly and they swallowed hard at the news.

"But you better get yourselves a very good lawyer you're going to need them, he's lucky to be alive right now as the trio arrived now. But he gets sick after the next emergency and your ass is mine and I mean every word of that right now, we're suing your parents all for $1,000,000 now, each." he said and they paled at the remark. "Get them out of here." he said and Hancock and Ryan, and their teams, arrested them at that remark.

"Uncle Jeremy, I think it's best we get Johnny out of the Cade's custody, I mean if he had broken his back like I put in the story now. Then the fight between them after he passed out in front of me, it could kill him right now, and I'm not taking that chance, but they're drunk." Pony said and he nodded sternly to him at the news. "I'll take care of it, but like we promised you're off the hook." he said and we nodded in relief to the news then.

"If there is anymore trouble, you got a single chance with you out in Windrixville this weekend, but you remember my cabin by Jay mountain guys?" he asked and we nodded. "Yeah we can go there this weekend right now." Dal said and I nodded. "I'm letting you on a week of at home schooling but Rick and I are your guardians till you graduate." he said and we nodded smiling at the news in relief then as he took charge at that.

"The hearing is going to be in a month." he said and we nodded firmly as we exchanged looks at the news. "These guys cause anything and they're the ones getting in trouble for it right now, but we're going to be gone all weekend, but I'm taking next weekend off as well, so we're leaving after school Thursday night and heading back up there, Uncle Jeremy." I said and he nodded to the news gently at that remark.