Warning: Mentions of suicide.

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Extended Summary: An original story set in the comic universe of The Walking Dead where in Canada, a group consisting of prisoners, teenagers, and a small family work together to survive the zombie apocalypse and save themselves from both the dead and the living.

British Columbia

Day 1 of the apocalypse: July 18, 2003

He regretted nothing. If he didn't escape, then he would've had his face chewed off by whatever monster that was that attacked him in his cell. His former cellmate had committed suicide and came back to life to attack him. He had to smash his brains against the sink to defend himself, but the police would see it another way. He slipped through the bars using the blood as a slippery lubricant and ran for his life through the back door of the prison. He climbed over the fence, clipping himself numerous times as he crawled through the barbed wire.

Aiello Korell was the name of Prisoner 872010.

If he was sent back to jail for escaping, then he was going to tell the judge, jury, and everybody else in the courtroom that he fled from the prison to survive, not to gain freedom.

He figured that he was not going to be on the run for too long. They already had his DNA, fingerprints, everything. Pretty soon, they would be putting up wanted posters and people will be looking for a five-foot-eleven caucasian seventeen-year-old boy with wavy blond hair and blue eyes named Aiello Korell.

Even as he ran, he knew that in order to avoid going back to that cannibal infested prison, he would need to find clothes and strip out of his prison uniform. As he ran away from prison and into the wilderness, he kept constantly looking over his shoulder. He escaped during the daytime and there were guards out but they were oblivious.

As he escaped and the prison was out of sight, he didn't stop running until he jumped over a stream of freshwater and crouched down to quench his dehydration. "What the hell is going on?" he asks himself as he scoops up water and drinks. "That guy tried to eat me."

Aiello was not in the dark completely, however. He had heard reports of something. Some kind of disease has been spotted in several American states. He had no idea what kind of disease it was, however. He had no idea if it was some kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, fungus, protozoa, chemical agent, or hell, it could've been a supernatural disease that has been awakened from something ancient, biblical, or cursed upon by some kind of witch. Either way, the disease had the same effect: It reanimates the dead.

One hundred and thirty-one days ago, people started coming back from the dead in California. Then it began spreading to Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and just seventeen days ago, it reached Mexico. Just the day before today, after hearing about some officer being shot in the line of duty in Cynthiana, Kentucky, there have been reports of people getting back up after being shot thirty times in the chest.

"There is nothing natural about what is happening," Aiello trembles as he reflects on the current events, "United States, Mexico, and now Canada is infested with dead people coming back to life. Like fucking zombies!" (Note: The term 'zombie' does exist in the comic universe of The Walking Dead) He was slightly panicking upon thinking of what could happen. "It's an apocalypse. A fucking zombie apocalypse. Three countries, it's not an isolated incident, it's a pandemic!"

It did bring him comfort to know that with the world going to hell, he was no longer going to rot away with his life sentence. He splashed some water on his face and started walking away from the stream and deeper into the wilderness. "If I've been in the same cell as that guy, does that mean I'm infected?" Panic filled his voice and he looked at his hands in terror. There was still blood on them. Blood that wasn't his. "No, I'm fine."

Just as he calmed himself down from the fear of infection, the loud alarm of the prison went off and echoed throughout the wilderness. Aiello jumped in shock and went running back to see what was going on. He climbed up a hill and hid behind a tree and crouched to see what was going on. He narrows his eyes and puts a hand above his brows to focus.

He could barely see tiny orange figures limping towards tiny black figures with riot shields. The orange figures were prisoners and the black figures were SWAT soldiers. The prisoners were soaked in their own blood and were being shot up, but they still limped for the SWAT soldiers. Several prisoners were coming out of the building to run for their lives with more limping prisoners slowly pursuing after them.

Three of the escaping prisoners climbed over a barbed-wire fence and ran for the woods in his direction. As they ran forward and got closer to him, Aiello began recognizing them. The one in front had red hair and was the tallest: Atticus Gagnon, convicted for three life sentences, which was seventy-five years jail time and he was only twenty-eight years old, but already served four years.

The second one was the youngest of the three, eighteen years of age with blond hair and tanned skin. Convicted for twenty years for thirty counts of aggravated assault, Harris Boucher.

The third one was the oldest with dark hair and brown eyes, being thirty-one and serving one year in prison for petty robbery, Chris Tremblay.

"Over here," Aiello called out to them, "Over here and get down," he whispered loudly for them to hear when they came closer. Aiello ran back and jumped over a big boulder and hid behind it. The three prisoners copied his example and took cover. Aiello waited for them to catch their breaths before he finally spoke. "What happened in there? Zombies?"

"What, you talking about those things in there?" Atticus asked in a broken Candian accent. "Those prisoners tried to bite me in the throat, almost killed me in the process."

"How did those prisoners die?"

"Suicide," Harris answered for the two. "One guy in one of the cafeterias committed suicide by having himself choke on his fork. Doctors came to take him away and the next thing I know, doctors come walking out the room, biting into the throats of other prisoners, spreading the infection."

"We gotta get out of here," Chris trembled, "Maybe the US will have an explanation for what's going on." His suggestion was thrown back in his face by Aiello.

"For all we knew, they caused this. I mean, the virus or whatever originates in the US and spreads North and South to Mexico and Canada. We're on our own. We might as well rob the next house we come across, steal the food, supplies, water, car, and drive to the airport and get on a plane to Greenland."

"We don't have any passports," Atticus points out the flaws in the plan.

"Let's just get out of these prison uniforms and then we'll figure out what to do."

Day 2

In the city of Vancouver, a tall man around the age of forty with brown hair and a beard named Evan unloads a box from a moving truck into a house. He sets the box down in the middle of an empty living room and sighed as he stood back up. He looks around the new house that they were going to be staying in. "Ryan, Mila!"

A group of teenagers, a male, and female, eighteen and seventeen respectively with the names of Ryan and Milia, brother and sister, stepped out one of the rooms to respond to their father's calling.

Ryan was a tall teenager around six feet, his hair was the same color as his father's and he was growing a small five o'clock shadow on his chin and mouth. Being eighteen, he had a girlfriend whom he left back home in Alberta after graduating. He was a socialist and had plans to study politics at college.

Then there was Mila, only five-one in height and had brown hair but she dyed it purple in order to look cool. Unlike her loud brother, she was quiet and an introvert. She had no boyfriend, plans to attend college, but she had plans after school. She was going to be an author of murder mysteries.

"What's up, Dad?" Ryan says casually, "We just found a room that I called dibs on."

"I was just about to go back out to the truck to grab the couch," Evan explains. "Would you mind helping me?"

"Why not?" Ryan was already walking out the front door and back to the moving truck. As he walked through the front door with his father, he passed his beautiful thirty-nine-year-old mother named Tanya with sandy hair. He high fives her with a smile.

Tanya then approached Mila to give her a task. "Can you do something for me?"

Mila shrugged with a tilt of her head. "Depends on the task; my friend has been phoning me all day and I can only ignore them for so long."

Tanya was quite annoyed how her own daughter would spend a lot of time on her phone rather than spend time with her family. "Since it is our first night in our new home, can you go pick up some food?"

"All by myself?" Mila asks with sarcasm obvious in her voice, "Ryan can do that."

"Already asked him and he said he would rather stay and help. I would go but my driving privileges are still suspended. Your father, he is needed here to move stuff in and out of the house so you're our only hope."

Mila was about to protest but decided it would be a good idea to go for a drive all by herself. She spent the last sixteen hours on a long car drive with her brother sitting next to her, bickering about a number of subjects and she just wanted to be all by herself. She was not really a social person and preferred being all by herself. So without any hesitation, she asked her mother for her keys so she can go pick up a pizza. "I brought my wallet with me so I'll pay."

"Where are you going?" Tanya asks in curiosity.

"Goldies Pizza. I'll be back in twenty minutes or so." Mila was at the front door when her mother stopped her.

"Be careful out there," she warned her daughter. "An illness has been spotted in Mexico and the United States and one of the states infected is Washington, which is right next to Vancouver so be careful and stay away from cities."

Mila knew about the disease spreading out there and she knew that she had to be careful. Even with CDC scientists trying to figure out the biology of this mysterious illness, the disease appears to be bloodborne, not airborne, and is infecting people in big cities. "I promise to keep using hand sanitizer." She wished her mother a good farewell before she climbed into the family car to drive off to the pizza place. Strangely, even though it was their first day in Vancouver, the city seemed empty instead of full. Usually, when the new kid is in class for the first time, they feel overwhelmed because there are so many new faces in their class. But this was the exact opposite for there were barely any cars out and a lot more people were walking to their destination instead of driving.

"Earth day must've come earlier," she joked to herself sarcastically.

There was no traffic on the road, so that made it easier to get to her destination. Even as she parked her car in the parking lot, went in to pick up four pizzas (one supreme, one pepperoni, one cheese, and one with pineapple and anchovies), the news of the mysterious illness made its way to the Canadian news. Even after paying the thirty dollars with a half-off coupon, she kept her eyes on the news to see where the illness was spreading.

Outside the pizza place, Aiello, Atticus, Chris, and Harris were hiding behind an alleyway, successful in finding civilian clothes from a donation center, and we're looking to see what cars they could steal. Aiello peeked over the corner to see the parking lot near the pizza place. He saw one girl with purple hair handling four pizzas to her car. Aiello crouched down and wadded over to the purple-haired girl's location.

He waits for her to unlock her car and load the pizzas in the back before he finally makes his move. He wraps his hands tight around Mila's body, causing her to scream and drop the pizzas just for a split second before he put his hand over her mouth and nose to block off her breathing system. He had no intention of killing her, only rendering her unconscious in the most painless way possible.

Mila struggled as her face turned red and her eyes went wide. Her lungs felt like they were going to explode within her. She licked her captor's hand and it caused him to squirm in discomfort. She kicked him in the groin area and he folded into an L shape, clutching his groin area with pain.

Atticus came running out and punched Mila in the face before she could do anything. She kept consciousness, but fell to the ground, clutching her cheek in pain.

"You fucker!" Aiello growled, "You fucking child abuser!" He attacks Atticus. "You don't hit a girl." He punches him in the stomach and slams him against the neighboring car. He hammers his head into the hood of the car. "You don't ever hit a girl!"

"What about you talking? Choking her out?!"

"You were choking her out!" Aiello shouted to him, under the genuine belief that it was actually Atticus choking the girl unconscious and not him. "I was bringing no harm to her." A punch across Atticus's face. "You deserve to die; I know why you were sentenced to three consecutive life sentences."

With shaking hands, Mila crawled back up to her feet to see Atticus, her 'attacker', and Aiello, her 'savior'. Wanting revenge for choking her, she rips her taser from her front pocket and jams it into Atticus's calf. The prisoner groaned in pain and fell over to the side and began spasming.

Aiello backed up against the car and stared down at the tased Atticus in horror before shifting focus to the taser, wondering if Mila was going to stab him with the taser. But she didn't and he was spared from pain and was hugged as a result instead.

Aiello was hit completely off guard with the hug as he had no idea that the girl that he 'saved' would hug him. "Thank you for saving me," she spoke softly. She gazed into the eyes of her 'savior' unaware that her 'savior' was actually her original attacker. Even in her mind, she was still under the belief that Atticus was the real attacker considering that he punched her and she still gazed down at the ground at her 'attacker' and kicked him. Atticus groaned in pain and looked at the girl that just assaulted him.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed in discontent, "You tased me!"

"You punched me," Mila countered, preparing to stab him with the taser again. "You punched me and choked me."

"I punched you," Atticus admitted, not a hint of shame in his voice as he rubbed his sore calf before looking back up at the purple-haired girl. "But I did not choke you."

"Who did then?"

Atticus sold out his ally.

Mila looked at Aiello over her shoulder and smirked at him, pointing the taser at him. "This guy was choking me? He saved my life."

"He is not who you think he is," Atticus continued to snitch and twitch.

"You'll have to excuse my friend," Aiello quickly interjected between the teenager and former prisoner. "He fought in Desert Storm and he hasn't been the same ever since. He attacked you because his mind thought you were an Iraqi." He said nothing for the longest time as he finally stared into the eyes of the girl that he almost choked out. Her beautiful hair, dyed an unnatural hair color, her soft skin that he wanted to touch, her beautiful eyes that pierced his soul.

He was in love. It wasn't weird because they were both seventeen but he was a prisoner and she was an innocent civilian. It's the apocalypse, so backgrounds really won't matter when it comes to love. I've never seen anything so beautiful before.

Harris and Chris came out of their hiding spot, gazing at the three but focusing primarily on Aiello because he seems to be in a trance from staring into Mila's eyes.

Mila looked over Aiello's shoulder to see a man in a large raincoat limping over towards them. The man's skin had a distinct gray tone and the eyes were cloudy. The smell coming off the man almost made Mila gag.

Aiello was snapped out of his trance when the growling of the limping person neared him. He snapped his head to the left and saw the limping zombie almost on top of him. He puts his hands on the zombie's chest and shoves back with all his strength. The zombie already grabbed ahold of Aiello's shoulders and snarled and snapped its teeth near his neck area. "Holy shit, help me!"

Atticus backed away in fear and ran back to Harris and Chris while Mila stayed behind to return the favor to her 'savior.' She tased the zombie and this had little to no effect on the monster if any. Aiello was able to shove the zombie back slightly and it went tripping on the sidewalk with Aiello falling on top. Accidentally, his fist collided with the zombie's skull as he fell and his fist went straight through the cranium and blood splattered on the ground and on Aiello's cheeks. Mila groaned in disgust, almost throwing up upon smelling the foul stench of the dead body and turned away but Aiello was left sitting on the dead zombie, traumatized from his first kill and began crying, fearful that he was going to go to jail for second-degree murder and get fifteen years added on his sentence.

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