Day 26

Back on Ryan's end, he does more investigation after his radio dies out. He and Kevin search the high grounds of the Romans and just when they figure it out, Atticus turns on Kevin and Ryan, revealing that he was the traitor who killed Tanya. Meanwhile, Aiello and Mila's cover is blown and they escape. The Faithful chase down the two. One of them pulls a gun on the two as they run. In order to prove his love, he takes the bullet for Mila and passes out.

Just as Hugh, Justin and Dezeray ran back inside the kitchen, they were pounced by zombies. Hugh and Dezeray managed to step out of the kitchen in time, but Justin was overrun and caught by the zombies and devoured instantly. An ironic death actually, considering that Justin is a cannibal who ate people and he was eating by former people. Dezeray didn't find it to be funny, but Hugh did.

Hugh and Dezeray barricaded the door shut, trapping the zombies in. Plus Hugh and Dezeray, there was a total of eighteen cannibals left, and they managed to shoot and kill seven robbers.

"We lost our food," Hugh complains angrily. "Because of these guys, we lost our food!" He was no fueled by rage to kill every single robber. "Do not back down now. We kill these robbers, then all's well that ends well."

Just as Aiello and his entire group made it out the back with their melee weapons, guns and their clothes, they discovered that the entire community around them has been fenced off and the top of the fences had barb wires. Zombies began to swarm them left and right but they fended them off, and along the way, Aiello met up with his old enemies from the Alaska-Canada border.

"Robbers. Why did it have to be robbers." Aiello looked to see a robber hiding behind a small crowd of zombies. He raised his gun to shoot at the group, Aiello reacted quickly and threw the clever into the robber's throat, killing him instantly. "I could've made a good butcher."

Aiello charged through the crowd to retrieve the robber's fallen assault rifle. When he picked it up, he open fired at the zombies and ran back to his group. The group had meleed their way through the crowd of undead flesh-eaters and several more robbers snuck up on the group. Aiello gunned down the robbers and saved his family.

The group was cornered against the barb wire fence, but honestly, they were rip their flesh with something man-made then an undead flesh-eating cannibal.

"How are we going to escape?" Erik asked his father in fear as a zombie reached for him.

Aiello shot off the zombie's arm before pulling it to the ground and caving its head in. "We have to climb up and over."

"But the barb wire daddy," he cried.

"It's either that or we are eaten by zombies," he spoke firmly. "Start climbing over than we can make a run for the woods." When Aiello ran dry of ammo, he and Ryan began fighting off zombies with their melee weapons.

"Ryan, you better survive this," Aiello shouted to his friend and brother-in-law. "You better survive this for Abby's sake."

"Come on," Luis shouts, "Let's get out of here." Luis boosted Aiello's child to the top. "Be very careful of the barb wire."

Erik climbed quickly to the top, but climbed very slowly and carefully through the barb wire, making sure not to get cut. He made it through without a scratch. Aiello was so proud of his son but this was no time to celebrate. "Erik, catch this clever." He hurls his weapon over the fence and it lands next to Erik. "Use it to defend yourself!"

Aiello will fight all these zombies and infected with his bare hands if he has to if it means his wife and child survive.

"Get out of here!" Oliver commanded, cupping his hands and boosting Abby up to the top. When she made it over without a scratch, Oliver helped Mila out.

The zombies were getting closer and closer, but Aiello and Ryan held their ground. Realizing that they needed help, Luis went up to their side and started killing zombies and infected with his bowie knife, which he got off one of the butchers.

Jack and several other robbers broke through the front door, loaded for bear, but not loaded weapons. Hugh, Dezeray and the remaining cannibals open fired on all robbers that were in sight. Jack dodged and hid behind the wall while his comrades were mowed down in cold blood.

Who would kill people in a church? Jack wondered. The zombies around him that he brought with had started eating the robbers around the courtyard. They were consumed like a pack of wolves eating deer.

Jack ran into the church just as the zombies were about to eat him. He sprints through the front door and hides behind a wooden bench. Zombies filled the church like water. The cannibal pack shot at the zombies coming in from the front door, but they did not take into consideration that the zombies trapped in the kitchen may break out.

That is until the door fell forward and hit Dezeray and trapped her underneath. The zombies piled over one another in an attempt to catch their prey.

Dezeray was terrified that the zombies might reach for her, but they did not appear to detect her presence under the door.

The living cannibals were consumed by the dead cannibals until there was no one left but Hugh and Jack. And Dezeray but she was safe at this point.

This is karma, Dezeray mentally cried, Please spare me, God.

Running dry on bullets, Hugh smashed the window behind him and jumped out just as the zombies overruned him. Jack backed into the farthest corner and fired every bullet he had into the zombies.

Horror struck as he realized that his plan had backfired horribly on him. He had only one bullet left and the zombies surrounded him in every direction, growing closer and closer to him each second. Without thinking, he puts the barrel up to his temple and pulls the trigger.

Dezeray remained inside the church, hiding underneath the door as the zombies consumed her friends around her. It was a sight that made her cry.

Outside the church, Hugh ran as fast as he could from the zombies, running up to the fence and climbing. He was completely ignorant of the barb wire on talk, worrying about nothing but his own survival. And that cost him a large cut across his stomach.

When Tai climbed over the fence harmlessly, there was only Aiello, Ryan, Luis and Oliver left.

"Who's next?" Aiello asked after striking a zombie. "Get out of here guys."

Ryan ran to the fence and began climbing over. Aiello told the others to get out while he holds off the zombies, but they protested.

"Aiello, your wife and son needs you!" Luis argued. "You climb over so you can hug your son."

Aiello did not protest when his son mentioned. "You guys better survive." He climbed up and over the fence as quickly as he could. He narrowly avoided the barb wires.

Now it was just Luis and Oliver left to be defending the zombies, and they just kept on coming.

Oliver turned to Luis and grinned. "Let's do this, amigo."


Inside the church, Dezeray's stomach began churning upon seeing the remains of her friends. A single tear ran down her cheek as she saw her friends start reanimating into zombies. One sight that truly horrified her was she saw a zombified Julian walk amongst the crowd to eat what remained of the cannibals.

When the weight of zombies on top of the door disappeared, she shoved the door off of her and ran out the window that Hugh smashed earlier. When she was outside the church, she saw that the fence that Hugh climbed over was completely pushed towards the ground by the zombie's.

She sprints and jumps over the barb wires. The zombies reached for her, but she dodged their grasps

"Oh god." She said as she spotted an extremely tall zombie heading her way, standing over six-foot-eleven.

Horror struck both Luis and Oliver as they saw the tall zombie heading their way. Their knives and other blades were running dull and shattering upon impact. Out of fear, Luis backed as far away as he could from the zombies, only to be grabbed and pulled back into the crowd by the zombies. He fought and fought and managed to break away.

He ran as fast as he could to get away from the zombies, shouting hoping that he could distract them and buy Oliver enough time to escape.

That was the last any Moral One saw of Luis.

Oliver decided it was time to escape and started climbing over the fence. The tall zombie made it before he could get to the very top. It used its massive strength to push the fence all the way to the ground.

Oliver tried to jump off, but he got caught and trapped in the barb wire as the fence fell to the ground. Aiello backed away and ran to go help Oliver out, but he shouted for him so stay back.

"Hang on, Oliver!"

"Get the hell out of here! Get away!" Those were Oliver's last words. The zombies landed on top of him and began tearing into Oliver's back with their teeth and fingers. He howls in terror and pain. One of the zombies bit into his neck, releasing a lot of blood to the ground and the tall zombie grabbed his head and tore it right from its body.

Aiello backed away in horror, crying at seeing his friend consumed by zombies. At least it was zombies and not humans, he thought as optimistically as possible but was unable to.

Aiello ran back to his son and shield his eyes from the sight of seeing Oliver devoured.

Aiello took his Ruger 30 from his shoulder, gave his son to his wife and checked his rifle. It still had only bullet left inside.

Remembering his code, he decides not to waste the one bullet. He and his entire family and friends back away as far as possible from the overrun church. Whatever happened to the cannibals and robbers did not matter at this point. What mattered was escaping. Oliver was not going to be forgotten for his sacrifice though.

Hugh's stomach was bleeding badly, but he managed to stand upright when walking through the graveyard of the church. The pack had a code where it anything were to happen to their safe haven, a fail safe policy was all cannibals meet up in the graveyard.

So far, the only one who showed up besides Hugh was Dezeray and four other cannibals.

"What happened to the robbers?" Hugh asked.

"Every single one of them was killed by the zombies. That plan of theirs backfired on them," a cannibal answered.

"Where are the meatheads?" Hugh asked.

"I saw them run off before I arrived here. Six of them are alive. One of them had their heads ripped off," Dezeray answered.

"They ran in that direction." A cannibal pointed. A zombie snuck up on Hugh, but Dezeray killed it with Hugh's knife.

Everybody else is dead sir," Dezeray panted. "I saw the lead robber commit suicide."

Hugh smiled in satisfaction. "Good. You said six meatheads escape yet last time I counted, there were eight after we killed Sadie."

"The one I saw get consumed was Oliver, and I failed to see Luis. I have no idea if he's alive or dead."

"Don't matter. We are going to find those seven meatheads and we are going to eat them. Our goals still stand. We will not stop until we win this battle."

A herd formed from behind the cannibals.

"We should get out of here." Hugh and the five cannibals ran as fast as they could to get out of there.

Aiello carried Erik on his back, giving him a piggyback ride once again. Erik had been asking where Oliver, Sadie and Luis went. "Erik, they died. They are going to Heaven."

"What's Heaven?" Erik asked. Aiello suddenly realized that he never told his son about his religious beliefs.

"Heaven is a place where good people go when they die. You know, when they are actually 'dead' dead." He explained. "God rules that place, he makes sure that Heaven is a paradise for all the good people."

"Where do bad people go?"

"They go to a land called Hell. Hell is where the bad go to be punished when they die. Someone like me is going to Heaven when they die. You are going to Heaven when you die." Aiello then explained to Erik who God was and how he created the world.

Whenever Erik would ask 'really' then Mila would always back Aiello up with his answer.

"When am I going to die?" Erik asked.

Aiello did not like this question. "Not for a very long time. You will die after this zombie apocalypse is over."

Day 26

Aiello wakes up with a bandage on his shoulder. The Faithful had recaptured Aiello and Mila but they nursed Aiello back to health out of good faith. Back at the Romans' headquarters, Atticus cuts Kevin's throat and kills him, leaving Ryan devastated over his loss. He escapes from Atticus and warns the other Romans of Atticus's betrayal but most of the Romans are dead. While Aiello was recovering, Mila expresses gratitude for his sacrifice. He smiles and they share a laugh together.

Day 26

Ryan escapes the Romans' HQ and gets back on a walkie-talkie that was working and warned Aiello and Mila over the radio. At the HQ of The Faithful, the leader reveals to Aiello that the war between the Romans and Faithful was due to different beliefs. The Romans were scientists and engineers while The Faithful were devoted religious people. The two groups have been in conflict with each other for so many years but desire no violence. The Faithful leader let's Aiello and Mila go, and then they received the warning of Atticus's betrayal. Before anyone could react, the wall explodes and sends Aiello in unconsciousness once more.

Day 4,614

Aiello looked at the sky and saw it turn orange. It was barely sunset and the street which they walked on was overgrown and empty of cars. Even the houses were empty of anything in the garages and in the front of the houses. The longer they walked, the longer the road stretched.

Aiello looked around him and saw only a handful of zombies. Saving the bullet is what the Moral Ones did. Only when a zombie was in their path did they stab it in the head. When they saw a herd, they knew the right thing to do was to dodge its path.

"Daddy, we can't stay on the road for very long." Erik stated the obvious like it wasn't already. Aiello patted his son on the shoulder.

"You know what son, you are actually right." He tried looking for options. "We could find some kind of vehicle and drive up to that safe haven in the next town." Aiello turned around as he walked to see if he could find any vehicles that his group missed along the way. He was disappointed to find no vehicles but not surprised. The chances of finding a working vehicle with gasoline that hasn't been fossilized were the same as flying to the Moon to sunbathe on the beach. This was no shock. What was a shock to him was a large herd forming in the distance behind them. It was the same herd from the church. They were out of their range and sight.

"Erik is right," Aiello told his group. "But we have no chance in finding a working vehicle. Walking on foot is our only option."

"What about horses?" Tai suggested. "I understand there are no horses around us but could animals be an option?"

"Only if you want to get mauled." Aiello would've gone for that idea but big animals like horses have become scarce after twelve years into the zombie apocalypse. Even if they did find a horse, there is a chance it belonged to someone part of a large group. Large groups were not their forte.

Aiello remembered the robbers. "The robbers had a whole line of vehicles lined up behind them but they're all probably overrun and I doubt that any one of us would be thinking of doubling back to that zombie infested church."

"Still, it's better than walking out on the open road," Tai inputted.

"What do you think, wifey?" he turned to Mika. "I don't know about you but I don't want to be putting our entire group in danger just to get a vehicle that'll last us maybe three hours at most."

She shrugged. "Do you know what survivors would do just to drive three hours in a car? This could save a lot of time for our child." She pauses to think before she reminded him: "And don't ever call me 'wifey'."

Aiello chuckled. "Okay then sweetie. I can call you 'sweetie' because your lips taste as sweet as…" He covers Erik's ears. "Candy."

Mila looked confused. "You could not say that word in front of Erik?"

Aiello kep covering Erik's ears. "If I said that, then he would be on and on me about candy." He removed his hands. "Doubling back should be an option. We'll just have to sneak past that herd and walk another four miles back. The dead, we don't have to worry about. The real threat should be cannibals, if any are still alive."

Aiello waited for any objections. None came from the group.

"Alright then." Aiello said, nodding his head happily. "We are going back to at least see if there are any trucks left. Hopefully those robbers and cannibals are dead, I'm being glass half-full of course. Best case scenario, they are all dead and there is a small number of zombie's left.

"Did we call for a carpool?" Abby asked sarcastically. Aiello failed to understand the humor. Possibly because there was none. "I mean we have an SUV following us."

Aiello heard a tire screech and saw an SUV riding up along the road. It was small in size before it grew the closer it got. Given as to how they are driving up quickly towards the survivors, they knew it was trouble. It was either the robbers or the cannibals. Either way, they were going to be shot at.

"At least that saved us the trouble of heading back," Ryan pointed out.

"And now we have cannibals or robbers about to crush us under their wheels," Mila rolled her eyes.

"Quit standing around anf make a run for it." Aiello ordered and he picked up his son over his shoulders and made a run for it.

"It's the meatheads!" a cannibal shouted from the SUV.

"You caused the destruction of our home!" another cannibal shouted.

"We've got plans for you, motherfuckers!" Hugh shouted from the driver's seat. He slammed his foot on the gas and raced after the survivors. "Don't think you can escape from us. We have guns and we have a big vehicle!"

Aiello took out his pistol and shot at the SUV, only to discover that the vehicle was bulletproof. He then thought of taking the vehicle once they eliminated the cannibals and then they can drive to the safe haven.

The six survivors ran into the closest house in the town, bursting through the front door and coming out the back door into a fenced in backyard. They hop over just as the SUV plowed through the house and came out after them.

The vehicle was parked in front of the house. The cannibals exited out of the vehicle and chased after the group inside but the doors were barred shut.

Aiello quietly ordered for his group to hide while the cannibals searched for a way in the house.

"Six against six huh." Hugh goaded from the front door as the cannibals swarmed around the house. "Aiello, it took us a long time to get this vehicle. The robbers took this truck along with them when they brought a herd of zombies." He explained. Aiello's theory about the vehicles was confirmed correct.

"Aiello, I am going to make you a one-time offer right now. You turn yourself in peacefully, then I will not eat your son. As a matter of fact, I will send him off into the world all by himself. He had nothing left but survival to worry about."

Aiello began seething.

"Like I said, this is a one-time offer. If you decline this right now, then I will go back to my original plans. With a little modification." Hugh took out a knife. "I will kill Tai and Abby, chop up your brother-in-law for us to eat, then your wife and son will be chopped up for you to eat. After that, we will finish whatever is left of you Aiello. Like I said, this is option B if you do no accept the one-time offer option A."

Aiello was not going to let Hugh get inside his head. He already chose his answer. Tai, Abby, Mila, and Ryan surrounded the three windows and each aimed at a target.

"So option B then? Alright, fine by me. Remember, you forced my hand." He shot off the hinges and kicked down the door.

Aiello raised his knife above his head. He threw his knife into Hugh's chest the second the door hit the ground. The others fired and ended up killing all of the cannibals except for Hugh and Dezeray, who was wounded pretty badly from a gunshot wound that Mila gave her after killing her first target.

Erik his behind a couch as his father walked over to Hugh, who was down on his knees and crying in pain. Aiello started at Hugh in pure anger.

"Go on, kill me and get it over with." Hugh snatched the knife from his chest. Aiello snateched it from his hand and continued to stare at him. "Kill me but don't hurt Dezeray."

Aiello took his word for consideration. All the other cannibals were dead, and both Hugh and Dezeray were still alive. All it took was a bullet to end both of their lives. "Hugh, I don't want to kill you, but you forced my hand."


"You want revenge. You blame me for destroying your home, but it was the robbers. They led the herd there."

"They wouldn't have been there if not for you!" Hugh said angrily. "We lost our home because of you."

"I can still hear the lust for vengeance in your voice. If I let you live, then there is a good chance you would follow me and my family. The robbers followed me all the way from the border. You could follow my family all the way to New York and slit our throats in our sleep before subsequently cooking and eating us. I am not taking that risk."

"Aiello." He turns red from anger anger. He lunged at Aiello with intent on killing him.

Aiello raised his Ruger 30 so that the barrel was up to Hugh's forehead and fired. Hugh's dead body hit the ground with a soft thud.

Dezeray stared in shock.

Aiello turns to Dezeray and reassures her that nothing will happen. "I will let you go. Let this be a reminder of what happens to people who threaten my family." He ejects the last bullet casing out of his gun before he bends down to face Dezeray. "We will send you on your way with actual food and water and a knife so you have a good chance of surviving." Aiello punched Dezeray in the face and knocked her out. He checked the gunshot wound in her shoulder and called Abby to remove the bullet from her shoulder.

"You are really letting her live?" Tai asked in a mixture of disbelief and horror. "She just shot at us this morning. She's part of the group that killed Vincent and Sadie."

"She is still a living person. What we do as Moral Ones is to make sure that humanity stays civilized."

"I have to agree with Tai on this one," Mila agreed, backing up her friend's belief.

"But if we kill her right now," Ryan argued, "Then we are no better than those bandits, robbers and cannibals."

"She's lying on the ground, defenless," spoke Abby. "It's inhumane to kill her right now."

"My father killing Hugh was just as justifiable," Erik spoke up for his father, "Please don't kill her, Daddy."

Mila said: "When I shot her, I was aiming for her head because she killed our friends."

"She did not kill our friends," Ryan debated.

Tai spoke up next: "Aiello, Dezeray held a gun to your son's temple."

Aiello was still not convinced. "That was a long time ago and as long as my son is alive, I will not commit cold blooded murder in front of him. I did not kill Carmine back in Alaska. I killed Jonathan, but by accident. I have and I will not commit cold blooded murder."

"But Hugh?"

"Hugh was not cold blood. I killed him because he was going to kill me. Technically, there is nothing cold blooded about his death. Killing Dezeray when she is unconscious is cold blooded."

"So we are just sending Dezeray on her way? What if she follows us?"

"We'll blindfold her."

As soon as Abby finished patching up Dezeray, Aiello carried her over his shoulder, the group walked down the hill and to the SUV.

Nighttime had fallen and the driver of the SUV: Ryan, took a sip of water from Abby in the passenger seat.

After they dropped Dezeray off by the side of the road as soon as she was conscious and gave her what they promised. Aiello and his wife played chess in the very back of the vehicle. The chessboard, they always had in their bag.

In the seats in front of Aiello and Mila and behind Ryan and Abby, are where Tai and Erik slept. Abby then fell asleep and left only Tai, Mila and Aiello awake.

"Aiello, you are losing again," she points out to Aiello, taking her husband's pawn with his bishop. "The enemy is coming your way and you have to defend yourself."

Aiello understood the analogy. "I take your bishop with my rook." As a result, Mila used her queen to take out Aiello's rook. "I'm glad we are playing chess together. It was our thing we did just after we accepted the world went to shit."

"Yeah. You would always be smoke and I would always be flame." Mila waited for Aiello to make his move. "I didn't mind you going first."

Aiello moved his remaining rook across the board until it landed E5. He had his wife's king in check. When he pointed that out, a knight came and took his rook.

"Keep an eye out. Be aware of your surroundings," Mila smiled. "Remember that Aiello. Remember that."

Aiello chuckled a bit. "I move my queen to 8A. I got you in check once again, sweetie."

Mila took out Aiello's queen while simultaneously putting her husband in check. "Everything you do has a consequence and a result. That applies to every single decision you make."

Aiello moved his king to the right and out of check, only to be put back in check when Mila moved her rook to G2. "What are you going to do now?"

"I am going to do whatever it takes to protect my king. Do whatever it takes to protect my family from both the zombies and the living. Whatever pawns or bishops or queens come my way, if they pose a threat, I will checkmate their king."

Aiello put his wife back in check.

"Good job," she praised, then made her move.


"Checkmate. If this was real, then you would have failed to protect your loved ones. Chess not only reveals how smart you are, but what you are willing to sacrifice to save your loved ones in real life."

"I may have been checkmated once again, but never more. In real life, Mila, I always make sure my enemies are checkmated before they checkmate me." Aiello collects the pieces and places the board underneath his seat.

"I will beat you one day, Mila."

"And I will congratulate you when you do," she promised.

Aiello watched her father leaned back and go to sleep. Aiello wanted to sleep, but decided to load bullets he took from the cannibals into Ruger 30 just in case.

He looked out the side window and gazed at the passing landscape. He managed to spot a sign that said 'Vancouver - 40 miles away'. Aiello took his loved one's words to heart. He was going to make sure that his enemies were checkmated before he was checkmated. He should've done that to Atticus before he killed his friends all those years ago. "I will never lose the game. Not while I am still the leader of the Moral Ones."

Day 26

Aiello woke up trapped under debris. The Faithful leader was dead and the Romans were executing Faithful survivors. Aiello kills the remaining Roman soldiers before he is ambushed by Atticus. He puts up a fight and questions why Atticus was a traitor. Atticus's motive was that he was displeased with how this group was functioning and wanted to go solo after killing them. His serial killer side broke out. Aiello tricked Atticus into letting his guard down before he stabbed the former prisoner in the heart and finally killed him. Before he died, he lit up a light and dropped it on a trail of gasoline that he created ahead of time. Aiello runs, saving Mila from being trapped under debris and carried her out. The building went up in flames but they managed to jump out a window in time and fall into a river. When they were underwater, Aiello and Mila looked at each other and despite being underwater, smiled at one another and shared a kiss.

That is it. This story is officially done. This will either be a standalone story or gave a sequel. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it. As always,review, favorite, follow, constructively criticise. Good night, Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year.