Foxy IS Pilot

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Naruto was panting as laid there next to Sasuke after finally defeating him. Sasuke was laying next to the tiered Naruto as he looked at him, "Looks like we fell asleep". Sasuke said while looking up at the sky.

"Damn I still can't move, I can't get up to hit you again". Naruto grunted.

"Ahahaah! AHAHAHAAHAH!" Sasuke smiled, "I-I lost and you still wanna fight". Sasuke chuckled.

"Shut up! This wasn't about winning or losing! This was about punching a sulking friend so he wakes up!" Naruto argued.

"When I die, have Kakashi or Sakura implant both eyes into you. I want you to have my left and eye. I-I don't have much strength left so… I… I give everything… to you Naruto… make the world you wanted reality. I'll see you later… loser". Sasuke let a small breath out as he stopped breathing.

Kurama internally was working on stopping Naruto's bleeding, "Stay with me Naruto! Don't die!" Kurama grunted in the seal.

Naruto shot his head up, "No! Sasuke! Don't you give up! Don't YOU!" Naruto was stopped as a black hole below him. Naruto's and Sasuke's blood were mixing below on some rocks. On it was a weird seal that had the words transportation, blood, and Kami. The seal cracked as it was sucked in by a black hole as Naruto and Sasuke's corpse was sucked in.

Naruto struggled to move, but his weakened body wouldn't move. He was pulled in just as Kakashi and Sakura landed watching Naruto and Sasuke disappearing into the abyss. The hole closed up as Kakashi landed and tried to grab Naruto and Sasuke. However, he failed, "Kakashi sensei! What was that!" Sakura asked worried and shocked.

"I-I don't know". Kakashi looked up as the sky returned to normal as the previous Kages appear. The sun turned to normal as everyone was released from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Kakashi sighed, "Naruto… Sasuke… where did you guys go to".

In the Black Hole

Naruto was floating in the air as he woke up. His wounds on his body prevented him from moving as he was sore and tired, "Kurama, where the hell are we?" Naruto asked.

"Kit, if I knew I would have told ya by now". Kurama grunted.

Naruto looked to his left to see a dead Sasuke to the right of him, "Sasuke no". Naruto had some tears running down his face, "Everyone I-I failed you". Naruto was upset.

Then appeared a woman with a silky purple dress that had ribbons flowing behind her floated down. She had blonde hair and violate eyes, "Naruto, rest easy now, your safe and so is everyone in the Shinobi world".

"Who? Who the heck are you? Why am I here?" Naruto looked at her worried and concerned.

The lady shook her head with a small giggled, "Do not worry they are all safe. I decided to free them from the Genjutsu they were put under. Sasuke was already very tired and strained towards the end. So he passed on and is with his family in the afterlife". The lady looked at Naruto.

"Okay?! So why am I here? Let me go back!" Naruto demanded.

"I cannot do that Naruto, you and Sasuke before he completely died. Your blood triggered a seal I placed in the Shinobi world a long time ago. A seal that would open up a portal to a new world. Naruto, you and Sasuke were suppose to come alive. However, he passed before you two were sucked in". She looked at Sasuke.

"So? Can't you bring him back or anything?". Naruto looked at her.

"I did not think a Shinobi or anyone like you encountered the seal I placed. It was the one who would save the world I have been waiting for. Also, no I can't bring him back". The lady looked at Naruto.

"A world that needs to be saved? Haven't I done enough! HAVEN'T I DONE ENOUGH FOR MY WORLD! I SACRIFICED EVERYTHING! MY LIFE! FRIENDS! MY PARENTS! MY LOVED ONES! NOW ANOTHER WORLD NEEDS ME!" Naruto screamed angry at the lady.

The lady's smile turned to a frown, "I am sorry for this, but you broke the seal along with Sasuke and there is no going back".

Naruto sighed, "I-I want to go back. Is there any way?" Naruto looked at Sasuke.

"No, you cannot go back. Naruto you were chosen for a reason. So please understand, I know Sasuke wanted you to have his eyes". The lady spoke.

"Yeah, but before anything else. Also, you never answered my question who are you?" Naruto asked.

The lady sighed, "I am what you people would call Kami, but for you guys, it be the Sage of Six Paths who is Demi-God per se. Not a true god, but one who could be called one. This world where I will be sending you will have these machines called IS a.k.a Infinite Stratos. Machines that only people could control. However, they were only allowed to be used to competitions. There are people who wanted to use it to wage war. There are unknown groups that are trying to use them for war".

"Let me help you with that". She snapped her fingers as Sasuke's body disappeared. Naruto's body was healed as he felt Sasuke's chakra mix with his. His eyes spun with his right being Sasuke's red flower pedal Mangekyou Sharingan and his left eye the Rinnegan. He was able to turn them off stopping his chakra flow to them.

"I made it where your body is adept to use the eyes. I did as your friend wish, now for your tailed beast friends inside of you. I think I will make it where you will have one IS unit. Since I sense nine tailed beasts in you. You will get one IS unit. Then your IS unit will have nine shifts, you will learn the shifts as it allows your abilities to expand". Kami spoke.

Naruto scratched his head, "Will you be able to teach me how they work?"

"You will just have to find out Naruto, good luck. Also, make sure you attend the IS academy. Look for a woman who is named Chifuyu Orimura". Naruto was engulfed by the black hole as he was transported again.

Naruto woke up on a random island in the middle of nowhere. He saw a big complex and looked around, he looked at his outfit as he was wearing a T-shirt or mesh armor underneath. While retaining the swirls, orange pants, black forehead protector, sandals, and orange jacket. He sighed as he looked around it was warm so he took off his orange jacket and slung it over his shoulders. He looked around and realized that the entire place had girls. Girl everywhere, just where did Kami send him!

Naruto walked around as the girls were giggling and he kept looking around. He then noticed something on his wrist, "The heck". Naruto found a watch on his wrist. The watch on his wrist had a dial on it. The middle section was like an hourglass. It had an orange wristband the hourglass was black. The symbol for the Shinobi Alliance was in the middle of the hourglass. (A/N: Think of it like the Omnitrix from Ben 10 I mean the one from Ben 10 Omniverse). There was only Kurama with the red armor and fox-like armor.

Then on the side, a small fox with nine tails came walking up. It tilted it's head looking at Naruto, "Naruto is that you?" Kurama talked telepathically to Naruto.

"Kurama is that really you?" Naruto looked at him.

"Yeah, it's met kit, It looks like Kami gave me a body I can roam around in. Seems like you also have all of us in your watch thing, but we aren't in them. The others are on their own sent back to where they wanted to be. I wanted to stick next to ya". Kurama smiled as he hopped on Naruto's shoulder.

"Awww that's so sweet Kurama! I knew you wanted to stick by my side!" Naruto smiled.

"Shut up ya damn kit! I only came because I know I can keep ya company in this world. Let's get going!" Kurama let out a small growl.

Naruto walked around until he came across a black-haired boy. He was average height with short black hair that is parted in the middle, dark brown eyes and a slim but trained body. He was wearing his IS Academy uniform, "Finally! Another guy! I thought I be the only guy on in the IS academy". The boy smiled.

"Well, the thing is… I'm kinda new here and I'm not even registered as a student here". Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "I got my own IS unit I just need to find a person named Chifuyu Orimura".

"Well, you're in luck! That's my big sister! The name is Ichika Orimura! I am her younger brother!" The now name Ichika smiled.

"Then let's get to it!" Naruto smiled as Kurama hopped on his shoulder.

"Uhhh you got a pet fox?" Ichika was surprised.

"Yeah, he has been with me ever since I found him. He was injured and I took care of him. He almost never leaves my side. He has been there for me and I have been there for him". Naruto replied smiling.

Ichika nodded understanding while Ichika gave Naruto a rundown on himself, "Yeah I am starting here soon. I will be starting class in about a few days! So, I bet my sister can get ya in!" Ichika smiled.

"Thanks a lot man!". Naruto smiled.

The two walked as they went into the school as they find the teacher's room. They walk in seeing Chifuyu and a green-haired woman standing next to her. "Hey, big sis I brought a friend of mine!" Ichika smiled.

Chifuyu looked at Naruto confused she saw something in his eyes. From one fighter to another she already saw how his stance was. He was ready to fight, not just from being a natural fight. I mean he was on guard. His arm movements, his stature. He was ready to fight, he was ready to fight whenever the time called for it. She saw his eyes, his bright blue eyes that showed something else. Something dark, saddening, it was something terrible that happened.

"Who are you?" Chifuyu asked while folding her arms under her breasts.

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki! I heard that this place was the IS academy. I came here to prove myself as an IS pilot. I want to be the strongest IS pilot in the world". Naruto smiled.

Chifuyu looked at Naruto, "How? I don't see a thing that could resemble an IS". Chifuyu said with a cold tone.

"Mine is right here, I got the only one I will ever need". Naruto held his watch up.

Chifuyu was shocked as well with Maya and Ichika, "How is that possible? A boy having a personal IS units?" Chifuyu squinted her eyes at Naruto.

"Is there anywhere I can use it?" Naruto asked.

"What's up with the fox?" Chifuyu squinted at Kurama.

Kurama let a small low growl out, "Oh Kurama? He couldn't hurt a fly". Naruto smiled.

"How about I blow up the damn island!" Kurama scoffed.

Chifuyu sighed, "Follow me you better not be a waste of my time". Chifuyu sighed as she had them follow her towards their arenas.

Once they made it Naruto didn't have a jumpsuit. They gave him one to use it had a dark blue tank top and tight-fitting Bermuda shorts. Naruto walked out as he sighed, "This outfit is really damn tight". Naruto had a fit and top physic shape. He had a six-pack that glowed and made Maya and Chifuyu have a slight tint of pink on their faces.
He put his hand up as he pushed on the watch. It opened up as it had shown Kurama the nine tails. He smiled, "Yeah let's go Kitsune Scale Mail!" Naruto hit it as a small button popped up as it had an orange line on the small button. The orange lines were around the bottom part with the white and orange hourglass on the top of the button. He slammed his fist down as there was a bright glow of orange.

Naruto watched as his orange watch that shot out red armor that went up to his body. Naruto body was covered from head to toe with armor. The light dissipated as Naruto stood there the same height with red armor around his body. His body had a red armor chest plate that covered his torso. His armor was on his legs that went down with four paws. He had five claws on his hands that were covered in armor. His head had a helmet that went around his head with tails coming out of the top. He had darkened lines on the cheeks of his mask where his three whisker marks would be. He had nine flowing tails behind him.

The masked went down as Naruto smiled the armor was dense and strong. It was still lightweight and enough for him to move in. He flexed his muscles as he felt light, he felt ready as usual. Chifuyu looked at Maya, "Maya suit up I want you to fight him. I also want you to measure his shield energy". Chifuyu looked at Maya, "Ichika get to the observation area". Chifuyu ordered.

Naruto stood there as the match was set up. He looked around as a screen to his right appeared, "Hey kit how ya doing?" Kurama asked.

"You can talk to me through the IS?" Naruto was shocked.

"Yeah seems like my actual self can go into the watch whenever I want. It's like a seal for me to hop in or out of whenever". Kurama let a chuckle out, "Alright kid you can use your ninjutsu without issues. You can run normal and everything else is functioning normally. You have over 1k shield energy which I don't know what that means. Well, I can interpret if it hits zero".

"I lose". Naruto sighed, "Well I just won't lose then". Naruto smirked.

Soon Maya came out wielding an assault rifle, "The heck is that thing?" Naruto asked.

The half of the fox mask went over Naruto's face giving him a visual. "It's an assault rifle with .50 caliber rounds. It's powerful so be careful, it has a fast fire rate, but it's not as accurate either".

"Got it Kurama, what are my weapons?" Naruto asked.

The mask went over his face as weapons appeared for Naruto, "You have a katana, pistols, assault rifle, .50 ballista sniper rifle, and all your ninjutsu if you wish to use them. You can also use your eyes as well". Kurama smirked.

"This is going to be fun". Naruto smiled.

Before they began Maya asked, "Uzumaki-San is this your first battle?" Maya asked.

"Yeah, it is, sorry if I can't use the full extent of Kitsune Scale Mail to the max. Also, please just call me Naruto! I don't care for formalities and that crap". Naruto gave her a foxy grin getting a small blush from Maya. Chifuyu heard that over the coms trying to think who this Naruto was.

As the battle was about to begin there were other people who walked in. They all were girls interested in the fight. Chifuyu said in the microphone, "Naruto Uzumaki! Maya! Begin!"

Maya quickly charged Naruto with an ignition boost. Naruto began to move as he would regular like a ninja. Maya began to fire shots from his gun shooting at Naruto. Naruto flipped and did backflips. This caught many of the spectator's attention. A IS unit shouldn't be that flexible and maneuverable. Chifuyu watched as she was very curious, the IS unit Naruto was using was nothing she has ever heard of.

The way Naruto was moving was from a skilled ninja. Naruto was someone she has never heard of, and he just now appears. Something didn't add up, she wanted to get to the bottom of who this Naruto was.

On the side, Ichika was amazed at how well Naruto was piloting the IS unit. Ichika just got his IS a few days ago.

Naruto was flipping as he said, "Kurama deploy my Assault Rifle". Like that, an orange glow appeared as Naruto's gun appeared in his hands. On his screen target marks appeared as Maya shot rounds at Naruto. Naruto copied her shots using his bullets to deflect her shots. Maya grunted as she ignition boosted pulling her sidearm out. "Kit watch out she is using a thing called an ignition boost".

"What is that?" Naruto asked.

"It quickly enhances the user's speed in their IS for a short period of time. Be careful so your energy shield doesn't hit zero". Kurama warned Naruto.

Naruto jumped into the air as he began to fly, "WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! I CAN FLY!" Naruto screamed as he started floating in the air.

Chifuyu raised an eyebrow, this kid. He moves like a ninja. He moves like a pro in an IS unit, but he can't fly? He also doesn't seem to know what an ignition boost was. Maya took out a rocket launcher and fired a shot at Naruto. "Incoming Naruto! Counter the rocket with something!"

Naruto thought about protecting himself, the tails on his suit came around and formed a large shield blocking the hit. Naruto saw his energy shield go down from 1,000 to 950. Naruto watched it, don't take too many of those. You should attack and go on the offensive". Kurama warned Naruto.

Naruto landed on the ground as he pulled out a sword. He charged forward as his sword split into two swords, "I can dual wield! Badass!" Naruto charged forward as he did an ignition boost on accident. He swung his sword as he appeared right in front of Maya. Naruto swung his sword as he hit Maya directly. Maya was sent back as she saw her energy shield drop from 1,000 to 800. Naruto's attack did a lot.

Naruto backed up as he did some backflips. Naruto landed on his feet as he formed an energy ball in his hand. "Let's end this!" Naruto ignition boosted again surprising Chifuyu and Maya. Everyone in the crowd were whispering until Naruto stated using a swirl of energy from his hand.

Naruto looked at his shield energy as it dropped from 950 to 925, "So using this Rasengan like this uses up 25 of my shield energy. I like those offs!" Naruto smiled as his IS unit began to glow. Naruto felt the IS unit adjust as wings on the side of his IS unit appeared. The wings were large with three spikes coming out of the wing. They curved towards the opposite side and the end towards the ground. There were diamonds on the wings that had a black and blue flame color to it. (A/N: Issei's Juggernaut Drive Wing's from High School DxD. ONLY THE WINGS!).

Naruto's shield energy went back up, Maya and Chifuyu's eyes widen. This is his first fight and he was able to go to his first shift. That's something any IS pilot would find hard to figure out. Naruto smiled as he rushed forward, "I WIN! TAKE THIS!" RASENGAN! Naruto smashed his attack as it grinded against Maya's shield energy shredding her shield from 800 to 0.

"That's it! Naruto wins!" Chifuyu shouted in the microphone. Chifuyu looked at the shield energy, Naruto took her down with that weird attack. Not just that, Maya had years of experience. She had 800 points of shield energy. (A/N: Also I don't know if the shield energy is accurate. I don't know if it is, all you need to know is Naruto is overpowered in this).

Naruto shut his armor off as his armor receded back into the watch. Naruto looked around as there were a bunch of people who watched him fight Maya. She was an instructor who are hard to beat. Naruto gave her a foxy grin, "Good job Maya! You're pretty good!" Naruto gave her a foxy grin.

Maya smiled as she got down from the IS, "Thanks Naruto, your skills are quite impressive for a beginner".

Naruto walked over as Chifuyu walked towards him with Maya and Ichika following suit. "Alright Uzumaki, where did you get the IS suit and how are you so proficient with it?" Chifuyu asked.

Naruto thought about it, "Well my parents were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. They made their own IS for me. I was trained by my godfather since my parents died when I was born. I accidentally touched it and my godfather Jiraiya and God Mother Tsunade saw it react. So they decided to train me and raised me as if I was their own". Naruto smiled.

Chifuyu nodded, "Alright then, you will be attending class with Ichika in a few days. I expect to see you then. Congratulations you're the second male to have been able to use an IS".

"Actually since he was able to wield since he was little, technically he is the first". Ichika spoke up.

Chifuyu nodded her head, "Your right, that does make sense… Naruto you are the first male pilot to ever pilot an IS congratulation and welcome to the academy". Chifuyu walked away smiling as she walked away. Naruto kinda like Chifuyu, she was strict and could be sometime scary. However, she seemed like a nice person.

Ichika saw Naruto and noticed this, "You're not thinking what I am thinking are you?" Ichika asked Naruto.

"What? Your sister? No! No! No! I just thought she was really interesting that's all. She just reminds me of two people that's all". Naruto gave him a foxy grin.

Ichika sighed, "Let me show you to your room".
"Sure thing". Naruto walked as Kurama came from the Corner and hopped on his shoulder.

Chifuyu was confused she thought about Naruto. How did he get an IS that easily? His story seems real, but some of it doesn't make too much sense. During the semester she will have to try to dig up information about Naruto. She has never heard of Naruto Uzumaki/Namikaze before. Not just that, he went through his first shift in his very first fight. "Naruto Uzumaki I will figure out who you are".

A/N: Okay! I hope you all enjoyed! I decided to do a revamp and change it up. I figured out some issues and changed the fight up. I nerfed Naruto a bit, I thought of it and decided that using the Rasengan say needs shield energy to use it. If Naruto uses it outside of the suit he uses chakra.

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