Life and Love

Yeet back with another chapter! I am going to do a basic rundown about who Naruto is for this set of characters. This is where everyone will learn who Naruto really is, then how he appeared in their world. What the reason for him being sent to this world was for.


Everyone watched as the world faded into nothing but red and black. Everyone turned their heads to see Naruto before them. Instead of the academy clothing, Naruto typically wears. He was wearing a much different outfit than normal. Only Ichika, Maya, and Chifuyu recognized the outfit he first wore when he arrived. He was wearing a T-shirt or mesh armor underneath. While retaining the swirls and orange pants, the blue pieces of his outfit changes to black: his forehead protector, sandals, and orange jacket, the black color showing more prominence than the blue did originally, "W-Woah Naruto you look completely different!" Houki said shocked.

Cecilia was just as confused, "Naruto what is this place?" Everyone looked at their surroundings as they find themselves in the village hidden in the leaves.

"As you must know, this is the world from which I came. This before the war that took place in my world". Naruto said as he looked back at the Hokage Mountain. Chifuyu saw the faces carved into the mountain and had the utmost respect for them.

"You mean you're from a different WORLD!" Ichika said shocked along with Rinin and Cecilia's jaws dropping.

"Yes, I am in this world we were shinobi's trained at the age of 8. We learned to harness our body's inner power known as chakra". Naruto held his hand out as a Rasengan formed in his hand.

"Hey! You've used that in our battle!" Cecilia remembered their fight on how he beat her.

"Indeed, but that was a Rasenshuriken. This is a Rasengan but it still the same concept, anyways. I wanted to show you where I came from, you need to know that I came here to your world after I saved my world. She was some psychopathic woman who wanted her chakra back, I don't understand it all. However, all you need to know is after the war I had to fight my best friend to save him from himself. H-He ended up dying… it's not what I wanted, but it ended up that way. Which is why I have his eyes, Kami, I mean yes, the actual Kami. Sent me to your world to save it from a war". Naruto said seriously.

"W-what! A war!" Ichika jumped.

Chifuyu's attention was all to listening to Naruto, "Well how do I put it, there are people in the world specifically men. Who are unhappy knowing that only females can pilot I.S suits. However, since of the recent development of me being one. Well, thanks to Kami-sama she made Kurama. The little ball of fluff you see running around".

Once Naruto said that a massive nine-tailed fox came walking up behind Naruto, "What's up everyone". He held his paw up and smiled.

Everyone jumped back in fear, "Y-You mean that little guy! I-Is this guy! T-Their height is so different!" Ichika backed up shocked.

"Correct, but I can channel small amounts of chakra. I can also control it to take on a small form". He disappeared in a puff of smoke as he was a miniature version again.

"Anyways, I want to explain who I am to you guys. I understand I have been able to do questionable stuff that needs to be explained. I don't like to keep secrets from friends, especially the ones that I care about". Naruto smiled as Chifuyu blushed with Houki.

Cecilia looked at Houki and Chifuyu, "W-Wait a second! Don't tell me! NO way! They got ahead of me!" Cecilia walked up to Naruto, "You mean to tell me you either dating Houki or Orimura-sensei!"

Naruto had a sweat drop appear, "Well you see I".
"Naruto I thought you were seeing both of them". Ichika said confused.

Rinin facepalmed along with Chifuyu and Houki. Naruto let a long sigh out as Cecilia began to go off on a tangent and scream. She began to call him a pervert and a womanizer. That was quickly shut down by Chifuyu slapping her across the face, "I have you know it that I actually enjoy being with Naruto. He has treated us quite fairly, and polygamy in his world is quite common".

"Is that true?" Cecilia asked.

"Well… actually yeah… so is incest". Naruto was shocked Chifuyu got that right.

'W-What! I was just talking out of my ass! Huh! Who knew!" Chifuyu was shocked.

"Well, that's because there were clans in my village. Each clan had special ninjutsu that they could use. They liked to keep their clan secrets and jutsus inside of the main house. So, they used their main branch a.k.a cousins to keep Genkai Kekkai in the clan only. When there was only one or two remaining clan members left. To prevent the clan from dying out, the person would be suited with multiple woman or men to have as many kids. So, it keeps the clan from dying out. That is known as the clan restoration act, or also known as the CRA. That was something I was part of since I am the last Uzumaki and Namikaze". Naruto smiled, "Well that's enough of that let's get into the main reason. Why I am here, simple to help stop a war". Naruto smiled, "I want you guys to know who I am, so we have that trust". Naruto smiled.

"N-Naruto if you don't mind me asking… what type of childhood did you have?" Houki asked curiously.

Naruto grew a little quiet knowing that he was going on a touchy subject, "I-I'd rather not talk about it… it be easier to show you". Naruto snapped his fingers as they transitioned to a memory.

Currently, Naruto was five years old was locked outside of the orphanage. At the worse time possible because it was October 10th. The day Naruto was born, also the day the angry civilians went on things called, 'Night Hunts' which we basically hunt to torture Naruto.

Everyone watched as the angry civilians cornered the little Naruto. Houki and the others stared in shock and horror. Meanwhile, Chifuyu was tightening her fist in anger and rage. Ichika wanted to throw up along with Rinin and Cecilia. Maya had tears, Houki was holding onto Naruto's arm the entire time. Chifuyu watched with a frown on her face, "You know… if I was there I would give them all a piece of my mind". She said angrily.

Soon the scene shifted to the regular scenery of Konoha, "If you can picture that… think that happening continuously until I was the age of twelve. That's why my ninja career kicked off, that's when I was able to defend myself". Naruto gave a small smile, "I grew up without any parents. I grew up without knowing the love of a father or a mother. Which is why it's hard to be happy all the time ya know? Which is why I do what I do, so people can recognize who I am. A lot of the villagers saw me as a monster, a demon if you will it. Wasn't until I defeated an enemy known as Pein is until they recognized me as a hero. Many began to like me, but not everyone still liked me, that's when I was seventeen. It took until during the war for everyone to love me and appreciate me. Even still, people don't like me… a lot don't like us".

"What do you mean us?" Ichika asked nervously with the other not wanting to know.

"I was a Jinchuriki". Naruto looked at them as Kurama sat on his head.

"Human sacrifice?" Cecilia had a shiver run down her back.

"Yes, you see Kurama, my little fluffy friend, over here. They are known as Tailed Beast with mass amounts of chakra and power. The villages used them for power, so by learning to seal them into humans. They created Jinchurikis which were human sacrifices for war. If the person could talk and negotiate terms with the tailed beast. They could share power together and grow stronger. However, the military only ever saw us as weapons. The people… well, they viewed us as a demon… monsters… you know what sometimes I can't help but agree. Not knowing what things are causes fear, they didn't know much about Fuinjutsu. Many follow, many don't search for the truth, and not many look to try to see the person for who they are. All they see is a monster because their hates blind them". Naruto had a small smile as he looked down. Houki and Chifuyu could see the brightness in Naruto's eyes dim. His shiny golden hair that always shimmered dimmed and seemed dull. Naruto had a dark past, they all understood what type of life he had.

"As much as I don't want to know, how were you treated in the village". Chifuyu asked not wanting to really know the answer.

Naruto let a sigh out, "Well the day I was born before I became a Genin of Konoha. The villagers on my birthday, they would go o hunting parties".

"Hunting?" Cecilia said nervously.

"Parties". Houki said with Cecilia worried about the reason.

Renin and Ichika stood quietly with Chifuyu, with Maya trying to lose her emotions, "It was simple it was the day where the civilian counsel would keep the one person who could save e. His name was Hiruzen Sarutobi, one of the few people to care about me. During those days the council would keep him busy along with the Anbu. I would be vulnerable, during the first few years I would be thrown out of the orphanage on that day. I would have to defend myself, that kept happening until I was five once I was thrown out".

"W-Wait when did this start?" Chifuyu asked nervously.

"Well, it started at four, then continued even after since I was kicked out. All the way until I even hit the age of about ten is when it stopped. I didn't have the required chakra to help protect myself". Naruto smiled, "I think that's enough you guys can get the picture of how I had to grow up. Trying to get living necessities were difficult, they would sell me rotten and spoiled food. That or they would completely overcharge me for a simple apple". Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "But once I grew up and grew stronger, it took a lot of hard work to get where I am today. I lost good people along the way, but I still feel like I failed them. However, I know that they are happy knowing I am here and safe. I'm helping this world with its own war". Naruto let a sigh out as the scene changed to the top of the Hokage Monument.

Everyone saw the scene was the sun going down and little Naruto was sitting on the top of one of the heads. Little Naruto watched the sunset, the real Naruto watched the sunset as well, "I never got to be Hokage… I don't think I ever will. So, I'll aim for something else. I may not know what that is, but I do want to find out".

Houki and Chifuyu walked up grabbing each one of Naruto's arms and lean in. They both plant a kiss on his cheek causing him to blush, but Cecilia was upset, "What! When have you two get so close to Naruto!"

Chifuyu smirked, "Oh? We've been with Naruto for some time now Alcott". Chifuyu then had a smug look on her face, "What's wrong? Do you want to be able to be this close to Naruto?" Chifuyu asked.

Houki blushed, "Orimura-Sensei I don't think you need to brag too much".

Cecilia began to show how upset she was, "Mou Naruto if you're with those two how come I can't be with you!"

"I-I never said you couldn't, but I mean, you need to understand here your putting me in a tight spot. I'm already with Houki and Chifuyu but being with more than one was tough since I liked both of them. They came to a census and agreed that I can be with them both, but I don't know how they feel about more than two!" Naruto began to panic; he didn't know how Chifuyu or Houki was going to act.

"Naruto get us out of here, we need to talk to you". Chifuyu sighed as Naruto dropped the jutsu allowing everyone to wake up.

Real World

Everyone woke up with Chifuyu blushing, she took out her computer. She began typing in her password and logged on, "I've recently have received emails from our higher-ups. They have recently discovered that there are girls who have a higher aptitude for flying I.S units. The stronger the blood ties are with other I.S pilots that being Naruto and Ichika. The government has requested the heads of the I.S community request the males who can pilot I.S. Are eligible to have multiple partners to produce more I.S pilots hopefully being more of the male variety". Chifuyu began to spat and dislike what they were trying to do.

"Wait you mean they want us to have more than on girlfriend!" Ichika said confused.

"That's not all Ichika, this is a very similar rule back in my world. What the world powers want are more males in the I.S mainly the I.S pilots are female. They want to use our children as living weapons. That's something that is not sitting well with me". Naruto said angrily this is exactly what the CRA like back in the elemental nations.

Houki didn't think of it like that, she blushed at the idea of children with Naruto. Chifuyu blushed at the idea of children as well. Chifuyu already knew what it was meant by this email. She was even surprised that the board would even send this to her, she would have to inform the rest of the school eventually. Naruto sat and thought about this, "Chifuyu do you really know for sure that it was indeed by the head of the school? I thought this school was not bound by any other countries or companies".

"Yes, that's regularly true, but this is different. It was an order by my superiors, which is out of ordinary. I'll see what I can do, but I can't be sure what it is". Chifuyu gripped her fist tighter, but Naruto put his hand on her shoulder. She relaxed as she let a breath out, "Be prepared I'm going to be making the announcement tomorrow".

Cecilia frowned, "So… Naruto does that mean you don't have any feelings for me?" Cecilia asked as Chifuyu began to walk to do what she can about this email.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he saw Chifuyu leaving, she looked back at him. She gave him a smile and nod, with that Naruto smiled, "Well… I'm not so sure Cecilia, not like I know you're a bad person. You just need to understand that we're all on even ground. No one is better than either of us. We're all the same".

Cecilia knew she had a large ego and always thought of herself as the best. Trying to break free of that thought would be hard, her parents were so harsh on her. Her mind wandered to Naruto's past on how he had to grow up without parents. Cecilia wasn't on great terms with her because they wanted her to do other things. They wanted her to do more with her I.S then attend a school. Her father was highly against it, and her mother would never stick up or even try to reason with her father. The father hated the idea of her being an I.S, but her abilities proved that she was adept to use an I.S. That's why she was accepted and she was given an I.S.

Cecilia smiled, "I-I know I can have a really big ego, but I really do mean well".

"Let me guess you found it hard to make friends?" Naruto smiled, "Everyone kept treating you like a princess because you were the ace of England. No one would ever look at you as Cecilia, everyone saw you as Cecilia Alcott. England's Ace who was strong to take down an instructor". Naruto knew where she was going with this.

Cecilia was pretty shocked by this, "H-How did you know that?"

Naruto smiled, "It's more the opposite of what you had. You had the attention, but yet no one treated you like a normal girl. It's just like me, but a tad bit different. For me, I was treated like a monster that no one cared about. All I wanted was people to notice me and acknowledge me, but I still wanted people to treat me like a normal person. You were treated like a celebrity, but not a normal person. I was treated like a monster, but not like a normal person". Naruto figured out that they must have had different backstories, but they still had the same need. The need to be treated like a normal person, no one would judge them because of their status.

Houki shook her head knowing that Naruto was going to get to Cecilia like this. Naruto just has a way with words being able to change anyone. For some unknown reason, Naruto has the power to draw people towards him. The power to make everyone smile, be happy and be able to make a friend. Rinin and Ichika watched this in more awe learning more and more about Naruto. Naruto always seemed like a cheerful person who always seemed to lead a good life. Yet to think he had a dark was preposterous, to think he came from a different world was even crazier.

Naruto Uzumaki/Namikaze was one hell of a person to understand.

Next Day

Naruto made his way to class with Houki walking with him. The two arrived in class and took their seats quickly following Chifuyu and Maya walked in, "Hello everyone, I know it's quite strange for this. I would like to introduce you guys to a new transfer student. He is also a male I.S pilot".

Soon an androgynous male with long blonde hair that is tied up in a ponytail. He had purple eyes and was wearing the standard male schooling attire. Naruto was sitting there staring at the new student, "Bonjour my name is Charles Dunois, I am a representative of France. I hope we all get along this year together!" Charles gave everyone a cute smile.

Naruto knew something was off, he sent chakra to his nose. He got a good whiff of Charles when he went to sit down. Kurama was on his lap, "How interesting this Charles is much like our dear friend Haku right?" "You got that right Kurama, she might have male looks and the outfit too. However, Charles Dunois is no male. Our friend is not a he but it's a she, which makes me wonder why she is pretending to be a he". Naruto thought to himself. Kurama hopped off Naruto's lap as he walked up and hopped up onto Charles's desk, "Crap I'm sorry, Kurama stop bothering the new student".

Charles chuckled, "Please don't worry about it, I find him quite cute". Charles began to rub behind Kurama's ear, "Yep! She is a keeper Naruto she definitely knows how to give good ear rubbings". "Stupid fox". Naruto mentally said as he sat back down in his seat.

"Alright class listen up, this is being distrusted as well to the other classes. I have to bring bad news to the boys in the academy. By our school, the headboard agreed that the males of the I.S academy in the future have to take on multiple partners. It's a heads up I must give everyone because traits from males who can use I.S units are wanted. Now I don't want any of my students popping out children left and right. You better control yourselves you three". Chifuyu stated angrily mainly glaring at Naruto. Naruto began to sweat, wait didn't she signal him to try to make Cecilia happy last night!?

Later On

Naruto came back to his dorm to find Houki moving her stuff out, "Houki! W-What!? Where are you going!?"

Houki frowned, "Since there is another male I.S I had to move out! I don't know why they didn't move Rinin from Ichika's room instead!" Houki said upset.

Naruto placed his hand on her head and began to pat Houki's head, "Don't worry Houki I still love you". He whispered the last part which caused her to blush, "You want to do a date night Saturday?"

Houki began to blush harder, "F-Fine then! J-Just doesn't be late! Five O'clock at the fountain!" She stammered walking away blushing.

"You got it". Naruto chuckled as Houki left.

Soon Charles came by with his belongings, "Hello Naruto it's nice to meet you, as you can see we are going to be roommates. I hope we can become friends".

Naruto smiled back, "Same here". Naruto helped Charles bring his bags in as Naruto decided to get to know Charles. Naruto wanted to give it a day or two before he asks. Naruto wanted to make sure Charles was comfortable to talk to Naruto when Naruto asks why he is pretending to be a boy.

Two Days Later

Naruto and Charles were at the arena in their personal I.S suits. Charles wanted to spar with Naruto so he could gauge his strength. Charles's I.S was called Raphael-Revive Custom II. Naruto was with his sword ready to fight, Charles had his guns active and ready to fight. I.S was named Naruto and Charles started with Naruto moving quickly to dodge Charles's barrage of bullets. That was easy for Naruto dodge, but Charles was very good with his guns and shot ahead of Naruto. This forced Naruto to flip forward to evade his shots.

Naruto appeared behind Charles delivering a slice to his back with his sword. Charles was able to roll forward, while he rolled forward, he shot his gun. This hit Naruto causing him to back up, Naruto put his hands together as clones appeared. They all charged at Charles which confused him, he shot one of them as they disappeared in a puff of smoke. He worried but they were fakes, which he then proceeded to rush past them. However, one of them landed a solid punch on his I.S leg which sent him tumbling back. Naruto then appeared in front of Charles, Rasengan! Naruto rammed his spiraling sphere of energy which ate away at the remaining shield energy that Charles had.

Charles barely had time to react, those clones of his were able to hit him. Charles I.S turned off and so did Naruto's. Naruto helped Charles up as they went back to the changing rooms. Naruto watched as Charles grabbed his clothes and went towards the stalls to change. Naruto knew what he was doing, he was going to ask him since the two began to bond really well.

Once the two changed and head back to their room. Naruto went ahead and took a shower then Charles did. Naruto went to his bed to wait for Charles to change, once he was out and in his Pjs. Naruto sat back up in his bed with Kurama in his lap rubbing his ears. Charles smiled, he liked having Kurama and sees Kurama like a pet for them, "Hey Charles I need to ask you something". Charles looked at Naruto and smiled back, Charles like how close the two have gotten, "Yeah Naruto is there anything else you want to learn about France? You seem quite interested in it".

Naruto smiled, "Well I mean come on! The way you talk about France it sounds amazing! Well, let me get to my question Charles! I need to know… why are you pretending to be a guy when clearly you're a girl".

Charles kept smiling until he heard the question. He stared at Naruto for a second and had a blank look on his face, "Huh… what".

Naruto sighed, "Charles I know you're a girl that you're pretending to be a guy".

Charles's eyes widen in fear, "H-How did you! H-How did you find out!" Charles began to panic with worry and sweat running down her neck.

Naruto smiled, "Charles… I don't mind really and don't worry about it. Charles, you seem like a really good person. I think you and I get along really well Charles, I think you're a person who would only lie because someone is forcing you". Naruto knew there was more behind her motives. He wanted to know why she was doing this because Haku did the same thing back in the wave.

Charles's face began to sadden as she looked at the ground, "I-I have to do this so I could steal information about your I.S and Ichika's Byakushiki. My father was forcing me to do so, he wanted me to go undercover as a spy. I am the daughter of one of my father's mistresses and when she died. He took me in and gave me a home, but he did nothing but work. He then learned that I could pilot an I.S and he wanted me to infiltrate the I.S academy as a boy. That's that then… I'm sorry for lying to you all this time Naruto. I feel bad for having to lie to you but telling you has made me feel better".

Naruto nodded his head understanding her words were true and honest. Naruto smiled, "Well that's fine with my Charles, I don't mind at all. You came clean and told me the truth, I don't know what type of father you have, but I can damn well say he isn't the greatest. Since you're at the I.S academy you don't have to worry about your father. Charles, I was going to do this regardless. I make enough money to the point where I can buy myself my own house. If need be, I can make sure you stay safe even after the I.S academy. Tell me… do you really want to go back to your father? He was just trying to use you; did he even care about your mother?"

Charles looks down upset, "The thing is when I learned who he was, all I thought about was making him proud. My mother told me not to lie to others, but yet my father makes do it, I hate it. Yet, I almost feel like I should be grateful for him helping me and taking me in".

"Bullshit! He is only using you for your power as an I.S pilot Charles, think about it. He is using you as a tool, once you've had your use. I can see him throwing you away! There a person I knew, and she did the same thing as you. She pretended to be a boy when she was a girl. Granted her situation was a little different. She dressed like a boy to keep the men away from her. There are men out there in the world who would do anything to satiate their carnal desires. So, she pretended to be a girl, however he only goal was to serve her master. She would gladly lay her life down for him. Because he saved her and raised her, but she never looked at herself like a person. She only looked at herself like a tool, when I beat her. She wanted me to kill her because she was no longer useful to her master. She considered herself a broken tool that can't be fixed! Please… don't you damn tell me that you owe that bastard anything!" Naruto said this with rage, sadness, and pure disgust in his voice.

Charles had no idea who this person was the other day. He was so much more different; he is typically his happy to go self. Naruto was always a ray of sunshine, he even made it where Charles forgot that she was he, "N-Naruto this person… what happened?"

Naruto looked down upset, "She ended up dying".

Charles was a little worried, but she wasn't too sure if she would die. However, she knew that her father didn't seem to care about showing any type of fatherly love to her. He was always too engrossed in his own work to worry about her. Charles knew that if she went back that her life would be boring. Naruto was offering her to help her and free her from this, "N-Naruto how do I know I can trust you".

Naruto smirked, "Well here is the thing, you can't trust me. Until I can feel it in your heart that you can trust me. I will show you something that will give me complete trust in me, but I need to know. Before I show you, you can trust me without question".

Charles her eyes and thought about it. She had no idea who Naruto really was, but she knew if she went home. Her father would be angry, but of all the time he now wants her. Only because she had an I.S aptitude, he never wished her a happy birthday. He was never there for holidays; he was would do nothing. All she did was train and train to get stronger. He only cared about her combat abilities. Charles opened her eyes and smiled, "Naruto… when we're alone you think you could call me Charlotte". Charles this time had a girly smile on her face.

Naruto smiled, "Charlotte, now that's a proper and pretty name".

"Well… can you promise me you would protect me Naruto?" Charlotte asked him with sincerity.

"Yes, I promise you. I promise you on my nindo way". Naruto randomly pulled a forehead protector and tied it to his head.

"Yes, I do". Charlotte said with sincerity in her voice and Naruto could tell she was telling the truth.

Naruto smiled as he crossed his fingers as the privacy and silencing seals were placed up in the room. Naruto's body began to glow a golden chakra, he had thick distinguishable black lines on his body, "So… where do I start?" Naruto smiled as Charlotte looked at Naruto in shock. She could feel the warmness coming off of Naruto. His energy was calm, inviting, and warm. He had an aura that seemed like a blanket that wanted to protect her.

Time Skip Saturday

Naruto was making his way towards the fountain and arrived at 4:50 pm waiting for Houki. Naruto waited for a bit then saw Houki coming. Naruto smiled at her outfit; she was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with a collar. With denim blue pants that came to her knees. She had her hair usually up in a ponytail with her green and black ribbon, "Wow Houki you're looking really cute".

Houki blushed as she grabbed his arm, "come on let's go!" She cheered with her arm in the air in a fist ready to go.
Naruto Houki made their way first to the zoo. Which was new for Naruto as Houki dragged him everywhere. They went to visit reptiles, they saw bears, polar bears, panda bears, giraffes, and many other creatures. Soon, they made their way over towards the aquatic area where they saw all the first was a giant shark. Naruto thought it was pretty amazing to see, but Houki was a little scared by its size. Naruto kept his arms wrapped around her as they made their way to the penguins. Naruto and Houki were randomly picked from the crowd, and they got to feed the penguins.

Houki thought they were adorable and began to feed them fish. She thought it was fun and was on the other side of the exhibit. They were so soft and fluffy, "Ahhh! What does it want!" Naruto began to freak out.

Houki began to chuckle and laugh, "Naruto! Penguins are harmless! They just want the fish in your hand!"

"Oh yeah! How do I know if they want to poke my eye out! Look at their beaks! Look at them in general! You can tell they are evil!" Naruto flared his nostrils as he tossed the fish into the air. The penguin caught it in its mouth, then all the penguins had their attention at Naruto began to internally panic. Houki and the rest found it funny, Houki was laughing harder because back in Naruto's world he was considered one of the strongest!

Naruto didn't realize it, but Kurama was purposely drawing chakra nature. Thanks to Naruto infusing it with his own chakra. Kurama learned to absorb it, if Naruto would have felt it. He would blame Kurama, but he was in too much of a panic! The penguins all began to pile up on Naruto, one of them were males trying to mate with him too! Kurama began to roar with laughter in the seal, "HEY WHAT HELL! YOUR DRAWING CHAKRA NATURE IN!" Kurama kept laughing until Naruto stood up. Kurama was laughing too hard and stopped absorbing nature chakra. Naruto quickly slammed large red Japanese style gates on top of Kurama stopping his movement. Kurama kept laughing as a tear ran down his face, "Worth it". "Stupid Fox" Naruto yelled.

Houki was laughing as Naruto stood up embarrassed, even the zookeepers were confused. Penguins never try to breed with other species unless it's their own! Once that was over Houki and Naruto left with Houki still making fun of Naruto. The two went for lunch, Naruto left to get some chicken wraps from a store. Naruto got himself a spicy buffalo chicken wrap and Houki got a crispy chicken wrap with hot sauce on the side. Naruto came back with the food to find annoying guys trying to hit on Houki. Naruto waited because he knew that Houki was strong. One grabbed her shoulder, but Houki's last nerve snapped. She grabbed his arm throwing him over her shoulder. He fell into a pile of mud. The others went to attack, but that's when naruto stepped in.

He blocked their punches and kicks with a single leg with the food still in his hands, "You know it's quite rude to team on one on three". Naruto quickly spun his body around giving one of them a roundhouse kick to the face, "Oops I've must have calculated incorrectly, I think this much be an off day for me". Naruto sighed.

"Y-You damn bastard!" The last thug pulled a knife out and tried to stab at Naruto.

"This is why rock always beats scissors!" Naruto swung his fist hard the knife snapping it two, Naruto quickly handed Houki the food, "Why don't you and your lackies take this elsewhere".

Just then there was a gunshot heard from behind Naruto. Naruto turned his head to find Houki holding her shoulder. Naruto stared at the man who shot the gun, guns are supposed to be illegal in japan. Naruto knelt down ignoring the men who shot the bullet. Naruto placed a seal that created a barrier that made them disappear. No one could see or hear inside; Naruto's body began to glow with a golden chakra as he quickly incinerated the bullet. Then gave her some chakra to help close the wound up.

To think that they would resort to guns was sad. Naruto disappeared in a blur knocking out the two other lackies quickly. They were beginning to wake up, and Naruto began to walk towards the guy who shot the bullet, "Pathetic… the lot of you, you shot my girl. You hurt her! That's a mistake YOUR GOING TO LIVE TO REGRET!" Naruto began to walk quickly to the guy with the gun, he fired four bullets. Naruto caught them, then Naruto appeared in front of him with the barrel of the gun to his mouth, "Shoot it… I dare you". Naruto stared the man in the eyes.

The man screamed, "GET AWAY FROM ME!" He fired the gun.

Naruto didn't even need to flick his head back; Naruto was holding the fired bullet in his mouth. He bit hard and smashed the bullet to pieces with his teeth, "Pathetic!" Naruto grabbed his face with his careful hands. Naruto lifted him off his feet then slammed his head into the ground, he didn't kill him. However, when he woke up they were going to have headaches for a very long time.

Naruto and Houki fled the scene without anyone recognizing who they were. Naruto sighed and checked to make sure Houki was alright, "I'm fine Naruto for the last time". Houki chuckled.

"I-I'm sorry you got hurt, I didn't even sense him get up. I thought you had him taken care of". Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

Houki smiled, "Well you lost track of him because you thought I took him out. It's okay Naruto, I don't blame you, I thought I took him out too. However, that's why I have you right?" Houki went on her toes and placed a kiss on his lips. Naruto returned the favor and hugged her figure, "H-Hey Naruto… can tonight be my night?" Houki asked seductively.

"For someone who calls Ichika or I a pervert, you certainly are one yourself". Naruto smirked as Houki blushed, "S-Shut up baka".


Naruto and Houki entered a hotel for the night to stay together. Naruto placed up silencing seals and privacy barriers. Houki quickly pushed Naruto no the bed as she untied her ribbon and let her hair down. Houki and Naruto began to have a heated make-out session with Houki moving her hands up Naruto's chest. She could feel every muscle, his pecs, his abs, everything his body had to offer was at her hand.

Houki kept kissing Naruto as she pulled his shirt off. She began to kiss his body admiring every inch of it. She moved her hand all over his chiseled and toned body. Naruto was currently removing her shirt which Houki happily removed and she quickly shed her bra. Naruto was gently feeling her large mounds of happiness. He wondered if they were bigger than Baa-chan's. Naruto smiled as he felt her nipples, "Look at that look who is already turned on". Naruto chuckled; Naruto could see her slightly labored breathing. Naruto kept moving her mounds around while moaning.

Houki eagerly took his pants off and helped free his member from the prison of his underwear. She watched as the eight-inch grow to ten inches, "N-Naruto! Did you get bigger!?" Houki wondered just how much he would be stretching her. She swore she felt the folds of her pussy quiver in excitement.

"I don't know maybe I did". Naruto pulled Houki in for another kiss as he put his hand around her slim and curvaceous body. Naruto kissed her neck and towards her collar bone placed a Hickie on her collar. Houki returned the favor placing the hickie at the same spot on Naruto's collar.

Houki went towards Naruto's member and began to lubricate his length as best as she could. She put the head of it on her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip. She began to lick and kiss his tip. It wa sour, but not half bad for her tastes. She then began to bob her head on his dick sucking on it. She moaned at the pleasure of sucking and pumping his dick at the same time. Naruto moaned the head she was giving she looked up at him with a cute look, "H-Houki!"

Houki took her mouth off and smiled licking her lips, "It's okay give it to me". She kissed his testicles and popped his member back into her mouth.

Houki began to tease the tube of Naruto's dick with her tongue and worked her way father down his penis taking in at least five inches, "H-Houki! I'm!" Naruto didn't put his hand on her head. Houki clamped down not using her teeth, but her cheek and lip muscles to make sure she was still latched on. She was given her prize once Naruto groaned as she felt his juices fill into her mouth. He kept shooting ropes after ropes, once she pulled her head off it kept flying in the air onto her face and breasts. Naruto was breathing heavily with Houki licking up and eating what she could. When she finished the last line her lip quivered and smiled, "Tasty Naruto, but I think it's time to get to the main course".

Naruto laid on his back with Houki straddling him, "Houki I can give you a beak I can".

"I-I can do it!" She said and Naruto said nothing more as he was ready for her. Houki began to lower her hips down with his dick already aligned with pussy. Once they met Houki let out moans as she went down further. Naruto could feel how tight she was, he put his hand on her ass ready to help if she needed it. He was sending chakra through his dick to help with the pain while also massaging her butt to keep it flexible. Houki went down further with already three inches in and Naruto hit her wall, "N-Naruto I want you to take it". Houki waited as Naruto rolled her on her back.

Naruto looked her in the eye, "Houki I really do love you, let's be a family one day". Naruto connected lips with her. Houki's eyes widen at the sudden sentence, but she closed her eyes and let a tear run down her face.

"I can't wait until that day happens". Houki said with Naruto smiling. Naruto began to push further in with Houki readying herself. Naruto then broke her hymen signaling he took her virginity, "You're mine Houki… no one else". Naruto began to push the rest of himself in as Houki's eyes widen with her letting out a moan. She arched her back as Naruto pushed himself in spreading her untouched areas. Naruto reached all the way inside into her womb.

"N-Naruto! I-I can feel you all the w-way inside! I-I can feel you!" Houki smiled as Naruto began to move as he let out grunts and Houki letting out moans. Naruto was making sure to keep sending chakra through her body to make sure nothing was torn, broke, or anything unnatural. Naruto kept going in and out with Houki moaning every step of the way.

Two Hours Later

Houki was on her last gas tank as they were going at it for already three hours. Houki had to take breaks because with Naruto's monstrous stamina it was hard to keep up. This was Naruto's fourth load for Houki. Houki has already come twelve times, Naruto was moving his hips faster and faster as Houki was moaning and awaiting her next batch of baby batter. Naruto already told her that he can make sure she doesn't give pregnant since he placed a pregnancy seal on her. A seal that Chifuyu and Houki wanted Naruto to learn to make.

Naruto began to make his final movement as Houki waited, once Naruto pushed his hips in again Houki felt a rush of warmth being sent into her vagina again where semen came pouring out. Naruto let a huff and a puff out as he laid next to a tired out Houki. Naruto began to emit a heat that dried up the semen on the bed. Houki ate any last bit that dribbled out, Naruto had a seal placed on her stomach already to keep her from getting pregnant, "Houki how was it?" Naruto asked with a smiling face.

Houki giggled as she snuggled into his chest, "It was the best, I can't wait for what the future has in store for us!"

Then Naruto got a ding on his phone with Houki grabbing is, "What the… who the hell is this? Your printer… why is he calling you Ero-Sennin!?" Houki recognized the name of the books that recently came out. They were books known as Icha-Icha series which were a group of perverted books about romantic and nudity scenes in it.

"W-Wait! Houki! This isn't what it looks like I swear! I do only for the money! Plus it's a continuation of my Sensei's work!" Naruto began to sweat.

Houki had a tick mark on her head, "F-Fine! But we are talking about this later!" She angrily but then her happy persona came back and snuggled into his chest. "Dammit". Naruto moaned internally.

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