First Contact With An Angel

Chapter Eight

Imperial World

Classification: Agricultural World

Designation: Pioter

Segmentum: Ultima

Sector: Potra

Aboard the Red Tear, Gloriana class Imperial Flagship...

Magnus The Red walked through the Blood Angel's Librarium with utmost reverence to the history he was now allowed to gleam. He was in a vibrant dark crimson colored robe made for his giant stature. It was made out of Adamantium mixed molecularly with cloth, together the two components made a good bulletproof fabric that had recently been developed by the Mechanicum. The Lord of Sorceries had a stack of five books in each hand, primarily about the different philosophical ideologies that sprouted from the Baal Sector during its golden age before the Long Night. While two of the books were on the legends of Baal Secundus.

Magnus turned a corner and came back to the main area of the Librarium where the tables and ancient statues sat. The Master of Prospero walked to the closest table that could take his bulk and sat down in a quick and graceful motion. Once he was situated he began to open the first book, The Accumulated Tales of the Ancient Baal mythology. Magnus was the most eager about this book in particular. He had always been fascinated by the tales of Prospero's gods and legends, though now knew how silly the stories were they still had a special place in his heart. So it was with an eager eye that he scanned the manuscript.

The chamber was extravagant, to say the least. It was five stories all possessing stairs that lead to the grand main area, where Magnus now sat. Magnus peeked his eyes away from his reading for a moment to scan the room. He noticed the pillars that held the walls up were chiseled to represent fallen heroes of the Legion, all were depicted to be holding the ceiling up as if holding the very room together with their sacrifice.

The walls themselves depicted many battles, historical figures, and past events. The most transcendental of the paintings was of the sky of Baal, 'Probably Baal Secundus,' Magnus thought. It was a beautiful oil painting of a Baal cityscape at dusk or dawn, Magnus couldn't tell exactly which. The sky was a beautiful red mixed with bright orange. After taking in the painting Magnus turned his head back to the book and continued reading. He did this for some time taking in every word in the book.

He read of the two sister moons and how their big brother planet. And the tale of how Baal, the brother, had given Baalind, the elder of the sisters a beautiful necklace made out of ruby-red stars. The tale told of how the elder sister gloated maliciously to her younger sister, Baalfora. It told of how the little sister became enraged at Baalind and chased her across the sky of Baal until she caught her. When the little Baalfora got a hold at her sister Baalind she ripped the Necklace off of Baalind, in the process breaking it sending the ruby stars out in the cosmos. This was the tale of how the old people of Baal explained The Necklace and the Stars of the Red Scar Nebula.

The Necklace upon Baal Primus was, in reality, a byproduct of the Baalite Civil War that destroyed both moons during The Age of Strife. The Necklace was caused by an orbital station falling from the sky and smashing into the surface of the moon, leaving the massive scar upon the world.

Magnus continued to read for another hour reading tales of great heroes and more about the sister moons and brother planet. Then after a while, he decided to acknowledge the Legionary behind him. Magnus turned in his seat to face the Astartes. The soldier stood at attention their right fist over their heart, Magnus motioned for him to be at ease and said his voice loud, but not angry. "At ease Blood Angel. Tell me why you are here?" The Legionary complied and relaxed his stance. Then he spoke, his voice was smooth and noble, like all Blood Angels seemed to be, 'Except for Nassir Amit.' Noted Magnus.

"The Lord Commander wishes to speak to you, in his personal Stratagem chamber." The Angel then bowed and made to leave saying. "My Lord Primarch."

Magnus simply let the Legionary leave, not saying a word to him, Magnus was too deep in thought then. 'Why would Sanguinius be summoning me now? Oh well, I guess I'll have to take these books with me.' With that thought, he got up out of the chair, grabbed his books, and left the Librarium. While Magnus walked he read, in the next hour he read finished the book he had started about myths and finished another on the Ancient Philosophical ideals of Baal Secundus, and started another of the old ideals of Baal Primus.

It was rather strange Baal Secundus had once been more of a Democratic Republic were as Baal Primus was far worse off, it was run by a tyrannical regime that ruled through a mix of fear, superstition, and religious subjugation of the masses. Magnus let himself feel pity for the poor souls who had been stuck in such a system, but the thought was quickly pushed aside. Magnus had finally made his way to the Stratagem Chamber.

Guarding the door were two Sanguinary Guard. Their glaives in hand and ready to kill any who dared to trespass near their lord. Magnus could see the two tense as he looked at them, but paid it no mind, after all, they were simply doing as trained. Magnus approached the door and was addressed by the guard on the right. "Lord Magnus. The Lord Commander has been awaiting your arrival, he will see you now."

"I would hope my own Brother would see me, after he was the one to summon me." Said Magnus a smile forming on his lips as he walked up to the doors.

The two guards as he came closer pulled the doors open wide for the Lord of Sorceries to enter. Once Magnus was within the chamber they closed it immediately, the door giving a mnemonic hiss as it locked. Before Magnus was another double door, though this was was unguarded. As well as the doors themselves were only made of wood. Beyond them, Magnus masterfully wrought senses could detect a multitude of noises.

The primary sound was simulated Bolter fire mixed with the discharges of Lasguns and Volkite weapons. After that, he could hear a chorus of voices all varied and clearly simulated. Next was the sound of three voices one was giving a deep laugh while the others were giggling. Magnus raised an eyebrow in confusion at the sounds and pressed on towards the Stratagem's main room.

Magnus easily pushed aside the wooden doors, which gave a loud creak as he pushed them wide open. Inside Magnus found the Chamber alive with a simulation. The room was cast in a massive hololithic display of a war zone. A giant battle was being fought on a sandy beachfront. The sky a deep hue of purple.

Within the battle was the yelling of Legionaries and the roar of their Bolters. And the incoherent shrieking of Orkz. The battlefield was filled with hundreds of Astartes of three Legions, the Blood Angels, the Thousand Sons, and the White Scars. Arrayed against them was a wide assortment of enemies, ranging from the brutish Orkz, and the Megarachnids. In the midst of the battle the Legionaries stood as a beacon on the battlefield of order among the unorganized hordes arrayed against them.

Then Magnus saw amidst the battle his Brother and Lord Commander. Sanguinius stood out amongst the battle he was high up on a plinth overlooking the battle. Though despite this his face was anything but that of a commander at the moment. His face carried a mighty grin. He was in the middle of a deep chuckle his face happy and serene. He was dressed not for war but for relaxation, similarly to Magnus. His robes were a pure white mixed with accents of gold and crimson.

Magnus then noticed two other people on Sanguinius plinth, two children. Both were only about 10 or 12 in age, a boy and a girl both were dressed in small naval uniforms and their hair was neatly combed back. The boy possessed golden hair with ghostly blue eyes while the girl had hair as black as the empty void and forest green eyes. The two children were in a similar state to Sanguinius deep in the moment and alight with laughter and giggling.

But as Magnus approached the group noticed him and quickly ceased their merriment. As Magnus reached the base of the pillar it began to return to the floor. While it lowered Magnus heard Sanguinius say. "Simulation Postpone." And a moment later the room turned from a battlefield into an empty chamber, all holograms disappearing in an instant. Magnus waited for the plinth to reach him not saying a word only staring at the pillar as it reached the floor.

As the plinth gave finally came to a stop Magnus got sight of all it's occupants. The two children were behind Sanguinius as if afraid of Magnus to some extent. But Magnus paid that no mind, he was currently staring at his Brother and Lord Commander. Sanguinius in return was staring at Magnus. Both Brothers' faces were neutral, but the stare each other was giving would be enough to terrify any other mortal man. The twin stares persisted for what felt like eons to the children both gazing from behind one of Sanguinius's legs. Both almost sure the two giants would come to yell at one another at any moment.

The two brothers stared for a second longer before both burst out laughing with great volume, the room seeming to rumble with the humor of the two Demi-gods. After a long moment of laughter, Sanguinius stepped forth and cast his arms around his brother in his embrace saying. "My dear Brother, How have you been of late I haven't seen you since-"

Magnus cut in saying matter of factly. "Since the Edict of Mostra. Yes, it has been some time since we last spoke."

"Yes indeed, far, far too long. Why have you been avoiding me ever since you arrived at Pioter? I mean we talked a bit Telepathically but not once did you come to see me. I thought you were cross with me, perhaps. But that appears not to be the case, so why the distance My Dear Brother?" Asked the Lord Commander.

"My studies and military campaigns have kept me busy." Partially lied Magnus, hoping the partial truth would be enough of a response.

But Sanguinius knew his brother well and he instantly saw through his Brother. The Primarch of the Ninth indicating to the awestruck children behind him to wait a moment outside the Strategam Chamber, telling both of them to ask the door's guards as many questions as they could conceive. Once the children had scurried off, the Lord Commander turning back to Magnus and saying in a serious tone. "Magnus, I am not our brothers, you need not withhold your feelings with me. I would ask you again my dear brother why did you feel the need to distance yourself from me?"

Magnus sighed taking the moment after to collect his thoughts. "You know as well as I that Lorgar's Rebellion left its scars amongst us and our sons. The revelation that not only were we not an unbreakable and united order of brothers fighting for a common cause, was a bitter vintage to swallow… I believed myself close to Lorgar... but I was mistaken. For that, I believed myself somewhat to blame for the horrible atrocities he committed upon his fall from the path."

Sanguinius felt deeply the frustration and despair his brother felt, as he had felt not too different when the truth of Lorgar's betrayal had reached him. So with this feeling of understanding for Magnus Sanguinius asked his own mind already guessing the answer but desiring to hear confirmation from his Brother. "Why would you blame yourself for the sins of Lorgar? They were his own wrongdoings and his own twisted ambitions."

"Perhaps they were all just his own faults, but if they were how could I not have seen that in him. After all those decades talking with him, practicing with him, debating with him, I still missed the part of him that could be turned so cruel and malicious. I used to look at those times fondly, as my times where I was allowed to show a side of myself rarely explored. But now all I see those times as nothing more than mistakes and sins of my own, where no pleasure should have been taken. Perhaps if I had been more preceptive to the Darkness growing in our Brother I could have warned Father of his betrayal." Responded Magnus truthfully the 12-foot Demi-god bowing his head in shame at his own inabilities.

Sanguinius drew closer again to Magnus, placing his hands on either of Magnus's shoulders before saying, lightly squeezing his brother. "I understand what you mean, at least to some lesser degree. I too was bereaved to hear of Mortarians betrayal, While I may not have been as close to him as you were to Lorgar, I had at least made some heartfelt connections with him, believing him a true believer in our cause and a man of unequaled willpower.

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