Hello and thanks for coming to see this chapter, this will be the last thing published for this story, and I mean it, as I'm working fully on this stories reboot and on my other story Angel's Lament.

So some basic info for this chapter as it is quite out there in content. These were early writings I had for this story for the distant future of the story. These were written at the same time as Chapter 2 for this story and so I was still very new to Great Crusade Lore, Mass Effects deeper Lore and to writing in any fictional form, and these two things definitely show, especially to me now. But I thought it would be a nice send off for this story if I showed you all what I had planned for the original story, though the new version is still being formutalated and all that stuff so it might be very different or perhaps not and it will be very similar, I know not which still but I will make my mind up before posting chapter one of First Contact With The Angels.

But back to this chapter and its contents. The first section is a planned meeting with the Council, who invited Sanguinius and a Batarian Diplomat to the meeting in the hopes of brokering a peace between the two.

Then there is the second Section which would take place MUCH later on a world like Illium, where a Chaos invasion had begun, but I'll let you read that section to see more of that for yourself.

With that all said I will be quiet and let my old writing commence, hope you enjoy...

Sanguinius, Azkaellion, Chapter Master Raldoron, the Council and A Bartain ambassador and some C-sec

"I shall be the one to give the conditions from the Emperor." Began the Primarch.

"What are the 'requests' of this 'Emperor'?" asked the Batarian Ambassador rather dismissively.

"You would be wise not to insult my father again, Ambassador, I do not think it is conducive to a successful negotiation - nor an intelligent thing to say in my company." Said Sanguinius calmly yet pointedly.

At that, the Ambassador visibly paled and stammered before getting out the words, "Yes… I agree. Now... what are your terms?"

"The terms are these, that the Bartarian Hegemony is to abolish any and all forms of slavery. You are to release all slaves in the best condition possible. You are to provide them fair pay in accordance with their years of work and servitude. That goes doubly for any and all humans you are hiding from us. Next, the Hegemony is to cease any and all illegal activities deemed as such by Imperial law, including the funding of such behavior. You will then take any and all action against those participating in said illegal activities." Sanguinius gave the terms in a calm unwavering tone despite the cool rage smoldering inside him. He took a breath and prepared to continue until...

"These terms are outrageous and we will not be forced into compliance by some before unknown GIANT IMBECILIC MONSTER!"

The Batarian made to continue his insult but was cut off by Azkellion, the Chief Sanguinary Guard standing at the right of the Warmaster with his sword swung high and ready to smite the Ambassador. "YOU DAREST INSULT THE PRIMARCH!"

His strike was stopped mid-swing by the hand of Sanguinius halting the blade. Softly he spoke to Azkellion, "Let the creature live, My Son. We must not prove him right and thereby make him a Martyr in the process."

Azkellion tried to argue, but a stare from his mighty father made him loosen his grip on the blade. Decisively, Azkellion sheathed his sword while glaring down the Ambassador who had fallen to the ground and, by all indications, soiled himself from fear during the commotion. Azkellion's tone was cold despite his boiling wrath, "You ever Insult The Angel again, it will be the last thing you ever do, you useless worm."

The Ambassador covered his face and squealed, "I won't... I won't!"

Sanguinius gave one last look to his son, Azkellion, and then to the Ambassador before letting his gaze settle on the Councilors who were all gaping at the display whilst trying to collect themselves. The Bright One pausing only a moment, then saying, "I do believe that the poor ambassador has need of a change of vestment, I suggest we adjourn for the day, don't you Councilors?"

Sparatus was the first to speak, " Ahem, uh, yes I concur."

Tevos was next to utter, "Um, yes. I agree. Let us adjourn for the day." She spoke quickly never allowing her eyes to meet Sanguinius'.

Valern was the last to collect himself, and with a calculating look on his face said, "Yes, let us disburse for the day and talk more of this tomorrow."

Not bad it's coherent and sound. If you go in the diplomatic stuff doing that can "force" the batarians to insult the Imperium which could be use as an excuse to go to war and make an example that way the rest won't try to fuck with you but you don't pass for a warmonger.

that 's good at least.

A possible altercation between the Daemon Primarch Lorgar Aurelian, Sanguinius, and a few Asari Maidens.

It was a monster something from a horror movie, something that shouldn't be real but somehow now stood before the Asari Maidens. They couldn't even scream when they saw it, it was so terrifying that they couldn't even squeal or run like their bodies were shrieking that they should. It had four horrible spikes protruding from its head, it was clothed in strange and bulky armor that only added to its terrifying aura. Emblazoned on the armor were words and glyphs all glowing an unholy red and orange. Looking into the glyphs made the Children's heads hurt, and they swore that they heard whisperings of promises being made into their ears, promising them power, immortality and anything else that they desired. Spreading from behind its shoulders were a pair of monstrous reptilian wings, rows of what looked like claws protruding from the underside of them. Then it spoke and its voice was petrifying, yet enthralling all the same. Its words were alien yet all the fearful Maidens understood what it said. Not even thanks to their translator chips, but because of the strange energies coming off of the entity made what it said clear. "What do we have here, well hello there children. Would you like to hear a story." It cackled at some strange joke and continued speaking in its deranged language. "What is it you desire young creatures? Power? Immortality? Strength? Wealth? You may have it all if you would simply worship the true gods. The Gods Of Chaos. The truest Gods that have ever existed. The kindest that exist, the most merciful of Gods... Now, which of you would join me at their side?" It spread its arms and unholy wings wide, almost as if about ready to embrace any of the children that stood up as its own family. Then it only glared at them when none stood to join it, all the Maidens were simply too terrified to move a centimeter from where they crouched.

The Creature growled and raised a monstrous-looking sword that was covered in black runes that ran along the glowing red hot blade, ready to strike down the closest Asari child to him. The weapon descended but right before it struck the child a booming voice roared from the other room causing the Demon to reel back blade never making contact with the Maiden. As suddenly as the roar was heard there was a new being entering the ruined room. This figure was just as massive as the other, only rather than being a Demon like the Creature before this one was an Angel. They were dressed in the purest of gold plate armor, ornately decorated and designed to look like battle scenes, in the darkness of the room they seemed to glow, a holy white aura surrounding them as they entered. On the left pauldron was a giant furred animal pelt that seemed ready to jump from the shoulder mount and leap at the demon. The being even had wings like the Demon, but their wings were that of an angel, white as the purest snow and ready to explode into action. When it walked it strode with a noble grace, one clearly belying its strength and speed. Then it spoke and its voice was powerful and strong, yet it gave hope to the fearful children. The Maidens could understand their words as well, though now it was through their chips they realized rather than some unholy telepathic language. "Lorgar" the Angel growled. "Leave them be. Your quarrel is with me." The Maidens ran behind the Angel and it cast its wings over them in a protective gesture. Then it continued its voice taking a sad edge. "What has become of you brother?"

The Demon brought itself up to its full considerable height and raised its sword then spoke defiantly. "I have Ascended past what our weak-minded and weak-willed father planned for us, I have Ascended to the fullest heights of what the True Gods have planned for us all. You should join me, brother, they would be more than glad to welcome you to their side as they have me. All you would have to do is submit to their will and denounce our weak 'father'." He spat the word like it was poison on his tongue. The Demon then pointed to the Maidens "And, of course, kill these heathens that dare to deny their place in the games of the gods!"

The Asari Children looked to their protector in fear that they would become their killer. But their fears were quickly dispelled when the Angel Spoke again this time angrily. "Never Lorgar. I'd rather die than join your Dark Gods and I'll never abandon Our Father. And I'd never slaughter the Innocent." At that, the Angel raised his golden spear and holy white blade. The Demon roared and charged the Angel. Faster than they could see the Angel was gone and now had their weapons locked with their Demon brother's sword and mace.

The Maidens made to run to the door, but suddenly two horrible abominations of rotting and boiled flesh stood in the doorway. But just as quickly as the monsters appeared they were slaughtered by a smaller yet still gigantic Angel this one's wings seemed made of stone, but were still pure white. They too were encased in gold armor like the other angel but their voice, when they spoke was far more angry and wrathful. "Die abominations of the Dark Gods!" Then the smaller Angel turned its head to the Children and said after killing the monsters. "Get behind me and stay there while I clear a path for you." It then charged forwards and started whiling and slicing more monsters that had appeared. The monsters roared and squealed at the Angel as it cut them to ribbons.

The children quickly followed as best they could trying to stay in the giant Angels shadow. When they made it outside they were met by a group of other giant angels, all killing abominations that came at them. The Angel that had lead them out now pointed them into a large blocky ships that was surrounded by the angels. The Maidens quickly did as they were told and ran inside of the ship. As soon as they were in the ramp they had run up began closing the angels forming up to defend the entrance. As soon as the doors were closed the ship roared to life and lurched forwards. It was then a voice came over the intercom and said in a gravelly voice. "Take you seats young ones, we're heading straight into orbit and then to the Red Tear after that. So you had best also buckle up and get ready for a very bumpy ride." The girls quickly ran the seats lining the red ships walls and sat in the giant seats. It took them some time to get them secured fumbling with the restraints.

Back in the room Angel and Daemon fought one another. Blow after blow being dodged or parried by either side, neither being able to get a decisive blow on the other. Until the sound of a shuttle taking off outside took the attention of Sanguinius. In that time Lorgar pressed his advantage. He slashed his brother across the chest with his demonic blade. But the Great Angel would not go down so easily. The strike only enraging him to fight harder and push himself more. Sanguinius roared back to his brother and stabbed with the Spear of Telesto catching Lorgar in the gut. The Daemon Primarch yelled out in pain, but his pain would only increase after what happened next. With the holy blade imbedded in Lorgar's stomach, Sanguinius willed it fire and it responded shooting holy fire into Lorgar's abdomen. The Daemon ripped himself free of the spear and turned to run, knowing that he had lost he tried to retreat. Lorgar slashed the air with his daemonic sword and willed it to tear into the fabric of reality. Lorgar made to jump through his portal but was caught by another blast from the Spear of Telesto knocking him away from the portal and he was now lit aflame with its holy fire.

Lorgar roared a challenge to the Great Angel and charged forward in a blood fueled rage. Sanguinius blocked and dodged each blow dealt by Lorgar and when able struck back at the Daemon. Their blades became interlocked for a moment and Lorgar spat out in raged. "How is that wound I gave you, Brother!" He gave a haunting grin and continued, "It's the same blade that killed Horus!" He cackled and pushed Sanguinius away. "The Anthema blade, it creates a poison specially for anyone that is cut by the sword. So you will die just as Horus or join me!"

Sanguinius shook his head to clear his now blurred vision and roared back and flung himself at his Brother. He blasted Lorgar again with the spear and slashed him across the right eye with the Moonsilver Blade. Lorgar hissed in pain and fell back trying to escape the Angel's wrath. Sanguinius began to feel more of the poison affect him and he began to feel his limbs begin slow and lose their strength. He knew he didn't have long to finish the fight before he would be at Lorgar's mercy and that would surely be a death sentence. Sanguinius pushed through the pain and the encroaching darkness and charged forth at his brother. He stabbed him in the right leg with the Spear of Telesto. The Daemon roared in pain and swung with his mace, it connected with Sanguinius's chest plate and cracked it like an egg. The Great Angel was sent colliding with the floor, the air being driven from his lungs in the process. He made to get up but felt a boot press hard on the small of his back, pinning him to the ground and pushing the air from him again in the process. Lorgar laughed in triumph and he began to raise his mace to end the Great Angel. The mace descended but just before it made contact with Sanguinius's skull a blinding golden flash entered the room. Sanguinius felt strength return to him and he picked himself up in a flash as Lorgar was sent reeling arms and wings trying to cover himself from the blazing light. When Sanguinius stood and turned around he was left speechless for a moment. There in the center of the room stood Him, the Emperor, his father. Rage was in the Master of Mankind's golden glowing eyes a righteous rage fueled by love and indignation.

He spoke and his voice was a thunder crash upon the world. "LORGAR!" It was all he said and it was more than enough he then marched upon the Fallen Son. Lorgar took a step back, looking like a petrified child being scolded by their father. His black daemonic skin paled and charred in the presence of The Emperor, but the Primarch of the Word Bearers paid it no mind as he stared dumbfounded that the being that now stood before him. The Emperor raised his flaming blade to smite the Fallen Son. The blade descended but at the last moment the Fallen Primarch disappeared in a torrent of black smoke. The Emperor simply sheathed the sword and turned to his injured son. The Emperor's face went from wrathful to compassionate in an instant.

He looked at the wounds upon the Great Angel, his son with the greatest compassion. When he came to the stab wound from the Anthema his face became hard as stone and he cupped both his hands on the wound. He whispered long-forgotten words of power and healing. Sanguinius felt the wound close and the poison in his veins be expulsed. Like a sliver pulled from a wound the pain left him eventually. Though the damage it had done was healed it still had taken a toll and the Angel Collapsed from the ordeal. Sanguinius's last sight was of his father bent over him, picking him up in both arms.