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A slight change to the Episode 'Destiny' from series 6 of the Clone Wars, and occurs in the six months between chapter's 27 and 28.


Yoda cocked his head slightly as he looked at the five priestesses floating before him, "What is this place?"

Serenity floated a little ahead of her sisters, "All that surrounds us is the foundation of life, the birthplace of what your science calls midi-chlorians, the foundation of what connects the Living Force and the Cosmic Force. When a living thing dies, all is removed. Life passes from the Living Force into the Cosmic Force and becomes one with it. One powers the other. One is renewed by the other."

Yoda frowned in annoyance, "This I know."

She paused for a moment before nodding to herself, "This world had a name once, long ago. Now known to but a handful of beings and only one breathes who once walked its green and blue surface."

Yoda frowned in confusion, "Matters greatly does the worlds name?"

"Knowledge is power and the knowledge of names holds great power if wielded with skill, Scion of Ragnuk." Serenity answered, "But that depends if you are willing to wield such a weapon and the consequences of doing so."

Yoda tried to appear calm and composed, internally worried at what such knowledge would bring about, "Then know the name may I?"

The other four sisters grew agitated at the question, turning to look upon Serenity and Yoda felt their disapproval as if it were something physical in the air. Anger gestured harshly at Yoda, "This knowledge is beyond his understanding and could bring Him here."

Serenity nodded sagely and raised a hand to quiet her sister, "We are all aware of the risk, He is not ready to come here, He may never be ready, but to with-hold such knowledge is a betrayal to Him. This was His home too."

Sadness looked away, "We must betray Him to protect Him. This knowledge would cause Him too much pain."

Joy laughed, "But it would be good to see Him again, wouldn't it sister?"

Anger growled in frustration, "We never stopped."

Confusion shrugged, "We are the moon to his path, but not his sun. But He is not here, only the little green one, so I think you are taking my purpose, aren't you sister?"

Serenity glanced at Yoda for a moment before nodding in agreement, "That is true sister, let us give the little Master the choice, as it was taken from Him so long ago." She floated back to her original position, "This place has held many names over the aeons, but the name that echoes most at this moment is that of the basest of elements, the core from that which all worlds are shaped."

Yoda raised an eyebrow in confusion, old lessons from his youth providing the answer, "Earth?"

Serenity's smile seemed to widen for just a second, before she floated down to look Yoda in the eye at his height. "It is simple is it not? Such a small word, but it holds such power. The cradle from which so much life blossomed."

She drifted back away and motioned for him to follow her, "Come with me." She continued speaking as she floated along, leaving her sisters behind as Yoda hurried to keep up with her. "At death, in order for you to preserve your identity, you must know yourself, your true self, and then let go."

She pointed ahead to an island in the distance, strange ruins of fire blackened stone stood tall as monoliths against the twisted trees. "On that island dwells all that remains unconquered, what, in your existence, some call evil, otherwise known as fear, all which must be finally overcome before the journey can be taken." She looked down at the tiny Jedi beside her, "Free yourself, you must."

Yoda nodded, confident in his success, "A Jedi Master I am. Know all that dwells within I do. Mastered my weaknesses and conquered my fears I have."

She looked down at him, an amused tone in her voice as she answered him, "Have you? So sure, of yourself, even now?"

At his look of annoyance, Serenity sighed, "You would have done well in the House of the Red and Gold."

"Thank you?" Yoda answered in confusion to her comment.

"It was not a compliment." She said and gave a tired huff of amusement, "You must face your evil on that island and defeat it." Beginning to float back, she paused for a moment, "Just remember, that even in a place stained by such Darkness as has saturated those ancient stones, help will always be found there, if you but ask for it."