Before I start this, let me say, i am currently working hard on Naruto The Gamer, Deku's Game, and What it takes to change the Future, but writer's block is stopping my work on the first two while the last one is more along the line of tedious work as the second chapter alone already is up to 4K plus words and it barely got done with the start of the "chapter". I predict it might have 10K or more words just for this chapter alone, which alone would beat my all time record of how many words per chapter!

Anyways! This is the summery of the story!

Midoriya wakes up one day with memories not his own and powers he couldn't believe. how can he handle life now with a quirk that let him leave his body, send ghosts to heaven, and going dealing with an explosive bully all at once! Izuku is Ichigo, no One For All, Soul Reaper Izuku, IzukuXharem

PLUS ULTRA EVERYONE! I don't own Bleach or My Hero Academia!

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Midoriya's POV

"Ichigo!" A tall tanned man with red and white armored arms shouted as he and a orange hair female ran towards me.

I grit my teeth, mentally trying to figure out where I am while I speak, "Chad! Orihime! Stay back!" I stare up at a smug looking man that had a weird orb in his chest, his quirk maybe? No... not a quirk... a weapon... but of what...?

"Ichigo Kurosaki... you will now bare witness to the birth of the new Soul King! With the Hōgyoku's power, I will bring an end to this world and recreated it in my image!"

"Well then..." I grab the blade... no... I grab Zangetsu, and pointed the tip of the katana... no, my zanpakutō, towards the man, "even if it costs me my life, I will use my powers and this blade in order to protect everyone, you bastard!" Black flames cover my body as I charge the man, "Aizen!"

I sit up in a sweat, gasping for air, "again..." I look out my bedroom window to stare at the moon.

"I didn't know it at the time, but those dreams I were having weren't dreams at all... oh, and I forgot to mention, this is the story of how I became this world's first Shinigami!"

Izuku Midoriya, 13 years old, Middle schooler, aspiring hero in training... and Shinigami!

Line Break 10101010101010101010101010

FYI anyone can take my plot and write their own versions of it, but if you do, you have to tell me so I can read it! I would love to see how you all would take my idea in your own words! Anyways in the great words of All Might... THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!


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