DS Endeavouer Morse work from his slumber trying to ignore the events that had happenend last year. While at the same time admiring the beauty lying in the bed next to him. Morse still wondered how on earth he managed to land a girl as beautiful and smart as Joan Thursday. It didn't help the fact she was his bosses daughter and the fact they didn't have much in common. Joan was more modern and Morse was more marooned in the dark ages. Not just in personality and taste as well.

Had it really been a whole year since he moved into his new place after all that pantomime with Ronnie Box, George Fancy and Alan Jago? It didn't feel that way. Fred Thursday had been made DCI again. But Morse was under the impression Thursday was retiring. It had been mentioned and hinted at several times but didn't happen. Morse wondered how long CS Reginald Bright could go on for for he was no spring chicken either. Jim Strange had been made DI through his Mason connection to replace Box. This didn't surprise Morse Strange made Sergeant before he did after Jakes left.

Shirley Trewlove formerly WPC was now a full fledged Detective Constable at Scotland Yard under one of Thursday's old mates from the Met. She moved after Fancy was killed. A large number of WPCs in Thames Valley had been accepted into CID under a new intiative from the MOJ.

As Morse looked closely at Joan again still sleeping. He thought back a few years to when he asked her to marry him. Well it was more of a suggestion more than a proposal and a real far cry to how he proposed to Susan. Morse wondered if Joan would accept his proposal a second time if things went the distance for them. He doubted it but he didn't want to raise his hopes.

When they both awoke at last. Morse was bustling in the kitchen and pretended not to notice Joan wrap herself around him and smooch his cheek.

" You in today"? She asked hoping it would be a no. "Only if they need me" Morse replied. Joan took that moment to say "I don't know if you'll react to this but Mum's hoping that if she gets grandchildren to spoil that they'll come from you." It was all Morse could do fight down a laugh. "I had no idea your mother thought of me as a future in law". "Doesn't matter who they are as long as they are good to me or Sam" Joan replied with such force she sounded like Trewlove.

"I do feel tempted to call you Mrs Morse at the moment" Morse replied with such a cheerful smile he looked a schoolboy caught with his hands in the tuckshop cuboard. Joan giggled at that. "If thats your idea of proposing marriage to me again then I accept" She replied kissing him long and hard.

Morse took that moment to draw her near and stroke her hair. While murmering softly lyrics from the songs he sang with the choir. Later that day Morse walked with Joan down to the welfare office where she worked. He could not help but admire her bum and legs in her skirt. Once upon a time he would have felt guilty for that.

But not now

The End