Prompt from Guest: Could you do Tarzan AU with Tarzan x Clayton pairing. Clayton is examining the jungle and Jane is nearby sketching animals when baboon attack happens Jane gets away, but Clayton isn't so lucky. Tarzan saves him and they fall in love! Clayton who's messed up way treat animals is result of his abusive childhood.


Clayton hated being on babysitting duty. It was for a number of reasons, the main one being that Jane Porter was not suited to being in the jungle, certainly not travelling through it in that yellow dress of hers.

No, no, no. She was far more suited to remaining in the camp, surrounded by all those books and research.

The second reason was because, as Jane insisted on sketching something in the trees, he was left alone with his own thoughts, and that was something he could do without.

/Weakling boy! \\

Clayton shook his head, clearing that spiteful, voice from his memory.

"Clayton!" Jane hissed, "Clayton, look at this."

Happy to take his mind off his own memories, Clayton twisted around, sighing at the sight of a baby baboon eating a piece of fruit. "Very nice Miss Porter." He then watched as the baboon climbed all over the woman before snatching the sketchbook from her hands.

Of course, he laughed.

"This isn't funny Clayton!" Jane hissed, before moving to chase after the cheeky baboon, which of course meant that Clayton was obliged to follow, listening to Jane mutter angrily to herself, as she picked up the pages of her sketchbook.

When the baboon finally stopped, Clayton groaned as Jane held out her hand, like she was speaking to a naughty toddler.

"Give me that! I will give you to the count of three… one… two… Oh look, a banana!"

As the baboon turned, probably just in response to her pointing, rather than the actual sentence. With it distracted, Jane snatched her page back, cackling in delight. "Oh, I can't believe you fell for that!"

"Miss Porter, can we please go back to the camp now that you've finished traumatising small baboons?"

She was too busy mocking it though.

As soon as he heard the feral growling, Clayton was on the defence, whipping his shotgun out and aiming it at the pack of baboons behind them.

"There, you see…" Jane began, "… I told you they'd be- "

"- Miss Porter, please!" Clayton snapped, "You are not- Hey!"

The shotgun was snatched from his hands, seconds before the baboons let out a feral war cry and charged towards them. Jane screamed, even as Clayton cursed furiously, the pair making a run for it through the hanging branches, upturned roots and slimy moss.

Clayton honestly hated his life sometimes.

As Jane suddenly veered off in another direction, Clayton couldn't help but curse again, spotting a gorge up ahead.

Hopefully he'd built up enough speed.

Picking up the pace just a little, he jumped for it, feeling something cling onto his jacket, preventing him from falling to his death. Opening his eyes, he frowned at the sight of the ground rushing past him, almost as if he were flying through the air.

Glancing up, his eyes widened at the sight of a man dressed only in a loincloth clutching onto the back of his jacket, the other hand clasped around a vine as they swung through the branches.

"What in the- " Feeling a gnawing on his leg, he immediately drew his machete, swinging it at the baboon that was clutching onto his boot, "- Get off! Get off!"

He lost his boot in the process, as the strange man suddenly leapt into the air, landed on a nearby branch and catching Clayton in his arms.

Like a damn damsel in distress.

"Put me down!" Clayton struggled, neatening out his jacket as the man stared at him in confusion, "What the devil are you- "

He stopped, hearing the shrieks of the baboons over the tree-tops, swinging his machete threateningly. "Come on then if you- WOAH!"

Once again, Clayton found himself flying through the trees and branches as the man's feet skidded along the moss-covered bark. Any baboon unlucky to get too close, received a nasty cut to whatever body part happened to be closest.

None of them got close enough to cause any problems.

The rest of the journey was chaotic, and honestly, even the worst safari in history couldn't measure up to this experience.

When they finally stopped, landing on a large branch, the stranger pressed Clayton up against the trunk, as the debris from their escape attempts crashed through the treetops and smashed the branch they were standing on until not much was left.

"Get off of me!" Clayton growled, trying to push the man away, only to frown when the man didn't even flinch, merely turning around to frown at a nearby baboon, the baby on its' back, still clutching onto the picture Jane had drawn.

And then they talked to each other.

As in, the baboon chittered, and the man chittered back.

Taking advantage as the man backed away, he shuffled his way around the tree trunk, spotting another tree branch opposite. "I am in a tree with a lunatic who speaks to baboons." He hissed, easily jumping across, "This day cannot get any worse."

And then the heavens opened up, instantly soaking him to the bone.


Turning around, Clayton flinched at the sight of the strange man standing so close to him, causing him to back into the trunk. "Stay back!" he growled, feeling around for any sort of weapon, having lost his machete in the scuffle.

When he found his old hunting knife, he pulled it out and held it out in front of him, preventing the man from coming any closer. "Stay back, like a good wild man! Stay, I'm warning- "

The man grabbed Claytons' wrist, moving it and the knife out of the way as he moved closer.

"What do you think you're- "Clayton cut himself off as the man frowned in confusion, pulling the knife out and dropping it to the ground, before pulling the hand directly in front of him. Slowly, he placed his own hand against Clayton's, eyes widening.

"It's a hand." Clayton grunted, "You have two of your own, can't you see that?!"

The man just stared at him, almost in confusion… like he'd never seen another human being before. Then, before Clayton could react, the man leant forwards and pressed his ear against Clayton's chest.

"What are you- "

Whatever the man heard, he seemed thrilled at, because a beam spread across his face and he attempted to pull Claytons' head forwards to his own chest.

"Stop that!"

The man looked hurt for a few moments, tilting his head to one side before he smiled again. "Stop that!"

Clayton stared at him in shock, "So you can talk? And all this time I thought you were just some uneducated, buffoon of a man who- " He cut himself off as the man hopped forwards, a smile on his face as he grunted and pointed at himself.


When Clayton just stared at him, he did it again.


"Tarzan? What are you- "

When this… Tarzan jumped up and down in excitement, still staring at Clayton, who eventually got it.

"Oh, I see!"

"Oh, I see!" Tarzan gestured at himself, "Tarzan…" He then pointed at Clayton, "… OhIsee."

"No, no, no!" Clayton sighed, "You can call me Clayton."

Tarzan looked confused for a few seconds, before beaming, "No, no, no! You can call me Clayton!" He mimicked perfectly, clearly thinking the entire sentence was his name.

"Oh for- Clay-ton!" Clayton pointed at his own chest violently, and then at Tarzan's, "Tar-zan. Clayton. Tarzan!"

"Clayton." Tarzan leaned forwards, only to frown when Clayton pushed himself away and got to his feet.

"Right." He started, glancing around, "As you seem to know where we are, you can take me back to camp."