War. Monsters. Natural disasters. Apocalyptic events. Beasts the size of mountains. And even death. Marco Diaz has faced all of them. Each with its unique own level of fear. Each came with its own challenges and difficulties to face. And each time he came out on top. Each battle prepared him for the next, and each scar brought him more courage.

But in this moment, standing here in front of this alter, dressed in a fine tux, waiting on the two most amazing women he has ever met, has reduced him to a shaking coward.

Jackie Lynn Thomas, and Hekapoo the Scissors forger and enforcer. These two have had a huge impression on Marco. Jackie helped him come out of his shell, and made him more self confident. Hekapoo made him a warrior, and a man (in more ways than one).

Marco look around the church to keep himself busy. His family sitting in the front rows of the pews. His parents were all the way in the front, his mom with a camera in hand, and his dad making speed paintings. They both looked proud and happy for Marco. He may be getting married far sooner than they thought, but after explaining his scissors quest, they understand that their son is also an adult.

His more distant relatives were there as well. Many were confused and concerned when they got the invite to the wedding, stating Marco is only 15 and is far to young. He did try to explain to them the situation, but none really believed in him when he mentioned magic and his double age. That is, until he performed some real magic for them, and used his dimensional scissors as proof. Some were even more concerned at that point.

Introducing Hekapoo to his family was one hell of an event. His grandmother thought she was a demon and started spraying her with holy water (she had a spray bottle of it for some reason). Hekapoo wasn't angry at her, but found it hilarious when it was Tom's turn. He screamed in agony and smoked for a while. But in the end, most seemed to accept her.

At the other row of pews was Jackie's family, as well as Hekapoo's friends that she invited. It was a strange sight. In those rows of seats were several deities, the monarchs of Mewni, several strange creatures that look vaguely human, some beings that looked like eldritch abominations, and some scared looking humans mixed in.

Jackie's family were only a bit harder to agree to this, only because they refused to believe their teenaged daughter was also an adult. Marco was also surprised to find out that Jackie went out on her own scissors quest, but was thankful to Hekapoo for doing it. The age thing was getting to him. But as soon as her family calmed down and accepted the truth, they agreed to this tree way wedding.

Looking in the back rows, Marco can see some of his friends. Some he had made on his quest, and some he made with the knights in Mewni, including Sir Lavado, Sir Stabby, and even Higgs, who was probably dragged here by her knight. Most were from here on earth.

He looked over to the Royal family and saw Star with her family. He waved at her with a nervous yet war smile. She smiled and waved back excitedly. She was very supportive of all this. Moon and River were looking around and taking in the sights of the cathedral. Explaining to them how the Roman Catholic church worked was a bit of a headache, but they got the gist of it.

Looking at the other side of the he could see the two maids of honor, Janna Ordonia, and Eclipsa Butterfly. When Jackie asked Janna to be her maid, she accepted in her usual nonchalant fashion. But Marco could tell that deep down, she was screaming like a little girl in pure ecstasy.

Eclipsa sort of demanded her position, but Hekapoo agreed to it. She said it was to start apologizing for the past.

Turning his head to the altar, the priest was probably the only person more nervous then he was. It's not everyday you are asked to perform a three way marriage between to people that we both 15 and 31 at the same time, and an actual Goddess that looked a little to much like a demon. Heck, he looked nervous when he mentioned that some of the guests WERE demons!

Looking behind him, he could see Alphonso and Furgson giving Tom a case of the stink eye, since Marco asked him to be his best man instead of them. Speaking of Tom, he wasn't looking so good.

"Hey Tom, you okay there? You look a little pale." He asked his demon friend. He looked like he was about to pass out, but managed to reply, "Yeah, I'm doing okay. It's just that the holy energy in the place is kinda… putting me off. You know, with me being a demon prince and all. But don't worry about me man! This is your big day!"

Marco was glad him and Tom worked out their issues. He really was a good friend when you get to know him. "Thanks Tom. For everything."

"No problemo! I wouldn't want you to mess this up!"

"Yeah, I wouldn't either."

"Like, could you imagine if something went wrong?"

"Um, I'd rather no-"

"All those months of planning and preparation would go down the drain."

"Y-yeah i guess it wo-"

"The large amount of legal battles surrounding your age!"

"Tom, please stop."

"It would all have to be done again!"

"... Yep! That it would!" Marco exclaimed with a cracking voice, even more scared and nervous than before.

"Bit don't worry, you got this! If you had the guts to ask them out, and later to marry you, then you can go through with this!" Tom's words did calm Marco down a bit. He took a deep breath and smiled. "You're right. Everything is gonna be fine."

At this moment, the organ started to play the bridal march, and everyone stoop from there seats.

Tom leaned in and whispered to the young yet also and adult groom, "Show time! Wish you luck buddy!"

Marco could not reply, as his eyes and focus were on the two beautiful figures walking towards him. Mariposa and Meteora were acting as flower girls. Marco was certain father time slowed things down for looked absolutely gorgeous in those dresses.

Jackie was wearing a long sleeved lace dress, with glittering diamonds encrusted on it. A platinum tiara with even more diamonds, with a long veil coming from it. She looked wonderful, and Marco knew that those diamonds came from a treasure trove the three of them secured together.

Hekapoo went with a more revealing, sexy dress. A backless and strapless form fitting dress, open on the side for her legs to show. It was also very open up top, showing off a lot of cleavage. Her dress was also jewel encrusted, but with more variety, having some rubies and pearls. On her head lies a black tiara, similar to her usual one, but adorned with a large Ruby and several small yellow sapphires.

Marco has just snapped out of his daze when the two reached him. He looked at them with awe for a short while more, and looked at their smiling faces that looked back at him. "Hey." Was all he could must out.

Jackie giggled at him and Hekapoo rolled her eyes. "Hey." They replied back simultaneously.

The priest cleared his throat, catching their attention. "Now then. If we may begin."

The minutes rolled by and we reach the end of the ceremonies. (I don't know how weddings go)

The priest looked at over at Marco. "Do you, Marco Ubaldo Diaz, accept Jackie Lynn Thomas and Hekapoo, to be your lawfully wedded wives?" Marco looked at the two women in question, and replied, "I do."

The priest turned Jackie. "Do you, Jackie Lynn Thomas, accept Marco Diaz and Hekapoo as your lawfully wedded husband?... And wife!" Jackie stifled a giggle at the priests miss step. "I do!"

And lastly, he turned to Hekapoo. "Do you, Hekapoo, take-" "Damn right i do!" She interrupted the priest rather excitedly. She looked sheepish at her outburst. "Sorry. Ahem. I do!"

The priest regained his composure and decided to finalize their decision. "By the power vested in me by God (Tom rolled his eyes) and man, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife and Wife! You may kiss the… uh… you may kiss!"

Without waiting any longer, Marco gave Jackie and Hekapoo deep kisses on the lips, and the two shared a deep kiss with one another. All those in attendance gave out a loud applause as the three walked down the cathedral and back outside. There they quickly entered a limousine that had been waiting on them.

Inside, the three watched as the cathedral moved farther away, and the three started giggling at each other. The two girls leaned in on Marco and laid their heads in his shoulder. Hekapoo sighed and snuggled up to Marco. "I can't believe we did it. It's almost like a dream, and I never want to wake up."

Jackie rached across and placed a hand on the deities cheek. "Trust me girl, after tonight, neither of us will be getting out of bed for a looong while~"

Marco rolled his eyes and patted them on the head. "Come on, Jackie. Tonight will be about our love for one another! It will be about us being together and celebrating our union to one ano- Ahaha, yeah i couldn't finnish with a straight face, haha! You two will be keeping up for days on end, aren't you?"

The two girl shifted and sat on his lap, each on one leg, as well as pulling off his tux. Jackie came down and gave him a few kisses on his lips, reaching down his neck. Hekapoo reached down and whispered into his ear, "Well, we might as well get a head start~"