Star Wars: the Millifore Sky
Summary: Obi-Wan gets the Mare ring. Stormy!Ventress

"General Kenobi?" Two of the mysterious pink-haired women asked.

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow, throwing a questioning look. The Force wasn't warning of danger. It was acting decidedly odd about the strangers. "Yes. And you are?"

"We are the Cervello. Neutral judges of the Underworld."

"Criminals?" Kenobi asked. Unnerved at the silence of the Force.

"By association only. We are the impartial observers, called to mediate in situations where conflict is undesirable. Such as inheritance matters."

"So... Why are you showing yourself to a Jedi?"

One of them took out a ring. "You have been chosen to lead the Gesso Famigila."

The ring flashed orange, in her hand.

And Obi-Wan immediately was bombarded with images.

Gesso Famigila. Renamed Millifore in times of crisis, as a way to consolidate power. Syndicate native to the planet of Neo Italia. Part of the Trinestte, or one of the Three Great Skies. Politically associated with the Vongola, and loosely aligned with the Vongola Alliance. Yuni and Tsuna would be his closest allies, and friends.

Their territory has been expanded to 3% of the Outer-rim. But with a little effort, the percentage could raise to 10%. Not the biggest range, but they could easily make that up with pure political power, via blackmail or not. They had ran afoul Black Sun, in the past. The Syndicate had long since learned doing battle with Vongola costs way more than it was worth, and their peace-treaty was firmly inplace years later. That didn't mean the Black Sun didn't make subtle digs in ways the Vongola wouldn't consider worthy of a war.

He was being asked to be the Mare Sky. One-third of the Tri-ne-sette. A system that held up 7% of the Republic. Trillions of sentients owed the system their lives. He would be sacrificing his sanity, to support the insanity-inducing Mare Ring. More mind-bending visions than any Jedi could safely handle. Luckily, it wouldn't be quite as bad as the previous holders, given the current limit of only ten-worlds unless he deliberately pressed for more. Which he would, at some point or another.

Then he would lose his mind, as millions of minds blend into one, showing every different way life can turn out, and why. The Trinesette wouldn't just be an obligation, it would be a duty. His life would no longer be his own, but the Tri-ne-sette's and his Famigila's. He would become close to at least six people, that would share the responsibilities.

He couldn't reject their offer. The Cervello would just continue to press the matter until they were sure Obi-Wan wouldn't change his mind. Then dodging assassination attempts. One would, eventually succeed, and the ring would have to chose someone else. Who wouldn't have the time to get comfortable. They would have to take control early, or severely damage the Gesso. If said person didn't get assassinated themselves, leading to an even more desperate Famgila and ring.

He could take the ring, and tell the Jedi. The Jedi would be in ruins within a year, in the name of preserving Omerta.

Or, he could accept the ring, the Syndicate, and everything else involved. Anakin was his most likely Element, but that wasn't absolute.

Present Day

Obi-Wan Kenobi, currently known as Ben Millifore, followed the droid through the crowd.

This. This was an insult. His flames bristled with agitation.

For one, the obvious human-trafficking. Which was completely unethical, and against Republic policies, but as this was a meeting between criminal Syndicates, that could be overlooked. Or, had to be overlooked, for the stability of the Alliance. However, it wasn't like the Black Sun was unaware of Vongola policies, or at least they shouldn't. Two, this was bragging, some sort of power-play. Because only the Hutts gave ambassadors a tour through their... merchandise... before an important meeting.

The insult of doing such a thing to a member of Vongola Alliance...

Outwardly, Obi-Wan was as calm as ever. As a Jedi or a General (not that the Syndicate should be aware of either). Inside, an orange and blue fire, twinged with green swirled unendingly.

The orange of Sky, was almost still, but moving, swirling, clumsily-stiffly, with unease. The blue-green pulsing with agitation, and indignation. A direct contrast to how his Sky synced with his Force Signature

Actually, he had noticed his Sky and the Force usually got along. Unless other Elements were involved, then the Sky tinted with primal possessiveness and zeal. Throwing the Force out of whatever alliance the two forces naturally had.

There was, the ever present memories of the Alternate-Time-Lines. That were a constant, ever since Obi-Wan was given the Mare Ring. Always, always, ten versions, close enough to his dimension to be useful. Which ten, depended on whatever he was focused on. Kawahira had explained that it was supposed to give the best overview. One out of ten, the insult was accidental. Clinical error. Sixty percent, this was deliberate grandstanding. Someone trying to sabotage Black Sun's and Vongola's relationship, three out of ten chance. It wasn't like relations were that close to begin with.

Suddenly, his Flames and Force Presence caught on something... and stilled... The Force pulsing in alarm, as his Flames flared, almost thrashing... Leaving Kenobi to try and bite down the sudden rise of rage and fear that filled him.

Sky/the Force agreed on the need to wait, just a little longer. Act normal, play along, until he was a little closer. Close enough to Rage.

To hold on, so tightly. And never, ever, let go.

Obi-Wan shuddered. It was never a good sign, when his Flames whispered so possessively, like that.

He almost wasn't surprised, when he stopped infrount of Anakin.

Immediately recognizing his Padawan's Force Presence, shining like the sun. Even dull, distorted and unfocused as it was, through the tell-tale signs of Force-Suppression. Most probably from the collar, around his neck.

The way His Sky curled around Anakin's Storm, with soft whispers. Assuring the lost element not to worry, they would help. The way His Lightning-Rain wrapped around Anakin's Sky, reverently. The telling thunder, as gentle rain turned into a fierce downpour. The gentle, unending dance of a Sky and it's chosen Elements, as they fell into Harmony.

Those blue, bright eyes of his dearest, lit up with defiance. Then melted into recognition and shock.

"Anakin." Obi-Wan whispered. The feeling of Harmony clicking into place. And he knew, without a doubt, he was Anakin's, and Anakin was His.

"Oh, you recognize the Hero Without Fear." Their self-important Host said, finally deciding to show himself in order to brag.

Obi-Wan's vision went orange. As he erupted in Flames.


"Wow." His assistant said, looking at the Black Sun representative with a smirk.

The Millifore's current De'facto second-in-command, and alternate Byakuran said. Under the alias Marshmallow.

Oh, good. He had found Obi-Wan. And was currently watching Kenobi's vengeance with disturbing glee.

"What?" Obi-Wan asked, suddenly dragged out of his Rage.

It was an unsettling feeling. His Flames still wanted to pulverize this-this Trash who dared attack what was his. Who didn't even deserve to lick the dirt off Anakin's shoes.

Threat! Heretic! Destroy them for touching My Storm!

"You threw him into Discord." Then, at Obi-Wan's questioning look, clarified. "Or, as Jedi would say, convinced his Force-Presence to turn on itself."

"They hurt Anakin." The Mare Sky repeated, his Flames visibly pulsing at the memory.

This time, Anakin threw Obi-Wan a worried-and uncomfortable look. Well, the Flames would give anyone pause.

Not to mention the dramatic personality shifts. But, the assistant had learned that was just par-the-course, with Kenobi. Well, the Mare ringed Kenobi (and Flames, but that was a given).

"Well, it's not like Black Sun are aware of Flames." Marshmallow mused. "Or they would know better than to patronize a Great Sky."

"This will be a problem." Obi-Wan realized. Or remembered. Because there was a reason he'd been patient instead of leaving once it the 'tour' started.

"I'm sure they won't be able to pin the blame on us." Marshmallow assured him. "And if they do, just be sure to make it clear it was revenge for their hospitality."

"And the treaty?"

"The Black Sun suffered just as much from the hostilities as we did. If they chose to go to war again, that's their problem."

"Didn't you start a war over marshmallows?" Kenobi retort, irritably.

"That was justifiable! I'd have never been able to buy their delectable delishesness without worrying about poison, again!" Marshmallow defended with a whine.

Still, the Futures weren't bad. Seven out of ten, the incident would be dismissed. Half, they found out the Millifore Ambassador was responsible, but not how. Their was a chance of a vindictive relative trying for the offensive, but only in two of the futures.

Irritating that Byakuran would just dismiss diplomacy.

"Listen, Obi-kun." Anakin recovered enough to snort at the horrific nickname. "We would all love to solve our problems peacefully-well, you, Tsu-kun, and Yuni, anyway."

Because Xanxus wouldn't care, provided that it wouldn't leave the family vulnerable.

"I should have better control of myself." Obi-wan told himself. An Byakuran peripherally.

"Flame users kill people, it's a fact of life." Byakuran explained dryly. Maybe some day that lesson would sink in.

"I opened myself up to the Darkside."

"Flames don't work that way."

Partly, it depended on how the Force interacted with Flames. One-tenth of the time Flames were a way of using the Force that didn't require midi-chlorian. Fifty percent Flames were drawing the Force from inside the person, so the Darkside couldn't effect them because it was an outside influence. Two out of ten, it was another Force altogether.

"Which is it?"

"Flames are inside, the Darkside is an outside influence."


"No buts, he deserved it for messing with your Element." Byakuran argued.

"Element? I am not dragging Anakin into this."

"He already is. Do you think he won't care if you die? If Mare's gift drives you insane?"

Anakin looked started at that. "Wait? Whats this Mare? Did Obi-Wan just-"

"Well, as much as I'd love to explain to you." Byakuran started cheerfully. "Obi-kun's gonna crush soon, so we better leave."


"But don't worry. Feral or not, he's not going to kill you."