Once upon a time...

not so long ago...

in the mysterious,strange land...

of New York City...

Max the Jack Russell Terrier was going out with his friends...

Below the alleys of the New York City, Max and his friends were headed to one of Pop's party get togethers. Duke had wanted him to go just to get out of the house to stop worrying worry about his owner's child Liam.

"So Max isn't this going to be fun!",shouted Duke.


Species:Newfoundland dog mix

Rating:Big Like A Giant

"Well.. I don't know Duke. I have never been to any of Pops parties. I heard of them from Buddy.",said Max.

( next to Max was a status box.)


Species:Jack Russell Terrier

Rating:Tiny Dog in Big City

"Well..you're going to like this one ! Pops says it's going to be the biggest party of the year!",said Buddy in excitement.

A status box appeared right next to Buddy.




Rating:Friend Of Pops

Max did a shy chuckle. All he knew was that those parties have been wild in New York City. Humans would drink alcohol, dance like crazy, to the point that almost made him forgot one important thing...their animals! They don't do that kind of stuff of what humans do!

As the group was getting closer and closer to Pops's apartment, Gidget was jumping up and down excitedly for no reason.

From Max's perspective, he didn't know why sometimes Gidget would always get excited around him, whenever he was around her. Gidget would always be like she was on a sugar rush or something.

"What are you so happy about Gidget?",asked Max.

He figured if he asks Gidget,Gidget would have a pretty darn good answer why she's so happy. Maybe she'll talk about how handsome he is, or, maybe the time when Max visited Gidget's apartment and he caught her kissing a pillow stuffed version of himself.

Oh heh heh it's nothing.", giggled Gidget.

A status box appears next to Gidget.



Rating: Max's number 1 Fangirl

Max took one look at Gidget who continued to giggle a bit.

"Gotta go!",she shouted.

She ran like she was in a hurry. When Duke came closer to Max,

"What?"asked Max.

"You like her.",said Duke with a smirk on his face.

"Stop it Duke, you've been teasing that to me ever since I rescued you from drowning.",said Max.

"Come on ! Don't you realize the goo goo eyes she gives to you?",asked Duke.

He still has that big smirk on his face that is starting to weird out Max.

"Duke, she couldn't stop thinking about the treats her owners gave her.",said Max .the group stop near blue apartment building "We here!",shouted Buddy.