Max was silent after what Mathew said. He looked back at Gidget, then looked back at Mathew, then back at Gidget again. She appeared to be blush in embarrassment and Max looked back at Mathew

"Evil ex?,he asked.

"Boyfriend,I'm her evil ex-boyfriend.",said Mathew with a growl.

This left Gidget even more of a sudden,she decided to speak .

."Okay Max, before you came along, I dated this guy.",admintted Gidget.

That is exactly when everyone in the apartment building gasped together automatically. While Mathew started smirking, ,Max was shocked. Gidget never told him about her previous relationships and now that she told him,he can't help but feel surprised.

"And now I'm here to defeat you!",shouted Mathew with a smirk on his face.

He floated up in the air to give Max a big punch in the face. That led him falling straight onto the wall

"Max!",shouted Duke.

Max fell sliding down on the wall onto the floor blacking out.