"Bell-kun your status is grow up much this time." Hestia smiled while looking at the Bell status sheet.

"Really, Goddess-Hestia?" Bell take a look at the sheet.

"Uhmm! your status growth too fast. Maybe this is the effect after you fight against Bete." Hestia.

Bell Cranel

Lv 5

STR : I 35 - F 382

END : I 28 - E 425

DEX : H 128 - E 483

AGI : F 329 - C 654

MAG : I 19 - F 357

Skill :

Argonaut Dawn (active ) : Allow the user to enhance all his status for 50% ,also allow user to increase Extra status depend what status he wish to increase ( he can keep changing the Extra status but consume more mind energy) and allow user to charge a counter attack. when using Argonaut Dawn, The grand bell sound would be hear. The Grand Bell sound will ringing loudly depend of user wish. when this skill active Bell will swarm and engulf by particle of light. Now Bell can fight while charging Argonaut Dawn.

Liaris freese ( passive ) : Fast Growth skill that allow Bell to growth with a fast pace. The skill is depend the strong of Bell feeling and His Desire. This skill also make Bell Resist to any Charm. Hestia still don't know that his skill effect already reduce during his encounter with so many girl. ( Bell cannot see this skill because Hestia blur it )

Dungeon Slayer : Increase all his abilities when fight against Monster in dungeon. This skill is evolved due the seriousness of Bell when he go to dungeon.

Development Abilities :

Luck : E

Abnormal resistance : F

Escape : G

Instinct : I

"How much Bell-sama status increase, Hestia-sama?" Lili.

Welf and Mikoto also curious. After all they never hear in firsthand about Bell update.

"It's about 1500 point i think" Hestia answer it with smile in her face.

""1500 point!"" Mikoto and Welf yelled in sync after hear Hestia answer.

"Sasuga Bell-sama." Lili smiled.

"Bell-dono, you grow too fast. I'm so jealous. My status only increase 200 point." Mikoto making a sad face.

"It's really another level." Welf sound gloomy.

"Should i apologize?" Bell sweat-dropped.

"But if Bell-dono can keep growing, i believe Bell-dono will become a great first rank adventure." Mikoto look so excited

"But i already first rank adventure, Mikoto-san." Bell sweat-dropped.

"You can kick that werewolf ass easily now. He always look down on you, Bell." Welf.

"Bell-dono is the best." Mikoto.

"Your compliment is too much mikoto-san. After all i helped by someone amazing like you, Lili, Welf and Haruhime. Even i grow stronger, I cannot do anything alone. I'm still need my comrade." Bell smiled.

"Take it easy Bell. I already promise that i will help you with all of my strength." Welf.

"Me too Bell-sama. I will help you with all my power." Lili.

"You can always count on me Bell-dono." Mikoto

"I will always do anything that can help you, Bell-sama." Haruhime.

"Thanks all. You guys are a great comrade i ever had. Let's do our best and make Hestia Familia become bigger." Bell


In front of Orario gate. A girl with silky white ash hair walking inside the gate. Her appearance make anyone will mesmerized by her look. her white skin, a beautiful face that even can compare to Freya or Ais. Don't forget her body goal. All adventure boy mesmerized by her beauty aura.

"Oni-sama…." Her soft voice will make anyone who hear it will melt.

This girl keep smiling whatever she mention her brother. For her, her brother is everything. After what happen 8 years ago, she finally had a chance to find her brother.

"Finally i can meet you. We will always together now."

"Oh my my my, what a beautiful girl. How abo-Ughhhh!" before the boy get to touch her, she is already kick the boy face which make the boy knock out instantly.

"No one can touch me beside my brother. Know your place!." her voice send a shiver to anyone that hear it.

All of them who see the scene do not dare to interfere. She just knocked out a level 4 adventure with a single kick.

"Brother! I will find you! Anyone who get in my way will be killed!"

"guhhh!" Bell suddenly feel a goosebump.

"What happen, Bell?" Welf.

"No-no-no. Nothing. Just feeling like i'm gonna meet a yandere who obsessed with me." Bell mumbled the last part.

"Huh? What are you saying? I cannot hear you." Welf.

"N-N-Nothing. Forget it, Welf." Bell.

Welf just shrug his shoulder and continue make a new weapon for Bell.


In Market District.

"I'm happy that ya can accompany me, Riveria." Loki smirk while looking at Riveria. More like look at her body.

"Do something funny and i will really blow you up now." Riveria glare at her goddess.

"Uwohhh, scary as usual. But this will not make me to st- ouchhhh." just when Loki try to grope Riveria, she already smack Loki head with her staff.

"Don't make me blow you up with Rea laevatein in here." Riveria.

"Kidding. I'm just kidding." Loki sweat dropped.

Suddenly Loki eyes fixed on a beautiful figure that she never seen before. She look at her with smirk and many thought.

"Riveria, are you ever see that person before?" Loki.


Riveria look at the girl that pointed by Loki. For some reason, Riveria can sense a familiar feel with the girl.

"She has a same vibe when i meet Ais first time." Riveria.

"My feeling tell me that girl is worthy my attention." Loki smirk.

"I don't think we must disturb her. She look like find something." Riveria.

"Then, we can offer a help to her right? Come on!" Loki go forward to the girl.

"Why i had a bad feeling about this." Riveria.

Loki come toward the girl who still talking with some adventure to know about his brother. But seems the adventure confused for the lack of her info about her brother.

"Oya, girl. Seem you need a help." Loki.

The girl turn her head and looking at Loki. Loki got shocked with the girl look. her eyes widened at the girl pretty face. The girl giving an expressionless look to Loki. But Loki eyes sparkled when see her face.

"Oh my father, she looks so hot!" Loki

"Sorry, are you talking to me?"

"Even her voice sound so beautiful like Ais. Masaka, she is Ais lost twin!?" Loki still drooling looking at the girl.

"Sorry for my stupid goddess. She always like that when looking at girl." Riveria.

"If there are nothing important, i must go now. I need to find my brother."

"Hoo~ so ya looking yer brother? How about we help you?" Loki.

"You know my brother?"

"At least give us some hint. Just maybe yer brother was in my familia." Loki

"I not really remember beside his crimson red eyes and his innocent look. He always smile whatever we playing. But i remember her last name was Cranel." The girl still expressionless.

""CRANELLLL!?"" Riveria and Loki got culture shock.

"Bell Cranel had a sister?!" Riveria.

"Hoo.. Cranel. This must be my lucky day. I will make this girl become my familia member." Loki smirk.

"Do you know him?!" the girl look so excited when Loki mention the name.

"You can say that maybe your brother was in my familia. his name was Bell Cranel. The white hair rabbit with crimson red eyes. I can lead you the way to meet him. but…" Loki.


"You must join my familia!" Loki gave a big smirk this time.

"If my brother on your familia i will join, But…"

For some reason Loki can feel the killing intent in this girl. Also this girl aura giving a different vibe than before. Riveria even can feel shiver a bit.

"I will kill you even you are a goddess." the girl release amount of killing intent in a big scale, make some people who feel it become frozen.

"Crap! This girl was being serious. and what with her killing intent. If she can make me scare a bit, she must be at least a level 6." Loki.

"Loki. I think you would better tell her the truth. This girl giving me a dangerous vibe and i'm not like it. Looks like she already suspicious about your plan." Riveria.

"I know. But this what make it worth it." Loki also giving a different vibe this time.

"Loki, don't make any p-Uhh" Riveria frozen when look at Loki.

"Don't get in my way, Riveria. This time you should obey me." Loki

"U-understood." Riveria choose to silent.

The girl still looking both of them.

"Okay! Join my familia. and you will meet you brother." Loki.

"I understand. If this for meeting my brother. I can join your familia. But if you lying about it i will surely kill you in soft pain."

"Ya can trust me. So what's your name?" Loki smirk.

"My name is Atherina Shilva Cranel." Atherina.

"Okay let me giving you my falna first and you will get to meet your brother." Loki

"Haik, Goddess." Atherina.

"Riveria i want you to find that rabbit boy and bring him to our manor. I don't accept a rejection." Loki.

Riveria cannot reject Loki if she already like this. All she can do now just obey. "Understood Loki, i will bring Bell Cranel to our manor."



In Hearth Mansion, Bell training himself with Mikoto. They always practice with each other even in their rest day. Mikoto of course feel happy because Bell always accept her invite to training.




"Not bad, Mikoto-san!" Bell who still avoid and block mikoto attack.

"Sasuga Bell-dono. You're really fast. it's really hard to land a strike to you." Mikoto.

"You're also giving a good improvement, Mikoto-san. Your swordman skill always amused me." Bell

"It's all thanks to Bell-dono who always accept my invite to training. Let's take a rest Bell-dono. We already practice for 1 hour. After all Bell-dono still need a proper rest." Mikoto.

"I'm okay Mikoto. I already got a plenty rest when in Melen tho." Bell.

"No, Bell-dono. You must rest now." Mikoto grab Bell hand and drag him to his room.

Haruhime who just running toward Bell suddenly call Bell. "B-Bell-sama!"

"What happen Haruhime? Why are you look so panic?" Bell.

"R-Riveria-sama is coming to see you!" Haruhime.

"Huh…" Bell.

Riveria already sit in Hearth Mansion. She actually had many thought on her mind now. Loki already take the risk for recruit Atherina.

"Riveria-san, What happen?" Bell who coming and walk toward Riveria.

"I-I'm sorry for disturbing your time, Bell Cranel. But there something i must tell you. And if you can, I want you also come with me to Twilight Manor. There are someone who want to meet you." Riveria.

"Meet me? Ais? No… If Ais want to meet me, Riveria-san will not giving a different vibe like this. These must be something happen. I understand i will come with you." Bell smiled.

"Once again, I'm really sorry for disturbing you." Riveria giving a bow.

"Please don't be like this, Riveria-san. After all you are my mother right. It's not wrong for the son helping his mom." here it come again, the smooth Bell.

Riveria smiled at Bell. "I'm really happy if you think of me as your mother. But as your mother, i cannot keep give you a problem with you."

"You never give me a problem, Riveria-san. You just come to take me with you to meet someone. I think that's normal." Bell.

"If you say so, we better move on now. She already wait for you." Riveria give a smile.

"""SHE?!""" Haruhime, Lili and Mikoto. Actually Mikoto just curious who want to meet Bell.

"Okay, Riveria-san. Okay guys, tell Goddess-Hestia that i will go to Twilight Manor with Riveria-san. " Bell walk away with Riveria

"I begin curious who the girl that want to meet Bell-sama." Haruhime.

"Hmm." Mikoto.

"What happen Mikoto-sama?" Lili.

"Riveria-sama expression just now is different like usual. Whatever she look at Bell-dono, she like had a mixed expression in her face. Looks like there something happen in Loki Familia." Mikoto.

"I hope Bell-sama is okay." Haruhime.

Just like that Bell and Riveria walk to Twilight Manor. Atherina was sighted had her back already printed with Loki Familia Falna. Loki in other hand smile like crazy because she success to get this rabbit sister join her familia. With a tricky trick of course. She bit surprised that Atherina already Mid tier Level 6 adventure.

Artherina Shilva Cranel

Lv 6

STR : D 482

END : C 612

DEX : E 421

AGI : E 462

MAG : F 383

Skill :

Shiva : Fahrenheit ( Active ) : Atherina use power of ice and make her body and her weapon engulf by Ice aura. Her endurance and Strength will increase 40% and she will receive reduce damage from any type attack or magic by 20%. So far this skill is similar of Ais Tempest.

Saviour Phase ( passive ) : Atherina had this skill after being saved by Bell. She desire to being like Bell who save people without thinking. This skill will increase her falna whatever she save someone who in need. The increase status was incredible huge ( about 125% ). Atherina already save at least 23 people who being attacked by monster. Also this skill will disappear once she meet Bell again.

Concurrent Chanting ( Passive ) : Atherina can fight and moving around when chanting a magic. This skill is really difficult to pull off because need much concentration to sync moving while chanting. Surprisingly Atherina able to do it even she is not a mage.

Shiva : Fairy Spirit ( Passive) : Atherina gain favor from ice spirit and grant her status increase by 30% as she begin initiate fighting or battle. Her eyes will change colour from Yellow become light blue. The skill will auto deactivate as she is not involved in a battle. Atherina can use this skill to giving a pressure or intimidate her enemy.

Development Abilities :

Hunter : E

Abnormal resistance : F

Swordman : G

Mage : H

Spirit Healing : I

Magic : (2) ( Still a secret )



"Are you really that rabbit sister? You more stronger than the ra-"

Loki instantly shut up and sweat-dropped when Atherina just point her sword at Loki. Loki actually did not mind it, because she often get this attitude from Ais. But what surprise her was how she really don't like if someone talk bad about the her brother.

"I don't want you to insult my brother more. I don't care if he is weak or not. He still my beloved brother." Atherina.

"I'm just joking… joking!" Loki.

Atherina wear her outfit back. Finally she can meet his brother. She finally can embrace her brother. But she actually feel afraid that her brother will not welcome her back. Maybe her brother already forget about him. She don't want to show her sad side to anyone. Loki notice it. Even she do wrong thing to her by tricked her to join her familia, she still understand her feeling.

"No need to feel like that. I believe he will remember you. He may forget you now but when he see you again, i bet with my life he will remember and embracing you right away." Loki.

"How can you can be so sure about it?"

"Because your brother is the man that never make a girl sad and cry." Loki.

Atherina look away from Loki. She is smiled at Loki word. She know the god just try to cheer her up. Maybe this goddess had a bit good side on her.

"Loki are you there? Oh…" Ais who suddenly come to Loki room.


Just like usually Loki will get a slap from Ais and make her knocked back to her place. Ais look at Atherina with plain expression. Same goes to Atherina. Loki who get up and look them both suddenly had her eyes sparkled.

"T-T-This is just a wombo combo!"

"Who are you?" Ais.

"I'm Atherina Shilva Cranel."

Ais was shocked to hear her last name. Why she had Bell last name on her?. Who is she?

"Why you had Bell last name on you? Who are you to him?" Ais act like possessive girlfriend.

Atherina in other hand also surprised this girl know her brother name.

"I'm shall be the one who should ask you a question. How you know about my brother?!"

Loki can feel a tension between this two princess. Loki just sweat-dropped look at the view. In her mind, she hope that the boy can handle this two princess. Both of them still glare each other.

"I'am..uhmm.. special partner to Bell." Ais blushed.

"Uhmm… You must be lying." Atherina pout.

"I'm not lying." Ais.

"I will separate you and my brother then." Atherina

"Wait-wait. This conversation is bit weird. How can they argue with a such plain expression like that?!" Loki.

"I will never leave Bell. He is my someone that i care of." Ais.

"My brother only need me!" Atherina.

"You're a brocon?" Loki

"I don't want hear a thing from a pervert goddess like you." Atherina.

"Guahhhh!" Loki feel like Atherina word just stabbing her heart.



Bell already arrive in Twilight Manor. Riveria quickly bring Bell to meet his sister. But Loki Familia member was sighted surround on something.

"Ohh! It's Argonaut-kun." Tiona smiled.

"Bell Cranel!" Lefiya glare at the rabbit.

"W-What happen?" Bell.

"We just heard from Loki that we got a new member that already level 6." Tione.

"Woah sugoii!" Bell smiled.

"So Atherina is already level 6?" Riveria.

"By the way Riveria-san, you say there someone who want to meet me. Where is she?" Bell.

"Oh i will bring you to-"

Atherina who suddenly look at Bell run toward him with bright expression in her face.


Bell who saw Atherina run toward him, giving Bell a big hug. Bell was not surprised to be honest. More like he is confused. Why Atherina on the Loki Familia manor.

"A-Atherina?!" Bell.

"Oni-sama still remember me? I-I-I'm so happy." Atherina smile more brightly.

"Of course i'm remember you. Only you the one who keep call me Oni-sama even tho i'm no-" Bell.

"Oni-sama! I finally meet you!" Atherina seem scream at purpose. Bell seems notice it and stop talk about it.

"So she is really your little sister?" Riveria.

Bell looked at Atherina who nod her head with sweat dropped. Bell understand that she want Bell pretend to be her brother. Bell will ask the detail later from Atherina.

"Yes. You already know her name right? There's Cranel in her last name."

Atherina bit shocked that Bell can played along with her. No he is not played along, he just helping her right now. But she is beyond happy now. Her call to be brother finally in front of her. He scent never change. Always success to make her calm. She really like Bell scent. it's so addicting to her.

"Ano.. Atherina, you can stop sniffing on me now." Bell sweat-dropped.

"I cannot. Your scent was the best, Oni-sama." Atherina blushed.

"Stop it now." Bell smack Atherina head.

"Ouchh~. It's hurt. Oni-sama so mean." Atherina.

"Say the one who keep sniffing on me." Bell.

"To think you had a sister Bell Cranel." Riveria.

"I also want sniff on Bell." Ais pout but the other sweat dropped at her statement.

"It will be shame to her for had a brother like that womanizer."


"Hiiiiiiii~~!" Lefiya just shocked because Atherina just throw her sword to Lefiya.

"I'm sorry. I'm slipped my hand. I really appreciate you if you not talk ill about my brother." Atherina was smiling but her voice was bring shiver to anyone who hear it.

"Atherina, why you do something like that? It's dangerous." Bell.

"She just being disrespectful to you Oni-sama." Atherina pout cutely which make the man of Loki Familia had lovestruck in their eyes.

"She just joking around. No need to be like that." Bell patted Atherina head.

"Huaaaaaaa…" Atherina blushed.

Tiona and Ais who saw that of course jealous. Why Bell can act normally to Atherina but not to them. He even act like lover to Atherina despise he is her brother.

"I'm also want Bell pat my head." Ais pout again.

"So Riveria-san, you bring me here to meet Atherina, right?" Bell.

"Yes. She say, she want to meet you so badly. She already looking for you over Orario." Riveria.

"Soka… I'm sorry for troubling you, Atherina." Bell smile.

"No.. it's okay Oni-sama." Atherina smile.

Ais who cannot take it anymore, walk toward Bell to get his attention.

"Bell…" Ais pout.

"Ai-Ais-san!" Bell.

"You never told me that you had a little sister." Ais.

"Ah! Yeah. you can see that we get separated when we still kid." Bell.

"Jjuruii!" Ais suddenly grab Bell right arm.

"W-What are you doing, Ais-san?" Bell.

"Stay away from my brother!" Atherina glare at Ais.

"Yada, Bell... Please pat my head too." Ais pout.

"EKKHHHH!" Bell.

"Don't do it, Oni-sama." Atherina

"Bell… You are making me sad." Ais using her puppy eyes, which make Bell cannot resist Ais.

"Ughh.. G-Gomen.." Bell pat Ais head.

"You tricked, Oni-sama. I will kill you." Atherina

"I'm not tricked him, we always had this kind of relationship." Ais

"You Tricky Doll!" Atherina

"You brother complex!" Ais

"Oni-sama you shouldn't near this girl too much. She bring a bad influence to you!" Atherina.

(Dont worry they talk in kuudere mode. So they not screaming like Lefiya or Hestia.)

"You're just want to monopolize Bell for yourself." Ais.

"If yes, what do you gonna do?" Atherina

"How about a duel? the winner will get a lap pillow from Bell." Ais still airhead.

"I accept! I will get that lap pillow from Oni-sama!" same to Atherina.

"You two cut it out." Bell who cannot take it anymore smack both of their head make Riveria shock.



""Bell / Oni-sama""

"Don't use that face on me both of you. Atherina you are being rude to Ais and Ais-san you shouldn't make a fight with my little sister." Bell.

"But.. Oni-sama.." Atherina.

"I don't want to hear a complain. Behave." Bell first time using his cold voice.

"H-Haik.. O-Oni-sama." Atherina pout sadly.

"Bell.. Y-You're scary." Ais shiver.

"Ais-san behave." Bell.

"H-Haik.. Bell." Ais also pout sadly.

Bell sigh. "Ais-san she is my little sister, it's normal for her to being close to me. You cannot pick a fight with my little sister just because she more close to me. Atherina you shouldn't say a bad thing about Ais-san. She is someone i look up as an adventure. Both of you apologize.

""Ughh...I-I-I'm sorry…"" Atherina and Ais still glare each other.

"Do it right." Bell.

"I'm sorry…." Atherina pout

"I'm sorry too." Ais pout

Bell sweat dropped looking at this both childish girl. At least both of them already apologize each other. the other who see Bell tamed the princess only can jaw dropped. Bell gotta back to home now.

"Oni-sama, I want to see your room." Atherina.

"My room? Of course. You can come with me to Hearth Mansion." Bell smile.

And with Bell saying that, Loki suddenly remember something important. Something that make her life in danger.

"Hearth Mansion? Wait… Oni-sama. You are also Loki Familia member right?" Atherina.

"Ehh? No… I'm Hestia Familia, Atherina." Bell.

Suddenly Atherina unleash a cold aura around her. Loki already sweat-dropped and pray to her father to save her from this girl.

"Loki… You say that my brother was on your familia right?" Atherina.

"Eto… I just say in the end that if you join my familia, you will meet your brother ya. I never mention that your brother was in my familia." Loki sweat dropped.

"Y-Y-Youu! Tricked me! I will kill you right now!" Atherina.


"Serve her right." Riveria.

"Atherina… Stop playing your sword to Goddess-Loki! It's dangerous!" Bell begin to panic.

"She must pay for her crime, Oni-sama. I will kill her with my own hand." Atherina still chasing Loki.


In the end Bell is ended Atherina with some pamper which effective make Atherina cool down a bit. Atherina sniff a bit because she is not in same familia with her brother. Loki in other hand still lying in ground with grab her butt that stabbed by Atherina.




And Cut!

Welcome back to my season 2 story with an OC as additional character. But don't worry, this story not focused too much about her, But about Bell daily life again. Still because her little sister is a Brother complex, she will keep disturb Bell harem life.

I don't know if this story good or not but…..

Happy reading.

Hope I'm improve much in this season 2 story.