Our Heroine.

Morning in Orario should be a peaceful moment. But looks like because of someone it's turns to become an unexpected event. Not only she gets almost all man's attention now her partner gets all the glare. The man was a bit pressured by all the glares that pointed to him.

"I should know that it was the bad choice to walk with you right now." Welf.

"I-I'm sorry, Welf. But I think it's better if I have someone who comes along with me."

The girl was talking with such a soft and feminine voice. Her voice alone can make a boy fall in love with her if the boy didn't know the true identity of the girl.

"Don't you see all of them glared at me? Not mention Hephaestus-sama thinking I was cheating on her." Welf.

"It's a normal reaction if you walk with other girls. Through I'm sorry for the problem."

A smile formed on her lips. Welf who caught off his guard blushing by it. Not only she had a beautiful smile, her face was so pretty that he bet that her face was on par with Freya goddess beauty.

"I'm glad she believes that you are Bell." Welf.

"Although she almost thinking you are lying." Bell giggling beautifully.

Yup! Our Hero suddenly becomes a heroine. With long white hair, A beautiful pair of ruby eyes, her small lips, and her beautiful face, she almost becomes a goddess of beauty itself. Not only her face was changed, but her body also changed so much. Her healthy milky skin is shining through the sun. The size of her bust is almost perfect which really suits her body. Oh my, I almost drooling just explain her figures. I bet the reader also does the same.

"It's your fault for being too beautiful," Welf mumbled.

"What are you saying, Welf?" Bell smile while looking at Welf.

And again, a lot of glare was sending to Welf.

"Lucky bastard!"

"W-Who is that girl? SH-She is so perfect."

"I must know her name!"

"I wish Amid-san can really cure your curse, Bell. I cannot walk beside you too long or I will be dead if it's kept continue." Welf.

And suddenly Bell grabs Welf's arm. Of course, Welf is shocked. Not only he can feel her skin but even he perfectly can feel her bust touching his shoulder. It almost feel so heavenly. Welf was near his limit right now.

With a tear in her eyes, Bell saying to Welf. "Please... don't say like that, Welf. I'm sorry for making a problem to you."

"I-Is he really wants me to die mentally?! S-Shoot! H-Her bust touching my hand. It's felt so good! Waittt! What am I thinking! She is Bell…For Hephaestus's sake. She is Bell! I-I- understand so please let me go!" Welf.

"Really?! Thank you, Welf. You are my hero!" Bell smiles brightly.

"She must do these purposely! Keso, Bell! If I don't know you, I might really fall for you!" Welf blushing.

As they walking to Dian Chect Familia, encounter someone who Bell afraid of the most.

"Oya~, What a beautiful girl!" Syr.

"S-Syr-san?!" Bell.

"I don't know Bell-san has this kind of hobby. If I don't know you, I might think you are really a girl." Syr.

"How can she know it's you, Bell?" Welf.

"I-I-I-I'm also don't know. She always can see through me whatever I become." Bell.

"But…This is weird." Syr.


"I know it's you Bell-san but for some reason, I also feel like you are not crossdressing right now." Syr.

"T-This is not a crossdressing for your information, Syr-san." Bell was sweating at Syr's comment.

"O-Oh my, don't say you become a heroine now?" Syr.

"Please don't say such thing with a bright expression like that. I never wanted to be a girl in the first place." Bell.

"What with the com-"

Ryu, who just coming out because she hears a bit of ruckus was stunned by a figure in front of her. Not only she is beautiful but her face showed how innocent she is. Ryu can feel her one-san instinct take over her mind.

"Syr! Permission to protect this girl!" Ryu.

"Mou~ Ryu… don't you recognize who is this girl?" Syr giggle.


Ryu begins to scan the girl's face. Bell of course blushing because Ryu's face was so close to him. Ryu even didn't hesitate to touch her face. And finally, Ryu understands who is this beauty in front of her.


"This is the first time I see her show this kind of expression." Welf.

"W-wait?! H-How can? I mean she is a girl. But C-Cranel-san…"

"Ryu-san please calm down. It just I got a curse from a book that I found in front of our gate yesterday. After read that book, the next morning I already become a girl." Bell.

"What kind of trouble that you get again?" Ryu.

"Ano~ Ryu-san… I'm not doing this on purpose you know." Bell pouting.

"K-Kawaiii!" Syr and Ryu.

"Right now, I will bring Bell to Amid-san for trying to cure his curse. It's not good if she is in that body too long. She even draws too much attention." Welf.

Syr was thinking. Maybe this bad luck of Bell can be a something opportunity for her. She cannot lose this chance. Although she feels bad for using him now she didn't have a choice.

"Maybe this can do." Syr.

"Syr-san?" Bell.

"I know this is not the right time but can you help our tavern today? We actually need someone replacement for Anya and Chloe today." Syr.

"E-Eh? But…" Bell.

"Please… This is not because I wanted to see you in a girl maid costume but we really short of people today. I even getting Ryu help yesterday and fortunately, she can help us today." Syr.

"So that's why Ryu was in here. I remember told her that we will not be doing any expedition or dungeon diving today. Syr-san is looked really troubled. A-All right… I will be helping." Bell blushing again.

"Really? Thank you very much!" Syr hug Bell.

"S-Syr s-stop hugging me!" Bell.

"it's okay… we are both girls right now. It's normal. We even can take a bath together." Syr.

"Please remember that I was a boy, Syr-san!" Bell.

"But I think it's okay, Cranel-san. Even though you are a man, right now you are a girl. Don't forget that you had really nice figure. Hate to say it but I want to see it." Ryu blushing.

"Ryu-san! You are being unreasonable!" Bell panic.

"Ke-so, Bell. Now I'm jealous!" Welf.

"Why are you jealous!" Bell.




In the end, Bell was deciding to help Syr first. Maybe he will try to see if the curse will wear off in a certain time. If he is still a girl, he will go to Dian Chect and find Amid. Bell begins to unzip her shirt. She accidentally looking at the mirror and make her blushing hard with her own body. He begins to hide his bust with her hand.

"Ya-Yappari…It's so embarrassing to look at my own body. I feel like becoming a pervert man that excited over my own body. Also, how can my proportion of my body be this perfect?" Bell.

"Ara-Ara~ Excited over your own body, Bell-san?" Syr.


"Your body is really perfect, Bell-san. I almost jealous if I don't remember your real gender." Syr.

"Please knock first before you enter the room." Bell.

"It's okay, I bought you the cloth. I think it will suit your size." Syr.

"Ahh… thank you…" Bell.

Bell begins to wearing the Hostess of Fertility uniform. And again, the uniform really suited well to Bell. No… it's suited very well that Syr can expect. Like the uniform is made for her.

"Yabai~ She is really hot right now. How can our uniform become like that when she wearing it?" Syr.

"Syr-san, it's weird?" Bell.

"No… Actually, it really suits very well you. That almost scared me." Syr.

After putting on her shirt, Bell begins to wear the apron and the bandana. Also, she rechecks again if there a part she forgot to close. As she was done changing, she turns to Syr with a smile on her face.

"Okay, I'm done changing." Bell smile.

"Ughhh!" Syr suddenly got nosebleed.

"Syr-san! Are you okay?!" Bell.

"D-Daijoubu~ it just you are too cute and innocent. It's dangerous for your to smile like that." Syr.

'What are you talking about?"

Bell begins to meet Mama Mia and the other. Of course, Lunor and Mama Mia were shocked to see a beautiful girl helping them. Lunor even feels guilt to see such an innocent girl in here.

"Syr…Where do you find such an innocent girl? I'm beginning to feel bad for her working in this place." Lunor.

"Ano…I-I'm Bell, Lunor-san." Bell.

"What?!" Lunor.

"I can understand her reaction to being like that." Ryu.

"R-Really? H-How can he be so beautiful? Even if he is crossdressing, he almost like a real girl." Lunor.

"Ano, Lunor-san, right now I'm a real girl." Bell blushing again.

"…" Lunor.

"Lunor, she got cursed by a book that she read yesterday. If I can guess, the book she read must be a grimoire." Syr.

"T-This is insane. I must protect you from a flirt eye and a scumbag adventurer. I will never let them defile your innocent, boukensha-kun." Lunor said while hugging him and snuggle her face to Bell's face.

"T-That's okay. I-I'm still can protect me. I-it's not like My falna is disappearing. And p-please stops hugging me." Bell.

"Ah~ he had the point." Ryu.

"It's okay. If they do something, I will punch them with my hand." Bell.

"NOO!" Syr, Ryu, and Lunor.


"Someone like you cannot touch a disgusting evil customer. Your hand needs to remain pure, Bell-san." Syr.

"A-Ano.. S-Syr-san?"

"I will make sure to use all my strength if someone really tries to defile your innocent." Ryu.

"Today I might need to use my gloves to make sure they are got a right punishment if they dare to touch you." Lunor.

"Please don't exaggerate too much." Bell.

"They are right, Boy. I'm will also make sure no one will touch my employee even it just temporary." Mia gives a thumb up to Bell.

"Is it going to be okay?" Bell.




In the night, Bell begins working like the other. Of course, All eyes and attention were on Bell. Not only her smiling face that can wash out your sin, her innocent makes you feel blessed, just like an angel to be precise. she was really kind to the customer. Which some boys even confess their feeling to Bell.

"I-I'm sorry b-but I'm not a girl. It just I got cursed and become a girl." Bell blushing.

"It's okay. I even didn't care anymore, please be my wife!"

"P-please stop…D-Don't get close to me." Bell.

Suddenly a hostile Aura can be felt from behind. The man suddenly sweating very much when seeing 3 girls was engulfed with a dark aura.

"How brave you to courting our angel, customer-san." Syr was smiling but her voice tone is not.

"What are you prefer, Get a stab from behind or…" Ryu

"getting a punch in the face…" Lunor

"Kkuh..I-I'm sorry!"

The Man ending run away because he was too scared of their threat. Bell just smile and said her thanks to them.

"Arigatou, Ryu-san, Syr-san, Lunor-san. I'm glad you guys come help me." Bell smile.


"I'm going to serve that table." Bell.

The girl is still blushing. Bell itself already cute and innocent. Now it becomes double when he becomes a girl. This is really bad for them and for my heart too of course.

"T-This is dangerous…If she ended being a girl forever, I even didn't care about my own gender anymore. I may do something indecent to her." Syr.

"Syr… th-that's too extreme." Ryu.

"But Ryu don't you see how innocent is she? She is like a Bell but upgraded to a more innocent version." Syr.

"I-I'm C-Cannot argue with that. S-She is beyond cute." Ryu.

"I will happy if I had a little sister like her. Not only kind, but she is dependable." Lunor smile.

Bell was still working diligently. Some man was also protecting her from a disgusting man. They say, they even cannot have a mind to defile her pureness. It like they will make a greater sin than killing humans. Of course, Bell hears that and bit flustered because some of them still respect her as a girl. Through, he still wants back to be a man.

"Don't worry Bell-chan we will make sure you are safe in here."

"Yeah! We will kick their ass if they touch you!"

"A-Arigaotou! I'm so happy!"

With sparkled effect, the adventurers can feel a love arrow piercing their hearts.

"I'm glad to still alive until now."

"I've officially become Bell-chan fans forever!"

And in the same time….



"L-Loki-sama…" Bell.


"But you are a goddess itself, Loki-sama." Bell sweat-dropped.

As Loki want to pounce at Bell, A smack from a staff stopping her in mid-air. And as you guys can guess, Riveria already in her protective mode.

'GUHAKKK!" Loki fall in the ground.

"Loki, if you ever do something to this innocent girl, I will really blow you up." Riveria.

"Oka-san!" Bell smiles which makes Riveria blushed.

"O-Oka-san?" Riveria also blushing.

"Wait, Riveria, you have a daughter? Whose is the father?" Tiona.

"I'm not!" Riveria.

"But she is one of a beauty, I almost feel like fall in love even though I am a girl." Aki.

"For some reason, I have a feeling want to hug her." Atherina.

"Same here." Ais.

"Don't keep copy everything I do." Atherina.

"I'm just talking about what on my mind." Ais.

"Ano.. sorry. This must be a bit weird… but I'm Bell.." Bell.


"if this is a joke, then I will really laugh at it." Bete smirk.

"uhmm… but it's true… shall I show my back? I'm still had Hestia falna with me." Bell was going to open her shirt.

"BELL! What are you doing?" Syr

"No Cranel-san! You cannot show your body even for the goddess. They will be tainted you." Ryu.

"Please calm both of you." Bell.

"O-oni-sama?" Atherina.

"Haik, Atherina. But maybe you should call me one-san now." Bell.

"How can you have ended up like this?" Atherina.

"Just some unfortunate event. It's okay. If the effect still not worn off, I will go find Amid if I'm still not back to normal until tonight." Bell.

"if that the case, so you are a girl now?" Atherina.

"As you can see, Atherina." Bell smile.

All of them believe that they just saw Atherina eyes was sparkle as her smirk becomes bigger. Don't forget blush on her face make her like a perverted old man and SHE IS DROOLING!

"One-sama… One-sama let's take bath together!" Atherina blushing.

"W-Wait… Atherina… I'm still the boy you know!" Bell.

"No… You are a girl now… And finally, I can take bath without getting scolded by Riveria-san." Atherina.

"Atherina…" Bell.

"Hmm… it's not bad to have a bath with my own daughter." Riveria blushing.

"Oka-san, you're not helping." Bell.


"No!" Riveria and Atherina glare at the god.

"U-ughh.." Loki.

"Ano…Let get a place to sit first. I'm hungry." Finn.

"Ah! Let me take you to a vacant table, Finn-san"

Bell accidentally takes Finn's hand and drag him to an empty place, which gets a jealous look from Tione. Finn itself was blushing. Bell's hand was soft and warm. Her hand size even fit his hand like it was made for each other. Her face was so beautiful when she smiling. This is bad, Finn never had this kind of experience when with a gorgeous girl like Bell.

"Is there anything you want to order, Finn-san?" Bell smile.

"*Ba-dump* A-Ah… Y-you can leave the menu here. I-I will call y-y-ou once, I'm deciding what I must order." Finn blushing.

"is that so? Then please call me anytime." Bell smile.


Finn was still looking at Bell. She is indeed a goddess. If only Finn didn't know who she is, he might really do everything to get her heart. Finn quickly shakes the thought out from his mind and begins to cool down.

"S-She just make Captain, Blushing!" Tione.

"We must remind him that she is Bell or Finn will really pursue him." Riveria.

"I know she is Bell. Stop accusing something ridiculous. But not going to lie, I almost fall for him for a second." Finn blushing.

"GYAHAHAAHAH!" Gareth was laughing. Of course, he is laughing, It's obvious.

"Yappari, I prefer my Oni-sama than One-sama." Atherina.

"You are not helping." Ais.

"Loki-sama, and the other can sit in here. I already arrange some tables for you guys." Bell.

"Thank you, Girl." Gareth.

"Uhm… Welcome. It's still weird to be called that." Bell.

"Ne-Ne-.. Argonaut-kun, can we spar a bit? I'm a bit curious about your power when as a girl." Tiona.

"Eh? I think it's the same, Tiona-san." Bell.

"Tiona, don't ask something absurd. Also, I still want her back to normal. I keep have this bad feeling in my mind." Riveria.

"Ehh~ at least let me spar with her for a moment." Tiona.

"I'm sorry, Tiona-san. But right now, I was working and cannot spar with you. Also, I never fighting using a girl's body. I still try to get using to it." Bell.

"Finally, we arrive." Lefiya smiling while coming along with Filvis.

Bell saw Lefiya immediately walking toward them. With a smile on her face, she welcomes both of them which result makes Lefiya and Filvis blushing cause the innocent that Bell

"Irashai-mashen, Lefiya-san, Filvis-san." Bell smiling at them.


"L-Lefiya… i-I don't know you had such an innocent girl as your friend." Filvis.

"N-No, Filvis-san. I even didn't know her but yeah she is really pure that I almost sucked by her smile." Lefiya.

"I know it's unpleasant for you guys to see but I'm Bell Cranel." Bell

"W-What…" Lefiya dumbfounded.

"B-Bell-san?' Filvis.

"W-wait..wait… is this a kind of joke?" Lefiya.

"No… I'm really Bell Cranel. I can show you my ba-"

"How many times I told you don't keep doing something like that." Syr hug Bell.


"Lefiya, calm down. Also, Bell-san how are you ended like this?" Filvis.

"Yesterday I read a grimoire that someone drops in front of our gate. And the next morning, I already ended like this." Bell smile.

"O-Oh…" Filvis.

"Let's me take you to Loki Familia place, Filvis-san, Lefiya-san." Bell.

"U-Ughh… S-She is so cute that I even cannot angry toward her anymore." Lefiya

"I-I must not taint her. Even, though she is Bell-san. I cannot taint her!" Filvis.

"Come on, I wi—Uohhhhh!" Bell tripped.

"B-Be careful."

Filvis instantly catch Bell that almost fall to the ground. Of their face was so close that makes both of them is blushed. Bell then giving a smile which gains the elf more blush on her face.

"Arigatou, Filvis-san. If it's not you, I might fall really hard on the ground." Bell.

"A-ah..N-No.. i-I'm sorry for touching you." Filvis.

"Eh? It's should be me saying sorry for making you touching me. I should more careful when walking in a long skirt." Bell blushed.

"P-Please don't say that. It's an honor for me for helping you. I'm really hoping my touch didn't taint you." Filvis.

"Don't say such harsh thing to yourself, Filvis-san." Bell.

Bell immediately touches and grab Filvis-san, which makes her surprised and tries to let it go but Bell grabs it tightly.


"See… nothing happens, right?" Bell smile.


"I'm not tainted, Filvis-san. My hand is still normal like it was. You are not a curse, Filvis-san. Please respect and value yourself more. I will be sad if you keep saying those harsh words on yourself." Bell smile.

"H-Haik!" Filvis face was really red.

"Her hand was so warm. It is full of kindness. Like all my sin and my regret being washed away. She is indeed so innocent and pure. I must protect her from anyone who looks at her with an ill and disgusting thought." Filvis.

"How long are you going to held her hand, pervert?" Lefiya

"O-Oh! I-I'm really sorry, Filvis-san." Bell.

"No, it's okay. I-l-like when you held my hand like that." Filvis blushing.


"I must protect you, Bell-san." Filvis.


"I will stand beside you for making sure you are safe, Bell!" Filvis.

"F-Filvis-san…Y-you are to close!" Bell.

"F-Filvis! You should not be too close to her. She is the boy you know!" Lefiya.

Filvis lose herself and keep hugging Bell now. She knows she should not do these things to Bell but for some reason, she can feel peace when Hugging Bell.

"Filvis-san… It's not like I being rude but I'm still a boy." Bell.

"It's okay. For now, let me savor this moment." Filvis smiling.


"Yappari, we need to take her back to her real gender." Atherina pout.

In the night, after done working on Hostess of Fertility.

Bell and the other decide to Go to the onsen together. Through she was going to decline because there no way she taking bath with the girl But the other refuses. Even Lefiya is not angry and accepts her for now.

"Sometimes going to the onsen for a while is not bad," Tione smile.

"Yet, we leaving Loki to Finn and Gareth's hand." Riveria.

"Hm?" Bell.

"Something wrong, Oni-sama?" Atherina.

"This is weird." Bell.

"Hm?" Filvis.

"I don't feel anything looking at you guys changing." Bell

"Ara~ Bell-san, stop pr-"

Syr was going to tease Bell for making an excuse only to taken back after seeing Bell expression. There no Blush in her face like before. It just like, She is really girl who just taking bath with her friend.

"S-She is serious…"

"N-No… Don't say…" Atherina.

"look's like my mindset completely became a girl itself." Bell.

"That's serious." Tione.

"W-We need to find Amid as soon as possible." Ryu.

"Don't panic, first. We didn't know the effect of Grimoire that she read." Riveria.

"Please don't worry that much. Maybe it just another effect. I might change back tomorrow." Bell.

"How can I'm not worried, Oni-sama? If you are a girl, how can I have married you?!"

"Woah… she just let out her true intention without holding back." Tione.

"Let just take a bath first. And we will find the way for return Bell." Syr.


They begin to take off their cloth. And suddenly Ryu and Syr were stopped which get attention from the other girl.

"Why are you guys stopping?" Tiona.

Both of them didn't answer but blood comes out from their nose. Riveria who bit curious begin to took a peek at what they see. And in a second, Riveria also had blood in her nose.

"An-Ano.. p-Please stop staring at me like that." Bell smile but a bit flustered.

Lefiya, Filvis, Ais, Atherina, Tiona, and Tione were frozen to see Bell Body. His body was so smooth. His white skin was so beautiful like pure snow. Her bust size just so compatible with her body which makes her so sexy. Her body line also no joke. They like seeing a naked Goddess of Beauty.

"T-This is bad…" Atherina.

"That's not fair! She so perfect when becoming a girl." Lefiya.

"I-I want to touch her body." Syr.

"Syr!" Ryu.

"What happens with them?" Bell sweatdropped.


"Stop that you perverted girls." Riveria.

"Bell-san, Quick cover yourself with a towel." Filvis.

"O-Oh.. haik…"

"T-This is not going to be well." Riveria sigh.




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