As we know, the Arrowverse has suffered from many problems over the years in the form of bad writing and character assassinations. Both myself and some of my fellow colleagues have written dose of reality type works for some of that in order to either call out and/or give consequences to a character for wrongdoing or being idiots.

This time though, I'd like to do something different and it involves correcting the writing mistakes by either having certain characters behave themselves or rewriting certain parts some fans had problems with. And so this will be a series of one shots for that purpose but they won't be in canonical order. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Arrow".

Correction 1: Season 8 Episode 10 entitled "My Name Is Emiko Queen"

Lyla had walked out of the interrogation room after her talk with Diaz, and regrettably enough the villain was refusing to talk except to give her lip. She was now discussing with her husband Dig their next steps when they were confronted by Deputy Director Bell, who was mildly berating them about some of their actions. During that discussion, Diggle suddenly came up with an interesting idea that he was about to voice but then paused, knowing that doing it now and the way he intended to go about it would've been inappropriate. And so he waited until Bell had left before politely pulling his wife aside.

"What's up Johnny?", she asked him, curious as to what was on his mind. Diggle took a deep breath, and then answered.

"Listen honey. Despite what we've been doing so far, we're not really getting anywhere in our attempts to catch Dante, and of course Diaz here is refusing to cooperate", he started. "Therefore, I think we should take more extreme measures in our endeavor".

Lyla regarded him curiously.

"What do you have in mind?", she asked him with raised eyebrows.

"What if we were to restart the Ghost Initiative and deploy new squad members out onto the field in order to help locate Diaz?", he asked her, having run out of other options in his mind but wanting to pass it by his wife first, respecting her as the director and his superior. As for her, she responded with wide eyes.

"You want to do what!?", she exclaimed, not believing what she was hearing and especially since her husband had been vehemently against that project when he'd first heard of it years ago. Dig wasn't surprised by her reaction, having expected it, and tried to explain.

"Listen, I know it's not the best idea and I know I was against it, but maybe it could work this time and then we could dismantle it afterwards", he explained to her. "It was only a thought and I will follow whatever lead you want. I just wanted to put that option out there."

Lyla listened, frowning, and then shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think this is a good idea", she answered and then explained". "As director of this agency, I want to do things differently from the way Waller did them and while I now understand some of her decisions after having been in my current position and even supporting a few of them, I still want to be better than her and doing what you're suggesting would be a step backwards.

"You see Johnny, the Ghost Protocol was a severe violation of human rights, namely in regards to planting bombs inside of our prisoners heads, and that's something we'd have to do if we were to restart that program. Plus if we did that and then grew comfortable with it, then it might also cause us to cross more and more lines until we end and this agency end up down a dark path and become no better than Waller, not to mention that this project might not even succeed in catching Dante and something could go wrong. Is that really what you want?"

Diggle looked down and sighed, knowing that his wife was right.

"You're right, and about all of it. And no, I don't want any of that to happen and it definitely was a bad idea", he answered with remorse for even suggesting something like this. "We both want this agency to be a force for good and reinstating any of Waller's darker programs is not the way to go. I was just frustrated that we didn't have any real leads in Dante and therefore wasn't thinking straight. I'm truly sorry."

Lyla smiled at him and reached forward to gently grasp his forearm.

"I know, and it's alright. I know you meant well and were only trying to help. I'm glad you understand though on why it was a terrible idea but just to be clear, my answer is no. But don't worry, we will find another way to achieve our mission. Alright Johnny?"

"Of course honey, and thanks for talking some sense into me and I do trust your judgment", Diggle answered while returning his wife's smile, completely in agreement with her, and there was no more talk about reinstating the Ghost Initiative, also known as the Suicide Squad. Instead they went on to discuss other ways to locate Dante while refusing to let up on Diaz until he gave them the answers they were looking for.

A/N Diggle in season 7 really disrespected his wife and undermined her authority, and in front of deputy director no less, by suggesting that the Squad be restarted despite her wishes. I personally enjoyed seeing the Squad back in action but what Dig did was still wrong. Therefore I corrected it with him showing his wife the proper respect, starting with waiting until Bell had left before voicing his idea, and then making the suggestion in a respectful fashion while deferring to his wife's judgment, allowing the two of them to discuss the matter in a calm, mature fashion and why it was a bad idea.

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