Sneaking Out

She stared at the note, surprise evident on her features. "I could get in so much trouble", she said lowly to herself. "I'm in".

Back at home, Addison sat in her room, braiding the blonde tresses that sat atop her head. She had decided to dress in pink for the occasion. As she wrapped her hair around itself, she was deep in thought, mainly hoping that her parents would not find out because if they found out, they would definitely kill her. She could hear them rummaging around downstairs. Her mother was probably doing laundry, if the dryer noises were any indication. As for her father, he was either getting caught up in the world news or reading a book.

Addison tied her braid with a light pink scrunchie. She gave her hairdo a quick once-over before sighing. She had no clue how she was going to sneak out…yet, anyways. While Addison had to maintain a "perfect" façade, she knew she had some freedoms. However, going to a Zombie party on that side of the barrier? That was a freedom Addison knew she would not be privileged, even if she asked nicely. Even though Addison was positive zombies were harmless and that Zed would take care of her, her parents still thought differently of zombies and worried that one would try to bite Addison's ear off.

Addison exited the bathroom, flipping the switch as she did. She padded over to her window, looking outside. Suddenly, the wheels her mind started turning. And, Addison became very thankful that her room was on the first floor at the end of the house. After slipping on some tennis shoes, she cut all the lights in her room and quietly slid the window open, looking over her shoulder every few seconds. Once she had eased the window open, she positioned herself on the window and slid to the ground, feet first. Once she safely landed, she reached up and pulled the window back down to its original position. Then, she quickly looked around, trying to decide the best way to get out of the neighborhood without being spotted by anyone who would be concerned enough to alert her parents.

After some deliberation, Addison snuck around the side of her house and hurriedly crossed the street before her parents could possibly spot her. She just hoped most of her neighbors were eating dinner and not near their windows. She briskly walked across town, looking all around her every few minutes, desperately hoping her night of fun would not be ruined. She quickly reached a back road that would lead her to the barrier and her guard dropped. Not many people came this way so it was pretty isolated. As she made her way down the road, Addison hummed "Someday" to herself, the giddy feeling returning as she thought of the boy that had captured her mind and heart.

Soon after, Addison came alongside a wall that was painted with various pictures and colors. Addison remembered coming to this side of the barrier some of the days it was being painted. Her dad had taken her, after much begging on her part. She had loved watching the men paint it and talking to them about the pictures they were making. She walked, admiring the finished product. Suddenly, the wall morphed into a wired gate and Addison spotted her zombie boy. The smile came easily and she was excited to see what the night would hold. But, if knew Zed and his Zombie friends, it was sure to be an adventure.

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