After the first period of class ended, both Nicolas and Susan walked out of the classroom so they could get the stuff that was in their lockers. The both of them were walking on their way to their lockers, talking along the way

"So how did your parents took when you told them about yesterday?",asked Susan.

The two of them reached to their lockers, both spent time spinning their locks so they could open the lockers. They knew it was time to get their stuff. While they were getting their stuff out of their lockers they had continued talking to one another,

"Well, Jack interrupted, as usual.",said Nicolas.

He sighed, but, as he was about to finish getting his stuff and to move on to his next class, his brother,Jack ,showed up and slammed the locker shut.

" Hey little brother.", he said as he walked past elbowing him. .

Nicolas and Susan watched him leave before looking back at one another,

"Listen, maybe when you get back home, you can tell your parents about your day, or yesterday ." offered Susan

"Yeah maybe.",responded Nicolas as he finished packing his stuff so he and Susan could move on to their next class.