Nicolas and Jack headed downstairs for breakfast, they could see their mother, Gabrielle smiling up at them while they were still on the stairs,

"There's my favorite boy.", she said.

Of course to Nicolas, she was talking to Jack. The family was already so proud of Jack for being a basketball star, like his father before him ,and ,his father before him. Of course they still cared about Nicolas,and ,accepted the fact that he's an artist. When he was little, he would always showed them his drawings.

After Gabrielle and Jack shared a hug and a kiss on the cheek, all three of them went to the table to eat breakfast. Waffles on a plate! The two boys sat in their seats to eat their waffles. They could see their Dad, Troy , heading downstairs for work.

"Hey Honey.", he said as he lifted his hand up and waved as Gabrielle walked up to him to give him a kiss, while Jack and Nicolas both waved at him.

"Hey Dad.",they both said at the same time.

"Hey, boys,excited for school?",asked Troy.

"You bet I am Dad! I'm going to continue being on the basketball team.", said Jack.

"That's my boy.",said Troy proudly.

He rumpled his son then starts heading to and Jack continued eating their waffles, chewing each piece carefully.

"Thats when Gabrielle shouted out,"Okay let's get you boys to school."