The long hours passed and when the school day finally ended, the students were finally able to go home. As for Jack and Nicolas, once they had gotten home, they settled in. Their parents made dinner together for the whole family to sit and eat together. They were silent for about just a few minutes as they were busy eating their food.

It wasn't until Gabriella broke the silence,

" was the first day of school?.",she asked.

This made Nicolas and Jack pause while they were eating their food,

"Um well...",began Nicolas.

Jack interrupted,

"School was great Mom. I mean it is great getting back to the swing of things, right?",shouted Jack.

Jack had interrupted. Nicolas was about to say about how School was for him,and now Jack had gotten all the attention.

Troy responded to Jack with a nod saying,

"Y-your right son.",said Troy.

He went back to eating his dish. Gabriella did the same thing by nodding her head. As for Nicolas, all that Nicolas could do was stare at his brother before himself went back to eating his food.