Lizzie was sitting in her dad's office being scolded for asking an 'out of line' question.

"Absolutely not Lizzie! It is way too dangerous!" Alaric yells very annoyed with his daughter's latest request.

"You'd let Josie go, so clearly you have favorites." Lizzie responds with bitterness as she pouts about her father's disapproval.

"No I wouldn't and also I don't have favorites, the only thing I do have is the need to keep my daughters safe." Alaric states which seems to soften Lizzie a bit, but not enough to lose the argument.

"Ok, but I need to go there for something." Lizzie pleads trying to appeal to her father by begging, which just annoys him.

"It's not going to happen, Lizzie. I don't want you to take a single step into New Orleans, do you understand me?" Alaric asks demandingly and Lizzie thinks for a moment before answering.

"I understand daddy. I promise I won't take a single step into New Orleans." Lizzie pouts, upset that she lost the argument yet Alaric seems pleased by this promise.

"Ok now go, I don't want you to miss lunch." Alaric advises causing Lizzie to stand and walk out of his office still pouting.

Once Lizzie leaves, closing the door behind her, her pouty frown turns into a wide smile and it continues to be a wide smile especially when she sees M.G., who she runs up to.

"Hey MG." Lizzie says excitedly as she holds her school books to her chest.

"Hey Lizzie, you're cheerful." MG claims taking notice of the blonde's mood.

"Well, I need a favor." Lizzie explains catching MG's attention and confusing him.

"What kind of a favor do you need?" MG asks clearly confused but this question just makes Lizzie smile again, however this one more devious looking.

"I'm so glad you asked." Lizzie says still smiling as she cutely tilts her head, making MG concerned.

"I need to get something very important and it happens to be off campus." Lizzie explains, making MG curious.

"So, do you want me to get it for you or did you want me to tag along on your journey?" MG wonders, confused.

"Neither. I need you to ensure my dad and sister don't know I'm gone." Lizzie claims, confusing MG more.

"I don't understand. What exactly do you want me to do?" MG questions, voicing his confusion which makes Lizzie roll her eyes.

"Okay, so if they ask you where I am, tell them that I went exploring in the woods around campus." Lizzie advises and MG stares at her in horror and realization.

"You want me to lie to your sister and the Headmaster?" MG gapes at her as though she's insane but she just smiles at him in return.

"I can't. Much like you, Josie is going to see right through me and know that I'm lying." MG explains, clearly not cooperative, making Lizzie sigh then reach into her pocket, pull out some cash from her wallet, and hand it to MG in her clenched fist.

"Now, will you do it?" Lizzie asks, impatiently, and MG quickly grabs the money from her.

"Just please promise me that you won't get hurt, or worse." MG pleads, worried about Lizzie.

"I promise. Wait, does that mean you'll do it?" Lizzie wonders, enthusiasm in her tone, while MG reluctantly nods, agreeing with her plan.

"Ohh, yay. Thanks MG." Lizzie exclaims happily then she kisses his cheek before skipping off to do her part.

MG watches her skip away as he has a dopey look from the fact that she just kissed his cheek, before continuing to walk to lunch.

Lizzie sneaks into her dad's office, via the window, and steals his car keys, which were on his desk, then sneaks back out the window, closing it behind her when she does.

Then Lizzie runs to her dad's car, hops in it, starts it, and drives away from the school to get what she needs.

After a few hours of using backroads, Lizzie makes it to Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans, to be exact.

Lizzie gets out of the car after turning it off and grabbing a flashlight as New Orleans looks dark and gloomy compared to literally just outside of it.

"I'm so sorry, dad." Lizzie mutters an apology under her breath, turns on her flashlight, then gulps and holds her breath, before stepping foot into New Orleans.

Meanwhile back on campus, MG spent the past few hours avoiding Josie and the headmaster until Penelope Park confronted him, at Josie's request.

"Milton. We need to talk." Penelope demands, confusing yet also intimidating MG.

"About what?" MG is so confused about this confrontation.

"Josie claims that you've been avoiding her. Why?" Penelope wonders causing MG to gulp nervously before recovering and playing dumb.

"Me? Avoiding Josie? I would never." MG claims and Penelope seems to believe this, but she keeps questioning him.

"Have you seen Lizzie?" Penelope wonders, this question implying that Josie wanted her to ask him about this.

"Lizzie, hmm. I talked to her a couple hours ago. She said something about wanting to explore the woods around and off campus." MG stuck with the lie that Lizzie had to pay him to tell, even though he hated lying to his friends, Penelope included.

"That's odd. I didn't know Lizzie even liked the woods. Oh well." Penelope shrugs it off then walks away, leaving MG feeling guilty that he just lied to her.

Penelope just strides into Josie's dorm room, where Josie is sitting on her bed.

Penelope plops on the bed, sitting across from her, and grabs a pillow, that she starts fiddling with.

"So, what'd MG say? Does he know where Lizzie is?" Josie interrogates, visibly anxious about Lizzie.

"MG said that he talked to her a few hours ago and she apparently said something about exploring around campus in the woods." Penelope responds, still fiddling with the pillow but this answer worries Josie more.

"We aren't supposed to explore the woods around campus. Ughh, Lizzie and her adventure-seeking self." Josie gets off the bed, catching Penelope's attention, as she puts the pillow on her lap.

"Where are you going?" Penelope asks, confused, causing Josie to turn to face her.

"I'm going to go look for Lizzie." Josie replies plainly, as though it were obvious, causing Penelope rolls her eyes before putting the pillow on the bed and standing up.

"Not alone, you aren't. I'm coming with you." Penelope claims and follows Josie out of the dorm room to go look for Lizzie.