Alaric explains to Rebekah exactly what happened, with the students piping up on what he forgot, and Rebekah is completely shocked by all of it, especially the fact that her niece is now a vampire.

"Okay. So, what exactly do you want me to do?" Rebekah asks, seeming to have processed all the information that she was given.

"I need to perform a spell that will let two people in her mind and find her. The only way I can do that, is if I'm channeling a power source that's blood related to her. That's where you come in." Lizzie explains as she prepares to do the spell again and Rebekah nods in understanding of this.

"Why are you sending two people in?" Rebekah wonders and before Lizzie can tell her, Josie jumps in.

"One person needs to find and stay with her. The second person returns to tell us we can heal the body. If we don't, she's permanently dead." Josie informs Hope's aunt and she nods in understanding again.

"Okay, well, I'm sending Penelope in, because she knows the spell to leave a person's mind. Who's going to be the second person?" Lizzie questions, looking around the room.

"I'll do it." Josie states plainly and Lizzie nods, not wanting to argue on the subject.

"So what, we just search her mind until we find her?" Penelope looks confused yet seems it will be simple but Lizzie shakes her head.

"No, there's a lot of memories. It will take too long to just randomly search, especially since I'm siphoning Rebekah's power to do the spell." Lizzie claims, catching their attention.

"What does that mean?" Rebekah looks at Lizzie curiously causing Lizzie to sigh.

"It means, the more doors they open and enter, the more power I'll have to use to sustain them. So, try not to open too many doors. Just think about Hope, and where you think she might be." Lizzie advises causing Penelope and Josie to nod their heads.

So, Penelope and Josie lie down in the circle as Lizzie holds Rebekah's hands, starting to siphon her power, then she performs the spell once more while standing over Hope's coffin.

Penelope and Josie wake up in the white hallway full of doors, immediately getting intimidated by the sight.

"Okay, where would Hope be?" Penelope starts looking around, along with Josie, who seems hesitant.

"I don't like this. It feels like I'm invading her privacy." Josie shares her feelings on the matter causing Penelope to roll her eyes.

"You didn't have to come Jo Jo. I mean, Landon is her boyfriend so he should know her best. Outside of her family, that is." Penelope makes a snarky remark after telling Josie she didn't need to enter Hope's mind.

"I know I didn't have to. I wanted to." Josie admits, shocking Penelope before she scoffs.

"You know, the Josie I know wouldn't have done something this risky." Penelope exclaims and this time Josie scoffs as she rolls her eyes.

"Yeah well, that's because I wouldn't have done it for you." Josie retorts bitterly then keeps walking, leaving Penelope behind and hurt by this statement.

Penelope catches up to her when she stops at a door.

"Is this it?" Penelope wonders and Josie shrugs.

"I have no idea. Let's find out." Josie says then opens the door that her and Penelope enter.

All of a sudden the two of them are in Boarding School, where Hope is sitting on her bed with Roman lounging on the floor.

"Okay, hot-shot. Narcissistic Personality Disorder." Roman has flash cards in his hands as he quizzes her in psychology.

"Narcissistic Personality Disorder, also known as NPD, is a disorder in which someone is born with and they think everything is about them. Someone with this disorder has an incapacity for caring about others, including their families, and it cannot be fixed in any way." Hope gives him the definition and he tosses the card to the side in a huff before bitterly searching through the flashcards.

"Ooh, okay. Dependent Personality Disorder." Roman reads a different card to her, praying she won't get.

"Dependent Personality Disorder, or DPD, is a disorder that leaves a person unable to make decisions, constantly needing approval of somebody they're close to. They are incapable of being alone and need someone with them to help them make decisions, no matter how simple they are. Like, should they use the bathroom, or something." Hope tells him the definition of the disorder and it's obvious that he's getting annoyed as he searches through the cards again.

"Alright. Paranoid Personality Disorder." Roman is near the last card, having skipped most of them in order to challenge Hope.

"Paranoid Personality Disorder, also known as PPD, includes having odd ways of thinking. The constantly suffer from paranoia and have a restless mistrust in people, constantly being suspicious when there's nothing suspicious actually going on." Hope's tone sounds mildly bored yet amused hearing Roman get annoyed.

"Last one. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." Roman shoots out the last card and seems to feel slightly victorious when Hope doesn't answer immediately.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a common disorder that surfaces when someone experiences or witnesses something terrible. It leaves a mark both mentally and physically as a result and can sometimes reappear to that person via flashes and can also give them an inability to sleep." Hope sits up on her bed as Roman sits up on the floor.

"Damn. Maybe Mr. Philips can give you my seat in psychology. How did you know all of that?" Roman asks as she laughs at the statement before the question.

"I have an incessant need to prove people, who say I can't do something, wrong. I might have a personality disorder or something." Hope assumes before giggling which proves to Roman that it was a joke, since he starts laughing with her.

"Well, I have to go. I got soccer, but I'll see you around." Roman claims as he packs his backpack then waves at Hope, who smiles in return.

"Always nice pissing you off and showing you up in study sessions." Hope calls out after him causing him turn to face her again.

"You don't always show me up." Roman defends himself but Hope just chuckles at him.

"Bye, Roman." Hope waves at him so he leaves, not realizing all the books at the side of her bed, which she glances over at.

"Hope. Look at me, it's Josie." Josie tries to catch her attention yet to no avail, so her and Penelope leave the memory.

"That memory was kind of, I don't know, cute." Penelope shares her opinion on the memory and Josie nods in agreement.

"Wait. This is still a mind, therefore I should be able to…" Josie trails off as she concentrates then all of doors disappear until there are only two, one of them has a checkmark in a box on it while the other door just has an empty box on it.

"What did you just do?" Penelope looks impressed yet sounds confused.

"Made it easier. The checkmarked door is all of the memories that were seen and the other well, has the ones we haven't." Josie explains before walking towards the unchecked door with Penelope following, until the two doors disappear and return the abundance of doors that were there before.

"It appears that her mind doesn't like your organization tactics." Penelope points out grumpily and Josie pouts.

"Not like it matters, there were probably going to be like a million doors behind the unchecked one anyway." Penelope tries to reassure Josie that although her organization was brilliant, it was also kind of pointless, before she realizes that Josie's walking away from her.

"Hey, where are you going?" Penelope jogs to catch up to Josie, who continues to walk and look at each door she passes.

"Shouldn't we be checking these doors?" Penelope looks confused by Josie just ignoring the doors they pass even though she's looking at them.

"Shh. I'm trying to listen." Josie shushes Penelope as she places her ear near a door.

"What are you…" Penelope starts but gets cut off.

"Shh." Josie shushes her again as she continues to intently listen, then moves onto the next door, putting her ear near that one too.

Penelope rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, waiting for Josie to finish listening to the doors, while walking with her.

They reach a door that looks like a wormhole from outer space that makes them confused.

"Is this where she is?" Penelope looks at the door questioningly and Josie just simply shrugs.

They walk through the door, only to see Hope lying in a very dark area before she gets to her feet.

"Hello? Hello! Where am I?" Hope looks at her surroundings frantically looking for a way out when she hears a noise.

"Who's there?" Hope sounds and looks nervous when she sees Ryan Clarke come out from the shadows.

"You are very loud. As for the where are you question, welcome to Malivore." Ryan extends his arms out in the darkness as though he's a tour guide welcoming a new comer.

"Do you hear that?" Hope asks looking around, hearing a bunch of whispers and Ryan just smirks at her confusion.

"Those are the whispers of the other prisoners. Now that you're here, Malivore will fall apart and most of those prisoners will find peace." Ryan explains causing Hope to be more confused.

"I don't understand. What do you mean 'most'?" Hope questions very confused which keeps Ryan smirking at her lack of knowledge.

"Well, the Arachnes and the golems, like myself, will be sucked to oblivion, yet all we know is that it will be more peaceful than this. But the rest will find peace like the dragons, the dryads, and even the gargoyles. I say we have somewhere between 3 and 8 months before this entire place collapses with your fate forever remaining unknown." Ryan assumes Hope's fate after estimating how much time they'll have and explaining what most means.

"If you want, I can stay with you until this place collapses." Ryan suggests and Hope starts to profusely nod her head in agreement.

"Could you?" Hope wonders and Ryan just smirks at her in response.

"You took me down here with you. I think it's only fitting that you suffer here, alone." Ryan claims then backs into the darkness with Hope taking a couple steps forward.

"Ryan? Ryan!" Hope shouts but he doesn't return, so she looks around in her new cell, terrified.

Josie and Penelope both try to get Hope's attention but it doesn't work and they realize that they can't leave as the memory isn't over yet.

An unknown amount of time passes, then they see Hope sitting on the floor, rocking back and forth, scared, a little frantic, and whispering a child's nursery rhyme.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird, if that mockingbird don't sing, daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring." Hope whispers to herself before continuing to hum it when she hears footsteps.

"Who is that?" Hope immediately stands to her feet, getting in a defensive position, when Ryan Clarke returns.

"Bad news Hope, this place is disintegrating. You're going to help me get out of here." Ryan claims and Hope looks confident yet also intimidated.

"I've been trying to find a way out for, however long I've been here. I can't help you. Even if I did know the way out, I wouldn't tell you. You left me here alone after I agreed that you could stay." Hope remarks snarkily, crossing her arms and tilting her head to the side.

"Let bygones be bygones. Now, help me get out of here." Ryan demands after telling her to let him leaving her there go.

So, the two of them are walking around in the dark pit, looking for a way out and occasionally hearing screeches of an Arachne getting sucked away, or screams of golems getting sucked away as well.

After a few hours, Hope sighs in frustration.

"It's no use. Like I said, there's no way out." Hope reminds her companion as her back is turned to him so she doesn't notice, or even hear, him take off his belt.

"Well, that's a real shame. Because that means it's the end of the line for you." Ryan attacks her, wrapping his belt around her neck, which she immediately attempts to remove.

"I know how hybrids work and you're no different. Vampire blood only restores you if you have your heart or your head attached, and well, since I can't remove something that you don't have, decapitation seems like my best bet." Ryan threatens, gritting through his teeth as Hope flails, gasping for air, and trying to remove his belt from her neck.

Penelope and Josie feel offended by Ryan's words, as he had implied that Hope didn't have a heart before continuing to strangle her with his belt.

The struggle of Ryan trying to decapitate Hope goes on for a while, actually, it's to the point that blood is dripping from the bottom of the belt while some pools over the top of it, meaning her head coming off is probably going to happen soon.

Hope continues to try to fight Ryan, even while she's near decapitation, but the fight ends when Ryan is removed from her by an unknown source and kicked into darkness.

Hope gasps for breath, finally removing the belt from her neck as she falls to her knees.

A few seconds later, the person who rescued her, helps her to her feet.

"Seylah?" Hope looks at her and she smiles.

"So, how's Landon?" Seylah wonders causing Hope to nervously smile at her.

"Well, since I jumped in here, I can only imagine that he's safe." Hope assures Seylah, who smiles at this.

"Thank you for saving me. A moment longer and I would've been done for." Hope massages her neck, that heals slowly.

"Well, it's the least that I could do. So, we both jumped into Malivore to save Landon?" Seylah obviously has a lot of questions for Hope from the last time they each other.

So, seeing that Seylah has questions, Hope just tells her exactly what happened, how she's in Malivore, and why she took Ryan Clarke down with her yet Seylah can sense that Hope is leaving something out.

"Why do I get the feeling you left something out?" Seylah calls her out and Hope just sighs, realizing she can't lie.

"Well, there was this girl. A good friend of mine. Yeah, she was shot with Malivore mud on a bullet. The man who was with me, Dr. Saltzman, was her father. Last I knew, he went to give her my blood but she was having hallucinations, so he gave my blood to her sister yet he told me her condition remained unknown. I jumped in here assuming that she was dead. It was actually the headmaster's words about her condition that allowed me to make the decision of jumping in here clearer." Hope explains, her voice thickening with emotion as she speaks about Josie.

"And what was this clearly special girl's name?" Seylah asks, looking at Hope sympathetically.

"Josie. Her name was Josie." Hope says, her eyes glistening at thought of Josie being dead.

"Unfortunately, if I ever did see her again, she wouldn't even remember me." Hope looks sad at this fact and Josie looks emotional as she watches this memory.

However, this moment is broken when Ryan returns from wherever Seylah kicked him to.

Before Ryan can threaten or attempt to kill either of them, a dark hole appears and starts sucking Seylah in as well as Ryan.

Hope grabs Seylah, bringing her to her feet then starts reaching for Ryan.

"Hope, please." Ryan looks desperate as he tries to reach for Hope, who smirks devilishly at him.

"Let bygones be bygones." Hope repeats his words in a snarky fashion before walking over and kicking him in the portal then throws his belt in as well just before it closes, making her look smug with her actions.

"I'm Malivore's loophole. Ryan said minus the Arachnes and the golems, everyone else will find peace. But I don't know what's going to happen to me." Hope starts tearing up and Seylah just smiles warmly.

"Neither do I. Just pray that it's a good place, where you go. My time to find peace has come. Goodbye, Hope." Seylah raises her arms to the sky then gets pulled up into the darkness with Hope smiling on before getting frantic.

She starts walking around to find a way out before she hears rumbling and things falling.

"Oh no. Oh god, please no." Hope starts to cry as she prays that Malivore isn't falling apart then she hears rumbling above her.

Hope looks up, only to see darkness that would resemble a concrete ceiling falling, getting closer to her.

"Ahh!" Hope screams as it falls until she gets hit with it.

Josie and Penelope leave the memory, shocked by the events in it.

"That explains her male victims even better." Josie points out after the initial shock and Penelope nods in agreement.

The two decide to keep walking down the hall before another door catches their attention but Penelope grabs Josie's arm.

"Remember, the more doors we open, the more strain it puts on Lizzie." Penelope reminds Josie, who nods in agreement.

"I know. Just one last door." Josie assures Penelope, who sighs then nods at her.

So the two of them walk through the door, only to be back in the Boarding School.

Roman is in Hope's dorm room again, lounging on the bed this time, clearly waiting for something.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Hope has just gotten out of the shower as she's in a robe, looking appalled at the sight of Roman on her bed.

"Um, well, uh, I thought that maybe we could, like, get lunch, or something." Roman is way more awkward and nervous around Hope than he usually is around other students, which Josie and Penelope take notice of.

Hope looks skeptical of him being in her dorm room but also seems nervous as well.

"Oh, um I was going to…" Hope stops herself from talking which catches Roman's attention.

"You know what, sure. We can get lunch. Just let me get dressed and I'll be right back." Hope assures Roman, who nods and smiles at her, then she walks into the bathroom to get changed.

When she walks out in lounge clothes, Roman has set up a picnic in her dorm room, which she seems to appreciate.

"We could eat outside, too." Roman's making an idiot of himself being dorky and Hope laughs nervously.

"We could but I don't feel like it. This is fine." Hope exclaims making Roman smile nervously at her which she returns the smile.

The rest of the memory is Hope and Roman having a picnic date, teasing each other, and making really bad jokes that the other finds funny.

Josie and Penelope leave the memory, seeming happy from seeing Hope smile.

"Alright, no more doors." Josie informs her companion, who nods in agreement.

"I know. But Hope and Roman are kind of, really cute." Penelope admits, clearly shipping it, which Josie can agree on, shipping it as well.

However, they continue walking down the hallway, not opening any other doors, no matter how intriguing the memories might be.

Then suddenly, there are no more doors, just a long, white, empty hallway that has both Penelope and Josie frowning in confusion.

They look at each other, confused, before walking down the hallway and after a while, they see a black door at the end of the hall.

The two of them continue to walk down the hall until they reach the door.

"Please, don't be in here." Josie murmurs under her breath then opens the door and walks inside.

She's on a staircase surrounded by darkness so she starts walking down the steps, as Penelope follows behind her.

All of a sudden, the stairs just abruptly stop, unbeknownst to Josie, who figures it out when she falls into the abyss of darkness with Penelope not far behind her.

They scream for what feels like hours until they hit the ground, causing them to grunt in pain.

"Ughh." Penelope grunts then manages to stand up in the darkness as Josie does the same.

"Where are we?" Josie wonders as she looks around, trying to see something.

"Well, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore, Jo Jo." Penelope says teasingly, quoting the Wizard of OZ, which Josie chuckles at.

"What are you two doing here?" Hope's voice comes from behind them causing them to turn around.

"Looking for you." Josie states plainly as though it were obvious.

"We can get you out." Penelope exclaims assuringly and Josie nods at this.

"Exactly. Now, if we can only get back to that hallway." Josie looks up to see where they fell, curiously as she doesn't see anything but the darkness.

"Well, I guess I should thank you. I honestly thought you wouldn't have understood the whole coffin opening on its own." Hope reveals, admitting she actually was behind it.

"Alright, Penelope. You can leave, tell Lizzie it's okay to heal her body." Josie orders Penelope, who nods then casts the spell to leave Hope's mindscape.

"Any ideas on how to get to the top?" Josie looks at Hope, who smiles then pulls Josie closer before snapping her fingers, put them at the bottom step of the stairs Josie fell off of.

"Well, there's that." Josie remarks, sounding impressed yet mildly embarrassed that she didn't think of it herself.

They head up the stairs and re-enter the white hallway, which both of them have to squint at until their eyes adjust.

"Hey. Thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it." Hope admits to Josie, who is very shocked by this confession.

"You're welcome." Josie says with a warm smile at Hope, who returns it, before she disappears.

Josie wakes up in the circle, then sits up and rushes over to Lizzie, who is in the process of healing Hope's body since the spear was removed from her chest at some point.

Once the healing spell is complete, Hope wakes up almost immediately, gasping for air.

"He's a dead man." Hope declares, gritting through her teeth, as she sits up in the coffin.

"Can you at least give me a hug before you murder someone?" Rebekah suggests, shocking Hope by her presence.

"Aunt Rebekah." Hope exclaims, looking very happy to see her aunt.

She struggles getting out of the coffin, yet when she does she embraces her aunt in a big hug, that Rebekah reciprocates happily.

"Good news, I think I found it." Rebekah claims after the hug breaks, which has Hope smile broadly.

"Really?" Hope's smile gets broader by this statement.

"Yes. Well, maybe. I don't know, I've got to have your aunt Freya examine it to ensure it's legit but I have one." Rebekah exclaims happily.

"You'll tell me if it is?" Hope looks at her for reassurance and Rebekah nods in agreement.

"I promise. I've got to go. So happy I can help." Rebekah is grateful for being able to help Hope after she promises her niece that she'll call then she leaves the library.

""Your aunt is kind of attractive." Rafael awkwardly points out as he motions to the library doors that Rebekah just left from.

This comment makes the room go silent in awkwardness and feel slightly weirded out.

"You know what we need?" Lizzie questions, breaking the awkward silence of Rafael's comment.

"Um, pancakes?" MG wonders curiously, implying that he's hungry.

"No." Lizzie states plainly.

"Besides, I'm more of a waffle person." Josie reveals, realizing that she's hungry as well, grabbing her stomach as it rumbles.

"Well, we can go to Denny's. And then, we go dancing." Lizzie exclaims happily and the room seems to agree to this so they leave for Denny's then dancing.