Jim Kirk sat on the patio of his guest quarters on Pacifica where he, his wife, Carol, and their young son, Alex James Kirk, were visiting Leonard McCoy and Andrea Farnsworth. Doctor McCoy was a doctor on Pacifica now after they had finished their five-year mission in space. Jim had been an admiral in Starfleet for three years now and lived on Earth where he had an office at Starfleet Headquarters. They had already had another run-in with Klingons and Romulans since he had become an admiral, but they had not met anymore spacial rifts, but then again, they were no longer travelling through space. He had also had a run-in with bird folk on an unknown planet that they now knew was called Garresant. The planet's foliage gave off an aroma which was intoxicating to humans but had different effects on the natives. One of the natives had escaped from the planet by flying onto their ship, and he was now living in an unknown location on Earth…or Jim supposed he was on Earth. No one knew of his leaving Earth, and it had not been reported that he was seen on any other planets. Jim still did not like the fact that Kuaya, the bird man, was roaming free on the Earth, but he supposed if he was not causing trouble, it did not matter. Although, he had been nervous about what Kuaya's purpose was.

Jim was watching the sun rise, and it was just as beautiful on this planet as it was on Earth. He had sat and watched the moon come up as well…of course, there was more than one moon here, but they did not come up at the same times. He and his family had been there for a week now, but Bones had assured him that they were in no hurry for them to leave. Jim thought Bones was rather lonely living there on Pacifica, even after three years, and even though he had Andrea there. Jim had to admit, he missed the people from the Enterprise at times. He contacted Spock sometimes, and now Spock and Uhura had a child of their own. He had to wonder what that child would be like, whether it would be strictly Vulcan, or would she have emotions like humans. He had not met her as of yet.

While Jim sat there, Alex, who was five now, came running out onto the patio. "Good morning, Daddy," he said in his happy, jolly way.

"Good morning," Jim replied as he scooped Alex up into his lap. "What are you doing up so early?"

"I wanted to come out with you. Are you watching the sunrise again?"


They looked out across the ocean which they were not far from. "See how it turns everything orange and purple and so many other colors?" Jim asked.

"Yeah," Alex replied.

Jim smiled at the reflection in Alex's big, blue eyes. "Why does it change the colors?" he asked.

Jim scowled at that question. "Because it's so low on the horizon and shining through more air," he answered.

"I think I want to be a scientist. I'm gonna go even further in space."

"You are?"

"Uh huh."

Carol came out onto the patio next. "You two are always up with the sun," she said.

Jim looked at her and smiled at her tousled hair. "Well, we don't have anything else to do while we're here on vacation," he replied.

"It is beautiful," she said as she looked at the sunrise. "Why don't we get some breakfast since we're up?"

"Sounds good. What did you have in mind?"

"Going out."

Jim stood up with Alex in his arms. "I think we can do that," he said. "I wonder if Bones is out yet?"

"I think I heard him earlier," Carol replied. She folded her arms and looked at Jim. "Do you think he and Andrea are happy together?"

Jim sighed. "I'm not a counselor and I don't know."


"Carol, I've told you before that we need to stay out of their life."

"We're not getting into their life. I just asked what you think?"

Jim frowned as he was getting ready to get a shower. "I haven't heard any arguing so I assume they are getting along."

"We argue. Does that mean we're not getting along?"

"No. But we're married."

Jim went on into the bathroom as Carol folded her arms. She knew he just liked to frustrate her sometimes.

When they were ready to leave, they left their bedroom. Everything was quiet, but Jim did find a note on the counter in the kitchen from Doctor McCoy telling them to make themselves at home. "Looks like we have the whole place to ourselves if we want it," Jim said.

"You would rather eat here?" Carol asked.

"Not necessarily."

Just then, the door chime sounded and Jim paused a moment at that odd sound. He thought only Bones could come up with something like that for a door chime. It sounded like something between a groan and some sort of doom sounding musical composition. He looked at Carol with one of his "I can't believe that" looks as he went on to the door.

Jim was even more surprised at who was at the door. "Anakin?" he said.

"Admiral," Anakin replied. "I was hoping I would find you here."

"How did you find me here? Come on in."

"Well, I tried to contact you on Earth, but they said you had come to Pacifica to visit Doctor McCoy." Anakin looked around the large living area as he walked into the house. "This is a nice place," he remarked.

"You were trying to contact me?"

Anakin turned to him. "Yeah," he said. "Padme and I have been living out on Triona, you know. We love it there. It's peaceful and beautiful. A lot of waterfalls. My mom is married now, and now that I know she has a life of her own, I thought maybe I could…join Starfleet."

Jim was rather surprised at that. "You want to…join Starfleet? Why?"

"Well, Padme and I are used to doing more than what we're doing now, and well…we're about to go nuts. I mean, surely we could do something."

"I'm sure you could, but you would have to go to the Academy."

"Padme would like to be in government if possible. She's already dabbled in that on Triona. I guess once you've been involved in that, it's hard to stay out of it."

"I'm sure it is."

"Couldn't I work for you?"

Jim considered that. He had to admit he had employed several beings whom he had picked up in his five year trek across the galaxy. "I'm not sure what that would be right now," he said. "Why don't you come with us? We're about to go have breakfast. Is Padme with you?"

"She's waiting for me," Anakin replied. "You know we have twins now, don't you?"

Jim was flabbergasted. "No, I don't think I've heard about that," he said.

"I know we haven't exactly kept in contact but we were trying to just make our own life and learn our way around. The twins are two now."

"Two? Well, that was a well-kept secret."

Jim looked at Carol. "You remember my wife, Carol," he said.

"Of course," Anakin replied.

"Let's go and have breakfast. We'll talk more."

"I have a transport out here so we can take it if you like."


They all got into the transport where Padme was with the two babies. "Hi," Carol said as she got in. "Oh, they're so adorable," she said as she looked at the babies.

"Thank you," Padme replied. "This is Luke and Leia."

Jim got in and put Alex between himself and Carol. "I don't want to sit in the middle," Alex declared.

"It won't hurt you just this time," Jim replied.

"I want to look out the window."

"You can see out the window."

"Not when I have to lean back in the seat."

"Never mind this argument," Carol said. "I'll sit in the middle." She moved over into the middle. "Now, is this better?"

"Sure," Jim replied.

"You could have sat in the middle."

"I don't want to. I'm an Admiral. I don't have to sit in the middle anymore."

"What does being an admiral have to do with it?"

"Because, I get in last when there are other's who rank lower than me. I get to sit by the window."

"You're with your family today."

"Can we have this debate later?"


Carol turned her attention back to Padme. "We didn't know you had children," Carol said.

"We've kinda kept to ourselves," Padme replied. "I'm sure he's told you that we want to be part of Starfleet."

Jim looked at Anakin. "Have you run into any trouble on Triona?" Jim asked.

"No," Anakin replied. "But…well, the kids are Force sensitive. I think maybe it would be better if we were around people who understand that."

"I'm sure it would, but I don't think we should broadcast that you're from another galaxy," Jim said quietly. "But there are a lot of strange occurrences in this galaxy as well."

They soon arrived at the restaurant and went inside. Jim was thinking about Anakin's questions. He was sure he could find some use for a Jedi but he was not sure he could explain him. As of now, no one knew they had brought anyone here from the other galaxy. It was not their choice anyway because Anakin had used the Force to sneak aboard the Enterprise and get to this galaxy along with his mother and wife.

Jim sat at the table thinking as conversations seemed to swirl around him. He had thought several times of what would happen if someone knew they brought someone here from another galaxy. After all, no one knew what sort of germs they might have that could infect someone who was not immune. He had not heard of any outbreaks on Triona, however, and Doctor McCoy had scanned them for any trace of any pathogens or such. Jim was not sure their technology could detect everything from the other galaxy since it was not the same.

"Jim, are you here with us or light years away?" Carol asked.

Jim looked at her. "I'm sorry," he said. "I was just thinking."

They ordered their breakfasts and then sat waiting. "Would you be nervous about having someone like me around?" Anakin asked.

"No," Jim answered. "It's not like we haven't picked up beings who could do strange things before." He leaned on the table. "The thing is: no one knows anyone from the other galaxy came here with us. We've kept that under tight secret."

"Oh. Well, you could always say I was from Triona. I've been living there for three years. Doesn't that count for a resident?"

"I guess, but I don't think other people on Triona use the Force."

"No, but none of them knew I did either, although they did notice that I had a lot of luck growing our own food."

"You used the Force to help?"

"Of course. I don't exactly call myself a farmer, but in our galaxy, there were Jedi who helped planets with agriculture when they struggled to feed their people."

"So you're still following the Jedi way?"

"Not exactly. I have been gazing into the Force."

Jim waited for Anakin to say more, but he seemed to just ponder. "What did you see?" Jim asked.

"I don't know," Anakin replied. "Master Yoda used to say that the Force was always in motion and that we couldn't always depend on what we saw. It was only one scenario. It could turn out another way simply by another glimmer in the Force…just like what happened when you and your crew came into the other galaxy."

"I see. You think you saw something about this galaxy?"

"It was more like a dream, and I don't really know what I saw…but you were in it."

"Me? What did I do?"

"Like I said, I'm not really sure, but I think you should be careful whatever missions you choose to go on."

"My missions now usually involve the Klingons since I'm their chosen ambassador."

"What do the Klingons look like?"

Jim described the Klingons and Anakin slowly shook his head. "That's not who I saw in my dream," he said.

Jim frowned. "What did the ones in your dream look like?"

"Well, I only saw one of these beings, but as I said, you can't go by one dream."

"I haven't received any missions. Carol and I are here on vacation. The Klingons have been rather quiet since that last conflict. It was more about a monstrous ship that the Nausicaans had acquired and were terrorizing the galaxy with it. We relieved them of it."

Anakin smiled. "You're quite a formidable foe even without the Force."

"I try to be."

"I've studied quite a lot with Spock. I've taught him more about using the Force, and he has taught me very much about self-control, emotion control, and accepting things rather than thinking I can change everything."

Jim nodded. "That sounds like Spock. Was it helpful?"

"Yes. Very much. I feel a lot calmer in the Force now. I think Qui-Gon would be proud of me."

"I'm sure they were confused about what happened to you."

"I do feel guilty about that, but I just wanted my own life."

"I'm sure they wouldn't have forced you to stay with the Jedi if you had wanted out."

"No. They wouldn't have but it's hard to break away."

"I guess it would be hard for me to break away from Starfleet as well."

They were silent a moment as they listened to Padme and Carol talk. "It's not easy governing a whole galaxy," Padme was saying.

"It's mostly not governed," Carol replied. "Most planets have their own governments. We just trade and share space."

"I have heard of some who cause trouble in this galaxy."

"Yes. There are some, as usual. However, I'm sure it will always be that way. Not everyone can agree."

"Perhaps more negotiations could help."

"I'm not sure that would work. Jim has been an ambassador for the Klingons for quite a while now and there are still hostiles."

"I'm not sure there will ever be a time when there won't be hostile Klingons," Jim added. "They have their own way of doing things and some feel that we're encroaching on their way of life."

"Maybe they just need a little persuasion," Anakin suggested.

"Like what?"

"Well, there's always the Force."

"Anakin, you can't force someone to agree with you," Padme said. "That wouldn't solve the problem."

"I'm not sure you could use the Force on the Klingons anyway," Jim said. "They're definitely strong minded."

"But you will help us get into Starfleet, won't you?" Padme asked.

Jim nodded. "Sure. I don't see any reason why you can't be."

When they were done eating, they agreed to go to the beach. Bones had said that Anakin and Padme could take the other guest room when he found out they were there. "I have a few more things to do," he said as he and Jim were talking. "I'll probably be here late. You get a planet full of multiple species and something's liable to happen."

"Right," Jim replied. "So what's going on? Some deadly virus?"

"Looks like it, so don't be getting too close to a bunch of people."

Jim yawned. "Ugh. I think I could just lie down and sleep rather than going to the beach today."

"I believe it was you who said once that vacations are to do whatever you want, right?"

"Right. You always bring up something."

"You're always sleepy when you get on vacation."

"That's cause I never get any sleep any other time."

"So sleep. I'll talk to you later."

"Good luck."

Jim rubbed his face as that transmission ended. He hated to disappoint Carol but he thought if he went to the beach, he would do nothing but sleep in the sun, and probably get sunburned which would send him to Bones to treat him.

Carol came from the bathroom dressed in a red bikini. Jim smiled. "That's nice," he said.

"You really like it?" Carol asked.

"Absolutely…but I don't think I want to go right now."

Carol put her hands on her hips. "Why not?"

"I'm sleepy. I know I slept last night but I'm just sleepy."

"Fine. I'm sure Padme and I can have fun with the children. They'll love building sand castles."


Carol walked over to him. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Sure," Jim replied.

"You're not usually this sleepy this time of the morning."

"Well, I am today."

Jim thought he was having a hard time staying awake even standing there talking. Carol touched his face. "You feel rather warm," she said.

"Oh, please, don't try to get me to go and see Bones," Jim replied. "If I sleep a while, I'll be fine."

"How do you know?"

"If I'm not, then I'll go see Bones."

"You'd better."

Carol watched him lie down on the bed. She was not sure he was fine. She would just get Doctor McCoy to come and check on him while she was gone. She got her things together and got Alex, and they went outside with Anakin, Padme, and their two children. "Jim's not coming," Carol said. "He's resting."

"Resting?" Anakin asked. "He didn't seem tired earlier."

"I'm sending Doctor McCoy to check on him. He won't know he's coming until he arrives."

"You think he's sick?"

"I'm not sure. He's not normally one to get sick."

"Maybe someone should stay here."

"Are you trying to get out of going to the beach?" Padme asked.

"You know how I feel about sand," Anakin said. "Any excuse will do."

"Anakin, your children are going to enjoy building sand castles. Don't you want to see that?"

"Of course I do, but…maybe someone should stay with him until the doctor arrives."

"You're coming later though, right?"


"I'm contacting the doctor right now," Carol said. "It shouldn't be long."

Anakin went back into the condo and went to the door of Jim's room. He closed his eyes as he reached out with the Force. He could definitely tell that Jim was sleeping, but he could also detect some sort of life form…a pathogen. It was very tiny, however. He stayed in the living room until Doctor McCoy arrived.

"I think he's infected with some pathogen," Anakin said.

"How do you know that?" Bones asked.

"The Force."

Bones went into Jim's room and scanned him while he was still sleeping. "I'll say he is," he grumbled. "He never wants to admit when he's sick."

Jim opened his eyes. "Bones, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Carol asked me to come and check on you," Bones replied. "It's a good thing I did. You're infected with that same pathogen I've been treating."


"Just lie still."

"Is it catching?"

Bones frowned. "Now, how else would it get spread around this planet?"

Jim had to admit he did not feel well. "How long will I have to be treated?" he asked.

"Until you're well. You'll have to come to the hospital and let me give you some injections. I don't have them here."

"You're kidding."

"Nope. So, let's go."

Jim sat up. "I have to walk?" he asked.

"We have a transport."

Anakin went along with them to the transport. He hoped his family did not get infected with some virus. "Maybe you should test us all," he suggested.

"I will now that it's struck this place," Bones replied. "I'll bring some equipment home with me this evening, but since we caught it this early, he most likely hasn't passed it on to anyone else."

"Early?" Jim asked. "How bad would I feel if it was later?"

"You don't want to know."

Anakin could not forget the nightmares he had been having. He thought they had to mean something since he did not even know Jim Kirk all that well. He supposed the time he spent around him had caused a connection in the Force. He had a hard time remembering exactly what happened in that dream, however, but he knew it was bad. He would just hang around and try to prevent whatever it was.