Legion's First Lesson in Pranking:

"Goto-Kasumi, we do not understand the purpose behind this questionable action." Legion spoke, in his usual blank tone.

"Shh!" she reprimanded. Taking care not to spill a drop of her 'surprise' as she poured it into another bottle. "The 'purpose' behind this is to be funny… well, funny to me, it won't be to her."

Kasumi's evil grin would have sent shivers down the spine of any organic, but it only further confused the Geth platform. Kasumi had literally dragged him along, saying she would 'teach him the art of pranking', which now led to the two of them standing in Miranda's bedroom. Legion did not know what exactly was happening, but he observed his 'teacher' nonetheless. If this was an important organic activity, he needed to learn about it and pass the information on to the Geth Consensus.

As the last of her surprise trickled into its target, Kasumi replaced the bottle where she had found it and stashed the empty vial that had contained the surprise in to one of the many concealed pockets that she used for her 'job'.

"We are awaiting further instruction, Goto-Kasumi. What is it you wish to teach us?"

Kasumi's grin did not falter. "I'm just teaching you the art of pranking." She explained. "You saw me set up the prank, now all we need to do is wait and see the results. Now, come on, she'll be back any minute… and don't tell anyone what we did here, understood?"

The Geth platform was confused but did as the organic asked of it. "Understood, Goto-Kasumi."

-=- LFLIP -=-

The mess aboard the Normandy was quiet, most of the crew that were getting up for the day shift were still getting ready. However, Legion had been pulled into the mess hall by an eager Kasumi and was now watching her eat her breakfast as she kept casting glances at Miranda's door.

There were only about a half-dozen crewmembers seated around the tables, including Tali'Zorah and Jane Shepard. Aside from a few hushed conversations from the tired crew, the room was silent.

…Until a wild screech emanated from Miranda's door.

The screech caused absolute silence from everyone, except Kasumi who was trying not to choke with laughter as she had been taking a bite of her breakfast at the time. She flashed a quick grin at Legion, causing the programs within the platform to come to the consensus that this was the result of the 'art of pranking'.

Several seconds later, a furious Miranda Lawson stormed into the mess and glared at the watching crew.

It was silent for an instant before everyone, except Legion, burst into fits of laughter.

Miranda's hair had been dyed a bright pink…

A thought passed through Legion's head at the sight. 'If this platform is to integrate with organics, we must learn this art.' His eyes sought out an organic that he could practice on… his ocular device settling squarely on the one and only Commander Shepard.

Author Note: I wrote this at 2 AM, so I have no idea if this makes much sense, but I'm uploading it anyway. I always thought how… unique of a collection that the crew of the Normandy is, and what sort of an example that gives to the impressionable, child-like Legion.