It was now or never. Danny Devito was this close to defeating the SpOoKy demogorgon. "Lol u'll never beat me cuz im the SpOoKy demogorgon" demogrogon says mocking him. "And im holding your precious Kermit the Frog hostage in my SpOoKy shed" Danny shook in disbelief. "NOT MY SON NOOOO!" he exclaimed. Demogorgon laughed malishiously. "MWAHAHAHA" he said. "And now its time for me to oof you" "NOOO I NEVER GOT TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY SON!" Danny screeched "lol ur son doesnt love u hehe" the demogorgon laughed. Just then, when all hope was almost lost, the dream team crashed through the cealing of starcourt mall. Danny gazed up at Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere, Veronica Sawyer, Steve Harrington, and Haymitch Abernathy. "Not so fast SpOoKy demogorgon!" they all yell, crying out like an eagle and flailing their arms. "Were gonna destroy u cuz ur a bully" veronica said. Steve screamed at the top of his lungs for no reason what so ever and ran his fingers through his shiny hair. "Why u scream steve?" veronica asked. "Idk cuz im super kool" he responed and smoldered. "GUYS LIKE US ARE COOOOOOOL IN COLLAGE" Michael and Jeremy started screeching at the top of their lungs. "no ur not cool even in collage. lol get rekt" veronica sayed as she dabbed on the haters. Michael fell to the floor and started balling his eyes out. "JEREMYYYYYYY SHE SAYED WERE NOT KOOL IN COLLAGE" Jeremy joined Michael on the floor and they both started crying. "man up ya filthy squids" Haymich snapped. "I havent been working alone" demogorgon said. He let out a scream (his battle call) and the lights turned colorful. "Put ur hands together forrrrrrrrr… Jason Dean and The Squip!" a dude with a trench coat and a slushie stepped out of the darkness. "And the squip? It's in my hand" he held out a gray obalong pill. "NUUUUUUU not the squip!" Jeremy shreaked. "It's okay Jeremy, I BROUGHT RED MOUNTAIN DEWWW" Michael reassured him. "ITS A TWO-PLAYER GAMEEEEEEE" they both screamed.

Author's Note

So this fanfic is inspired by ThE wOrSt FaNfIcTiOn EvEr. Just to be clear, this is all a joke so don't take this seriously in the slightest.

Also if you were confused by what these characters are from, here's a list:

Jeremy Heere, Michael Mell, and the Squip- Be More Chill

Steve Harrington and the Demogorgon- Stranger Things

Veronica Sawyer and Jason "JD" Dean- Heathers

Haymitch Abernathy- The Hunger Games