Our story begins in a warehouse in the tourist district of a city called Municiberg. There, a woman with short brown hair was working on a machine.

"Pretty soon, even the Incredibles won't be able to stop me!" the woman said. This is Evelyn Deavor, sister of Winston Deavor and the woman who tried to illegalize Supers forever. Having escaped from jail, she was now working on a device to put the entire city of Metroville under her hypnotic control.

"I'll teach the Incredibles this time. This time, there's no messing up this plan!" Evelyn said before she smirked.

Suddenly, she heard an echo that sounded like, "Bababababa."

"What in the world is that?" she asked as she looked around before she shrugged and turned back to her screen, only to leap back in fright when she saw a giant masked baby face.

"Good job, Baby Incredible!" said a familiar voice. Evelyn gritted her teeth as the Incredibles rushed in.

"How did you find me?!" Evelyn asked.

"We just had to split up. We figured you would use the old warehouse district to hide from us. A lot of the bad guys usually do." Miss Stealth said.

"Following Baby Incredible by tracker led us right to you." Elastigirl said before the baby clapped his hands and shrunk back down, landing on the computer keyboard for the machine, accidentally entering too many commands at once and overloading the main mechanism, causing it to start smoking.

"NO!" Evelyn shouted before Elastigirl grabbed Jack-Jack and she rushed over, trying to reprogram the machine before it sparked violently before bursting into flames in a small explosion. Evelyn looked horrified before she faced the Incredibles in anger.

"Another plan ruined thanks to one of your little brats!" Evelyn said before she whipped out tech gloves that had sharp claws on the back that resembled those of Wolverine.

"Incredibles, it's…" Mr. Incredible said before Violet and Dash ran in.

"Time to kick butt!" Violet said before she spawned force field boxing gloves and she started a sparring match with Evelyn, mechanical claws slashing against force fields, either side threatening to break at any moment.

While this was happening, Dash started to run circles around the two. While Violet stayed focused on the battle, Evelyn couldn't help but follow Dash with her eyes, at times getting hit before she became dizzy, which ended up getting her whacked with an uppercut by Violet that sent her flying back into the ruined screen, giving her a couple of cuts and a bad bump on her head, as well as electrocuting her a bit. She looked at the Incredibles with fury before she tried to get up, only to fall down to the floor, due to another wound on her knee.

She winced before she glared at the family of Supers.

"Well, what are you waiting for? You've got me where you want me. Go ahead and kill me." Evelyn said, knowing she was beaten.

The Incredibles looked shocked, "Evelyn, unless absolutely necessary, we don't kill." Elastigirl said.

"Aside from that, your brother's who brought us back to being legal, and you're the only family he has left. We wouldn't do that to him." Mr. Incredible said. This caught Dash and Violet's attention.

"He wouldn't be if it wasn't for you people!" Evelyn said as she got up, holding her bleeding arm.

Dash and Violet took this in before they looked at each other and nodded. They then got their parents' attention. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl looked at them before they motioned for them to lean in for a whisper. They did so before they whispered their idea to them. Evelyn guessed it must have been big because she saw Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's eyes widen before they looked thoughtful.

"All right. We'll give it a chance." Elastigirl said before they turned back towards Evelyn.

"Evelyn, we'll make a deal with you. We won't send you back to jail if you babysit our kids tomorrow." Mr. Incredible said.

Evelyn's eyes widened as she got a face that said, 'Say what?! Are you serious?!' before she looked at Dash and Violet.

"You can't be serious! Me, babysit those little brats?!" Evelyn said.

"Hey!" Dash said before Violet put her hand over his mouth to keep him from saying something back.

"Trust us, they're no trouble at all. They may even help you with anything you need. Show her, kids." Elastigirl said with a smile before the two kids fist bumped and formed an Incredible with Violet's height and appearance, but Dash's haircut and color. Her suit was black with the Incredibles symbol, gloves, and boots being red, and the belt being white.

"Howdy, the name's Shadow. Nice to meet you." Shadow said before she held up her hand and it glowed green. The next thing Evelyn knew, she was glowing green and all of her injuries were gone, like she had never been injured to begin with.

Evelyn looked surprised before she looked at the Incredibles. She pondered her choices. She could either babysit the three little twerps who foiled her original plan, or go back to the steaming trash heap they called a jailhouse.

She sighed before she said, "Fine. Babysitting it is. I'd much rather do anything else than go back to jail."

The Incredibles smiled before Elastigirl said, "Just a heads up, the kids can handle themselves pretty well, but just to play it safe in case you try anything, I've called in backup."

That's when a young boy with dirty blond hair and glasses that was wearing a Captain America jacket, a Pokemon shirt, blue jeans, glasses and green Nikes came in.

"Well, up to your old tricks, eh, Evelyn?" he asked.

"So, this is the Eric I've heard so much about." Evelyn said.

Later, after working things out with the cops, the Incredibles went home, the ride awkwardly silent with Evelyn in the car.

Once they arrived back home, they found Karen asleep on the couch. Helen shook her awake and Karen smiled at seeing her and the rest of the Parrs, but shot wide awake when she saw Evelyn.

"WHAT IN TARNATION IS SHE DOING HERE?!" Karen shouted in alarm before she got into a fighting stance.

"Woah, woah, woah, Aunt Karen, she's our guest for right now. We're keeping an eye on her." Violet said as she kept her from leaping on her in anger.

Helen then said, "Evelyn, you obviously know about our secret identities, since your brother was able to give us this house, so we'd…"

"Appreciate it if you kept our identities secret. Don't worry, I don't care enough to even worry about it." Evelyn said.

"Well, at least we can trust her with that." Dash said.

Later, after a silent dinner, Bob and Helen wrote down a list of instructions for Evelyn to follow when taking care of their children.

The next morning, after Bob and Helen had left with Karen, Evelyn was sitting in the kitchen drinking some coffee, when Dash and Violet came in, with Violet holding a bottle for a hungry Jack-Jack. Evelyn looked at them and sighed before she went over to the stove and grabbed a frying pan.

"How do you like your eggs?" she asked.

"Scrambled." Dash and Violet answered as Violet got a thing of baby food for Jack-Jack. Evelyn looked in the fridge and found the eggs. She got to work on cooking them before she heard Dash.

"Ms. Deavor?" he said.

Evelyn looked at him with a face that said, 'What do you want?'

"I hope I'm not troubling you, but could you toast a Pop-Tart for me? I always have them with my breakfast." Dash asked nicely.

Evelyn sighed again before she went to the pantry and found a box of Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts. She took them out of the wrapper before putting them in the toaster and getting back to the eggs. However, just as she served the two kids their eggs, the three of them smelled something burning. Evelyn then realized that she had forgotten the Pop-Tarts. She went over and popped them out of the toaster. Only problem was that they looked like they had been a bit over toasted, and when I say a bit, I mean a lot. Evelyn just put them on a plate and slid it in front of Dash. Dash looked at them with a hint of disgust.

"Eat them." Evelyn said.

"I can't eat these. They're burnt." Dash said, trying not to be rude.

"I said eat them, 'cause I'm not going to make you another one." Evelyn said strictly before she picked up Jack-Jack and went to go put him down for a nap before she heard what sounded like a thump. She walked back to the kitchen and saw Dash didn't have his Pop-Tarts. She looked annoyed.

"Did you throw those away?" she asked.

"I couldn't eat them." Dash said.

"Why you arrogant little…" Evelyn said angrily before she got cut off.

"Evelyn!" said someone in a warning tone. She looked behind her to see Eric with his arms folded before he shook his head and said, "Ah-ah-ah." in a 'don't you dare' manner.

Evelyn sighed in defeat before she said, "Fine, I'll make him another one."

Later, Evelyn was running around, trying to catch Jack-Jack, who kept teleporting in a fit of giggles every time she got near him. Eric, Dash, and Violet were watching and trying to keep themselves from laughing as he played cat-and-mouse with her.

"Come here, Jack-Jack!" Evelyn said in a calm manner as she grabbed at the infant Incredible, only for him to teleport onto the couch.

"Come here, Jack-Jack!" Evelyn said faster as she dove to catch him, only for him to teleport again, this time onto a small table.

"ComehereJackJack!" Evelyn said even faster as she grabbed, only for him to teleport again.

Evelyn sighed in exasperation before she shouted, "I said come here, not go away!"

Eric, Dash, and Violet finally couldn't hold it anymore as they started laughing, earning them a glare from Evelyn before they heard Jack-Jack's baby talk echoing.

"We know how to deal with this." Eric said before he went to the cookie jar and got out a cookie. He held it up and waved it around.

"Jack-Jack wanna cookie? Num-num cookie? Cookie?" Eric called before Jack-Jack showed up in front of him. But, just as Eric was about to hand him the cookie, Evelyn snatched it, surprising everyone.

"Let me get this straight. He gives you a hard time and you reward him with a cookie? I don't think so." Evelyn said before she ate the cookie.

"Oh, I wish you hadn't done that." Violet said before she, Dash, and Eric ducked under the couch. Evelyn looked puzzled before she saw Jack-Jack start to look angry before he turned into a red monster and set himself on fire like the Human Torch.

Evelyn looked surprised before she pathetically said, "I'm sorry." Next thing you know, she was screaming while being chased around by Jack-Jack. The three kids climbed out from under the couch before Evelyn ran past them and they saw Jack-Jack, now giant and in monster form, coming in.

"Yikes!" Eric said before he dove back under the couch, Dash and Violet following him.

A few minutes later, Evelyn was hidden behind a door while Jack-Jack was looking for her.

"Jack-Jack! Num-num cookie?" Violet called, holding out a cookie to him. Jack-Jack finally calmed down and headed for it.

"The coast is clear, Evelyn. You can come out now." Eric said before Evelyn came out slowly.

Later, Evelyn was sitting on the couch and reading a magazine when Dash came up to her.

"Ms. Deavor, can you fix us some lunch, please?" he asked.

"How about you make it yourself?!" she said coldly.

"That's not very nice." Dash said.

"Why should I be nice to you, you snobbish little…" Evelyn said before she heard, "Ahem!"

She looked behind her to see Eric waving his finger with a face that said, "Watch that mouth!"

Evelyn sighed in defeat again before she said, "Look, Dash, I don't feel like making lunch. I just got through running for my life."

"Well, if you don't wanna make us lunch, can you at least take us to McDonald's?" Dash asked.

Evelyn looked at him before she sighed and said, "After a while, okay?"

"Okay." Dash said before he went to go play video games.

Later that afternoon, Evelyn did just like she said and she chilled on the couch while the kids are McDonald's.

Later, Evelyn was sitting in the kitchen when both Dash and Violet came in.

"Children, don't even think about asking me to make dinner. I'm not fixing anything nor am I taking you to any restaurant. Just go to your rooms." Evelyn snapped.

Before Eric could say anything, Violet asked, "Ms. Deavor, why have you been acting so cold towards us? I get we foiled your plan, but there must be another reason."

Evelyn looked surprised at Violet's question and was just before not telling them, but she figured if she didn't, she would keep getting pestered by them. So, she told them everything about her parents that their parents had learned. During the story, Dash and Violet looked sorry for her, as did Eric. Even Jack-Jack did a little. Once Evelyn finished, she lowered her head in sadness.

"Evelyn, listen to us. We're trying to be as nice as possible when we say this, but, your parents were elderly. They weren't able to fend for themselves. They needed others to get by. We agree, your father's reliance on Supers was a bit unhealthy. But, you have to understand, he and your mom were both victims of unfortunate circumstances. Also, did you ever think your parents wouldn't be proud of what you've done?" Violet said.

Evelyn looked shocked at the last part before Dash spoke up, "Aside from that, Supers don't keep us weak, either."

"How would you know?!" Evelyn snapped.

"Back in the Glory Days, Dad had a fan by the name of Buddy Pine. He wanted to be his sidekick, named Incrediboy. but Dad said no, and as a result, years later, the rejection motivated him to become a villain known as Syndrome." Dash said.

"That loser was a fan of Mr. Incredible?!" Evelyn asked. She had heard all but that of Syndrome.

"That's not all. He also tried to kill us using his giant robot, and he almost did. You see now, Evelyn? Even if Supers are relied on too much, they don't keep us weak. Even if it is sometimes in the negative ways, they make us strong. Our parents have motivated us to be tougher, too." Violet said.

Evelyn looked at the kids in surprise and took everything they said in before she sighed and said, "Kids, grab your super suits. We're going to DevTech."

Later, at the DevTech office, where everyone who had been on board the Everjust were having a meeting with Winston Deavor.

"So, I think it's easier if we all form connections through a Super phone network, that way, if there's a threat in another part of the world, we'll have more contact methods in case of emergency." Winston said.

Suddenly, there was a frantic knock at the door.

"Come in." Winston called. The door opened to reveal Eric, Dash, Violet, and Evelyn falling down before they ran from a monster Jack-Jack.

"I told you eating that last cookie was a bad idea!" Eric said before the four of them scrambled behind Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Once Jack-Jack caught sight of them, he calmed down before teleporting into his mother's arms.

"May we ask what SHE is doing here?!" Reflux asked, pointing at Evelyn.

"She asked us to bring her here. She said she has something to say to everyone." Dash said.

"Well, let's hear it then." Voyd said.

Evelyn stood up as did everyone else before they brushed themselves off.

"Everyone, listen. As much as I know you all probably wanna beat me to death right now and throw me in jail, never to escape again, but this really needs to be said." Evelyn said.

"Everything I did on the Everjust was just out of revenge. I held a grudge against Supers for what happened to my father due to his heavy reliance on them. I used to think our parents weren't smart to place their lives in anyone else's hands. I always thought superheroes kept us weak. But, Speed Demon and Miss Stealth have helped me realize how foolish I was. I see now that the Supers are not to blame for what happened to my parents. So, to everyone here, especially Winston, Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, their kids, and Frozone…" Evelyn started before she took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry." she finally said, surprising everyone.

"What did she just say?!" Frozone asked.

"I'm pretty sure she just said she was sorry." Eric said before his eyes widened and he smiled widely.

"Evelyn…" Winston said before she turned to him with a tearful smile. She then walked over and gave him a hug.

Once she let him go, she said, "From now on, I'll be a good and kind-hearted person again, and I'll be a supporter of Supers, I promise." with a sincere smile.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl stared in disbelief before they smiled and whispered to each other, "It worked." as Dash and Violet did a fist bump.

Later, after Evelyn made amends and the meeting had ended, she finally got around to apologizing to the Incredibles, which took a while.

"And finally, I'm sorry for trying to make you crash a ship into a city and cause a mass disaster in an attempt to try and make Supers illegal forever." Evelyn said before she started panting from apologizing so much.

"Apology accepted, Evelyn." they said before shaking hands.

Finally, Evelyn looked at Dash and Violet and said, "Thank you, children." before giving them a hug.

"You're welcome, Evelyn." Violet said.

"Hey, listen, there's something we have to ask you." Dash said as she released them.

"What's up?" Evelyn asked.

"We know both you and Winston don't really have your family around, so let us accept you guys as part of ours." Violet said.

Winston and Evelyn looked surprised before smiling widely, both fighting back tears.

"All right. If there's anything you need, just ask Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Winston." Winston said.

Later, in the car, Bob looked at the kids, who were talking to Evelyn, who had decided to stay with them.

"Kids, we are so proud of you for redeeming Evelyn. So proud in fact, that we're going to go get pizza as celebration." Bob said.

"Pizza!" the kids, Voyd, and, yes, Evelyn yelled in excitement.