Chapter 16: Dash and Evelyn's Day on the Beach.

Dash was sitting in his bedroom, playing a video game, when Evelyn came in.

"Hey, Dash." Evelyn said.

"What's up, Aunt Evelyn?" Dash asked.

"I just thought you might like to head with me to the beach today." Evelyn said.

"Yeah!" Dash said, earning Evelyn's smile.

Later, the two of them were at the beach, Dash out swimming in the ocean while Evelyn was laying on a beach towel, catching some rays.

"Hey, Aunt Evelyn! Come on! The water's great!" Dash called. Evelyn smiled before she ran and jumped into the ocean.

"Man, I'm surprised we didn't come to the beach sooner! This water feels like Heaven!" Evelyn said as she swam around.

"Hey, Aunt Evelyn!" Dash said, catching her attention before he tapped her on the arm.

"Tag!" Dash said before he swam away. Evelyn smirked as she followed him and quickly caught up to him and tagged him back.

"Tag, nephew!" Evelyn said before she swam away. Dash swam after her, catching up after a few minutes and tagging her.

After their game of tag lasted a while, they went back to shore and grabbed themselves some ice cream. Dash got mint chocolate chip while Evelyn got Cookies and Cream. Once they finished their cones, they went back to the beach and made a sand portrait of themselves, which Evelyn took pictures of with her phone. Afterwards, they swam around some more before they decided to pack up and head home.

"Hey, Aunt Evelyn." Dash said.

"Yeah?" Evelyn asked.

"Thanks for taking me to the beach." Dash said.

"You're welcome, Dash. I'm glad you decided to come with me." Evelyn said with a smile.