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I thought the season 3 finale was angsty enough, then the season 4 finale came along. I'm sure our good cop / strange cop team will be back fighting crime next season (crosses fingers), but what if Lucifer never returns and Chloe has to carry on with life.

Chloe is in shock after Lucifer leaves. She can't believe he's gone for good… why couldn't they have had more time together? But to keep Los Angeles and the rest of the world safe, he will stay in hell. It's what an angel would do.

Her head accepts that, but her heart is another matter. Over the next few days though, she tries to keep things together for the sake of Trixie – her daughter shouldn't have to see her mother a crying, unhappy mess on the couch. But it's at night that the tears come and her pillow is often wet in the mornings.

Chloe goes back to work. Sometimes it's the last thing she feels like doing, but life goes on and bills have to be paid. It doesn't matter there's a black void in her life where Lucifer was, she has her duties to uphold.

She finds herself though often looking up from her desk, half-expecting Lucifer to waltz up to her with a takeout coffee, dressed in some $1,000 suit and a sparkle in his dark eyes. Then reality crashes back in and she finds herself staring into space before forcing herself back to the papers in front of her.

Explaining Lucifer's absence to others is like putting salt in a wound. Dan had curled his lip at the news that Lucifer had departed for good, but he had the grace to look uncomfortable at Chloe's barely concealed misery.

Ella had pestered Chloe the most about the details of Lucifer's absence.

"What do you mean, we can't email or text Lucifer," Ella had fretted. "He wouldn't go where there is no wi-fi. It doesn't make sense. Not even a phone call?"

No wi-fi in hell, Chloe had thought ironically. Being without social media would be a special torment in hell for some residents.

Explaining the news to Trixie takes an unexpected turn. After stiltedly telling her daughter that Lucifer has had to go away for good, Trixie looks at her with serious eyes.

"He's gone back to hell, hasn't he," she says matter-of-factly.

Chloe reels back in surprise for a moment, before collecting herself.

"You knew who he really was, monkey?" she whispers.

Trixie nodded. "He was really old inside, mommy, even older than grandma. But he was nice and he liked you."

There's a lump in Chloe's throat. "I liked him too, honey."

Sometimes Chloe goes back to Lux to try and regain some sense of closeness to Lucifer. Maze has taken over the management of Lux and does an efficient job, as far as Chloe can see. Chloe can sometimes though see a grim set to Maze's face that says that if she keeps busy, she doesn't have to think too hard about things. Chloe has recognized the same look on her own face in the mirror at times.

Months afterward, Ella continued to grumble about Lucifer having disappeared from the face of the earth. Then Chloe sees something click together in Ella's eyes and her face pales.

"I guess he really had to go back to hell," Ella says faintly.

Chloe doesn't say anything but nods, once. An unexpected tear runs down her face though and Ella blinks before giving her a quick, fierce hug. Afterwards, Ella doesn't bring up Lucifer's name again.

Dan offers to become Chloe's partner out on the field and after a moment's hesitation, she agrees. He's trying to be kind. Dan's competent enough, but they don't always solve as many cases as she and Lucifer did. He had had names and contacts that sometimes made the difference in cracking a case.

Chloe's life seemed to become a bit greyer from then on. Sometimes she thought about talking things over with Linda, but she's busy raising Charlie, her half-angel baby with Amenadiel and has enough on her plate. Besides, Linda would be making noises about 'moving on' and Chloe doesn't need a therapist to tell her that.

When a year has passed, Chloe receives a letter from a legal firm that states if Lucifer has not been in Lux for a year and a day, then two things are to be carried out. Firstly, that a college fund be set up for Trixie to attend the college of her choice one day.

Secondly, if Chloe and Trixie ever need a place to stay, they can stay at his penthouse indefinitely. It was a kind thing for Lucifer to do and she tries to fight the tears that well up inside of her again. She's cried enough and has to move on.

As it turned out, Eve returned recently to Lux to be with Maze and now they are both an item. Eve styles herself the unofficial Queen of Lux, which pulls the crowds in.

The years move swiftly by.

Charlie doesn't develop wings and Amenadiel confesses to Chloe that he's relieved, because the Silver City is less likely to forcibly remove him at some stage, 'for his own good'. Charlie does grow up to be smarter and stronger than most mortals, so his parents have their hands full teaching him about fitting in when necessary. He also has a gleam similar to Lucifer's in his eyes that makes him a hit with the ladies one day. He talks about being a detective 'just like Aunt Chloe'.

Sometimes Amenadiel quietly asks Chloe if she's ok, sympathy in his eyes. She pastes a smile on her face and says yes. She tries looking forward these days, not looking back. Her work keeps her busy.

From time to time, Ella tries to set Chloe up on a blind date, but she always says no. She's looked into her heart and there's no more room for someone new.

Trixie goes to a good law school when she's older and eventually becomes a successful lawyer that's on the way up. She's smart and little escapes her in the court room.

Then one day time runs out for Chloe.


A/N: So, I thought that if Chloe was immune to the Lucifer charm, what if Trixie had a special way of knowing Lucifer really was different.