"See, I knew you could do it, Detective," Lucifer told her with a hint of pride in his voice. Of course, she had held her own against Hell itself and now had a crown to prove it to any demon who looked upon it… because it could have come from nowhere else. Made of gold that looked as if it was living – with parts of it shifting, glinting and moving in place like molten lava, it was beautiful and not to be messed with at the same time, just like Chloe.

"Thanks, Lucifer," she told him, feeling like she had just jumped over a large hurdle and had come down to rest.

"Back to the penthouse, now?" he said in a gentler tone.

Chloe nodded. "I think I want to sit down after all that," she said feelingly.

"You are sitting down, Detective," he reminded her with a sparkle in his eyes.

Chloe gave him one of her patented Looks.

"Maybe somewhere that's not on a mile high throne, babe?" she said dryly.

Lucifer pretended to look injured. "It's not quite a mile high, darling."

Chloe did a facepalm. "I did not hear that."

She then peered down. Getting on to the throne was one thing, but leaving it was a different situation. Just bringing out his wings would be a bit awkward.

"How would we-" she began to say, but then Lucifer looked smug.

"Watch and learn, darling!" he purred.

Then a few feet below from where they were sitting, what resembled a wide, black plank started extending out into the air for a few metres before it stopped. To Chloe's surprised eyes, it did look firm enough to stand upon.

"If one of my subjects wishes to talk to me, or I summon them before me, that's where they stand," he explained.

"OK," Chloe nodded. Presumably there was some kind of teleportation capability built into it. Presumably too, Lucifer could make the plank disappear if he wasn't happy with said subject…

Holding her firmly in his embrace, Lucifer casually stepped off his throne and on to the plank as if it was something he had done hundreds of times before.

"It will disappear once we're in the air," he explained further as his vast wings unfurled from his back. They gave a flap and then they were both soaring off into the air back to the penthouse, the faintly shining building a reassuring and unmistakable reminder of LA to Chloe as it drew closer towards them. Something normal looking in Hell.

When they landed upon the balcony and Chloe was back on her feet, as was his habit now, Lucifer's vast wings wrapped around her gently, comforting and soothing her. Some of the feathers fluttered around her like dozens of soft caresses and there was a look of warmth in his dark eyes when Chloe put her arms around him. Desire rose up within her, the urge to feel his warm skin against hers, his limbs entwined with hers.

After a while, Lucifer shrugged his shoulders slightly and his wings withdrew and folded themselves into his back. Chloe felt better, to her relief.

"Come along, Detective-Queen, chop, chop," he said, taking her hand and leading her over to the leather couch to sit down. "Or should that be Queen-Detective?" he said teasingly.

"Lucifer," she sighed, rolling her eyes affectionately as she sat down beside him.

She lifted her hands to pat cautiously at her – crown! – which was slightly warm to the touch.

"What do you look like," Chloe said, almost to herself, as she carefully lifted it off her head to have a closer look at it.

Her eyes widened when she saw it, for it seemed to be made of bright, molten gold that hadn't quite set, for some of it rippled gently and shifted in place as she looked at it. It had a simple design, with seven parts pointing upwards.

Chloe found herself blinking away a tear. "I- it's really beautiful, Lucifer. I wasn't expecting something like this."

"You're my queen, so of course you need a crown, Detective," Lucifer said kindly. "If I had had my way, it would have been covered in the finest diamonds and big sapphires to match your eyes," he added almost wistfully.

Chloe had the mental image of such a glittering thing upon her brow, with Lucifer perhaps saying encouragingly, "Just a few more diamonds, Detective!". Maybe she'd had a lucky escape.

"If you want your crown out of the way for a little while, Detective, you can send it somewhere else, then call it back later," he then said delicately, placing careful hands on either side of her face, his fingers brushing the crown.

Chloe blinked and then the knowledge was in her head of what to do, as if it had always been there.

"Is it similar to where your wings go?" she questioned, a look of curiosity in her eyes.

"Yes, Detective," he said approvingly.

Chloe concentrated and then she felt the absence of her crown from her head. Fingers silently crossed, she mentally fumbled for a second and then felt the crown return as if it had never left, much to her relief.

Except now there was a question to be asked.

"Do you have a crown, Lucifer?" she asked.

"Of course, Detective!" he said proudly. "Although I could have never worn it to work, the Douche would have been jealous of how splendid I looked in it."

Chloe rolled her eyes.

His dark eyes looked unfocussed for a second, then a crown made of gleaming black obsidian, with sharp, cruel edges pointing upwards appeared neatly upon his head. Except it was more in the style of a simple wreath, she realised, like something from a dark, ancient forest where danger constantly lurked. No one would be asking him to cut a ceremonial ribbon of some new blah building when he had a crown like that, she thought. It was black as a starless night… had he made it in his grief at being cut off from his stars, here down in Hell?

"You would have had a few second looks if you wore that to work, yes, Lucifer," she allowed. "It looks very you… although Beatrice would have wanted to try it on in two seconds," she added with a smile. She also thought that if you were an unlucky soul brought before him with his crown present and eyes flaming like fire, you would feel like babbling your sins straight away.

"Yes, and that's the last I would probably have seen it, Detective," he huffed, but he looked pleased before he made his crown vanish.

He slipped an arm around her and she snuggled into his side.

After a while, she leaned up to softly kiss the corner of his mouth and at the same time, made her crown vanish.

Lucifer took her hand and rubbed her palm gently again with his thumb, his eyes dark and soft as he looked at her.

"So, Detective," he said in a low, teasing voice, his head bending close to hers, "You've got something to celebrate, don't you think? Do you want to watch a DVD together?"

Chloe met his gaze and smiled, shaking her head. "No."

"Do you want me to play the piano for you?"

"No, but maybe another time."

His gaze then held her own, and she found she couldn't look away. Or maybe, she didn't want to.

"Then what do you desire, darling?"

"You, Lucifer," she said firmly.