Felt like being the bad guy for once, this story is starting at a point after where the anime is right now (EP7) so assume spoilers


A woman of average high with a messy bob ponytail of a cream color walked in, the crown like visor on her face covering her eyes as she opened a door.

"Well still snoozing away." She walked up to a bed.

In the bed was a man, tall slightly olive skin but he seemed to be out cold sleeping.

"Aw you're so boring like this." She pouted "Come on…"

Still no response.

"I've got a job for you." She said with a smile.

"Hmm?" the man's eyes suddenly shot open.

"Hehehe." She laughed.

"What is it Haumea?" He asked sitting up.

"Oh shirtless my favorite." She laughed seeing he was just in pants.

"What's the job?" he asked again "You're not supposed to be making casual visits to me."

The man walked into the bathroom and splashed water on his face before throwing on a white shirt and buckling on a large heavy duty belt.

"Well say something?" he opened a cabinet and took out hair gel, sliding it through to slick his hair back into a finer wave.

"Hoshimiya got sloppy." Haumea said flatly "We need you to clean up his mess."

"I see." The man said putting on gloves "I'll take care of it then, how much?"

"Scrub it all." She told him "We're counting on you here Steamer."

"I get the job done." He said putting on a white cloak "I'm a professional after all that's why you brought me here."

Steamer's POV

"Another job like this…" I thought sliding into a building "Then again who am I to care what the other Whites do, I only care when they mess up."

They called me Steamer, they didn't always a long time ago I was just 'the Cleaner' when people in less than savory industries make a mess of something they call people like me to make the issue go away, clean up whatever traces they left behind make sure people never actually saw anything. Yakuza, Mafia, Government I've worked for them all for as long as I remember, I don't even remember a life before I was doing this, no life no name.

Then one day these people, all dressed in white came to me and offered my a job, they'd heard about my skills and abilities and wanted to make sure I was up to their standards, I guess I impressed cause they offered me a price unlike any other this…cult or whatever they are it's not important for me. At first it was just a job, I don't care about whatever religion they push but…I like spending time there I met her there.

"Haumea." I picked up a walkie talkie as I looked through some binoculars "There's a problem."

"You don't have problems Steamer." She said.

"You didn't tell me he'd already been in conflict with the Fire Force." I said "Looks like at least…two and there's kids here."

"What do you need?"

"Send me Arrow, I need to make sure this stays contained." I said "I'll get things set up."

"She's on the way…make sure this doesn't come back to bite us."

"You've already gotten bitten." I said "The most I can do is disinfect for you."

"Just clean it up." She growled.

"When I get back-."

"Not now." She said flatly "You know the rules. Arrow is on the way."

"I'll call you when it's done." I said turning off the communication.

I had to wait a few more minutes but soon a woman covered in white robes and a veil over her face appeared.

"About time what do you know?" I asked.

"You need my help cleaning up a mess caused by that fool." She pointed "Should I take out the others?"

"There's been a development." I said standing up "More showed up, the one can freeze flames. Deep Scrub is out, we'll have to make sure the information line ends here."

"I understand." She made a bow of flames appear on her hand.

She pulled back and shot off a flaming arrow.

"Hmm." I looked through my binoculars and saw a direct hit through the heart of the leak "Nice shot he should be plenty quiet now."

I turned my Walkie Talkie back on "Hoshimiya is dead."

"Good." Haumea said "And the rest."

"It's gonna be tough." I said as Arrow aimed "This is gonna be tough"

She shot again, this time drilling the ground.

"I was off." She said.

"Don't miss again." I hissed.

She fired another shot and this one blew an arm off one of the others.

"Not good enough!" I yelled "They're making a smoke screen."

"I can still finish them off." She said.

"It's blown!" I said "Pull out you can't see shit! Huh?"

I looked up and saw a trail of ice climbing the sky.

"Get back!" I pushed her back and reached for my belt.

I pulled out a bottle and drank it.

"HRAA!" I held my hands out and a blast of air shot off and stalled the ice.

"That was an attack?" she asked.

"No that was to let us know they know we're here." I said as sweat dripped off my hands "We're out, this mission is scrubbed. Hoshimiya isn't gonna be talking so the main leak is plugged we need to go before it gets worse for us, a fight like this is going to draw more attention."

"Haumea." I pulled out my communication device "I need a distraction here."

"It's already taken care of the others have a festival starting." She laughed "Get back when you can."


"There's going to be a problem." I said "Too many of them lived they'll start looking into him and then you."

"I thought this guy was supposed to be the best." Charon, Haumea's oversized gorilla bodyguard, said.

"I am." I cut him off "But I'm supposed to clean up small messes, not goddamn oil leaks like that, what do you expect me to do about four soldiers and a bunch of kids, I stopped the bleeding as best I could."

"It's fine both of you knock it off." Haumea said "I heard what you said, it's fine actually, if you had killed them all it would have been a problem."

"Hmm?" I looked at her.

"The one that was there you said he had flaming feet right?" she smiled "This is getting interesting."

"I'll head back to my room, I could use a nap after using my powers." I said "Come get me if you need me."

I went to my room and laid on my bed reading before there was a knock.

"Hmm?" I looked out the peephole and opened.

"Hey there." Haumea smiled.

"Anyone else here?" I looked out.

"Just me." She laughed slipping in "I'm careful you know."

I closed the door and locked it, as I turn around, she hugged me.

"Our secret is our secret, no one else is supposed to or will ever know." She smirked.

"I don't like keeping secrets." I said.

"Hahaha!" she threw her head back and laughed like mad "Good one!"

"I'm serious about this one." I told her "The more we keep sneaking around seeing each other the sooner we'll get found out and when that happens who do you think they're gonna make disappear, the golden child or me?"

"I won't let that happen." She put her arms around my neck "You're mine handsome and I intend to keep it that way. MMM!"

She leaned up and kissed me.

"You just make the messes go away, I'll make this world ours."


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I've wanted to do a Fire Force story for a while and doing one with a villain is something new for me (I guess I dipped into it a bit in Overlord but those villains think their the heroes.

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