SUMMARY: Some stories with Mimi and Roger - specifically those that helped Roger write his song.

Beginning - Author's Note: This won't be 100% accurate to the musical/movie. Most of the stories will be fluff- but you might find a few darker stories mixed in - this is a rated T as of posting. Also - if you're sensitive to it - cursing will be in this story.


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"Without you..." Roger muttered as he sat strumming his guitar before he stopped with a heavy sigh. He looked up and watched his breath go up in the air, slowly evaporating into nothingness. He felt that... a spark maybe- was he - was the inspiration back?

He straightened up a bit and began strumming the guitar again and humming attempting a singable tune, "The breeze warms... crap-"

Just then Mimi tapped on the window, "The girl smiles - " He sang before setting his guitar down to let Mimi in.