SUMMARY: And they both left the house - leaving the house and life they built behind for good.

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Jamie left and Cathy sat staring at the window until she decided that wasn't how she was going to stay. She wasn't there and she couldn't stop him. Somehow a little part of her knew that this would happen... Things weren't going well at all it seemed everything was just, slowly, rolling downhill and there was nothing that they could do except split ways, try to move on from the hurt of the past, and work for the best future.

A month later / Cathy

One thing Cathy was thankful for was that Jamie had left the house to her. The only problem was that it was not the smallest house there ever. Cathy had enough money to keep the house without worry for the first month - since Jamie was gone the shower was used less and the lights were off more - but she didn't want to spend all of her savings on a house and so she went got a job. Because of her job she was able to, very slowly, put aside more money into savings and with that she also slowly transformed half of the living room into a studio and the bedroom and bathroom had more of her touch to it. Because she now had a job she found that she had to be more manageable of her time - even though it was hard as all of the auditions she went to were early in the morning and some times (most times) she'd find herself just getting to the front of the line close to lunchtime. Which wasn't helpful when her work started in an hour. She'd had to walk out of auditions several times to avoid being late for her job. Now she took auditions in the mornings and worked the night shifts. If she had enough energy after that she'd post on her old website that she had started a long time ago and after getting several compliments over her dresses - she found herself considering maybe trying out a fashion line. It wouldn't be hard to sew the harder past for her would be the business aspect.

A month later / Jamie

Jamie was tired - he'd been working more and more lately, but also less. His books were blowing up and stress level was riveting the several girlfriends that he'd acquired gave him some relief. But it was always temporary and he was paranoid that one of them would attempt to start a scandal if he did something wrong and he couldn't afford that. His writing was the only thing he had for himself. Money, his apartment, his agent, everything was just... nothing if he didn't have writing... and this was terrifying. So he did what he'd to do when he was stressed - he took another drink of wine and smiled. He was at a party - of course, he was, he should've been writing. He needed to - wanted to- but he'd been invited... and he had to. Jamie's new friends wanted him to be there. He suspected they didn't really like him, but more mingled with him to brag to their friends - he was a bestseller now after all. Everyone was your friend when you were a bestseller... Jamie needed a break, but where could he go? All the things were blending into one another and he didn't even know what day it was...