Author's Note: Today's prompt for Writer's Month is "Superheroes/Supervillains." I got inspired to do this after watching the first episode of Fire Force. That is literally all that I've seen of it, so please be gentle if things are off.

Also, just assume that interdimensional travel Quirk something something fill in a backstory here.

"You're sure it was okay to kill that guy?" The boy, who had introduced himself with the terrible nickname "Deku," was still eyeing the pile of ashes. "Where I'm from, we generally just try to, you know...arrest people."

"He was an Infernal. It's not like we could turn him back." Shinra looked up at the sky, trying to restrain the pulling sensation on the corners of his mouth. "He's at peace now."

"If you say so..."

He sat down with Shinra in the rubble. For a moment there was silence, giving Shinra a chance to look the guy over.

"Are you serious about being a superhero?" Deku's outfit looked sort of like a superhero costume, with the hooded jumpsuit and weird gauntlets on his arm, but it was a pretty boring design in Shinra's opinion. It didn't even have a cape.

"Well, sort of. I mean, I've got my Provisional License, but I'm still in high school. I'm not an actual Pro yet."

Shinra nodded as though that made sense. "That sounds pretty unbelievable, but―well, after seeing you fight...that certainly seems like something that only a hero could do."

The thought made Shinra feel a bit starstruck, so he was surprised when Deku suddenly switched into fanboy mode.

"Ah, but what you did back there was amazing! It reminded me a lot of my friend Kacchan, except his Quirk comes from his hands instead of his feet. But rocketing through the air like that, and that kick―!"

"Uh, thanks." Shinra was starting to feel embarrassed, which of course meant that his trademark tic was acting up.

"And I really like your smile, too!"

Though his mouth remained in a rictal grin, the look in Shinra's eyes was enough to immediately make Izuku blush and scratch the back of his neck. "Yeah, that...sounded a lot less weird in my head. What I mean is, I liked the way that you smiled when we were fighting."

That really threw Shinra for a loop. "You didn't think it was creepy?"

"Of course not," Izuku said, waving the thought away. "That's what I'm trying to do myself―learn how to overcome obstacles and save people with a smile on my face. That's how I hope to become the greatest hero in the world!"

He flashed Shinra a grin of his own. It was the sort of smile that a hero should have―it sort of hurt Shinra to look at and made his own face stretch tighter.

"Well...this is actually an involuntary thing that happens whenever I get nervous. I never smile on purpose."

Deku's expression fell. "Oh."

Shinra looked away, trying to force his face back into a normal expression.

"Well, maybe you should."