Rating: K+

Summary: Inspired by Darkest Minds. Lucy escapes a camp, where she spent ten years of her life. She lied to survive, but now she meets someone with whom she can drop her façade.

She was running. Her legs were burning, her breath caught in her throat. Nonetheless, the only thing she was feeling was fear.

After ten long and painful years, she managed to escape from the camp. She was the only one out of 2000 kids. Eleven years ago, started the great epidemic, that hadn't been a disease. The children started to die out of nowhere: parents cried, doctors hopeless, friends afraid, lovers heartbroken.

Her blonde hair floated behind her, she hoped it won't get stuck in the branches. She couldn't slow down, she needed to put distance between the monsters and herself. Today was the day they discovered she wasn't a green: she was smart and clever, but she wasn't as clever as the green people. She was an orange. She was rare and dangerous.

She tripped; brown eyes closing during the fall. She stopped at the end of a valley where a river flowed lazily. The moon reflected on the surface, making the eyes of the blonde search for the night sky. She loved the stars; it was something she had had in common with her mother. The last time they studied the night sky was the day before she was sent to the camp.

The disease was announced a year before. Today was her birthday and she was celebrating with her family. She was alive. She was surviving. Even though she was breathing and laughing, her parents couldn't shake that feeling of losing her. Their friends, their neighbours, all of them had lost their babies. No one knew what meant to be a survivor, but they knew that the government was taking away the kids who hadn't died. Lucy was in her bed between her parents: Layla, a loving and caring woman, and Jude, a strict but considerate man. Layla was telling her daughter about the stars and the constellations. Lucy had been hanging onto Layla's words, her eyes sparkling.

-Lucy, it's time for you to open your present!- Jude had told her with a tender smile on his lips. He handed out to her a small silver box, which Lucy took with excitement.

-Oh, thank you Papa and Mama!- the voice of the little girl was full of emotion. Her parents gifted her with something precious: her mother's engagement ring. It was a simple ring with a star on the top and her parents had used a chain to make a perfect necklace.

-You are our star, our brightest gift. If something ever happens and you are apart from us, hold that ring and remember that we'll love till the end of the world!- said Layla caressing the girl's hair.

Later that night she went into her parents' room and, after pressing a gentle kiss on her mother's hand, she said they wouldn't need to worry about her anymore. Her eyes became orange and, in that moment, she saw her parents' memories of her disappear.

The next morning Lucy wore her new necklace, ready to have breakfast. She'd had an awful nightmare and she was ready to forget it, but little did she know that it hadn't been a dream.

-Papa, can you make me some pancakes?-

The man looked around and when he directed his glance on the little blonde girl, his face became serious.

-What are you doing in my house? Don't you have any parents?- he said, voice harsh.

Lucy didn't understand what was going on. She started crying, saying that he was her father, but it was useless. That was the last day in which she saw her dad.

The blonde was now watching the moon in the sky. Silent tears sliding down her cheeks. She rubbed her eyes; it wasn't the time to think about the past. Now was the time to go home.

After varying miles of running, she was exhausted, but she found a small store. She entered it carefully. The bell of the door rang, and she swore under her breath. "Well, if someone heard that I'm screwed!" she said to herself. The girl found a jumper and some jeans, they were a little tight on her voluptuous body, but they were better that the camp uniform. The jumper was pink and fluffy, perfect for the spring evenings. Her next stop was the bathroom, where she washed her face and watched her reflection in the mirror. She had livid bags under her big brown orbs, her cheeks were a little bit hallowed and her pink lips were sporting a split lip. She breathed out, closing her eyes and relaxing for a minute. She needed to rest; her body was burning from the effort.

She opened the door to search for something to eat, when her gaze encountered a small girl with long blue hair and rubber gloves. At her feet a white tabby cat. The little girl gasped with surprise; eyes wide.

-Hi!- blurted out Lucy. She couldn't believe it! A kid out of a camp! She wasn't the only one!

The blue haired girl gasped again and with a quick move, she removed one of the gloves. Near her, there was small coffee machine. Her hand flung over the display; brown eyes now tinted pale blue. Electric shocks were now directed to Lucy, who closed the door of the restroom before the electricity could catch her. She waited a few moments and flung open the door. The girl was missing. She searched around and caught a glimpse of blue in the distance. She sprinted towards the kid before she could run away. The girl opened the door of a van and entered it with her cat.

Lucy started to knock on the van desperate. -Hey! Please! Let me in! I won't hurt you; I swear! People are searching for me, please, help me! I can help you too! Please!- she didn't think she was this desperate until her eyes had laid down upon the tiny figure of a little blue haired girl.

The back door of the van flung open and she beckoned Lucy to climb up. The blonde slung on the floor of the van and mimed the words "Thank you" with her lips, breathless. They heard voices and the little girl used a blanket to hide the blonde. The doors flung open and three people climbed up into the van.

-Hi! Did you find anything interesting in the store, Wendy?- said an authoritative feminine voice.

-Uhm…not really…- told Wendy. Lucy felt something brush on her thighs and she heard some sniffing. The engine came alive and the van started moving.

-Where to, Ice Prick?- said a man's voice. Not too loud, not too low. Just right.

-Head north Flame brain, when we need to turn, I'm gonna tell you!- said another voice.

-Are you sure? I don't think you know how to read a map, you're too dumb!- said the first man.

-Oi! I'm a green, I'm the intelligent one here. You're the dumb one, Ash for Brains!- said the other one with a grunt.

-Guys!- echoed the voice of the woman -Don't get started!-

-Yes ma'am!- the men said in unison. Lucy had to bite the inner part of her cheek to stop herself, she didn't want to get caught because she laughed.

Meow. The thing, now she knew was a cat, started to mewl and touch her face with its paws. Meow. Another set of paws started to touch her back. "Crap!" thought Lucy.

-What's there buddy?- said the man with the perfect voice.

"Now or never" said the blonde to herself. She sat up and the blanket slipped down on her figure, revealing her face.

-Lucy- everyone, except the little girl, gasped and the van stopped brutally.

-Who are you and what are you doing here?- a knife was now placed near her throat. Harsh brown eyes fixed in her own. Bright red hair was the only thing Lucy could see.

-I'm Lucy. I've escaped from a camp and I needed a ride home- said the blonde with breathless words.

-Erza, wait, it's my fault! She saw me, I ran but she found me! She was desperate, I just wanted to help!- the eyes of the scarlet haired woman searched Wendy. She breathed out and pulled the knife away.

-I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. One wrong move and you will regret it!- Lucy nodded. Fear was flowing through her veins. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

-I'm Natsu- said a pink haired boy with hazel eyes. He was handsome and Lucy could feel her cheeks heating up a bit. "Oh, come on Lucy, you don't know him!" thought the blonde, slapping herself mentally. Near Natsu sat a raven-haired boy. He had a scowl on his face, much different from the heart-warming grin that was spreading across Natsu's lips.

-This is Gray- said the pink haired boy pointing a finger to the other guy. Gray nodded, but the scowl remained glued to his expression.

-I'm Erza- the woman took the hand of Lucy and shook it a little -and the little one is Wendy-. When she said the girl's name, her voice's tone became a little sweeter. Wendy beamed at the blonde and waved her covered hand at her.

-It's nice to meet you all!- Lucy smiled at everyone and waved kindly. Her eyes went to Natsu's face and she swear she saw his cheeks dusted of a fair pink.

-Let's go then!- he said turning to face the street. -Oh, I almost forgot! The blue one is Happy and the white one is Charle!- said the boy. Lucy was confused, but when she felt something curled on her lap she understood. There was a blue Chartreux sitting comfortably on her thighs. She started petting his head and the little guy started purring.

-I think he likes me!- said Lucy. It was the first time after ten years she was petting an animal. Natsu watched the scene in the rear-view mirror, hypnotized by the small smile on the blonde's lips. His heart raced in his chest and his cheeks became hotter. He shook his head and resumed focusing on the street. A small smile grazing his lips too.