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It was cold outside. The freezing breeze caressed her battered skin, making her body shiver. It was dark, no lights around, she could only rely on her eyes, which were unfocused.

She was in a narrow alley. It was so silent, her heavy breathing and the incessant thumping of her heart in her ears were the only things she could hear.


She heard steps, they were near, they were coming to get her. She needed to run, but she was so tired, her body was heavy and sitting near the dumpster wasn't so bad.

Other steps. They were from more than one person.

Her eyes widened, panic swirling in those brown orbs. She moved a lock of hair behind her ear. Her usually bright golden hair was now grime, blood and dirt smearing her tresses.

Murmurs and laughs.

The group was so close, she needed to escape. She needed to run. She pushed with her feet and her hands to sit, heavy breaths left her split lips; with another push she stood up and she started running. Her muscles screamed, she felt as her body was aflame: every step was a torture, but she needed to go.

She pushed forward, moving as fast as she can; she could hear voices and steps.

The groups was chasing her, if she didn't escape she'll die.

The darkness of the alley was too much, she risked falling more than once. "How long is this fucking thing?" she swore in her head. She didn't know how long she ran, it could have been seconds or minutes. She was so tired. She wanted to stop, to sleep, but she couldn't give up.

She kept going, she kept running, she kept hoping.

Laughs and calls reached her. They were toying with her. They knew she was scared and this excited them even more. She heard whistles.

"Lucyyyy, babyyyy, come here! We want to play with you, don't you want to have fun?" a rough voice asked, a teasing note in his voice.

She risked a glance behind her and she saw them. Five men were after her, she couldn't see who they were but she saw the excited glint in their eyes. They were having fun, she was giving them the thrilling of the hunt.

She was a toy.

She gagged, the horrifying truth was too much to bear; she stopped to puke but nothing came out, her stomach completely empty. She clutched her waist with her arms trying to give herself some comfort, she was trapped. It was her ending point, now was the time to give up. Her knees collapsed under the heavy situation she was in, she hit the ground while tears already started running along her bloody cheeks.

Maybe, if she didn't run they won't find her interesting.

Maybe they'll let her live.


She scrubbed her eyes with her scratched hands. She couldn't wait for the ending. She'd fight, she wasn't going to give up. Not now, not ever. She stood up again, her muscles screaming again for the fatigue; she started running again and for the first time she saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Literally. There was a light at the end of the long alley.

Just some more and she could reach it. She was hearing the noise of the city. She was safe, she could ask help. Just some more. She could do it.

Suddenly a cold metal entered her back, a sudden pain erupted in the kidneys area. She fell, the pain was too much. She vomited again, this time a dark thing escaped her lips. Lucy tried to clean her mouth with the back of her hand, blood was now covering it.

She vomited blood, her blood, what was going on? She tried to stand up but someone kicked her head, her mind now fuzzy and unfocused. She was lying on the ground, her left hand contracted. She wanted to lift her body, maybe she could still do it, maybe she could still be safe.

"Hi baby, did you miss us?" the same voice from before asked. She felt his rough hand caressing her back until it found the handle of the blade and pushed. Lucy screamed.

They were toying with her.

She felt him extract the knife, at this rate she was going to die out of exsanguination. Another pair of hands turned her, she tried to fight it but she was so tired. She just wanted to sleep.

An hot liquid mixed with some coldness caressed her chest. He was caressing her with the blade. He was dirtying her with her blood.

"You're going to scream so much" the rough voice said, excitement present in his tone.

He ripped her shirt and with a fluid movement he stabbed her again, and again, and again…


She screamed. She found herself in a sitting position, sweat dumping her creamy skin, her bangs sticking to her forehead. Lucy looked around, trying to focus her eyes on the surroundings: she was in her bedroom, a soft fabric grazing her naked thighs. She got rid off the blankets, inspecting herself. No wounds, no cuts, no blood. "W-what happened?" she asked herself.

A warm hand touched her shoulder and she screamed, falling off the bed.

"Luce! Lucy, it's me! It's Natsu! Lucy?"

Suddenly, a mass of pink spiky hair occupied her vision. The face of the boy was tense, worry swirling in his green eyes. He offered her an hand that she accepted, still trembling from the sudden touch.

"I-I think I had a nightmare…" she trailed off, silent tears now streaming down her cheeks. He hugged her, trying to reassure her. He wanted to assure her that she was safe now. He was there with her.

"What happened Lucy? You kept screaming, I was so worried, I couldn't wake you up…" he said caressing her cheek, cleaning it from her tears.

"I-I was chased by some men…they were hunting me down…I was just a toy…I thought I could do it, that I could be safe…b-but…" she trailed off again, her sobs louder than before. She clutched Natsu's shoulder, having him there as an anchor was what she needed. She was still scared, memories of the nightmare flashing through her mind; the laughs of the men still ringing in her ears.

"Luce, don't worry, I'm here now, I'm not letting anyone hurt you!" he said with confidence, he tightened his arms around her.

She eventually calmed down, Natsu's warmth and caresses let her know she was home.

She was safe, she did it, she found help.